Even Neo-LTTE Organizations Doubt War Crimes Stories – FAG Files Action after the President Left USA
Posted on January 29th, 2011

Dilrook Kannangara

Tamils Against Genocide (FAG) also known as TAG filed a civil case in the District Court of District of Columbia against Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa Friday January 28, seeking $30m as damages through six counts of violations of the Torture Victims Protection Act. However, the President ended his five (5) day US visit on January 26 and flew back home. Why couldn’t FAG file the case within those five days? Why was it filed two days after the president left? Why shut the barn door after the horse bolted? The reason is FAG activists themselves aren’t convinced of any war crimes! They evaded embarrassment by not filing any action against the President when he was in the US knowing very well that nothing will happen. That would be a slap on the face of all war crimes jokers bringing the whole war crimes joke to an abrupt end!

 By deliberately filing the case two days after the president has left, FAG and other Tamil groups managed to avoid a major embarrassment. Having been spectacularly defeated in 2009, Tamil separatists now have a mortal fear of defeat. So they rather avoid going to confrontations altogether. However, to keep the till filling, they shout slogans without going for confrontations. Sri Lanka had a walkover victory against Tamil separatists this time reversing the small victory they had in London.

 They use this very same method in the cases of General Jagath Dias, General Shavendra Silva and General Prasanna de Silva. Effectively they avoid legal confrontations knowing very well that they would lose. Instead they make a huge hue about bringing legal cases against these war heroes just to keep alive the suspense for their mythical war crimes weapon.

 This shows that even Tamil organisations don’t believe in war crimes.

 Further evidence of their disbelief in war crimes can be found in a previous article. http://www.lankaweb.com/news/items/2010/05/17/the-truth-about-war-crimes-allegations-even-neo-ltte-organizations-doubt-war-crimes-stories/

 FAG has hired two colourful entertainers – Bruce Fein and Francis Boyle. Both have embarked on missions akin to landing humans on the sun and all their missions have failed!

 War crimes rubbish is only an extortion tool of the Tamil Diaspora. Until recently it used the LTTE to extort things.

 Having lost the hen which laid golden eggs, now they try to use war crimes allegations to put pressure on Sri Lanka to extort favours. This is the new form of terrorism innovated by Tamil separatists. Like in the case of the LTTE or any other terrorist group, pandering into their demands is the worst thing a government can do. If the government gives in, then this habit becomes established. If terrorists can get their colleagues in prison released by hijacking planes, they will hijack planes in dozens! If bomb attacks in civilian areas lead to governments offering political solutions, why not do more and get more political solutions? If war crimes rubbish terrorises the people and their elected government to shower favours on Tamil separatists, they will pursue this even harder. But if they gain nothing by further pursuing war crimes rubbish, they will either waste their time and money doing it or give up. Sri Lankans must act with absolutely certainly knowing the facts that no war crimes was committed in the war that ended in 2009. The Tamil Diaspora is already convinced.

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  1. Raj Says:

    This law suit is another ploy of the LTTE remnants to raise funds and grab publicity.

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