Posted on September 11th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne

We know that you like to walk and go places as a free man in your own country after you eradicate the menace of terrorism. Feels so good now after many years of seeing red blood spilled all over our beloved land. Appreciate your bravery and leadership sincerly and we as citizens looks forward to see our beautiful land prosper and brings joy to millions of our citizens from North to Souith and East to West under the guidence of you, your Excellancy. We have never witnessed so much excitement and enthusiasm like this before among our citizens to do something for his or her country of birth. When ever good thing happens people start distributing Kiribath, Fire crackers and play Rabans and helping each other as loving citizens. This is all because of you MR.President. People have shown their gratitude by electing and giving you the power for another six years. It will never stop there as you have shown your ability to govern with guts and for your leadership qualities our citizens have faith in you to govern our beloved land of peace for another many more years to come. We need leaders like you in our country not lazy,corrupt or traitors to our Motherland. Education is top priority and all the leaders in the Government and even in the opposition or anyone represent the people should be educated people otherwise it will be difficult to show the lead to make our country light of Asia. You as a leader must be tough on your team if they do any mistakes because people will look up to you as you are the leader of this country. We cannot make mistakes now or in the future.This is a new chapter of our history and we should learn by past mistakes and go forward with a new vision. You cannot fool the masses now as they are well educated about our politicians. People have rejected violence, protests and unneccessary strikes as they were hampering our march towards prosparity.
We have seen you mingle freely with the citizens where ever you go. You talk to people,Kiss the children and sometimes sits with them in any place you feel good. You walk to the Temples, Churches, Kovils, Mosques where no other leader has gone or done. Daily you attend to opening ceremony or somthing somewhere in the country and you look so fresh and smiling all the time with the people in all walks of life. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the talk of the town for nearly six years now and it will be in the future too. Although the war is over Sir, dont think the threat of violence is over in our beloved Motherland. You may not agree with me but India is really and truthfully is not our true friend. Majority of the people in our land feels the same except the Government of Sri Lanka. You know very well who gave birth to terrorism in the first place. You know how the Indians treated us for the last thirty five years and what type of helping hand they gave to Prabakaran and his ruthless barbarians. Nobody can deny the destructions the Indians  made to our tiny land. If not for Pakistan,China and Russians friendship and cooperation we wouldnt have end the war although we had our own die hard war heros. We are ever greatful to those heros who are living now and who sacrificed their lives to save our Motherland. Our hats off to them Including our fealess defence secretary Hon.Gotabaya Rajapaksa whom we love and care too much for his leadeship qualities and his love for his country of birth. Without those great individuals we wouldnt have enjoyed this freedom and peace we enjoyed today in the country.
The Tamil die hard terrorists who are living in and outside the land how much you forgive and show the correct path we cannot guarantee that they will not do any harm to our country or to our leaders. Still we are finding large amounts of terrorists weapons from around the country. It’s not an easy tasks to find them. We need to go on our mission non stop for another few years to guarantee security to the whole country permanently. When ever you Sir,visits places you should have a well experienced commando unit to safeguard your life and others in your Governemnt specially you and your brothers. We cannot afford to lose you at this moment of our history. These ruthless killers dont value human life and they dont have a time table. They will simply find a place and a opportunity to get rid of you and our leaders even after ten to fifteen years. They will wait like cougars who waits days and months to catch their prey in the jungle.They are not in a hurry to strike where ever they want. These are just blood thirsty killers who wants to take revenge nothing else therefore please dont take off your guard at any time for the sake of our country whom we both love. We dont have a proper opposition party in the parliament. Those who are there including the dictator Ranil the pimp cannot be trusted at any time to save you or our Motherland.They were a bunch of cowards and traitors. They were the bunch of nuts who told that our worriers were good for salvation Army and also opposed everything what your Government was trying to do during the war time. They even went to complain in world forums against you and our beloved homeland. So all these people are not friends of you or us the citizens but traitors who works for dollars paid by our enemies in the world. Your safety is paramount to us as you are the only leader who stood tall in front of the enemy within and outside fearlesly. Sir dont take of your guard at any place or any time if you love your country and it’s people. We need you as long as you can serve this beautiful nation of ours. Long live SRI LANKA.
No need to remind you or anyone about our Sinhala political stalwarts who were killed in cold blood by those L.T.T.E murderers. Gamini Dissanayaka, Lalith Athulathmudali, Ranjan Wijeratne,  Kobbkaduwa, Wimalaratne, Kadirgama, R.Premadasa and many more of our sons and daughters in the land. Those were the best brains of Sinhala and Tamil sons of Lanka. Those wicked enemies wanted to get rid of our best political leaders one by one so there will be no proper politicians to run the Government. Thanks to you and your brother Gotabaya you two make us proud by wiping out most feared ruthless blood thirsty killer Prabakaran and his gang from our beloved soil of Sinhala nation for good. Also without any leniency give the maximun punishment to that traitor Sarath Fonseka for his crimes against the country and it’s leaders. He is not a good man as he pretend to be. We all saw and heard his actions during the election times. He is a wicked, ruthless man with a vengence in his heart. Our pure luck that people came forward and disclosed about this monster soldier’s character before he does immense damage to our leaders and to our country. We as citizens should know more about him and I hope someone will write a book and tell the whole world what kind of a hero he is and was. People wont tell stories if it is not true in front of cameras or to the media. This guy is a disgraced to our whole Armed Forces. Now UNP stalwarts was telling about his cruelty and about his bad mouth and bad behaviour during and after the elections. So Mr.President let him be the pet of America or the western world do not feel pity for him. Hang em high like JUDAS.
