Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s Hindsight On The LTTE Cannot Be Swept Under The Carpet! India Should Take Warning !
Posted on March 9th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

March 10th 2011
It may seem like unmitigated paranoia or speculation to some but the Prime Minister D.M Jayaratna’s claims that the LTTE have three training centers in Tamil Nadu and one is where the Tigers are being trained to assassinate VIPs could have more than a modicum of truth to it and in hindsight he may well be right.

He has made this revelation in Parliament very recently based upon investigative findings by undercover operatives where the names of the ringleaders of the alleged operation are sufficient for both the Indian and Sri Lankan Governments to take warning as well as set in place preventive action where the LTTE must never be permitted to re-surface not even as a political entity which would be more a crafty ploy than a genuine political move as they are a danger not only to India and Sri Lanka but the entire world now plagued with so many different manifestations of global terrorism.

In fact they need to be sought and completely destroyed in addition to what transpired in Sri Lanka where they were totally eliminated by the now renowned Tour de Force of President Mahinda Rajapaksha and his Armed Forces.

 The Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s claim that intelligence information regarding the LTTE in Tamil Nadu has now been confirmed and appears to be clad in cast iron credibility!

It should set off warning bells to all concerned particularly the Indian authorities as there seems sufficient evidence to believe that the Tigers are based in Tamil Nadu with a little help from a few renegade politicians with big names who are known to constantly provide them with inspirational upliftment towards their objectives on the excuse that they are champions of suppressed Tamils in Sri Lanka ( the furthest from the truth as recent statistics as well as history has proved ) short of being cannon fodder albeit surreptitiously and if their bravado as well as wherewithal grows to effectivity there is always the danger of small scale attacks not only in India but given the proximity and accessibility from one country to the other, they could extend to Sri Lanka as well and the term “small scale” could easily prove to be an under estimation given their past track record.

 Therefore, while it may seem like unmitigated paranoia which may also sound like an undermining of Indian Intelligence and Security that Prime Minister Jayaratna has said ” the LTTE are being trained to assassinate Tamil Nadu politicians and the operations are being headed by an associate of former LTTE intelligence chief Pottu Amman”, could the authorities really turn a blind eye to such a warning given the track record of the LTTE and the manner in which their fleeing cadre, some of whom made it to safe havens including India, swore to re-emerge someday? What the Lankan Prime Minister has warned about could be its very manifestation and probably needs to be viewed objectively and necessary action taken.

 It is no real secret to those who investigate into therse matters and what the Prime mMinister has privy to, that LTTE activists like V. Rudrakumaran in the US, Nediyawan in Norway and Vinayagam in India are part of a long list of others of similar ilk scattered around the globe involved in funding these operations where their operations need to be searched and destroyed similar to what the Canadian Authorities have done in recent times although there are fragmented LTTE cells still existing underground in Canada ever ready to reorganise their operations which both the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) as well as the Canadian Investigative Security Intelligence Service( CISIS) are in constant surveillance of and similar means probably needed by both India and Sri Lanka towards maintaining a terrorist free environment needing a stringent response.

 To add more credibility to the Sri Lankan PM’s warning The Indian Media has also recently reported that the LTTE may attempt to attack Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Tamil Nadu politicians during the Assembly elections in that country based on their findings.

 Much food for thought and hardly any doubt towards the imperative need to address all related issues with every means available.

One Response to “Sri Lankan Prime Minister’s Hindsight On The LTTE Cannot Be Swept Under The Carpet! India Should Take Warning !”

  1. thurai Says:

    Dear Sunilkumar,

    LTTE are not only in Jungle but also with tamilnadu politicians in public. India and Sri Lanka should
    work hard together to stop misguide and misusing of Tamils in Sri Lanka and in India by Tamil Politicians.
    to My opinion, Tamilnadu and some other State politicians are working with LTTE. There are big amount of Money
    laundering between Europe and India. There are big amount of Black money of Indian Politicians play
    a major part. I am not sure about Sri Lankans. But former LTTE supporters who come to Sri Lanka and
    give hands to Sri Lanka are also suspectable persons.

    LTTE or TGTE or any Terror attack will never help anyone. Such attacks will help the politicians to
    misguide the Tamils and making illigal money by working with LTTE Supporters.

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