War Crimes Committed by Tamil Elamists Other than the LTTE – Part 1 – Culpable Ideologists
Posted on June 14th, 2010

– Kumar Moses 

LTTE has become an easy scapegoat for all war crimes, the double genocide and crimes against humanity committed by Tamil Elamists. True, LTTE did commit most crimes but it was not the LTTE alone. Tamil Elamists actively participated in all these war crimes. Ideological, physical and propaganda support for these war crimes came from non-LTTE sections of Tamil Elamists. It is essential to investigate these crimes to stop their recurrence, punish the culprits, put the nation in order and deter the malicious false campaign launched by Tamil Elamists abroad to divert attention from real war crimes.

 One striking fact about peaceful Tamil Elamists’ contribution to war crimes comes from the ideological front. LTTE was not a bunch of bandits. They were driven by a political ideology based on Tamil communal aspirations. Where did they get this ideology? LTTE was never an ideology factory. LTTE was merely made up of school dropouts, common criminals, under-aged fighters, suicide bombers and other similar elements. There was no one capable of providing it with it’s ideology within the outfit. Besides, the LTTE didn’t tolerate anyone telling it what to do. It had a strong conviction of what is to be done. Who injected this headstrong ideological conviction to the LTTE that led to mass murder, ethnic cleansing, terrorism, communalism and other similar violence?  

 Who Are Tamil Elamists?

Tamil and Sinhala communal feelings in politics emerged during the British rule of the country. However, the Sinhalese soon discontinued it in favour of national consensus. But Tamils, influenced by similar communal politics in Tamil Nadu, India, didn’t give up. In 1931 Tamil leaders demanded 50% representation in the legislature for 25% Tamil speaking people. That means only 50% representation for 75% Sinhalas. In other words Tamil leaders in 1931 sought three times more power for Tamil individuals than Sinhala individuals. Although the demand was cut down by British rulers with contempt, this insatiable greed for power defined Tamil politics. In 1944 All Ceylon Tamil Congress (ACTC) was registered as the premier political party of Northern and Eastern Tamils. At the 1947 election, it won the majority vote of Tamils in the North and the East. “Tamil” was its political ideology. This was the first time racism entered party politics officially. In 1949 Illankai Tamil Arasu Kachchi (ITAK), which interprets to Lanka Tamil Kingdom Party, was formed. Once again it was all about Tamil racism in politics. Therefore, the demand for a Tamil kingdom in Sri Lanka arose independent of the “ƒ”¹…”Sinhala-only’ issue of 1956. It was merely an excuse to continue with the Tamil kingdom project. In 1976 this was renewed with the Vadukoddai Resolution. As a result, another racism based political party by the name Tamil United Liberation Front (TULF) was formed. Highly educated and senior politicians were behind all these moves and they are the ideologists behind the Tamil Elam project. LTTE merely followed the ideology created by them.

 However, LTTE is not the only group to follow their ideology.

 A Brief Comparison of Tamil Elam and Nazi Campaigns 

The Tamil Elam campaign is identical to the Nazi campaign. Both aimed to create racially-pure nations for specific races; both vowed to follow national-socialism as the dominant political/economic ideology within, both campaigns showed incredible intolerance to persons of other communities, both followed a genocidal approach towards other communities, both campaigns glorified horrendous crimes previously unknown to mankind. The Vaddukoddai Resolution, like the Nazi ideology, resolved to create the Free Sovereign, Secular, Socialist State of Tamil Eelam. (http://www.satp.org/satporgtp/countries/shrilanka/document/papers/vaddukoddai_resolution.htm) Just like in the case of the Nazis, the word, “secular” meant the opposite. Nazi “secularism” meant a “multiethnic” society as long as it had only the German race! In exact words, Tamil Elam “secularism” also means “plurality” as long as the entire society is comprised of Tamils of different religions!

 The Vaddukoddai Resolution was an exact replication of Nuremberg Laws of 1935 to classify people of an established nation based on race and create a new state on this classification. Why was Nuremberg and Vaddukoddai chosen? Nuremberg had a sympathetic view of the ideology propagated by the Nazis for a long time and hence was a safe place to have the event just as SJV Chelvanayakam’s own Vaddukoddai electorate. Just as its Nazi predecessor, the Vadukoddai Resolution defined who can be a citizen of the Tamil nation and who cannot be a citizen. This classification was the guiding light of both the military under the Nazi leadership and the LTTE.

