United Nations: Advisory panel named on Sri Lanka war
Posted on June 23rd, 2010

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada

June 23, 2010

The Editor (Letters)


UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon announcing the formation of a three-member panel to advice on whether crimes were committed in Sri Lanka in the final months of its 27 year war with the Tamil Tiger terrorists, doesn’t spell calm nor respect for the UN in Sri Lanka.

UN’s relevancy in matters dealing with Sri Lanka’s war with the Tamil Tigers is now in question when the UN had no influence on the Tamil terrorists for 27 years when they were unable to stop recruitment of over 5,300 children under the age of 14 to fight an adult war; when it had no influence on the Tamil Tigers to surrender when they were about to be wiped out and  release the 300,000 Tamils that they held hostage as a human-shield, whom the Sri Lankan Armed Forces liberated during the last weeks before the culmination of the war on May 18, 2009; and had no influence whatsoever to get the Tamil Tigers to the negotiating table to talk peace with the Sri Lankan Government.

This rough shod attempt by Ban Ki-moon to bully Sri Lanka has certainly insulted the 29 nations that voted against such a commission being appointed by the UN’s Human Rights Commission last year, against 12 western nations that voted for it.  This smacks on another conspiracy that has been hatched against Sri Lanka since they were able to destroy  Tamil Tiger terrorism single handed, which was called an “ƒ”¹…”unwinnable war’ by the west encouraging the Sri Lankan government to hand over territory to the Tamils to form their own mono-ethnic, racist, Tamil state, Eelam.

The Sri Lankan government quite rightly has requested the United Nations not to interfere in the internal matters of its country pointing out that the UN has done nothing to look into the grave human rights violations by the US of the civil populations during their operations carried out in Iraq and Afghanistan.  There certainly is a double-standard here and no wonder the UN has lost respect among the populace of Sri Lanka.

Asoka Weerasinghe

2 Responses to “United Nations: Advisory panel named on Sri Lanka war”

  1. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    For nearly three decades the Tiger Terrorist operating in Sri Lanka together with their foreign based groups operating mainly from foreign countries like Norway, UK, Canada, India and Scandinavian countries caused unimaginable killings in Sri Lanka whilst collecting funds through bogus charities, credit card fraud, extortion, drugs, arms and human trafficking to support these activities. It seems, this money previously used to buy arms to commit crimes in SriLanka and also help other terrorist movements in other countries, is now used mostly for bribing influencial persons to talk and act against SriLanka.
    If the UNSG’s panel is keen to investigate crimes against humanity then should not they first investigate this still active Tiger Diaspora operating from overseas, for the killings, property destruction and human rights violations they committed, rather than charge Sri Lanka with stories fabricated by the Tiger Diaspora which are re-cycled through the so called human rights organisations and UN agencies?

  2. douglas Says:

    Arn’t we wasting time analysing the decisions taken by the occupants of U.N.O – “UNITED NATIONS ORPHANAGE” who are well fed and loved by the so called “BIG POWERS”, even though the poor nations too contribute for their existence. First, for them to see the realities of this world, they should be housed in Asia, where the nations struggle so hard to live among threats from the Big Nations who plundered their natural resources and continue to disrupt re-building , by “cultivating” terrorism, in the name of “freedom fight”, “human rights” etc. Next comes the NGOs who have been planted and fed with funds to thrive in these countries so that they too will work according to the agenda given in advance. This “ORPHANAGE” has already lost its credibility as explined in brief by Asoka. In an assessment of the activities of this “ORPHANAGE” in the past and present, don’t you see that they too are a “HUMAN SHIELD”. So please have sympathy and work out a plan to rescue them and put them, first in a camp for “INTERNATIONALLY DISPLACED PERSONS” until they are found a suitable place to live and of course, “RE-HABILITATED and INTEGRATED TO THE CIVIL SOCITY”.

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