Posted on December 14th, 2010

Ranjit Wickremeratne   

This funny man is always funny where ever he goes.Now the latest lie in his handbook is telling the people that he is going to defeat the President before he completes his second term. Can anybody in right mind tell me how he is going to do that with barely 40 odd idiots behind him in the parliament? Not before his second term this walawwe Hamu has to wait three or four terms to beat the greatest President we have today, by that time Ranil the loser will be walking with a stick you mark my word. We saw yesterday how they stood attention when they played  our beloved national anthem in front of many of their supporters. How can anyone trust these traitors who cannot chose a leader for their own party? What do they have for the future of our country? Do they have any good ideas except slinging mud at the President and his family who are working tirelesly to uplift the standard of the people of my country. Mr.Ranil Wickremesinghe dont day dream of beating the most trusted, fearless, straight forward President of our beloved nation His excellency Mahinda Rajapksa.  Just do something useful to the country and to it’s people first and then come forward and face him like a true gentleman in the next general elections. If people likes you, then they will give their verdict and you can have all the power you need but I am not sure anyone will likes you more than our current President because he is the man who got us freedom from ruthless terrorists which you signed peace treaties and helped the terrorist organization to eliminate our trusted inteligence officers in cold blood. You should be ashamed Mr.Ranil for allowing terrorists to survive so long and massacre so many innocent people of our own.You will never ever win any elections from this day till you die because you are the worst leader the great party UNP had in their history.
I will give an advise Mr. R  better give the leadership to a better person young, energetic, popular who can garner votes in an election and you Mr.R retire from politics for the good of the nation and start making a Ranil  junior to continue your standard of politics if he or she likes. You are P.I.A. to everyone not only for your party but to the whole nation. Nothing good comes out from you.You better take lessons from our Great President how to behave, How to speak and how to act when we are facing trouble. In your dictonery you have all bad words like HORA, BALLA, BURUWA etc. that is not fit for a leader who wants to  lead our nation. I feel pity for you when I see you on the T.V.screen or in the news papers because you dont have any personality or a look of a leader. People are fed up with your silly third class jokes and that is good for people like your new found friends Awamangalaya,Somawansa,Sarath Fonseka and the clan. YOU CANNOT CONTROL YOUR OWN PEOPLE AND HOW CAN YOU CONTROL A COUNTRY OF TWENTY FIVE MILLION PEOPLE. Sometimes back you had a friend to help you but unfortunately he is in hell now. When he was there you helped him a lot by giving inch by inch of our Motherland, gave free transport in our own helicopters, allowed them to transport their Hardware Arms and Ammunition from place to place, Treated their wounded caders in our hospitals, gave information of our Inteligence officers and allowed them to kill them in cold blood, What else Mr.Ranil the leech? You did everything wrong to our Motherland and then you signed a peace treaty with them allowing them to occupy half of our Motherland. Who forgets all this you traitor. No parent who had their child killed by those murderers will forgive you. They will curse you for what you did to our homeland for so long not their vote again.
Only best thing you can do now is to cooperate with the President as a decent opposition leader and helps him to build our nation which was destroyed by terrorism for so long. Be truthful to yourself, act like a reasonable  experience politician without acting like a joker and without associating with jokers like Awamangala,Tilvin,Kumara,Sarath Ponnaseka and the lot.They dont have a say in any area of our land.They are cowards and traitors who works for the white man for green notes. The President will rule the country for another six years which no one on earth can stop because he has the backing of two third majority in the parliament and the majority of the masses. Most of the religious leaders backing him as he has done a lot to buddihism than any other leader in the past. He has the respect of all religious leaders as he is a man for all. You are a man of nothing except greedy for power and wealth. When our President won the battle which was raging in our land for thirty years with the help of our war heros including his brother Gotabaya you and your traitors never appreciated. You good for nothing jokers laughed at him. You never joined the celebrations and never congratulated the President even you boycotted the national celebrations just imagine what type of a leader you are Mr. Ranil the leech. If you get elected as our President I will walk naked from Kataragama to Kankasanturai that’s a  promise. It will not be a broken promise like you give to the masses in the election times . I am southerner and a Richmondite same like my President and we never lie to people. We learned to respect people and tell the truth always.
From the day we eliminated the most fearful terror group L.T.T.E. from our land you worked against our country and our leaders and still you are doing it. You are organizing unneccessaray protests, you are angage in conspiring against our Motherland with foreign countries and NGO’s and going to your western masters who are against our Government to get advise and bring bad name to our country. Tell me one good thing you have done or doing to your own homeland? Before you die come to your senses and do something useful to your homeland where you were born and bread and got educated. You cannot fool us everyday with your broken promises. We need action not promises like what current President do to his homeland and to his people. We are fed up of promises. This is the time to keep aside all differences and to work unitedly. Unity is more important if we want to survive as a country.If we are united no terrorists can harm us in the future.We dont want people like Jayalath’s or Wickremebahu’s in our society. They are vicious snakes who should be eliminated before they harm someone. We have a bunch of them in our political field who dosent care about the Motherland or it’s people but do anything to earn a few bucks. It’s great tragedy to have people like those after suffereing so long due to terrorism in our country. I feel sad and angry when I think of these traitors and cowards who were trying to break our land in to pieces with the help of foreign elements. Diaspora or anyypora will not have any room to breath even in our country hereafter that I am very confident thanks to our great defence secretary and our die hard war heros who brought fame to our country by defeating the most cruel terror group in the world. We can see the faces of our Tamil brothers now in the North and East and can see the difference then and now. Ranil and the political cheeters who are desperately trying to fool the world cannot succeed now because everyone has realized the truth. Every section of our population enjoy the benefits after the war that no one can deny. Let’s face it Ranil the leech lies will not get anywhere except downfall. Already you are down and near future you will go more down and under that’s my curse for you and your team of liers. Our country needs honest hard working decent political leaders not politicians who fool the masses day by day.
Beacuse we have PEACE in our country foreigners flock to our country to see the beauty of our land. Do not disturb the peace by organizing protests and bringing innocent masses to the road and get injured or killed unneccessaraly. There’s nothing for you to cry now except the cost of living which was faced by every country in the world. Dont think it’s only for Sri Lanka. You know better than me as you were going around the world dine and dance with the elite from contributions you get by your white friends and Governments. There’s nothing to complain now except you be part of the Sri Lankan family and serve your country honestly.  Complaining for everything what this Government does wont get you nowhere except your downfall so think Mr.Wise man of the white lords. If you take my advise you will have a decent funeral with lots of flowers if not I dont know for sure what you will get.
Take responsibilty as a opposition leader to my Motherland and try to work for the country and to it’s people. You cannot achieve your goals by disturbing the peace and calm environment we have today in our country. Just go with the time and help our beloved President to achieve our goals to make our country LIGHT OF ASIA.
Ranjit Wickremeratne                                                                                    