 The ideological father of Tamil Elamism, SJV Chelvanayagam came to be known as “thanthai” Chelva. The word “thanthai” has the exact same meaning as Fuhrer in German! Hitler was called Fuhrer by the Nazis just the same way Chelvanayakam is called thanthai. Both refer to a fatherly figure leading a communal campaign.

 Illankai Arasu Kachchi leaders vowed to “chase away” the Sinhalas from what they called “Tamil-only homelands”. They succeeded eventually. One big difference between the Nazi campaign and the Tamil Elam campaign is the separation of ideological leaders from those who carried forward their agenda. Nazis had unison of ideological and military leadership whereas Tamil Elamists had separate ideological and military leaders. Although Parkinson’s disease struck both Hitler and Chelvanayagam, it affected the latter very badly and didn’t live to see the fruit of his ideology. As a result Chelvanayagam didn’t get involved in the military campaign of Tamil Elamists whereas Hitler’s life was cut short by his involvement in violence. 

 Nazi campaign succeeded in chasing away or killing almost all the Jews in Germany. This has only one parallel in the whole world. That is the complete chase away and killing of Sinhalas from the North by Tamil Elamists.

 Sinhalas are a small group of people numbering around the same as the Jews. They have their own language, religion, culture, traditions and history just like the Jews have their own. Sinhalas are the majority in Sri Lanka but are a regional minority in the South Indian region. Tamils on the other hand are the regional majority but a minority in Sri Lanka. Today Tamils live in each and every district (numbering 25) of Sri Lanka but Sinhalas, despite being the majority of Sri Lanka, are confined to only 20 districts.

 According to the 1971 census, there were 20,402 Sinhalas in Jaffna. After the Vaddukoddai Resolution and resultant campaign of genocide against them, the number of Sinhalas fell to zero. Today the number of Sinhalas in the entire Jaffna district is zero. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaffna_District). The same fate fell on Sinhalas in Batticaloa, Mulaitivu, Mannar and Kilinochchi districts as well. In other words, Sinhalas were entirely wiped out from five districts of the eight (8) districts of the North and the East that is claimed by Tamil Elamists to be the nation of Tamils and only Tamils. Apart from the Nazi genocide of Jews, nothing is comparable to this silent act of genocide by Tamil Elamists. However, Tamil Elamists didn’t stop at that. They went on to genocide Muslims too from the districts of Jaffna, Kilinochchi, Mulaitivu and Mannar at a later stage. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaffna_District)

 This phased approach of Tamil Elamists coins with the Nazi campaign as described in vivid detail by Pastor Martin NiemƒÆ’†’¶ller. “They came first for the communists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for me and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

 First, Tamil Elamists went after political parties with secular ideologies and destroyed them in the North and Tamil areas of the East. UNP, SLFP and communist parties that formed ruling coalitions were rooted out in Tamil majority areas in the North and the East by Tamil Elamist communal parties including the ACTC, ITAK, TULF and Tamil National Alliance. Sadly, these Tamil communalist parties still dominate these areas. When peaceful and forceful means failed, violence was used. In 1975 Alfred Duriappa, who was a Tamil himself but rejected Tamil Elamism was killed in Jaffna.

 Then Tamil Elamists went after the police, the public service and trade unions in the North and Tamil majority areas of the East. All anti-Tamil Elamists were forced to leave these services and got the positions filled by supporters. Scores were killed.

 Then they targeted the Sinhalese, ethnically cleansing them out totally from five districts. Then they went after the Muslims, wiping them out totally from four districts. Then their attention fell on Christian clergy and there was no one to defend them. Then the unthinkable happened. A large number of Tamil Christian clergy supported the Tamil Elam movement.

 These wide ranging ideological matters and direction were installed in the LTTE by Tamil Elam racist political leaders who dominated the Tamil polity in areas they referred to as “ƒ”¹…”Tamil Homelands’. Sri Lanka must initiate war crimes investigations not into the LTTE which has been decimated, but against other Tamil Elamists, especially the ideological leaders who instigated, planned and prepared the infrastructure to commit war crimes, ethnic cleansing and genocide. Having survived the war, these criminals are working to revive violence, racism, subversion and non-co-operation. They are older than the LTTE to influence it, yet young enough to outlive the LTTE.

 This is only a brief comparison of two identical ethno-nationalist projects that used extreme violence to achieve their goals. There are many more similarities between them.

