Deepavali, Ravana, Rama and Sri Lanka
Posted on November 7th, 2010

By Sri Rohana

“Deepavali is an Indian hindu festival that commemorate blessed day on which the Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after defeating the Sri Lankan king Ravana”.

 Deepavali is celebrated in many parts of the world where hindus and tamils live, such as Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Trinidad and Tobago, Surinam and Guyana. Mainly these countries were invaded and occupied by British invaders and Indians brought to those countries as laborers. As most Indians and tamils are hindus they celebrate Deepavali as a blessed day in those countries.

 Deepavali is an official holiday in India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Mauritius, Nepal, Fiji, Trinidad, Surinam and Guyana.

 Lord Rama is one of the most commonly adored gods of hindus and tamils and is known as a hero of the epic Ramayana.  Rama’s commander Hanumantha and his army torched most of the cities in Lanka, during the war and after the war he settled down in Ayodhya. There is no village or town in India without a temple dedicated to Hanumantha.

 Who is King Ravana? A pre Mahavansa Sri Lanka’s king whose kingdom was Lankapura. In pre-Mahavansa history Ravana comes fourth in line. The other great Lankan kings were Manu, Tharaka, and Bali.

“Emperor Ravana lived about 5000 years ago in Sri Lanka. His queen was Mandodari King’s children were known as Upendraminika (son) and Sohili (daughter). According to “Ramayana” Rama defeated the Lanka’s emperor Ravana.  But referring ola manuscripts, rock inscriptions and folklore of Sri Lanka, King Ravana was not died at war. He was not to kill by any other common person as Dasis (Ten heads/ genius). Ravana represented a soul of a bodhisattva. The emperor had many names as he ruled many countries. Ravanna, rabanan, ravanan, dasis, ravan, ravula are some of them. King Ravana had many talents in many subjects. As a well experienced, Ayurvedic physician, the king wrote several books on medicine. As an artist he composed Ravana ragas”. Ref

But another biggest lie from the tamil goebbelsian propagandist says Ravana was tamil king. This may not believe even a down-syndrome patient. The simple answer is if Ravana was a tamil king how come they celebrate Ravana’s defeat and Rama’s victory in Deepavali day.

 If one billion Indians celebrate Rama’s victory means they believe this as a true story. If so we have to accept the fact that King Ravana was a Lanka’s king. It is well known to anyone that Deepavali is to celebrate the defeat of Lanka’s king and the victory for Indian Rama. Majority of Sri Lankans 85% don’t celebrate Deepawali as it was their king’s defeat but tamil migrants living in Sri Lanka celebrate Lanka kings defeat and Rama’s victory as their roots are from tamil country (tamil nadu). Since 1947 Sri Lanka’s governments have declared this date as official, public and private sector holiday. Sinhala majority never ever object to tamil’s on deepavali day for celebrate Sinhala king Ravana’s defeat and Rama’s victory. Any one can witness tamils celebrate Deepavali celebrations openly in Colombo, Kandy, Galle and every major Sinhala cities.

 The eye opening scenario is Sri Lanka the only country in the world declared official holiday to celebrate an enemy’s victory. With my humble knowledge I never seen any country in this world declared official holidays to celebrate an enemy’s victory. USA never celebrates Pearl Harbor defeat or Vietnam War defeat. Britain never celebrates 1940 Dunkirk defeat or 1942 surrender of 100,000 British and Australian troops to Japanese in Singapore or defeat in Afghanistan 1842,1880 and 1919 or 1915 in Gallipolis. Japan, Germany and Italy never celebrate war defeat in 1945. France never celebrate defeat to Hitlter, Waterloo defeat or Dien Bien Phu defeat in Vietnam, India don’t celebrate 1962 Indo China war defeat etc.

