Inadequacy in U.S. Miiission in Colombo
Posted on December 20th, 2010

Ira de Silva London, Canada 

Ms. P. Butenis
U.S.  Ambassador
Colombo, Sri Lanka
I am forwarding an article that spells out the inadequacy and flawed information on which reports are based and forwarded to the State Department from the mission in Colombo which results in the biased, inaccurate statements which are made about Sri Lanka by the State Department. While your cables sent to Washington are now public, it seems that your attitude, assessments and reporting are based on prejudice, misinformation and supportive of pro-LTTE claims and demands – the LTTE using you to get what they failed to get militarily.
Please review the following report from an ex-employee of the U.S. mission in Colombo which highlights the ground realities missed and misrepresented by the U.S.  mission in Colombo.  Because of your “know-it-all” attitude and history of trying to act as a “viceroy” in third world countries,  I doubt that you are open to rational thought but am sending it you anyway on the off-chance that someone in the State Department will read it. Please note that it refers to R. Blake’s and P. Crowley’s statements as follows:
“The proclamations of assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Bureau in Washington Robert Blake and State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley do not give me the impression that they have fully comprehended the ground situation and trends in the war ravaged north, why the military continues to be there, what the military has undertaken among the civilians and the psychological factor in the post war northern region’s innocent Tamils are undergoing”. Please note Mrs. Clinton’s statement of what the military can achieve in a war ravaged situation  and apply it to Sri Lanka without prejudice and bias. Also, I would emphasise the statement by Mrs. H. Clinton  “One of the greatest threats we face is from people who believe they are absolutely, certainly right about everything”.
The article is in the Asian Tribune dated December 19,2010 titled “A Close Look At Sri Lanka’s War Ravaged North – Washington Can Learn From Asian Tribune Tour
Yours truly,
Ira de Silva
London, Canada

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  1. AsokaK Says:

    Either Ira or Asoka Weerasinghe should write to those corrupt clowns in the US Congress who have called for a war crimes probe at the behest of their Tamil Tiger voters.

    The cheeky bastards should start with their own crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan & Pakistan.

    US politicians get bribes from lobbyists ; saw how Obama’s vacant seat was to be ‘auctioned’ by another Senator who was caught & resigned.

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