Like you give security to the nation and to it’s people you must find ways to give security to ordinary citizens in day to day basis from murderers, rapists, kidnappers, child abusers etc. These four categories should be given the maximum punishment because this is poison hapenning day by day in our society. Police force personal should be given special training and latest equipment to catch the culprits. We need to have 24 hour police service patroling the streets and cities for bad guys and bad places and also another special unit to catch corrupt police officials who take bribes and allow bad guys to continue their bad habbits. It will be more secure if you can fixed survillance cameras in cities to start with atleast in Colombo for the time being. Corruptions should be eliminated completely to accomplish our goals that’s for sure. What ever we gain as a country should be shared among the masses without allowing rich to grab and rob and put in their pockets. You need to play a fair game Sir for all our citizens to live happily ever after. Because you played the game fair and square you won all the matches and people accepted you as the supreme leader of our country and now almost all the M.P.’s voted to allow the President to contest future elections any amount of terms as long as you are fit to Govern in the future. That’s a great achievement by any leader. Dont let down anybody and be careful and take care of your sefety all the time. As a defence secretary your brother is doing a fine job keeping our country safe from the evil.This is our country and nobody on earth can put conditions to our sovereignty and freedom. North and East belongs to Sri Lanka as same as the South and the west so there wont be any question this is Tamil area and Sinhala area as all areas belongs to the Sri Lankan nation. I am sure what D.S. JR or anyone couldnt do Mahinda Rajapaksa can and will do in the future uniting the country and the people to live in harmony and in peace. First priority is safety of our borders and our leaders. Our Armed forces should be stationed in every part of the country and provide safety to the people of all communities. We should open new schools,Universities, new projects, roads, hospitals, museams, drama schools, tourists hotels and more all over the place and make our country truly light of Asia. If you stay safe Mr.President we know our country is in safe hands and no need to worry about all the evil guys or organizations.
 What we want is to live peacefully and good education for our children and jobs for our younger generation to cope up with the international standard. We need creativity and new ideas fit for the twenty first century. We need to find talent among our own not to export from abroad. Our engineers, doctors, sportsman can do wonders and be world class therefore we should encourage and give all the neccessary facilities and guidence not only by the Government but from the private sector too. All should get together unitedly to help to build our nation without any second thoughts. President cannot do all alone as we see him doing but all the Goverment servants and the private sector should be part of it with sincere heart. Corrupt officials should be sacked without a pardon and it goes to the Ministers and their famaily members too. Thuggery and intimidation by Ministers or Government officials should not be tolerated or entertained by the President at any level. Discipline is a must in a team otherwise it’s a problem and a headache for the captain to accomplished his goals and to win the hearts and minds of the public. Mr.President you have ample time to correct all past mistakes and see that our society moves in the right direction as a just society in the future. You have the blessings of all religions and the people of Sri Lanka to govern this country and take it in the right direction as a free nation. Be aware of JVP trouble makers and note down that they too are dangerous like the terror of L.T.T.E. They will sling mud at you and make fire bombs and make innocent citizens to sacrifice their lives in the name of democracy and disturb the peace, before it takes violent and ugly you need to control them for good for all the citizens to live peacefully. They are just a bunch of no good, jealous, criminals witout any policy or ideas for the future. Keep an eye on them Mr.President dont forget 1971 or after.
We pray for your safety and for your health and for all the communities in my country. We can see a bright light at the end of the tunnel under your leadership which will never ever fade away. Our Motherland will be in safe hands and it has a bright future to stand tall among the best of developed nations in the world. I strongly believed that we will overcome all the difficulties and be a nation of PEACE to all the ethnic population to live as one family in a united country under the leadership of our visionery President his Excellency Mahuinda Rajapksa. May Lord Buddha protects our land of beauty as he protected it for thousands of years from evil minds.
God Bless my Motherland.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. dhane Says:

    There are many types of enemies to President his Excellency Mahinda Rajapksa. Politically failed local Jealous politicians, Internationally failed politicians and those who do not like to see Sri Lanka becoming developed country under MR etc. Therefore as Ranjith says MR should be give more and effective protection.May Lord Buddha protects our land of beauty as Excellency Mahinda Rajapksa protected it for thousands of years from evil minds.

  2. Chami_Riyadh Says:

    President should be careful with not only from local enemies but also from foreign as well. Never under estimate your enemies Mr President. However, it may indeed be true to say western spies are behind you. They took the revenge removing concessions of GSP+ and accusing human right violations. Keep in mind US and India are not your friends anymore. May triple gem bless you Mr President.

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