 On Deepavali example we already proved to the world that we respect others. This is a typical example of the Sinhala Buddhist quality. We know how to live in a multi cultural society with tolerance. But Sri Lankan’s have to think twice is it fair to celebrate Deepavali as a public official holiday as this is an insult to our great King Ravana and to majority Sinhala. We have to rectify this without delay. To fulfill tamil minority aspiration government can declare Deepavali public holiday only to tamil community to celebrate their King Rama’s victory.

14 Responses to “Deepavali, Ravana, Rama and Sri Lanka”

  1. gunee Says:

    It is alright that people celebrate Deepavali because it is not thought so much as a victory celebration. Sinhala people tolerate it because they do not know the background. However, ignorance of Sinhala people bring them lot of misery.
    The more serious thing is for the Sinhalese people to remember that Ramayanaya is a holy story for Hindus and Sitaharanaya is something that they learn regularly. That makes Hindus consider Lanka as enemy country. One version of Ramayanaya says that Sita was never taken back because it was a year after she was abducted and Rama told that to her and went back leaving her behind. Earlier Sita advised him not to kill Yaksha people just because the Rishis said they are cannibals because there was no evidence for it.
    Only way we could avert a ‘come from behind’ attack from India is to remember that for Indians, Lanka is always enemy. We need to promote integration of the people. That means more Sinhalese should live in the North and the East; Never let Trincomalee be taken over; abolish Provincial Councils; have a dictatorship or a parliamentary system like we had at the time of Independence and elect a member from the neighborhood to go to the parliament.

  2. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Only North Indians celebrate RAMA as a GOD! But S/Indians, specially Tamils never pray Rama as a GOD but Rama is recognised as a Hero who destroyed a BAD King! Sri Lankan Tamils never pray RAMA as a GOD!

    Indian Tamils, specially the DMK Tamils claims Ravana was a Tamil/Dravidian King and Rama was an Aryan or outsider.

    I hope the author of this article tried to provoke some HATE through the Deepavali without knowing any cultural realities of Tamils.

    SL Tamils celebrate Deepavali for the victory over a NARAKASURA by Lord Vishnu!

    If CHRISTMAS is a Holiday in Sri Lanka, Deepavali is better to celebrate. Christian invaders did more damage to Sri Lanka than any others in the History! The Author better ask to cancel the holiday for Christmas!

    Further all of us must know our kings and queens went to Tamil Nadu for marriages or help. They never went to any other parts of the Indian areas!

  3. Kit Athul Says:

    Legend says: Hanuman was a half human, he was almost 8 feet tall, weigh one and half tones and he was half Monkey. Hanuman’s mother, a Tamil woman, had sex with a large monkey found in South India. She produced Hanuman and when he grew up the villages found out that he can communicate with Monkeys. When Rama foundout that his wife Sita was stolen, (it is still a debate that whether Sita eloped with Ravana or she was taken forcefully). Rama told Hanuman that he needs to go to Sri Lanka and bring her back, but he has no army as large as Ravan’s. Then Hanuman told Rama, that he can round up 100, 000 Monkeys and out number Ravana’s armey. Rama wanted only one assurance from Hanuman. That is none of his monkeys will attempt to have sex with Sita. Within one week Hanuman and his army of Monkeys built the bridge. After setting fire to all houses they sprayed some chemical mixed with coal dust. Even today one see in Sita Eliya, that nothing grows there not even grass. This is a legendary story and I do not know what part is true.

