A reply to pseudonym Paul George….
Posted on January 21st, 2011

Shenali Waduge 

I do not usually reply to mails that has no substance but when those siding with the LTTE especially those writing under western pseudonyms continue to speak on behalf of a now buried LTTE and try to raise it from the ashes by again fooling the people in Sri Lanka, a reply to such trash is needed.

It is natural that when a truth hits a nerve, anger abounds. I can well understand how those riding on the LTTE from abroad living luxurious lives are now dumbfounded at what to do. When the truth is written it hurts and I can understand how people like you must be feeling, but believe me you & these other terrorists who have made merry bankrolling the LTTE while also pocketing some for yourselves do not understand the meaning of the word peace to remotely know or comprehend what the people of the North or East are feeling.

I will have you know that my trip to Jaffna was funded by me, from my money which has no connectivity to the government or any other agency (public or private). I wonder how you can imagine how my trip would have been when it would be interesting to know exactly when you set foot on Sri Lankan soil to actually know what the people of Sri Lanka think? While funding LTTE terrorists, I would also like to know why none of you even cared to put up a hospital in the North, a school for education, a community center, some sports facilities for the youth or even some vocational centers other than brain washing youth or kidnapping them to turn them into killers?

I spent a lot of my time, visiting people at odd times to ensure I covered practically everyone whose voice had not been heard because agencies that are international mouthpieces make sure they interview people who will make sure their livilihood remains. Unlike most, I did not resort to hearing comments from those paid to always showcase a country of unrest, civil dissatisfaction and disunity”¦.speaking to such people is baseless because they are paid to be always negative and paid to tell untruths.

Since you have copied this mail so bravely, my copy sent to the same ask some very simple & basic questions”¦.how many of you have actually visited the North and actually spoken to ordinary people (and please make sure that the translators you take are not those again paid to wrongly translate!)

The people of the North who now do not have to live in fear are slowly beginning to understand how they have been fooled by people like you and how they have been made scapegoats of the West to carry out strategic objectives in the Asian region. My questions to each were not fragmented but openly asked whether the Tamil people wanted a HOMELAND”¦and surprise surprise”¦.they did not even know what devolution meant”¦they did not want to be separated from Sri Lanka”¦and again surprise they even were happy at the income they were making now that a lot of Sinhalese & Muslims were visiting from the South! To leave the North they had to either leave their deed with the LTTE or leave a family member until their return…and what freedom group makes grandmothers learn to cycle at the age of 65years because their vehicles have been confiscated by the LTTE!!!

Moreover, if the love of a Tamil HOMELAND is the bottomline of this quest of the LTTE”¦by all means start and fight it out with the Indian army”¦the homeland is already there in India and 64million Tamils are already living in it”¦all you & others need to do is ensure the remaining 8million Tamils can declared it as a Tamil state (there are only 72million Tamils the world over)”¦and by all means please stop trying to influence innocent Tamils from Sri Lanka or Tamil Nadu for this quest”¦get all the Tamil Diaspora to take up arms”¦have your western educated children turn into suicide bombers & gun machines”¦and then start this battle”¦leave the innocent people of Sri Lanka alone”¦you’ll have done enough damage to them through 30 odd years”¦it is the Tamil Diaspora that must be blamed for the ethnic cleansing of the Tamil people, for you’ll have denied these innocent Tamil people the ability to study, to become somebody’s in life”¦people like you have turned these people into nobody’s & you should be ashamed.

It surprises me that authorities in Canada (as the new head quarters of the LTTE is Canada) do not take action against people like you because countries are now zooming in on terrorists especially the LTTE”¦!!!

I do not wish to stoop to your level to comment on the other abuses written which is out of context because if it is my article you are commenting on it should be solely related to the article! I am excusing the abuses to the fact that I have struck a nerve & throughout the time in Jaffna I am happy to say that I managed to convince a lot of people how the Tamil Diaspora are making fools of the Tamil people”¦and by the way all you terrorists will be in for some major surprises if you try to go fishing to turn innocent people into terrorists again!!…

 But all good luck to you…& that Tamil Homeland in Tamil Nadu..& it would certainly be interesting to watch how India & the West may react to this next manoevre.

Shenali Waduge

3 Responses to “A reply to pseudonym Paul George….”

  1. anura seneviratna Says:

    Salutations to Shenali, for stating the self-evident and unarguable fact of Tamil Nadu (Tamil Country) for all Tamil national aspirations. Hope our leaders and all citizens can continue to state this TRUTH. In revealing the truth we need not worry about anyone but monitor all reactions.

    Thanks again for the following statement of FACT:-

    ” But all good luck to you…& that Tamil Homeland in Tamil Nadu..& it would certainly be interesting to watch how India & the West may react to this next manoevre.”

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    ‘Tamil Diaspora are making fools of the Tamil people’

    Shenali, yes ! this says it all.

  3. Chintha Says:

    Quite true,

    LTTE diaspora has absolutely NO regards for Tamil people in SL. All they wanted was for them to die , so they could prove the non existing “genocide” they were fraudulantly screaming to the world at that time. Because the SL army saved these people’s lives thier plans were disturbed. Now with range ,they are charging with war crime fraud to decieve the world again and to go for the next plan. Take out patriotic rulers like MR and put to power puppets like $F and Ranil and achieve thier EALAM FRAUD. These fraudsters are planning day and night for the next fraud and the next to extend TN project. The sad thing is people of SL has no clue and very ignorent.

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