Buddhism goes to Cuba
Posted on June 22nd, 2010

PRESS RELEASE  (May 20th & 25, 2010)

At the invitation of the Faculty of Philosophy and History, University of Havana, it was the pleasure and privilege of Prof. Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri, Founder, Nalanda College of Buddhist Studies, Toronto, Canada, and of the Divinity Faculty, Trinity College, University of Toronto, to deliver Four Seminars on Buddhism:

Buddhism as Science and Religion

Buddhist Social Philosophy

Buddhism and Bioethics

Buddhism in Canada.


Attended by Faculty, Students and Administration, the Question & Answer period turned out to be most lively. A highlight of the Seminars was the Practice of satipatthana bhavana?Mindfulness-Establishing Meditation?.

The communication was facilitated with the help of an excellent translator, and prepared Handouts in English, translated into Spanish.

The University of Havana also came to be the beneficiary of several publications on Buddhism, a gift from Prof. & Mrs Swarna Sugunasiri, in loving memory of their parents.

CONTACT: suwanda.sugunasiri@utoronto.ca

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