Posted on April 25th, 2011

Malin Abeyatunge

Whither reconciliations with Tamils when Tamil National Alliance being the main Tamil political party for reconciliation acts in a non-national manner and attitude?

Sinhalese majority will not be surprised by TNA statement welcoming the crap report by three stooges to Ban-ki-Moon. It was a foregone conclusion of TNA just like the panel report. By endorsing the report, R..Samapnthan and his Tamil National Alliance (TNA) become guilty as Prabhakaran for the atrocities committed by LTTE not only during the last phase of the war but from the day 13 soldiers were killed by Prabhakarn and his thugs. If LTTE is also  to be charged of credible allegations  associated with the final stages of the war of six core categories of potential serious violations as stated in the report namely: i) using civilians as a human buffer; (ii) killing civilians attempting to flee LTTE control; (iii) using military equipment in the proximity of civilians; (iv) forced recruitment of children; (v) forced labour; and (vi) killing of civilians through suicide attacks; then the decadent remnants of LTTE R. Sampanthan and his TNA members, leaders in the Tamil Diaspora crying foul from the west including infamous KP  have to face charges for every crime committed by LTTE not only during the last stages of the war in 2009 but over the last thirty years. However, we are in a quandary to  comprehend why Ban-ki-Moon wanted a report during the last stages of war only instead of taking into account atrocities committed by LTTE over the last 30 years or so. Has there been conspiracy among the interested parties influencing UNSG to get a report only for that period of the war so that LTTE can be exonerated from all the atrocities committed by LTTE over the last 30 years?

It’s no surprise that TNA has still not given up to achieve Eelam  thro the interference of the UN against Sri Lanka. R.Samapnthan and his TNA are adding fuel to fire by welcoming the report which is a dangerous signal for those innocent Tamil civilians who wish to live a peaceful life. This also throws a doubt among the Sinhala people whether the Tamil politicians  really wants Reconciliation” or Eelam?

TNA while acting as the proxy for the LTTE terrorist outfit (we haven’t forgotten their role in the past conniving with the LTTE terrorist at every turn against the Sri Lankan Governments) licking the boots of Prbahakaran has forgotten that TNA supported conscript of Tamil children as young as 10 years old for their child brigade and abduction of unwilling children and their parents to use as cannon fodder for LTTE. How about R.Samapnathan challenging ex TNA MP S. Kangaratnam claiming that LTTE was responsible killing of over 600 Tamil civilians who were fleeing from LTTE area to Government safety zones?

TNA was dead silent when LTTE killed opposing Tamil political leaders;  TNA was dead silent when LTTE killed unarmed forces returning to their homes for a short break; TNA was dead silent when the food cargoes carrying basic needs to the Tamil civilians were attacked by LTTE; TNA was dead silent when LTTE massacred thousands of innocent Sinhalese and Muslims, ethnic cleansing of Sinhala villagers from their habitats: TNA was dead silent when LTTE robbed the food, medicine and other basic needs sent by the ruling government and the successive governments to North and East meant for the ordinary Tamil civilians; TNA was dead silent when LTTE was using almost 300,000 innocent Tamil civilians as human shields to safeguard the lives of the LTTE hierarchy including Prabhakaran, his family and LTTE fighting cadres. TNA’s dead silence on LTTE’s atrocities right through the years was a clear endorsement of LTTE brutal and murderous operations. Has TNA until the LTTE was defeated made any statement against LTTE when the ordinary Tamil civilians were working like slaves and the economic and mental suffering they were under going in the North and East under the tyranny of Prabhakaran and his gang? Apparently, TNA was dead silent of all the atrocities committed by LTTE over the years. TNA now is shedding crocodile tears on the Tamil civilians. TNA WANTS THE RAJAPAKSA GOVERNMENT TO ADDRESS ALL GRIEVANCES OF THE TAMILS IN THE NORTH (of course, if any) IN A JIFFY. TNA should appreciate and acknowledge (the ordinary Tamils in the North and East of course appreciate President Rajapaksa’s effort unlike the ever ungrateful scum among the Tamil politicians) the fact that  the enormous development in infra structure, in economic activities, in health and education taking place and liberating the ordinary Tamil civilians from the jackboots of LTTE by the Rajapaksa Government. In reality, President Rajapaksa  is doing more to the North and East than to the South and the Sinhale majority has no qualm about it as we all are citizens of one SRI LANKA. LTTE was drumming the beat that LTTE is the sole representative of the Tamils whilst exterminating the Tamil leadership who opposed him bar politicians like Sampanthan  (politicians like Ananda Sangaree, Douglas Devananda have been lucky to escape the death at the hands of LTTE or its proxies) who toe the LTTE line, Now the TNA drums the same beat of LTTE calling themselves as the “Sole representative of the Tamils.

