GOD is not a Freak
Posted on December 18th, 2010

Reverend Dr. Nishan Wijesinha Chairman “”…” Training and Restoration House of Jesse  Mirihana

Many when they think of God it recalls to a thought of God as some non re-generic cosmic power.

Or in other words a powerful force but a true freak.

To understand reproduction one has to have experience of reproduction. A freak cannot ever comprehend reproduction. The male and female reproductive generic emotions evolve around already predestined thoughts, which in no other terms could generate in a creature if the creator was in origins a freak.

God himself relates to man his name as Jehovah, and he himself has related his only begotten son to his own expressed imagery; whom in which therefore was manifested before the world as the son of God and “The” son of Man; and has thus related the conception which in the spirit and through the spirit in bodily union, to his only begotten son.

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  1. Andare Says:

    I agree that God is ‘not a freak’. However here is another interpretation of the word “Son”. Take it or leave it.

    We are clay dolls made of the dust of earth. The power you call God breathes life into this doll and makes it speak, dance, see and do all the things a human being does. While the body is living there is a spark of the divine residing in us. This divine is unseen – it can only be felt. When it leaves then the dust falls back to dust.

    In Hinduism it is called the Atman while the God out side is Brahman. Jesus said the Kingdom of heaven is within us, Buddha said Nirvana or Truth is within us. Therefore when Jesus said we are made in the image of God it means the divine spark which is his own image is within the clay doll. It does not mean that God has a human form with arms and legs and a beard as shown on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel (this was just an artists concept).

    Buddha referred to this power when he said referring to Nirvana “there is something that is unborn, ungrown and unconditioned. Here the four elements of solidity, fluidity, heat and motion have no place. The notions of length, breadth, subtle and gross, good and evil, name and form are altogether destroyed. Neither this world nor the other, not coming, going or standing, neither death nor birth, nor sense objects are to be found.” Ref “What the Buddha taught” by Dr. Walpola Rahula.

  2. Wickrama Says:

    Adam and Eve was designed and created by god. Then they were placed in garden of Eden where god had designed and created the tree growing the forbidden fruit. God had given free will to Adam and Eve, but apperently that didn’t work properly because they were tempted by Satan – another flawed creation by god.
    From that day onward humans are being punished for the sin of Adam and Eve. God could have corrected the mistake by destroying Adam and Eve and creating, say John and Jean with perfect free will.
    Hundreds of years later he tried to correct by destroying all humans except Noah and family, but it didn’t work.
    If god is not a freak what the hell is it?

  3. radha Says:

    Oh dear …… another Dr or a preacher. What sort of Dr is this one: doctor with little “d” pretending to be a big D as he is prophesing to train and “restore”? Whom may I ask he is going to restore? Are they the broken Buddhists, Muslims and Hindus, wanting to witness Jehovah. This article sounds like an advert for Jehovah’s Witness conversion scheme, so I suggest that guardians of our traditional cultures be at “Stand To”.

    Actually I have no quarrel with God, or the nature as it is, whatever the names different groups of people want to call this phenomenon of universal energy that exists all around us extending to infinity in every direction. But I surely do not wish to see someone trying to force down their version down my throat with preachers coming with a pile of handbills and a forced donation bowl to my door step. I will rather be very cautious of this school for broken ………whoever!

  4. Sirih Says:

    “May be it is a freak that believe in God”
    What a nonsense about this false God .. Church created this non entity called God to control humans in dark ages and idiots still follow them for monetary gain.

  5. Leela Says:

    A question to Dr. Nishan Wijesinha Chairman – Training and Restoration House of Jesse Mirihana.

    We all know that all brands of Gentlemen from the so-called International community had been advising our successive Governments on how to achieve ‘peace’ with LTTE. However, not very many of us know; it is a manipulative arm of the Christian ecumenical church. For one thing, if Christian past is a paradigm to go by, we can certainly visualize all their motives.

