Yes, I cried today.
Posted on June 15th, 2010

by Charles.S.Perera

 Yes I cried to-day, warm tears trickled down my old cheeks.  All the feelings I have for people  and all beings is love.  I have no hatred. 

 If I speak loud, or write insolent words, it is merely to pour  out my feelings in different ways, to ask why we cannot love every one without building barriers around those  who are different.

 In Sri Lanka there was a war it was a war to end terrorism.  Terrorism is against all human norms of living.  Terrorism is to perpetrate extreme hatred  to others who are different  in colour, in speech or in worship, or for the way they live and the way they think.   I write against terrorism because it is against  my concept of human relations because it is destructive, painful, and sad.

 Terrorism kills, destroys and burns all that belongs to the other  to satisfy a dream, a principle,   But terrorism could also be  in the way we live our daily lives.   My neighbour who throws things at me or spray perfume on to my terrace , because they do not like the smell of what I cook to eat is also in a way a terrorist. 

 The neighbour who denies me  my parking place because my car partially  blocks the entrance to his house is also a terrorist, the neighbour who calls the police when my music disturbs them are also terrorists.  Because they make me live in fear, fear of  their disturbing  my peace  outside,  as well as that peace within me..

 If I take guns or stones  or use bad words to deter them doing what they do or show my displeasure by not speaking to them, then I too become a terrorist not acting according to human norms.  Those terrorists I cannot kill but with them I could use other arms which would be dissuasive.

 To satisfy the neighbour who does not like the smell of my food, I will cook meals with tolerable smells,  to satisfy the neighbour who does not like where I park my car, I will change the place of my parking. To satisfy the neighbour who does not like my music, I will change my music. I may have given into them, and doing so I may have made a sacrifice. Let that be a sacrifice for peace, a sacrifice to create  an atmosphere to live without harassment, without anger, without rancour, and without fear.

 But the terrorist who kills, destroys, and for pleadings, demands and requests , answers  by more repression, and  terror, it may even  be necessary to destroy them so that others may live in peace. So that others may live normal human lives not with, anger, hatred and jealousy, but with love, affection, and cooperation.

 In Sri Lanka every one is happy that terrorism is at last over.  There is new vistas of hope. The period of anger, hatred, and destruction is over.  The people can begin to live normal human lives, extending friendship, love and affection.

 But, yet there are those who continue terrorism in different ways, without making sacrifices so that everyone can live normal human lives not with anger, hatred and jealousy, but with compassion,  love, and affection.

 It was then that an untenable sadness overcame me, making tears surge forward from where it had been collected to an overflowing level – my  tears of despair

3 Responses to “Yes, I cried today.”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Yes, Charles I remember you crying when Major Ajith Gamage , who got married three months ago and his wife was expecting their first child got KILLED BY THE TAMIL Terrorists. Yes, I did too. Now what about the unknown warrior? Except for the Army records, his body was never found. Only his commanding officer knew him closely, he was an orphan from a remote village. His body was never found. There was no one to cry for him. Only the men in his unit did cry. It was a fact the Sinhala Army only kept to themselves; that Prabhrakeran now and then eats flesh of Sinhala soldiers and drinks their blood! Now I have an opportunity to cry for him.

    Changing the subject, why are all these clowns arriving in Sri Lanka, German, Swiss and two from Obama administration? Samantha Power and David Pressman. The reason is to get first-hand information about a rebellion in Tamil Nadu that might happen, may be a year from now; will break away Tamil Nadu from INDIA! Funny, yes now it is funny, but give about eight months.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    I stopped crying for my friends who were killed in 1983 July riots. Now I am laughing and happy for the destruction of the WEST, and Catholic Church backed LTTE.

    Sri lanka always went to S/India to solve the problems during the days of our Kings but Sri Lanka went to USA,UK, Swiss and other nations. That is why they are coming to findout their “remnants” in Sri lanka.

    I hail President Mahinda for his sincere approach to solve the problem with Indian support!

  3. Fran Diaz Says:

    First, I would like to thank Mr Charles Perera for his strong, sane & sincere support for Lanka throughout these many years. Please do not weep any more, Mr Perera. We have all been strengthened through our adversities – we make good lemon aide from the lemons we have received ! We have learnt world history, laws that govern our lands etc. and are becoming a strong Nation capable of leading ourselves, and aware of our own strengths & faults. Curiously, this phenomenon is being forced on the Developed World as well, through events self created or otherwise.
    Indian support is fine so long as huge numbers of Tamil Nad labor (which will be almost all Tamil Dalit), does not pour into Lanka ! Other than expansionism by the Catholic Church, basically, it is Tamil Nads problems that impinge on Lanka, weakening Lanka for interested others to elbow us. As for SUPPORT, we support any help from any quarter so long as there are no strings attached to weaken Lanka.

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