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    The famous Buddhist Sutra, the Lankavatara, is given in honour of Ravana himself, who is considered as the king of the Yakshas. This indicated clearly that Ravana was Buddhist under Kashayapa buddha. Ramayana Yuddha Kanda – Book Of War-Chapter 3
    “6 Hearing the words of Rama, Hanuma the son of wind-god, who was excellent in the art of expression, forthwith spoke once more to Rama as follows:
    7.“Listen to me! I shall tell you everything–how the city of Lanka has been defended by the various methods of fortification and how it has been guarded by the troops.”
    8.9.“I shall tell you the details of how the ogres are attached to their king, the excellent prosperity of Lanka generated by the glory of Ravana, the awfulness of the ocean, the division of the body of his forces and of animals like horses and elephants carrying his forces other than the infantry.” Saying so, Hanuma the foremost among monkeys, who knew the truth narrated as follows.
    10.“The great Lanka was rejoiced and gayful, full of elephants in rut, abounding in chariots and inhabited by gangs of ogres.”
    11.“Four fairly big and extensive gates are fitted with strong doors along with huge beams for locking those gates.”
    12.“Strong and mighty ballista capable of hurling darts and stones have been attached to them. The enemy troops which arrive there are warded off by those catapults at the very gates.”
    13.“Dangerous and sharp edged Sataghnis made of iron, forged by hordes of ogres, have been kept in readiness in hundreds at the gates.Comment: Sataghnis are four forearms in length bristled with iron spikes and are so called because they are supposed to kill hundreds at a time.
    14.“A great rampart made of gold, which is difficult to assail with violence and is inlaid at intervals with gems, corals, cat’s eyes and pearls, encircle that Lanka.”
    15.“Most awe-inspiring and fathomless moats (deep trenches) of great splendor, filled with cold water, infested with alligators and inhabited by fishes are there all round the city.”
    16.“Anterior to the gateways, there are four very extensive draw-bridges, equipped with numerous engines and furnished with many rows of buildings (built on the rampart and meant for those entrusted with the duty of guarding the entrances).”
    17.“Against the approach of the enemy forces there, the draw-bridges are protected by the aforesaid engines and the enemy-battalions are flung into the moats on every side.”
    18.“The most important draw-bridge which is unshakable, firmly fastened very well and strong, is dazzling with numerous gold pillars and pedestals.”
    19.“Ravana, inclined to war and endowed with powers of the state, himself remains alert and in readiness to review the forces, Oh, Rama!” Seven powers of the state are usually enumerated, viz. king, minister, allies, treasure, army, territory and fortresses.
    20.“Lanka therefore is impregnable, it is a celestial citadel, that inspires terror. Surrounded by water and built on a mountain, it has four fold defenses including forest and artificial fortification.” Comment: Fourfold defences, defence by water, mountain, forest or by artificial means.
    21.“Lanka is situated on the other side of the ocean, which is difficult of access, Oh Rama! It offers no passage for vehicles either and there is no proper communication from all sides.”
    22.“That city of Lanka, resembling the city of Gods, is built on a mountain peak and is inaccessible. That Lanka is abound with horses and elephants and is extremely difficult to conquer.”
    23.Deep trenches and Sataghnis too as well as engines of war of every kind adorn Lanka the city of wicked Ravana.”
    24.“Ten thousand ogres all carrying darts in their hands and warriors contending with swords, who are difficult to assail, are positioned at the eastern gate.”
    25.“One hundred thousand of ogres, with an army of four limbs (viz. horses, foot soldiers, elephants and chariots) are positioned at the southern gate of the city. Warriors unsurpassed by others constitute that army.”
    26.One million troops arrived with shields and swords as well as proficient in the use of all mystic missiles, are positioned at the western gate.”
    27.“A hundred millions of ogres, who are mounted in chariots or who ride on hoses, sons of distinguished families and greatly honored, are positioned there at the northern gate.”
    28.“Moreover, ogres hundreds of thousands in number, difficult to attack, aggregating to one and quarter of a crore of ogres are positioned at the central division.”
    29.“Those bridges were broken by me and the moats were filled up (with the wreckage). The city of Lanka was burnt by me and the defensive walls were pulled down. A part of the army of the gigantic ogres was destroyed.”
    30.“By some way or other, let us cross the ocean. The city of Lanka should be assumed then as destroyed by the monkeys.”
    31.32.33.“Oh, Rama! What is the use for the rest of the forces to you? Angada, Divida, Mainda, Jambavan, Panasa, Anala and Nila the commander-in-chief alone, by reaching that great city of Ravana leaping and storming Lanka with its mountains and woods, moats and archways, protective walls and buildings, will recover Seetha.”

