Classified Material or War Crimes material?
Posted on March 2nd, 2011

Sunil Vijayapala  Australia

Whenever Anglo Saxon based countries are exposed on war crimes, as recently publicised by WikiLeaks, the whole gamut of their Governments, political leaders, Media, Journalists, Amnesty International come together to cover up their crimes.  Often CIA ably supported by the dreaded Pentagon come down hard on people who take them on, like Julian Assange’s case, and concoct stories to disparage the challenges and taking them to courts on Internal Security grounds.  This is what you call the Anglo Saxon version of Freedom of Expression, Democracy, Human Rights etc.  The Classified material containing material are in fact War Crimes material and Crimes committed against Humanity and those people responsible for these crimes must be dragged on to ICJ.

 But as Assange did as a private citizen through his organisation, taking a bold step to expose them, very few governments or human rights organisations of other countries, will press them through United Nations as they are virtually powerless against US or Britain.  Ban Ki Moon the puppet of US, the YES boy of US, the head the UN has no answer for the so called Classified material now in the hands of WikiLeaks, with graphic images of Americans killing innocent civilians including those who come for assistance as any human being would to help another human being.  Why is this man not appointing a commission to look into this?   By not doing anything he himself seem to condone this act of violence, as most have accepted the myth that protagonists of Democracy, Freedom of Speech would never commit crimes against humanity.

 For the Anglo Saxon forces operating in various countries, killing Arabs and killing Asians would be nothing more than shooting dogs.  It’s a game for them, the trigger happy Americans who come from a Gun culture, the only culture they know, and its time these atrocious, killings and torture be stopped by some organisation for sake of the FREEDOM loving world.  When ever there is peace they seek war destabilising a country or a region just to keep their Arms and Weaponry business alive.  England will be bankrupt without this industry, and US too would have a great impact on their economy, without this vital industry to maim and kill human beings.  The next big stage is set for North Korea, who in fact will retaliate hard against any kind of pressure by Anglo Saxons.

 One of the biggest mistakes Obama did was to appoint Hillory Clinton to the post of Secretary of State.  She neither has the wisdom or knowledge to handle this responsible position instead should have being responsible for Health, her campaign pet project.  Pressure to appoint her to administer affairs of Pentagon, must have come from other sources other than Obama’s conscience. This woman’s authoritative voice is sometimes laughable and one wonders whether she being coached by others to make irresponsible statements, on war crimes and Human Rights violations. 

 War Crimes against Sri Lanka, a relatively weaker country is orchestrated none other than the Anglo Saxons, and no institution on this planet would take on US or England on War Crimes.  But thanks to Assange something MUST come up at least this time as enough material is on the table to rake in Bush, Cheny, Rumsfeld, Blair and who ever who committed these crimes to be brought before the International Court of Justice, if ever this institution understands the meaning of Justice.   Probably they too would ignore these two countries as the challenge might jeopadise their own existence.  As Assange’s chances are low, probably heading for a jail sentence just to Shut Him Up, his supporters or the new organisation OpenLeaks must continue the good work to the end until at least those US solders who are responsible for killing innocent Iraqis shown on Australian SBS TV on 27 Feb 2011 based on WikiLeaks information are brought to justice.

 Sunil Vijayapala Australia

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  1. devamitta Says:

    ICJ is afraid I think; when there was a treat that americans would be taken to court there the USA (fellowmember of the Netherlands in the NATO) developped a invasion plan to attack the Netherlands. so much for allies and friends.

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