All attempts are being made by the Rajapaksa Government together with the other opposition parties like UNP and JVP  for genuine reconciliation with the Tamils. But if Sampanthan and his one time  LTTE proxy gang do not corporate with them, then the losers are not the TNA politicians (with a lavish life style in Colombo and gallivanting round the world) but the ordinary Tamil folks living in the North and East


President Rajapaksa has categorically mentioned that he is ready to go the electric chair without betraying the valiant forces who saved the country from the brutal LTTE terrorist outfit, he is proved of any war crimes. So, let  R.Sampanthan and his TNA gang, leaders of Tamil Diaspora fronts in the west including Adele Balasingham who was one time leader of the Tamil Women suicide cadre and KP  also get ready to face the electric chair for being partners of the LTTE atrocities committed over the last thirty years.



  1. Leela Says:

    Just like Emmanuel’s GTF, Rudra’s TGTE and et al, TNA too is a LTTE rump albeit a two faced one. No doubt all patriots know this. But that knowledge would not stop their march.

    Malin is right; we should wither their aims. But how to do it best is the question.

    In my opinion, the government is doing its bit. And for our part, we should do our bit like Malin does. I mean by write-ups and/or responding to TNA propaganda write-ups. We can read them often in ‘transcurrents’. That way, we can remind the voters that vote for TNA that their way is not the way to get things done. They’ve got nothing but misery for them. We see TNA is slipping though not yet at the downhill.

    In my opinion, we should show the TNA voters and its sympathizers that Thonda opposed Waddukkodai resolution by the TNA predecessor ITAK. Not just that we should show them, Thonda withdrew from their affiliation and ideals of ITAK. Yet he managed to do a lot to his community.

  2. jimmy Says:

    I regret Tamils do not have great leaders like Kadhirgamar or Neelan to guide the Tamil race
    Since there is no better leaders for tamils at present it is really a good idea for Learned sinhala moderates ( not politicians) who have true compassion for Tamils to go to North and east and help these people to understand the truth and guide them .

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    But no government ever had the guts to ban the TNA when LTTE was in Vanni. Why? Sri Lankan governments know well who and what Sinhala elements support LTTE. That reason still remains for not taking any action against TNA!

  4. ranjit Says:

    Jimmy I garee with you for sending moderate intellectuals ( not politicians) to help the Tamil ordinary people to learn the truth and to have a good knowledge about the country they were born and to have a peaceful life together with other races.
    TNA is guilty as L.T.T.E in our eyes therefore our Government should not dance to their tunes but they should dance to our tunes and be cooperative with us to live side by side as one united society.

    We cant simply forget what they have done to us for thirty long years because of reconcilliation. Forgiving the enemy is o.k. because of our religious beliefs but if they continue to be our enemies then we cannot allow traitors like Sampanthan and his TNA stooges to go on with it.It’s dangerous.These snakes should be tamed or eliminated before they do any more harm to our country.

  5. Fran Diaz Says:

    Was this loosely arranged Panel by Mr Ban Ki Moon whose Report is full of errors, set up to attract world attention to the so called ‘Tamil grievances’ of Tamils in the N&E ?

    We suggest that a group of Concerned Citizens (Tamils, Sinhalas, Muslims, & Others including Clergy from all religions, especially Poosaris), meet with Tamil people of the N&E to talk about the need for Integration into mainstream life in Lanka, and
    point out that if they do not integrate that the loss is for the Tamils of the N&E. Talks/Debates etc. on the need for Integration can be transmitted to the Tamil people of the N&E via Radio & tv too.

  6. Fran Diaz Says:

    I would like to add that the GAINS THROUGH INTEGRATION for Tamil people of the N&E should be pointed out clearly.

  7. Leela Says:

    I cannot but agree with Jimmy. Nevertheless, I think it is better if Tamils have an option to chose their own leaders and not Sinhalese. And we Sinhalese should assist them to achieve all their reasonable demands. But, we do not consider anything that lead to Eelam is a reasonable demand. It is unfortunate though, there aren’t many moderate Tamil leaders today in the caliber of Kadir to chose from.

    Whatever it is, I sincerely hope Tamils do not go after roundabout separatists like Sambandan because Sambandan and company would bring nothing but misery to Tamils again in the long run. But that doesn’t mean, we should ban TNA under any circumstances. We can, however restrict their separatist sentiments by taking a cue from 17th amendment to the Indian constitution.

    For example; however much Ramadoss wanted to have a separate Tamil country in India, he cannot espouse even a name sake separatism there because of that 17th amendment. Ramadoss can only incite Sambandans to follow the road to Eelam. We too should follow that Indian example. And sooner the better.