  5. Kayilay Thiruchelvam Says:

    I am aged 65 years. This is the first time I am hearing this interpretation of Deepavali. Our grand parents have told us that this a Hindu religious belief and it is nothing to do with Rama or Ravana, but Narahasuran and Lord Murugan. It is to be noted that this is not a Tamil festival. This is a Hindu festival and predominantly celebrated in Northern India and not in Tamil Nadu. Some time ago Tamil Nadu Chief Minister C.N. Annadurai did wanted to abolish this festival in Tamil Nadu citing the fact that the Tamils do not want to celebrate some one’s death. He also made clear that Thai Pongal is the only Tamil Festival. Please do not give mis interpretaion of facts and try to raise ill feelings between the Tamils and Sinhalese. This is a time for reconcilliation in Sri Lanka.Get on with building a better future for the Lankans and try to build a sound economy.

  6. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Sinhalese are happy to claim that they are from North India. But now they cry that a Sri lankan king is belong to them! Sinhalese better be happy of defeating SL King by ARYA RAMA!

    Further North Indian Valmiki, author of Ramayana, tells the South Indians as monkeys which include Sri lankans too!

    Further Ravana was a son of HINDU sage Kasyapa! Now the Sinhalese are refusing any connections with hindus but make claims for Hindu Ravana. What a funny creatures!

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Mr.Gunee, Mr.MUDali, Mr.Kit Atul, Mr.Neela Maha Voda, Mr.Thiruchelvam Thanks for the comments and appreciate.

    The word “Deepavali” derives from the combination of the words ‘Dipa’ and ‘Gavali’, the former meaning ‘light’ and the latter meaning ‘a row’. Thus symbolizing the rows of lights that can be seen at the houses of Hindu celebrants.
    After the victory when Rama returned to Ayodya with Sita and Hanumantha. To make the victory celebration villagers lit lights in row up to Ayodya. This is how it becomes Dipavali.

    I totally agree with Gunee. It is an ignorance of them not to learn even their history and culture and ultimately we are in dark and defenseless and cannot understand the what threats we are facing.

    Kit Atul, I was shocked after read some Ramayana extracts from you that “tamil god Hanuman’s mom had a sex with a monkey” “Rama wanted only one assurance from Hanuman. That is none of his monkeys will attempt to have sex with Sita”. That means Sita was not a sincere thrust worthy woman. What a low level quality of tamil gods?

    MUDali, ref to your comment on 7th Nov2010. You said, “Tamils recognized Rama as a Hero who destroyed a BAD King”(Ravana). Don’t you think that cat came out of the bag? That’s why you guys celebrate Dipavali. Read articles written by tamils on Deepavali in Malaysia and Singapore it says “Hindu homes are adorned with lights or oil lamps to symbolize the victory of Lord Rama over the demon Ravana” Deepavali in Malaysia. This is an acceptable truth.

    Not only DMK claims that Ravana a tamil king, it is the latest trend of tamil expansionist propagandist claim all our Sinhala heroes as well as entire Sri Lanka as a tamil land. In near future they will claim King Gemunu, King Vijayaba and King Parakramabahu also as tamil kings. I am not supprise if tamils claim President Mahinda Rajapakse, Gotabaya Rajapakse, General Shavendra Silva as tamil kings in future.

    Neela Maha Voya, thanks you proved that emperor Ravana a Lanka’s King and he was not a tamil at all. Tamil lie machine can write anything and turn anything towards them they don’t have atom of shame on this. They can fool only westerns but not Sinhalas.

    Thiruchelvam, please read Deepavali article written by Malaysian, Singapore, Fiji, Mauritius tamils. You will come to know majority of tamils why they celebrate Deepavali.