2 Responses to “HOW THE DEVIL HE WILL DO IT?”

  1. jay-ran Says:

    A great piece of advice to the Leader of the Opposition!!!

    But, unfortunately, RW has no Wisdom,Vision or a proper Mission to follow them to become a GOOD POLITICIAN,NEVER MIND THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION.

    Listen to his speaches, always attacking MR Govt, with silly accusations, No freedom of speach??? HOW THE HELL CAN HE SAY THAT WHEN HE HIMSELF SAYS THAT HE IS GOING TO BRING DOWN THE GOVT AFTER JAN 26th 2011???


    Look at MR, how pleasent his speaches are even before becomming our Great President and after!!!

    Not only RW, all the cahoots have the same MENTALITY:

    Sajith: He said for those who joined Govt ” DESHAPALANAGEMBO!!!”



    So, I don’t see any SENSIBLE,GOOD LEADER IN UNP!!!

  2. Siri Says:

    Mr. jay-ran – You are perfectly right, but the problem is that there are fools in Colombo who still vote for these idiots. It may be because they are jealous of Mahinda Rajapaksa becoming President. After going through the free education system in Sri Lanka they cannot be too stupid. Probably they think that the President should be somebody like them who speaks in only English, wares a suit like Ranil and comes from a Colombo or Kandyan area. There is no other explanation I can think of for their voting for the UNP or DNA (Sarath Gonseka). However this is democracy in action and we have to tolerate them. Everybody cannot be like Mahinda.

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