Handing the Ministry of Justice to a Known Criminal is Casting Pearls before Swine, Literally
Posted on November 23rd, 2010

Dilrook Kannangara

A person who was involved in many criminal activities including collusion with the LTTE, is back in the limelight. Despite having more than two thirds support in parliament, the power greedy government goes after these criminals to bolster its position further. What for? If the government has good intentions in securing two thirds, there is no need to seek power beyond 150 seats. At the 18th Amendment, which was totally useless to Sri Lankans, it received 161 votes which is 11 votes more than what was required. Obviously reshuffling ministries has something to do with the crossovers. But with 11 votes/seats to spare, why grab more at the expense of becoming the laughing stock of the world and the people?

The decision to award the Justice Ministry to this person must be revisited in the light of his past conduct, immorality, criminal record, anti-Sri Lankan tendency and political relevance. He ruined the Sri Lankan Muslim Congress (SLMC) during his rule. SLMC was powerful enough to dictate terms to the ruling party in 1988, 1989, 1994, 1999 and 2000. However with its leadership changing hands, its strength collapsed. Finally in 2010 it was so powerless that it had to piggyback on the UNP. SLMC won no seats on its own in 2010 whereas it won seven (7) seats on its own in 1994. The collapse is clear. Why offer ministries to such weak political figures? Why offer ministries to such incompetent leaders?

Integrity of this person has an even worse record. He has jumped from the green camp to the blue camp and from the blue camp to the green camp at least four times now. Integrity is not something this person understands. He is the biggest opportunist in parliament today. Even former LTTE leaders changed sides only once!

He signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the very LTTE that massacred scores of Sri Lankans including Muslims, in 2002 merely to keep his political fortunes. At this time even LTTE loyalists left the LTTE in disgust when this opportunist joined it. This criminal act has not been punished. Before that in 2001, he declared a separate Muslim administration in parts of the East which is another criminal act according to the supreme law of the nation “”…” the Constitution. He lost his lucrative ministry due to this crime but the crime itself was not punished. In 2007 LTTE carried out another massacre of Muslims. This time a group of persons who went to the jungle to collect firewood was targeted. Following the incident Hackhim blamed the STF and the TMVP knowing very well it was another act of the LTTE. He whitewashed the LTTE much to the anger of Muslims in the east. For the third time Muslims in the East rejected him at the April 2010 elections. He went back to Kandy to contest. Previously his attempt to become the Chief Minister of the Eastern Province was defeated by the voters in the east and he contested from Kandy at the 2001 general election too. Due to the pollution of the Muslim vote in Kandy, a very senior Muslim politician with integrity “”…” Hon Abdul Cader “”…” had to leave the party he loved for decades.

In 2004 and 2005 Hackhim’s alleged illegal mistresses brought into the public his immoral side. At no time in history such immoral conduct was displayed by a politician in public so openly and grossly that a woman in concern ultimately committed suicide at the door step of this politician’s residence! He blamed that one of his best friends – Hon Samaraweera was behind the move! If this is the regard his best friends have for him, how can the people trust him?

There are many allegations of corruptions against him including the massive tugboat affair that is yet to be investigated. As the minister of ports during the 2001-04 government headed by Hon Ranil Wickramasinghe, he was allegedly involved in unduly profiting from a series of transactions involving the purchase and deployment of tugboats. These allegations must be investigated conclusively before allowing him to run another ministry. Although the Justice Ministry is far less lucrative financially, it gives him wide powers to interfere with the justice system. After a long history of severe political interferences, the justice system of the country is recovering. Even convicted criminals on hard labour in Welikada could get various concessions through the justice system including LCD TVs, gymnasiums, etc. which proves the apolitical shift of courts. This move will be affected if a known criminal becomes the Minister of Justice. His other task will be to appoint his henchmen to influential positions.

Government must reconsider the appointment of the Minister of Justice. If he remains at this very important post, it will be a grave injustice to all peace loving people.

7 Responses to “Handing the Ministry of Justice to a Known Criminal is Casting Pearls before Swine, Literally”

  1. Nihal Fernando Says:

    This is even bad for the Hon. President’s integrity to offer this dishonest man with shameless political opportunism the Minister of Justice. This is a disgrace to the entire legal system of Sri Lanka.

    Please give a second thought.

  2. hela puwath Says:

    Dilrook Kannangara, thanks for speaking out:
    Our president appears to be surrounding himself with all types of unsavoury characters. This is another ‘fox in charge of the chicken pen’.
    As pointed out today by VISHVAMITHRA in “Beware tax dodger professionals: You are under duty to play your part”, the medical profession and the legal profession are two of the most corrupt and “immoral” professions in our country, and here to top it all, the most ‘immoral’ of all, Rauf Hakeem, is now in charge of probably the most corrupt institution in the country – law and order. Our country’s lawmakers are the prime ‘law-breakers’; corruption is what we must expect from a parliament full of lawyers.

  3. Nanda Says:

    This is the bigining of push for Sharia Law someone Mareena Thaha Reffai longing for , making so many complains in Lanka Web about our way of life.

  4. Nihal Fernando Says:

    Dear Nanda,

    If the Ministry of Justice is awarded to this man Hackhim by the President Mahinda Rajapaksa then I will agree with you that MR is NOT a wise man at all.

  5. Nanda Says:

    I was only against quoting Dhammapada when claiming Mahinda as wise.
    He is in fact advised by some inteligent people. He is a listener. That makes him look wise. He is also a patriot among so many betrayers like Ponseka and Ranil.
    However, I am not sure about his appoinment of this criminal.
    Look at the cabinet now ! he was promising a small cabinet.
    Muslims are getiing more and more powerful , over and above their entitled quota. Sure, some of them are real patriots but their silence on animal behavious of middle east is frightening.

  6. Nihal Fernando Says:


    It is very disgusting with any government for me personally. Neither have I nor my children benefited by any government. We even received our education in private schools. We have never gone to a government hospital to get our treatments and medicines. I hate all the politicians and the governments. Handful of ministers and the parliamentarians are enjoying their life with so much perks and privileges while the majority of the population who have been suffering under any government that comes into power. Politicians do not work for a living but we do but they get paid by us.

    “Ask not what the country has done for you; but ask what you have done for the country” (John F. Kennedy)
    Since I have been earning legitimate foreign exchange in my very small way for the last so many years for the country my contribution for my country is good enough. So, now I will ask what the country has done for me or will do for me. Will the government take care of me after my retirement and return in near future?

    “Atthahi atththano natho—-” you are to yourself – Dhammpadya

  7. Sri Rohana Says:

    Dear Dilrook
    We will talk of basic principals of the law, If no one is above the law and if law is equal to every citizen of Sri Lanka then, Rauf Hakim should charge under PTA for having a pact with mass murderer,terrorist, megalamanic Velupillai Prabakaran and his tamil racist clique.
    Prevention of Terrorism Act (Sri Lanka) No 48 of 1979,
    5. Any person who –
    (a) Knowing or having reasonable cause to believe that any person –
    (i) Has committed an offence under this Act, or
    (ii) Is making preparation or is attempting to commit an offence under this Act, fails to report the same to a police officer; or
    (b) Having in his possession any information relating to the movements or whereabouts of any person who has committed or is making preparations or is attempting to commit an offence under this Act fails to report the same to a police officer, shall be guilty of an offence and shall, on conviction be liable to imprisonment of either description for period not exceeding seven years.

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