    MUDali we accept the fact that Vijaya and his friends came from Bengal. But Lanka was civilized even Mesopotamian civilization era. Not to forget Lanka had business with Mesopotamia’s capital “Ur”. If you have doubt read Colombia university’s encyclopedia on Mesopotamian civilization. We had Manu, Taraka, Bali, Ravana as well as Chulodara, Mahodara, Maniakkitha, Kuweni and her royal family etc. We never believe Sinhala are from Bengal. We were from Balangoda Human family.

    Read the following extract form an article of Mr. P.D.A.S Gunasekera
    “Archaeological evidence unearthed by the excavations, under Dr. Siran Deraniyagala, the former Archaeological Commissioner, in the 1980s, at Batadomba Lena, in the Ratnapura district, conclusively proving, that ‘Balangoda Man’ had actually lived in Sri Lanka, tens of thousands of years ago.
    The material evidence examined and tested at Cornel University, USA, by Prof. Kennedy had confirmed that the civilization, represented by the ‘archaeological findings’ ran back to 29,000-30,000 years, when the civilization of the sub-continent India had, according to archaeological evidence dated back only to 10,000 years, giving the ‘lie to’ the claims that Sri Lanka had derived her civilization from India”.

  8. M.S.MUdali Says:

    The Ravana History is older than the history of Bengali Vijaya. So, better celebrate Divali because your North indians defeated a Southerner!

    So, historically Ravana have nothing to do with Sinhalaese!

  9. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ref to your comment on 10th Nov. that’s true Ravana history is 5000 years ago and Bengali Vijaya came somewhere about 2600 years. Obviously Ravana history is way older than the Vijaya’s history. That’s the reason we say Sinhala race is very unique in south asia. During Ravana era tamils were very primitive that’s why hindus described tamil hanumantha as a monkey and you admitted it on your 8th Nov comments. But well-known fact that north Indians have a high respect on Sri Lankan Sinhalas.

    Being a Sinhala nation why I should celebrate Dipavali, which was an invasion to my country and how come I celebrate one of our great king’s defeat. But you guys can celebrate it as tamil monkey army of Hanumantha the one who destroyed Lanka.

    History clearly says Ravana a Lanka’s King on what basis you say it’s not?

    But my surprise is MUDali entire world know that Arya Hindus consider tamils as Sudras (who came from Brahmas feet) or dalits or untouchable. As an anti-arya dravida tamil why you guys celebrate arya Rama’s victory on Dipavali day. What a shame?

    It is up to you guys to celebrate Hindu Rama’s victory. But my worry is why we Sinhala country allow enemy invasion as a public holiday. On 7th you asked why we celebrating Christmas? It is well known Christmas celebration is for the day of Jesus Christ’s birth therefore Sri Lankan Christians have a right to celebrate it but Dipavali cannot compare with Christmas, Dipavali is an utter insult to Sinhalas.

  10. M.S.MUdali Says:

    When Ravana was ruling Sri Lanka, NO SINHALESE there. then how can you make claims over Ravana while you are a Sinhalese?

    If Tamils were primitive, how can the neighbours in Sri Lanka civilized?

    You wrote stupid stories without knowing anything on the subject. Better learn more history on Hindu religion!

    If you think you are an Arayan, try to celebrate Diwali!

    You tried to create some anti-Indian issues at the current context but past was different than you imagine!

    Celebrate Christmas and follow NAZI POPE!

  11. Sri Rohana Says:

    Ravana was a Lanka’s king and I am a son of Lanka. Being a Lankan it is a privilege to say that king Ravana a great Lanka’s son. What is wrong on it?
    Haven’t you seen civilized countries and primitive neighbors in this world? What about Australia and her neighbor Papua New Guinea?

    I never believe I am an Aryan. I am as I mentioned on my 9th comments I believe Lanka nation is from “Balangoda” family. King Vijaya an in-law of that family. Since I am not an Aryan I am against someone celebrate Arya Rama’s victory in King Ravana’s land Lanka. You dravida tamils guys celebrate Arya Rama’s victory on Dipavali day aren’t you!

