Is Ban Key Moon an unofficial member of that club called IC? Or is he a puppet of the IC?
Posted on June 25th, 2010

Herold Leelawardena

Those that accuse Sri Lanka for ‘war crimes’ are the members of a club called the ‘International Community’ (IC). They have two sets of rules to classify terrorism. Killers that follow their fancy are ‘freedom fighter terrorists’ and killers that are against them and destroy their assets are “ƒ”¹…”real terrorists’. In short, IC is a double standard entity.

LTTE was the pioneer suicide bomber among all terrorists. It is a LTTE woman that had blasted Rajeev Gandhi to pieces with a bomb hidden in her bosom. Many such LTTE women that had simulated pregnancy with bombs tied to their bellies had passed army check points and bombed our buses, trains and public places. They killed babies, sick and old men and women in thousands.

But, up until 9/11, IC was deaf and blind of all such LTTE atrocities. Anton Balasingham, the theoretician of LTTE suicide bombing, continued to live in London with the benevolence of the British government until his death. There were imagers of his wife, Australian born Adele inspecting passing out parades of human bombs.  Worst, “ƒ”¹…”human bombs’ became an epitome for all Tamil women when the Norwegian Emmy had honoured ‘My Daughter the Terrorist’ with the best Norwegian TV documentary award at the last stages of the war. Yet, LTTE was a freedom fighter terrorist for all members of that IC.

Now, it is this same IC that had falsely accused Iraq for holding WMD and invaded it. Independent journalists say they had ganged up to kill millions of babies, sick and old before the invasion by imposing blockades for food and medicine. Then they destroyed the roads, the bridges, the water supply and all infrastructures before invading it.

Thereafter the invaders (IC) set upon robbing Iraq’s wealth in the name of rebuilding it. They set the Iraqi people one against the other to reach their goal. When invaders had to go home in body bags in increasing numbers, some of the original backers of the invasion had chicken up and started looking for a way out.

Just like in Iraq, IC had failed miserably in Afghanistan. It looks as if the same thing started to happen in Afghanistan as well. Thousands of innocents people are being killed daily by drown attacks outside the theatre of war. But, not a hum we hear from UN or Ban key. Why? Is Ban Key Moon an unofficial member of that club called IC? Or is he a puppet of the IC?

Double spies of a member state of that IC, Norway had done covert sting operations to make LTTE strong and Sri Lanka government week. Norway and the US sponsored INGOs, NGOs and Christian evangelists had fulfilled their parts of that scheming. Somehow double spies of Norway had become advisors to President ChandrikaK who had no cerebrum or vertebrate. Then they became peace makers when RanilW alias Don Juan was the Prime Minister. And thereafter, they stayed on as the arbitrators and mediators together with all other Vikings until they were chased out.

Those double spies had been busybodies for almost five years. They travelled in Toyota land cruisers and dwelled in five star hotels. They had their five course meals with wines from Riesling. They knew very well that they could continue that luxurious life only if LTTE terrorists were alive and well. They knew that if there is no LTTE or no terrorism in Sri Lanka, they will be redundant and be nothing. No wonder, they had inculcated our puny leaders of yesteryear with defeatist mentality. No wonder they are against Rajapakses for it is they who redundant them. No wonder, they wanted to promote Tamil diaspora for that is the only way they can dream of having a foothold again in Sri Lanka.

Since the start of the construction of the Hambantota harbour, many a Western analyst put up a China bogey to Indians. Indian analysts too seemed to have joined the band wagon as well. Not surprisingly, a variety of Tamil diaspora too spit out punditry warnings as well as venomous curses about the Chinese activity in Sri Lanka. However, if common sense is to prevail upon it is not China that India has to worry but the double spies of the so called International Community.

Tamil nationalism is as much or more of a threat to Indian unity than to Sri Lankan unity. It is timely and good sense that India acted wisely and let us bury LTTE for good. Had LTTE been successful to create Eelam by any chance, Tamil Nadu would have fallen next like a domino. Tamil Diasporas being better anglophiles than British themselves, Eelam would be a puppet of the British. I mean the US could have both a land base and a naval base. I am sure the US and the British anticipate this scenario even to date.

That is why, the same IC that destroyed Iraq and Afghanistan on the pretext of terrorism tried to save LTTE terrorist when they were about to be wiped out in May 2009. Obama telephoned Rajapakse to put pressure on him to let terrorist leaders surrender to a third party. Hordes of foreign ministers and busy bodies of IC had visited Sri Lanka to demand Rajapakse to let the terrorists go free. They wanted the terrorists to go free now and plant bombs on our buses, trains and public places later on. All this vicious lot want is; Tamils to establish Eelam, it doesn’t matter how.

Now that LTTE is wiped out, we can traverse from North to South and East to West in Sri Lanka without fear of been exploded. We have peace after decades; white Norwegians and other Vikings have no jobs here as arbiters or peace makers. Their NGOs, INGOs, Christian Evangelists are fast losing a theme to be active. They incense action by our president for he made them redundant. They badly want to punish him. This committee of Ban Key is one of the plans to do so. And GSP of EU is another.

I am glad that our President is not just resolute in his determination to keep terrorists at by but wise to make friends as well. He has cultivated and gained powerful friends like Russia, China, India, none align countries, G20, and etc etc who understand the plight we have gone though for the last thirty years. With them we have already put this kind of conspirators in to shame once, and it’s not a big deal do so again in the future as well.

Herold Leelawardena

4 Responses to “Is Ban Key Moon an unofficial member of that club called IC? Or is he a puppet of the IC?”


    Let’s keep our heads high and not give in to IC backed LTTE. We do not need any investigations by Moon and his stooges nor GSP+. We would prevail as a sovereign Nation for ever.

  2. dhane Says:

    Many Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia etc developed after 2nd war much faster than Europe. Westerners know next is Sri Lanka. All these IC are to block our progress. Let suffer short time for longer

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    Chandrika was suffering from incontinence, throughout the period she was exposed to that megolomaniacs terror. She started calling him MR. PRABAHAKARAN, trying to earn some sympathy. That clown would have been laughing from his backside, whilst passing loud bursts of flatus.

    It is time that Sri Lanka seeks extradition of Adele, from the British hypocrites, for training innocent children to be suicide bombers. The photographs and videos should be shown to Bunki and pressure should be brought on him by, China, Russia, Iran, India, and other nations, sympathatic towards Sri Lankas predicament of trying to be hauled over coals, for annhilating the most ruthless terrorists in the world, as pronounced by none other than USA.

    It is also time that Sri Lanka start looking for Tamil Tiger Terrorists Sympathisers around the world, who are continuing to rock the boat in Sri Lanka, while trying to establish peace. The Ambassadors, should commence compiling names, and addresses, and obtain photographs of the villians for posterity, so that Sri Lanka can act when they step into Sri Lankan soil. All patriotic Sri Lankans, should help in the effort, by sending names, addresses, and photographs. Sri lanka has to start a formidable move right now, repeat, right now, to metaphorically annhilate the TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS SYMPATHISERS. This is just one way of deflating Bunkis pseudo ego.

  4. gdesilva Says:

    “Or is he a puppet of the IC?” – No, he is an CIA agent working for the US. He got the job with the help of the US and now is paying back by doing what the masters order him to do. That’s all there to it folks.

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