Oh Bomber…..O bomer?
Posted on March 30th, 2011

Sunil Vijayapala Australia

Obama (finally we got the spelling right!) the current incumbent of White House has come under the spell of the Pentagon, the citadel of Anglo Saxon hegemony. If he fails to tow the line of Pentagon hawks, he too will face the consequences of Kennedys. In fact it’s surprising that this man has lasted this long.

 Imagine if these pigmentless Bacon Brains intervened in Sri Lanka to rescue Prabahkaran and the LTTE terrorists (US declaring them a Terrorist outfit) what a mess we would be in today?. Just as Bacon Brains destroyed Baghdad and virtually destroyed Iraq and intervened in Afghanistan killing innocent people, we Sri Lankan would be suffering at the hands of the Satanic race, the children of Vampire Victoria.

 The inventory clearance of the armour has yet again begun in Libya, with testing their latest missiles from subs, from planes on vulnerable, innocent people with the oil in mind. The former Libyan king and his cronies rejected by Libyans 40 years ago launched an assault on Gadhafi and the ignorant American rats took the initiative with ulterior motives and intervened declaring it a humanitarian move. Dick “ƒ”¹…”Head’ Cheney will be happy for Halliburton, another new contract on his way! with signs of a protracted war.

 If each of the 9/11 planes crashed into Pentagon and CIA head-quarters without killing innocent people in Manhattan very few would have grieved and this world would be different one today. But always the bad guys survive and that’s how history goes.

 Obama bestowed with a Nobel Peace prize, got into the game of Bombing a sovereign country, showing his true colours and what his name stands for. He should now return the Prize. Well he is a puppet of Pentagon and so was every president of US in recent years. May be this guy has inherent good peaceful qualities but once under the spell of Satan no one escapes and he has to follow orders to show he has the qualities of a strong American President, which all Americans look for.

 Bahrain needs bombing, Saudi needs bombing for change of guard – well how can Americans expect to bomb their subservient friends even though the scenario is similar to every other Arab uprising in recent months? Should the UN be pulled out of US to a neutral country and let the whole world begin ignoring US and UK in every aspect including trade to punish them to make this planet a peaceful place to exist for the rest of humanity? Why do the people in world place these rats on a pedestal?

 Sunil Vijayapala Australia

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