  8. jimmy Says:

    There are so many wonderful Sinhala Budhists, Sinhala Christians, Muslims, Bergers in Lanka who have true compassion for fellow brothers and sisters.
    There is no terrorisim now . These Intellectuals should go there and help fellow Lankans in everything they can .At this time among tamil areas in North or East ,They do not have educated Tamil leaders to guide them
    We do not have people like Ramanathan, or Arunachalam or even educated men like Duraiyappa or Neelan or Late Thondaman ( senior)among tamils who can think clearly in this most important time in history


  9. Dham Says:

    Terrorism is waiting in India,Canada, Australia,Norway,France , UN, BBC you name it and place. If all Tamil brother and sisters could become good Christians like you, terrorism can be defeated. But it is unlikely to happen. They are behind the see waitng for every oppotunity like mad dogs. They ruined our Sri lanka.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Regarding Tamil Hindu people : What role do the Poosaris (Hindu priests) play in the daily lives of Hindu Tamil people ? We do know that Poosaris (who are generally married people), perform the rituals in the Temple. But, apart from that, what role do they play in helping Hindu Tamils ?
    Also, whatever happened to the Ramakrishna Missions of earlier times ? they performed good services to the Hindu Tamils then.
    Without help being given to the Hindu Tamil community in general, as is done by Christian churches, this community is left without any organised social help when in need. Therefore, they are dependent on the government for all help. They also convert to Christianity (Catholicism especially), very easily in order to get help.
    It is somewhat similar with the Sinhala Buddhists, but the Buddhist organizations and Temples are a bit more active in helping their people. However, they do not match up to what is being done by the Christian (Catholic) churches. Therefore, conversions take place from that community too.
    There has to be properly organised help to both the Tamil Hindu & Sinhala Buddhists communities through their respective Temples. Do not complain about conversions – people convert mostly to get help in their daily needs, together with entering an ‘easy to live with’ Belief System !

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    I would like to correct my statement “Do not complain about conversions” to : ” It is pointless complaining about conversions, for nothing will change till we correct our omissions – people convert mostly to get help in the daily needs, together with entering an ‘easy to with’ Belief System !”. We have to streamline our Buddhism & Hinduism to modern times while keeping true to the Core Teachings.
    Also, make sure that Illegal Migrants (mainly Tamils of Tamil Nadu), never come to Lanka.

  12. Nanda Says:

    “Core teaching” of Buddhism is under immense attack from Ben Silva who calls himself a “patriot”. A lot of people wrote articles and some answered him assuming he is a “patriot” because of his past writings. According to him it is the core Buddhist teaching, Nirvana which is making us weaker. We need to straighten this out.

  13. Fran Diaz Says:

    Nanda : without a Goal to work toward, life itself becomes empty, meaningless, like food without salt. The Goal of Nirvana (known as God Realisation in other faiths), is the only ultimate Goal worth achieving, and whatever others say, the human being is made for such a reaching out for this Goal.

    If we turn away from this Goal and go the other way :
    Look where the rampant materialism & profit motive has led some countries – it has resulted in wars (for oil & other resources), Climate Change due to Global warming due to overuse of fossil fuels spewing out too much carbon dioxide into atmosphere with resultant trapping of heat. In turn the due to the heat, water vapor evaporates from the sea, causing too much rain, flooding, tornadoes, and other weather related tragedies, with also melt down of the worlds Glaciers which are the frozen fresh water reservoirs of the world. All this will result in food shortages and disease for human beings.

    We are made to live in a certain balance with ourselves and Nature. Greed, Fear and Ignorance will only destroy us all. We have to also find our Balance in Material Needs while seeking the Goal of Nirvana.

  14. Dham Says:

    Your idea very tur and correct. But Buddhist “Goal” is not Nibbana but eradication of suffering (a negative term) which is in a positive sense “spreme bliss” (paraman sukham).
    However I too have noticed this person is writing this nonsense of “Buddhist without Nibbana extinction” for sometime. to me there is no doubt his aim is to attack all religions. (Remember Athiesm is growing)

    About global worming , the otherside of the coin is , we are extracting 1 km cube of oil yearly. We are drilling into earth curst and extracting high pressure gas. Earth must errupt obviously !
    Look at the greed at its best. Australians (companies owned by mainly Jews) are digging and diding into aboriginal land and selling to China and India and claiming to be kind, compassinate nation who give protection to LTTE carders.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    As human beings we have common problems in Sri Lanka. If we stop all ‘ethnic behavior’ patterns and concentrate on solving our day to day problems while saving the environment, then we can all get somewhere. However, the Tamil leaders in the TNA have to get sane & savvy about this and go along with mainstream thinking, then we can get somewhere re Development in Sri Lanka, without wasting time on useless ‘ethnic’ matters.

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