13 Responses to “War Crimes Committed by Tamil Elamists Other than the LTTE – Part 1 – Culpable Ideologists”

  1. Siri Says:

    Sri lanka is for all Sri Lankans. We do not need America or the UN to tell us how to handle the resettlement issues. All Citizens should have equal rights and be able to live in peace and harmony where ever they choose. Sinhalese citizens should be able to buy land and live in the North and the East and Tamil Citizens should be able to live in the South or anywhere else they please. No citizen should be told that he or she cannot settle down in the North or the East. The Police and army camps should be maintained in the north and the East to prevent these genocidal maniacs regrouping. Now there are more Tamils living outside the North and the East than in the North or the East itself. More sinhalese people should be encouraged to move to the Noth and the east to maintain a balance. India need not preach to us about unnecessary devolution of power. there is no devolution needed.

  2. Nanda Says:

    Siri is absolutely right ! How could India and other enemies who created this problem tell us not to let Sinhalese settle in N&E?
    We should encourage foreign investments in N&E with big tax benefits to those employers who employ Sinhalese, to gradually bring back “racial balance” we have in the island. This should be supported by the Armed force.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Sri Lanka should bring war crimes charges against these criminal politicians. It was their agenda LTTE carried forward.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    What is that “racial balance” at the state expense? If Sinhalese like to live in North and east, let them to go at their own expense! Those who bark for Sinhalese never give a cent for those people!

    First preach about PEACE in Sri Lanka. Then you guys bark at India! India will and have to intervene on behalf of the Tamils because Sinhalese are still not prepared to live in peace.

    You guys write some “NAZI” ideology! “Sinhala Supremacy” cannot stop India when Sinhalese make troubles to the Tamils!


    Hey FY MUdali:

    You are a crazy prick. I do not know where you are coming from and trying to go to. I can only think of you are going nowhere???!!!

    You might even get killed by a stray bullet from a Tiger!!!!

  6. jana Says:

    The trouble in sri lanka is due to the narrow ethno nationalism that was encouraged by the british and continued by the tamil christians and the catholic church. This was well exploited by the Indians who set the ball rolling by organising the 83 riots and the attack on the pilgrims in Sri Maha Bodi. There after the ethno violence was encouraged by the west and the church. Their actions included the use of child soldiers. The Diaspora,the west and the Indians have blood on their hands. Before you charge the Govt and the LTTE for the human rights abuse in the final war the Diaspora, indians and the west must be investigated. The worse in this group are the diaspora who whilst sending their children to good universities abroad continued to fund ths child soldiers to be used as cannon fodder.

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Divide Sri Lanka and make a tamil eelam is tamil racist expansionist agenda throughout. Tamils can live in Sri Lanka but we Sri Lankans cannot fulfill their hidden racist expansionist aspirations (first eelam then invade whole Sri Lanka with the help of tamil country and eliminate Sinhala race from this world). This is not a solution at all. Ever since the tamil dream was to annexed Sri Lanka to tamil country for that tamil invaders destroyed our Anuradahapura Pollonnaruwa civilizations etc Tamil country (tamil nadu) is a curse to Sinhalese throughout our history.
    Why not these tamils go to tamil country (tamil nadu) it is just 24 km by boat just an hour and by air from Colombo just 45 minutes. If tamil country (tamil nadu) politicians are so much worried about tamils why not they allow tamils to come to tamil country (tamil nadu). If they claim tamils as their people they should take them and take the responsibility if they cannot take the responsibility they should not claim! Tamils have ancestral citizenship rights in tamil country (tamil nadu). If they go there they can fulfill their aspirations such as learn in english/tamil medium, fill official forms in english/tamil etc.
    I cannot understand why not tamil country politicians grant citizenship to those tamils who went to tamil nadu from Sri Lanka in 1983. They still kept in refugee camps more than 27 years. When Sri Lanka kept tamil homeless people after May 2009 just for six months it was a big issue for tamil nadu racist expansionists political jokers.
    When tamils claim bogus political/economical refugee statues most countries granted citizenship within three years Ex: Germany, France Norway, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, UK, etc. But only country is not accepting their own people is tamil nadu. Since 1983 tamils in refugee camps in their own country? Why not tamil nadu politicians take this issue. Tamils and tamil country (tamil nadu) have to get out of the box. They have to think new way. Why not world tamil forum request tamil nadu to grant citizenship to tamils refugees in tamil nadu???? This is the only scenario in this world tamils are refugees in tamil country. Mudali what is your opinion on this?

