New Book-The Kingdom, the Glory and the Power by Mario Perera Published by Godage International Publishers (Pvt) Ltd
Posted on January 3rd, 2011

Preface  by  Professor W. S. Karunatillake

This book is unique in the annals of Catholic literature in Sri Lanka. It not only narrates the author’s intense spiritual odyssey towards the Catholic priesthood which eludes him when on the verge of crossing its threshold, but is also punctuated with penetrative insights regarding the Catholic Church. This treatise is furthermore a rich compendium of the momentous events that shook the country, Italy and the world in the nineteen fifties and sixties.

« The Kingdom, the glory and the power » by Mario Perera narrates the life, the times and the thoughts of a Roman Catholic Seminarian. It is probably the most complete account of Catholic seminary life ever written and spans over eleven years. The author has spent four of those years in Rome while Vatican Council 11 was in full session. While studying at the prestigious Gregorian University, he has personally witnessed the great events of that period and experienced the wide ranging changes that took place within the Church at that time.

 The narrative begins with a description of a well known family entirely imbued with the spirit of the Catholic Church and willing to sacrifice all, including its three sons and wealth for the Church’s cause. As the narrative unfolds the author is shown advancing to the priesthood, meeting challenges on the way and surmounting them, firmly determined to reach his objective come what may. This spiritual odyssey however comes to a bitter end when the aspirant is on the very threshold of his spiritual goal, destroying his own and his family’s hopes.

 This book contains the reminiscences and reflections of one acclaimed by his superiors and confreres as an outstanding student of Catholic philosophy and theology. I congratulate the author for having accomplished such an arduous task and whole heartedly recommend this book to all interested readers irrespective of any religious affiliation. I hasten to add that this insightful treatise throws a flood of light not only on the domain of religious thinking, but also on the field of existential knowledge. Being so illuminating it will surely act as an eye opener to the many.

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