Open Letter to Editor, AsiaTimes
Posted on November 7th, 2010

Simon Gnanapiyasena

Dear Editor AsiaTimes:

 I earnestly bring to your notice the concerns I have around the one-sided, racist article titled “Vandalism at library frightens Tamils” by your writer Sudha Ramachandran.

 Clearly, this writer’s intent appears to be to the arousal of communal hatreds between the majority Sinhalas and the minority Tamils of Sri Lanka and ensure that Sri Lanka will never achieve ethnic-reconciliation between these two main communities and move the nation forward after the horrific civil war that ended last year – after 30 long years of immense death and destruction.

 What is concerning here is the fact that this writer’s apparent goal appears to be completely in-alignment with the goal of the internationally banned terrorist group, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), which was the main protagonist against the state of Sri Lank in that ugly civil war.

 Clearly this writer’s anti-Sinhela racist, baseless ranting is evident when s/he uses such terms as “Sinhalese-Buddhist supremacists” to attck carte-blanc the Sinhala community and amusingly quotes even unnamed “a professor at the Jaffna University” and pick on alleged quotes only from well known Sri Lanka bashers such as Tisaranee Gunasekera (an avowed racist-communalist from Sri Lanka).

 It is truly pathetic to see the writer’s credibility being blown sky-high when, while dabbling in Sri Lanka’s ancient history which the writer appears to have zilch knowledge of, when s/he said

“Both the Tamils and Sinhalese came from different parts of India at roughly the same time – 2,500 years ago.” !!!  

 Even the ancient Hindu Mahabharata literature refers to the “Sinhala Kingdom” being the island of Sri Lanka and a simple Google of “ancient Indian kingdoms” will bring up enough academic material to show the incredulity of this writer’s falsehood.

 However, what is more concerning here is the well known fact that the vast sums of money the LTTE amassed, through narcotics dealing, smuggling weapons for other terrorist groups, Bank frauds in the west, extortion of Tamil Diaspora, etc. that ran into multi-$Billions, are today being used lavishly by LTTE agents to “ink the pen” of many a self-professed “journalist’ or “researcher” and that this, too, could be the case whereas your AsiaTimes is concerned?


 Simon Gnanapiyasena

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