Posted on January 22nd, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

The rape of a four year old girl by three older men in a school has shocked Dubai and other countries in the middle east. All three alleged rapists were from India and their ages were 39,42 and 43. No human can do these sorts of unacceptable things in any society except animals. We should condemned this act and think of ways to avoid such happennings in the future. These kind of individuals should be given maximum punishment to teach others a lesson. These monstrous people have acted like animals and they should not be spared from justice. Parents,Teachers and elders should be blamed for not taking care of these little angels. When ever you give employment to someone specially in schools you have to screen him or her thoroughly before given the job. Always need to monitor the children and check their movements in schools and outside. If parents and teachers more vigilant on their children we can avoid such incidents or we can atleast minimize these kind of cruel acts on the children by such maniacs.
In our country too we see and hear these kind of stories very frequently. The Government should have tough laws to punish those who do such crimes. No mother or father likes to see their children raped by someone. It’s a crime against humanity. Children should be safeguard all the time. Parents should take full responsibility for their safety even at school untill they returned back home. Most of the parents nowadays leave their children to do things on their own and allow them to go astray. The parents duty is to take care of their children not only inside the house but around the clock. Your child is the future and should be safeguard like your ownself. We cannot allow the children to do as they wish until they come to a stage in their lives. They should be diciplined if they go on the wrong path. When our country is going to be light of Asia we should have a more decent society where parents and children can live together as one family. Today we dont see much togetherness of a family like the old days. We should ban all bad habbits from our society if we need to make a just society. Children are children we cannot allow them to do what Adults do until they come to a stage being a man or a woman. Bad guys use the children for phonography, terrorism, smuggling, robberies and all sorts of bad things which benefits these maniacs. Lots of money make them bad individuals in this world today.
Our Government should take tough action on adults who used children for dirty purposes in the society. Till the child finish his or her studies must be protected by the law. They should be banned from entering Movie halls, Clubs or any other prohibited places during the school hours. Should ban Hindi Movies,Sex Movies, Vedeo games which turns children in to gun totting gangsters or psychotic arsonists and crime etc. Parents have a responsibility to ensure that their children do not over indulge in their hobbies and destroy their future by themselves. Security should be tightened in every school and should not allow children to loiter after school hours on roads, Beaches or any unwanted places. Parents should see that their child is back at home on the given time if not they should check his or her whereabouts The situation is such until the child returns home nobody knows what has happened to the child therefore we have to be vigilant at all times. If we can bring a good child to the society we can be proud and happy of him or her if it is not even our own child. Nowadays many Mothers and Fathers cry in thier hearts because of the bad behaviour of their children. Cruel society makes them bad individuals. We have to thank our Defence secretary for clearing and cleaning the country of bad guys and bad habbits specially in Colombo city and subburbs. Drug lords should be arrested first not the small guy who sells it. we cannot allow thugs and drug addicts to roam in our streets and bully the kids on the roads. Bad characters should not be allowed to loiter near schools premises. Sex offenders and perverts are everywhere in our society. For these maniacs no age limit or place therefore we all should get togeteher and save our future generation. Intelegence should be tightened and given them latest equipment and training to catch the culprits. Already we see some progress but we need to do more.
Children should be taught to respect the elders as well as the religion. This will helps the child to be a better person. From their small days they should learn to worship their parents, teachers, Elders same like they do in the Temple or in the church. way of talking by the parents also benefit the child. Some parents talk rudely and some politly and kindly. The children needs Love and care by parents more than anything. If we dont give the love & care they need then that child will go in search of love & care outside their home and sometimes get in to trouble where his or her future will be in danger. Another bad thing parents do nowadays is watching Tele Dramas by neglecting the child or their studies. They sit in front of T.V and continuesly watch Tele Dramas until late night and they do not care what the child does in the meantime. We as parents must be strict on these things and should not allow the child to sit in front of the T.V and waste their valuable time missing their studies. If we guide our child properly from the younger days then we can see good results and be happy for our child’s future. So dont let your child go astray and get in to bad company and ruined their lives instead be on their back until they become a good citizen with good education to be proud for everybody. 
Save the children from bad guys. Parents,Teachers and Elders have a duty to guide their children in the proper path to a better person of tomorrow.
Ranjit Wickremeratne

3 Responses to “S H O C K I N G ! BE VIGILANT ON YOUR KIDS?”

  1. jayt Says:

    children from anywhere in the world should be protected. they are sweet and angel and those who did that deserve execution

  2. jimmy Says:

    Great article Ranjit

  3. Sony Says:

    You say “No human can do these sorts of unacceptable things in any society except animals.”

    The fact is, no other animal do these type of “unthinkable” things to their babies. Please do not bring down other animals to the level of these humans.

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