Is the Consular General In California Mr Jeff Goonewardena A Victim Of Created Innuendo And False Portrayal? Judge For Yourself!
Posted on March 15th, 2011

In Retrospect By Sarath Kumara

March 12th 2010
The latest devlopments in Los Angeles involving  former Consul General Mr.Jeff Goonewardena where he is reported to have been recalled by President Rajapaksha and replaced for reasons which appear to hinge on a vicious character assassination and personal denigration by a few of his adversaries within the expatriate Sri Lankan community  at times bordering on slander and libel which in all probabilities prompted the President to adopt a stance of remedial action towards preventing possible disrepute and eyebrow raising within the international community need to be put into perspective.
It seemss shameful on the part of the perpetrators as well as harmful to the image of Sri Lanka not only in California but globally as this undercurrent of animosities against high profile diplomats seems to be the unfortunate order of the day not forgetting what another diplomat Dr Dayan Jayatilleka was needlessly subjected to in the not too distant past by another contentious individual. In this case a would be competitor for his post in lieu of expiry of term of office  from the one this person held at another posting while risking being axed for her conduct (in both cases curiously enough, females) which in turn was a huge embarrassment to the President as well as the Nation of Sri Lanka in a fecund attempt to topple him from the post Dr Jayatilleka was holdiing at the time where in both instances the objective appeared to be the unseating of the diplomat based on petty personal issues where those responsible  are known to have close ties with the President and an  apparent attempt to take advantage of it.
These are fine citizens of Sri Lanka, and there veritably are more such, subjected to the same ignominies by callous and conniving schemers  who seem to care only about themselves without conscience  who do not give a damn about the aggravation and embarrassment they are causing decent and respectable members of the Sri Lankan diplomatic staff where the President himself in all probabilities is unaware of the true colours of these persons being a just and pragmatic person who he is, albeit focused on matters of greater importance than some petty bickering buy some flybynight journalist.
This insert is intended to make all of Sri Lanka as well as the expatriate Sri Lankan Communities around the globe aware of what may be a huge travesty of justice and how certain individuals manipulate their way with expectations of patronage from the highest executive officer of the nation for which they have the least entitlement by way of principle.

The following  item relating to the former Consul General Goonewardena one written in sincerity ad openness. This is compiled by an independent reporter of Indian Origin  who has reported with no bias, the related proceedings involving the former Consul General.

It has to be emphasized that Mr Jeff Goonewardena  through his various actions and projects initiated to uplift Sri Lanka  has shown a deep sense of patriotism to his Motherland through tireless efforts to promote tourism, investment, incentives towards the repatriation of prominent expatriates towards benefitting the Nation  and much more thereby illustrating the Nation’s accomplishments equitably in a post terrorist Sri Lanka which has caught world attention and very plausible considering the economic growth and the booming tourist industry Sri Lanka is showing today amongst a long list of development projects for which he has been a promotional factor and needs to be rewarded rather than being dragged down. And contrary to the negative portrayals by some of his adversaries he  has not sought personal gain from his actions which guilt is probably the culpability of those who have  tried to drag him down.
There is a vast number of Sri Lankans who would attest to this and all the so called petitions of disgruntlement  and discontent said to have been the reason for Mr Goonewardena’s removal from office could well have been concocted and based on falsified creations of innuendo and almost an idiosyncratic trait of the Sinhalese “who love to drag their own kind down “acording to some observers where similar incidents have indeed been documented while also  remembering the legend of the Black Hole In Hell where only the one reserved for the Sinhalese is unguarded due to their capacity to drag their own kind down and there is no escape!!
What has transpired in this entire scenario involving Mr Jeff Goonewardena  appears to be  a case in point for the President of Sri Lanka to review and re-evaluate towards punitive action towards those responsible for what they have subjected the former Consul General to, needlessly as this was a Sri Lankan who has definitely pitched in towards promoting the best interests of Sri Lanka, something which the President  himself and all who know Mr Jeff Goonewardena for who he really is, his class and dignity  as well as his net worth to Sri Lanka will attest to!!
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Sri Lanka Consul General Hosts LA Consular Corps

March 08, 2011 07:00:00 PM

LOS ANGELES “”‚ Some 50 diplomats, ambassadors and key dignitaries convened at the Sri Lanka Consulate General office here Feb. 24 as its consul general, Jeff Goonewardena, hosted the monthly meeting of the Los Angeles Consular Corps.

As the hosting honors generally rotate among the corps’ member nations and dignitaries, Goonewardena hoped to shed some positive light on one of South Asia’s smallest countries.

The various countries represented at the monthly meeting included Argentina, Ireland, Germany, Chile, Belgium, Romania and the United States, among others.

Offering a Sri Lankan lunch to the dignitaries, Goonewardena spent a few moments highlighting the s trengths of his home country, where he is a prominent businessman in the hospitality industry.

In addition to providing a sneak peek into the current political, social, and cultural climates of Sri Lanka, Goonewardena presented a slide show of some of the nation’s scenic attractions.

“Under the vision of H.E. President (Mahinda) Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka is united to extend a hand of friendship and international cooperation to all of you,” Goonewardena told his fellow diplomats.

“I hope that you”¦walk away with one message: Sri Lanka is a stable, peaceful country with extended hands of friendship to all. After a period of internal conflict, (Sri Lanka) is now determined to find its place in the emerging market nations.”

Boasting Sri Lanka as the top emerging market in the world, Goonewardena stated his home country is ripe for personal and professional investments.

“In the past six months, I have reached out across the United States to partner with individuals, corporations and sovereign countries to create a platform for investment and trade with Sri Lanka,” Goonewardena stated.

“I have also sought to bring on board a reputable financial consultant to advise the general consulate and our government regarding government project planning as well as explaining to our American investors the benefits of investing in Sri Lanka.”

After Goonewardena’s presentation, Bruce Soltani, CEO of Plastix Consulting International, spoke briefly about energy and its role in the economy as well as an investment in countries like Sri Lanka.

As chief guest speaker, California State University, Northridge president Dr. Jolene Koester spoke about the university’s new performing arts center, one of the first of its kind in the San Fernando Valley.

In addition to serving as Sri Lanka’s consul general to the western states, Goonewardena also represents the island nation in Columbia and Venezuela. He is also president of AERO Financial (Asia and Middle East) and an honorary mayor of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Oceanside, Calif.

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