    I only cannot create anti Indian issues MUDali! Give an example from this world who likes Indians? Asians, Americans, Europeans, Africans, Australians I don’t think.
    I need not to celebrate Christmas and follow pope. I am a follower of Nepalese prince Siddhartha Gautama (Lord Buddha). His philosophy taught us not to believe “creation of god”. So I don’t have a faith on religions those who believe “creation of god” such as Hinduism, Jews, Christianity and Islam.

  12. gunee Says:

    This has gone very far. I just happened to see this tab and wow!

    It is not civilized to hate each other due to beliefs of the past. Hate confuses. After reading some of these comments, my mind got clearer about Ramayanaya. We know that Hindu priests were the only literate. The vast populations just took whatever they said as true. The stories were handed down father to son. The fellow who was lazy lost some information. The imaginative fellow embellished the stories.

    One version I read somewhere on the Internet says that Rama went on killing Yakshas because they were cannibals. But there is no proof of this. Could this be the story of Arayans killing off Dravidians? You spread a story about a group and then start the war. Isn’t that the motivation for Ethnic Cleansing that LTTE practised: Sinhalese are out to get us and we’d better kill them off now.

    It is self-evident from Indian speech that entire India and Pakistan were Dravidians. What is that evidence? It is the way Indians pronounce D and T — muurdhaja or retroflex style. Tamils are great at saying d and t and even the l with the tongue curled up and even turned back. If a Sinhalese like I try to do it standing I’d somersault and fall! No Aryan group speak D and T like North Indians do. That says that the original people of the Indian subcontinent spoke a language that had these signature Dravidian sounds. You decide for yourself by removing the hate component. My conclusion is that the Indian subcontinent was Dravidian before the marauding Aryans came.

    Now, that says another story of the Sinhalese. That is, proto-Sinhala was NOT Dravidian. Sinhalese cannot speak Tamil dayanna and tayanna (davanna, tavanna). They, with Tamils are not good with mahaapraana (aspirants). So. Sinhala did not come from North India either. Putting these aside, we sure are mixed people: Sinhala + Tamil + many others. (Check the Genome). But we identify ourselves as one or the other according to the language of the parents. Right?

    I believe we (Sinhalese and Tamils) should try to live side-by-side. That means Integration, and we learn and add from each other. We’d get along jolly well if we do so. When we segregate, suspicions build up. Sinhalese should live in the North in greater numbers and the Tamils should stop the Homeland talk. We’ll be okay anyway if we find economic success.

  13. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Gunee appreciate your comment on 12.nov
    As you say, “I believe we (Sinhalese and Tamils) should try to live side-by-side. That means Integration, and we learn and add from each other. We’d get along jolly well if we do so. When we segregate, suspicions build up. Sinhalese should live in the North in greater numbers and the Tamils should stop the Homeland talk.” Gunee on 12th Nov.

    We consider tamils as our brothers and sisters. They are best friends in our schools or work places or our neighborhood. We Sinhala, Tamil, Muslims, Burghers (English, Dutch, and Portugese), Malay, Javas, Chinese, Chetty, Parsi and Bhoras are one family in Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka belongs to all of us.

  14. amolap Says:


    Every single time the Dravidian v/s Aryan thoery is proved wrong by neutral historians.
    It is coined by Westeners to divide hindus in India.
    Also, everywhere now, the history is moulded to suit the current poilical system and benefits.

    In Maharashtra Ravana is considered very knowledged person. I am taught and believe so that person is never wrong; Only their habits, attitute and deeds can be wrong.
    And, Yes one point to be noted, Hinduism have given birth to Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and many panthas.
    In Hinduism, one can argue and change the things which is not true about other religion(s).

    In fact the time has come to forget everything and only follow one religion Humanism.


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