  8. Naram Says:

    Anti democratic activities of the Jaffna leadership in the 1930s and 40s to preserve their privilegeswith any pleadings to Imperial masters is on record.

    In the seventies Federal Party leaders like SJV Chelvanayagam nurtured the cult of students to wear cyanide and commit acts of violence against the state. Jaffna Mayor was murdered; banks were robbed; Sinhala students at the Jaffna University were attacked and Jaffna university had to be closed down when the lawlessness rose to the extreme, as recalled by the Vice Chancellor of all unversities at the time, Prof. PPGL Siriwardena.

    These facs must be faced by the new moves to bring about a genuine reconciliation.

    Minister for rehabilitation expllined the difficulty of resettling some refugees, when they cant show a sindle piece of brick, mortar, timber or roofing to prove that they were occupying a piece of land before 1995 – the year LTTE ordered Tamil folks to leave. Yet the government is making vast efforts to re settle them and regularise their situation.

    Same kindness should be extended to Sinhala and Tamil folks who had to leave under pressure from LTTE and Federal Party.

  9. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Priyan the Tamil:
    Why are you keeping your mouth shut about UNP and the Catholic Church who too wanted EELAM? LTTE helped Ranil by killing all the senior UNP men. Catholic Church praised LTTE as the DIVINE SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. Sri Lankans have the worst enemies among Sinhalese than the Tamils! Oh…. Yeah! Many LTTE “stray” bullets” killed many leaders in Sri Lanka!

    Sri Lanka is not owned by Sinhalese alone. Further Non-Sinhalese cannot live as second class citizens in Sri lanka. If the Sinhalese are adamant in treating Tamils as second class, Tamils have no option but to ask other nations to intervene for a solution!

    Majority is not democracy in an ethnically divided nation!

    LTTE never represented Tamil people or their aspirations but they are a product of USA, UK, Israel and their allies. That is why all the pro-western allies(UNP, Catholic Church) supported LTTE direcly and in-directly.

    LTTE was trained by MOSSAD in Tel Aviv and paid by J.R.Jayawardene. Think about the GLOBAL POLITICS and how Sri Lankans are fooled by this useless Sinhala-Tamil issue.

    Sinhala-Tamil issue never solve the ECONOMICAL problems but will ruin the economy.

  10. nethaji Says:

    This is for M S Mudalali
    Can you explain to me the rights tamils do not have in Sri Lanka today. Every sinhalese basher seems to think LTTE version is correct and Tamils did not have any part to play in Sri Lanka.

  11. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Tamil become an Official language after the 13th Amendment but Tamils cannot get their correspondences with the state in Tamil. To make a complaint to Police, a Tamil person needs a Translater. That is the scenario of now. Laws are in the dust bin and implementation is depends on politics!

    LTTE never talked politics but LTTE worked for the anti-Indian powers!

  12. Leelawardena Says:

    MUdali: Do you know that Sri Lanka is the only country in the world that a government issues its official reports in Tamil? Do you know a Tamils could correspond with government officials anywhere in Sri Lanka in Tamil? I say, if usage of Tamil language is a criterion for happiness of Tamils, then Tamils of Sri Lanka should be the happiest. Of cause there are short comings; in Padukka where I live 99.5% are Sinhalese. Is it fair to expect Padukka police to have a Tamil speaking pc to note down your complaint in Tamil. But as I understand, soon it will be a reality when new Tamil speaking pcs are recruited.

    Tell me MUdalli, what rights Tamils do not have in Sri Lnka that I have as a Sinhalese. Regardless where they live, Tamils are encouraged to educate their children in Tamil language from kindergarten to the University for free. In Padukka there is a Tamil language school for a mare 0.5% of the children with Tamil mother tong. Do the Tamils in Delhi in India or Penang in Malaysia or Durban in South Africa have similar rights? I wonder!

    We see that Tamils of Tamil Nadu have language problem as well. They point out that the central government of India compels Tamils to learn Hindi for central government jobs even in Tamil Nadu. Being chauvinists as they are, Tamils do not see the benefit of learning the language of the majority or being a part of a big power, India.

    So, what is the problem of Tamils? I say; Tamils have a dilemma. Talk to a few of them, you feel that they are at a loss of something that Sinhalese have taken for granted. They are disappointed because they have no separate country anywhere. Then again, that may be a problem for Tamils, but that should not be a problem for Sinhalese.

  13. Lorenzo Says:

    You can awake someone who is sleeping, but not a pretender who is pretending to sleep.

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