The Cardinal, Catholic Church and the LTTE
Posted on November 7th, 2010

Dr.P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith during his appearance before the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission had said that the “…Catholic Church had never advocated the LTTE’s position… and the Catholic Church had made several attempts to bring the govt. and the LTTE into the peace process…”
The truth is that the Catholic Church had its sympathies with the LTTE . The role of the Catholic Church in the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka came under greater scrutiny during the 30 year war. Perceptive observers have publicly accused the Catholic Church of being the invisible hand behind the LTTE’s violent campaign to destroy the unity of Sri Lanka, establish another sovereign state called “Eelam” and in turn reduce the power of the majority Sinhalese and that of the Buddhists. The fact that the militant Tamil organisations including the LTTE and the Christian Peace Activists  who are sympathetic to the LTTE were receiving support from Christian institutions was not a public secret.
It was a matter of public knowledge that Christian clerics from Western countries had come to Sri Lanka for short visits, to study the ground situation and then write adverse reports heavily tilted in favour of the LTTE  and damaging the image of the country. Much of the blame in their reports  was on the alleged human rights abuses by the security forces with hardly any mention of the planned and pre-meditated  acts of inhumanity by the LTTE. It is this policy of blatant one sidedness of pointing the finger only at the Sri Lankan army and the Sinhala Buddhist majority  and painting Prabhakaran and the LTTE as “freedom fighters” that eroded the credibility of the Catholic Church.
In the past, during elections the Catholic Bishop of Jaffna had requested all Tamil political parties to cease functioning so that the LTTE could act as the sole representative of the Tamil people. Their position was confirmed by Mr. S. N. Dixit, a former High Commissioner  for India, who stated in his book ( “Assignment Colombo” P.228) that,” What was fascinating was that the Tamil Catholic clergy kept arguing in favour of the LTTE throughout my tenure in Sri Lanka…”
For more than two decades, the Catholic Church took the stand that the ethnic crisis in Sri Lanka was a conflict between the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamils and that it is not an issue between the State and the terrorists. The LTTE targeted the Buddhists to gain sympathy and support of the Church. And the Church had never ever condemned such actions by the LTTE. According to neutral observers the policy followed by the Catholic Church acted as a supporting pillor for the LTTE.

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    Ronetr the Malcom’s dog ( created by the bigger Dog )is barking everywhere.

  3. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    Congratulations Dr Samaraweera for exposing the role played by the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka, so that the church may refrain from such conduct in future. I hope you wont be silenced by any abuse thrown at you and others like you, by well organised groups – which seems to be their objective. It is no secret Prabakaran was a mindless terrorist who targeted Sinhala Budhists, Muslims and Hindu Tamils who did not support his separate state agenda. It is also no secret that the Church never condemned LTTE crimes. The connection between the Catholic church and the LTTE is now more pronounced, when we see pictures of Catholic Priests demonstrating carrying pictures of this terrorist, held up high in an attempt to elivate his image to the level of a freedom fighter. I am yet to see Hindu priest at these demonstrations even though the Tamils are mostly Hindus? India probably can see this too!

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