    The state religion of these western countries is Christianity. Queen is the head of the Christian Church in England. All hierarchy in the realm of Norway has to be Lutheran Christians by their constitution. Naturally, culture of all these countries is based on Judo-Christian doctrine. That is because, Christianity itself is based on a religion called Judaism. Not just Christianity and all its divisions, but Muhammadism and its sub sects are also based on the initial principle of Judaism and its founder. Therefore, before we elaborate things that the Christians have done in the past particularly to spread their religion, we ought to know a bit about Judaism.

    The religion of Jews, Judaism is based on the word of a ‘one God’. The belief of this one God was first brought about by an ancient and a minor nomadic race called the Hebrews. Hebrews were the ancestors of the present day Jews in Israel. Jews say; one God had read his first message to a Hebrew man called Abraham in the middle of a desert. Later on, this desert God is said to have transmitted further messages through many other messiahs. Though a messiah called, Moses is said to have written down ‘the word of God’ first, the Jewish Bible is an assortment of many messiah’s messages. For one thing, all those messiahs were Hebrews and preached only to Hebrews. Hence, Jews believe, God’s commandments were intended only for them and no other. So, it is not startling, Hebrew alone followed Abraham’s God for thousands of years.

    The Bible that Hebrews wrote is called Torah or Tennak. It is full of God’s commandments and moral codes. Also in it is the detail of how God had created the Universe, the man and every other thing in black and white.

    It is also full of violence, filth and ill will. A world-renowned traveler named Mark Twain was an American and a novelist who had spoken greatly about Sri Lanka. After reading the Hebrew Bible thoroughly, he noted down about its God in a rather sarcastic manner in his book ‘God, Ancient and Modern’. He wrote; “The sole solicitude of the God is with a few wandering and truculent nomads. He (God) worried and fretted over them in a peculiar and distractingly human way. One day he coaxed and petted them beyond their deserts. He sulked, he cursed, he raged, he grieved, according to his mood and the circumstance. When the fury was on him, he was blind to all reason – he not only slaughters the offenders, but even harmless little children and his cattle.”

    Anyway, since this one God appeared to Abraham first, he sent many messiahs to affirm earlier messiahs’ messages or preachings. Jesus was also a Jew. But, Jesus had said something different to all his earlier messiahs. The Christians say; the God came to this world in person as a Jew called ‘Jesus’, to save the humankind from an eternal sin.

    However, when Christians wrote their own Bible called ‘The New Testament’ later on, they recognize the writings in the Hebrew Bible as the true word of God. Therefore, they considered the Hebrew Bible is also a part of Christian Bible and call it their ‘Old Testament’.

    Six hundred years after Jesus, a man named Muhammad had declaired that the same God through the same angel had read his new message. Incidently, Muhammad was the only prophet of this desert God who was not a Jew. Muslims say; that entire message is written in the Holy Koran. Its allegory is somewhat different to that of the first Bible. So much so, the Jews and the Christians were taunted in the Koran by saying they do not espouse God’s word correctly.

    Consequently, the codes of ‘the word of God’ in both ‘The New Testament’ and ‘The Koran’ are different to that of the original ‘word of God’ in the Hebrew Bible. As a result, clerics of each of these religions started to preach different things as ‘the word of God.’

    Just to give one example; the Christian Bible says the God had come to this world as Jesus Christ. But the Koran emphatically says; that Jesus is not ‘the God’ but his messenger, a man. The Jewish Bible has completely missed out the God’s coming on as ‘Jesus Christ’ to pay for the original sin. Nor do they believe Jesus is the God. As for us, we are baffled; which book is the mother book that has the correct ‘word of God’?

  6. Wickrama Says:

    Leela, we intelligent humans, need not be baffled at all. It is clear that the god is just a creation of primitive, uninformed, ignorant humans, and NOT vice-versa as written in testaments, bibles, korans etc.

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    If we have Laws or Dharma, then these conditions have to have a Source, whatever name. However, I cannot agree with the concept that God/Truth is a “person up there” calling the shots. That is just an artists concept (in the case of the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo circa 1508 or so). I think this Force is an other dimensional Matrix, Omnipresent, Omniscient & Omnipotent (through the Laws or the Dharma). Therefore, “Truth is within You” (the Buddha) and “Kingdom of Heaven is within You” (Jesus) – (Heaven is where God resides). Otherwise, what the Great Teachers said does not make sense.

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