Posted on April 30th, 2011

Malin Abeyatunge

According to the news item titled ”  Diplomats, NGO talk on report (Daily Mirror- 30/4/2011) quote“Butenis has invited Diplomats, representatives of diplomatic missions and Non-Governmental Organization representatives in Colombo met at the United States Ambassador’s residence to discuss the United Nations Secretary General’s Panel Report”unquote.

The subject news item brought me utter frustration when I saw the names of the local NGOs she has invited for the discussion. There was no secret that the US ambassador  Patrecia Butenis  always had a soft corner for the invited NGO’s  Jehan Perera from NPC, Pakiasothy from CPA, Wilamuna from TI, Sunila Abeysekera and Sudharshana Guneweardena  (I do not know much about Sudharshana). But when one goes through all the letters, submissions written by the rest to the print media, interviews had with Print and electronic media both locally and internationally, they all were appeasing LTTE (right thro out the existence of the LTTE) with anti Rajapaksa Government sentiments.  Ms Butenis may be having a genuine interest to discuss  the Darusman Report to use it as constructive instrument to move forward, but the NGO’s she invited have been  appeasing the LTTE terrorist outfit over the years would be stepbackward. Just like the foregone conclusion of Darusman  report would be detrimental to Sri Lanka by compiling bits and peaces from Tamilnet, HRW,AI, ICG and other LTTE fronts in the west, her findings also would be a forgone conclusion  say “Report is hundred percent accurate and the UN should act on that” by listening to her favourite NGOs named herein. If UN rep has not been invited  for the discussion (news item does not say of any UN Rep), then it implies an endorsement by USA embassy that they don’t treat this report as a report originated from UN. However, Butenis inviting the above named NGO’s to get their two cents worth is like famous Sinhala saying “Horage ammagen pena ahanawa wage” I am sure Jehan would be able to translate this to Butenis.

Another pondering question is why Ms Butenis has not invited Russia and China for the discussion? Is that she wanted all “Ayes”  and not “Nays” from Russia and China at the discussion?


  1. Dr.K Says:

    Malin, What you say is perfectly correct. All these goons are trying to some how or other way to put Sri Lanka in trouble.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Every where it says, that CIA had used opposition politicians, NGOs, Human rights to get rid of leaders that they don’t loke.

    My regret is, forget UNP, that JVP and most probably General Fonseka too got caught in that net.

  3. Wickrama Says:

    The title should actually be “HORAGE AMMA HORAGEN PENA AHANAWA WAGE” !!

  4. samaraweera Says:

    It appears as if Butenis is interfering in ‘Internal’ matters. Because the so called ‘Report’ is an issue between the Govt. of Sri Lanka and the UNSG and not even the UN. Therefore, as an Ambassador she should not meddle in domestic politics. If it was India, China or Russia she would have been sent back home!
    P.A.Samaraweera, Australia

  5. Leela Says:

    Malin, you said, US ambassador Patrecia Butenis always had a soft corner for NGOs and given some names of the cabal.

    Today this NGO cabal have developed to be like an octopus. I say, primary blame for this should go to ChandrikaK. Anyway, it has come to the point that our writing to expose their anti national, anti social and anti cultural activities alone is simply not enough to deter them. We should point that out to the government and the government authorities should tag them and track them just like they do in India, China, Russia and etc.

    Now, not just Butenis but her allies, her predecessors allies, their superiors at Pentagon and Whitehall and etc had much more than soft corners for NGOs. Indeed they had been sponsoring the parasitical NGO cabal to carry through their agenda by dirty work for the last several decades. Together they dragged the Waddukkodai war for over thirty years. But they got no where near what they wanted – military bases in the North and East. And now Butenis and co wanted to lay the blame on our President for finishing that war. Shame on you lot.

    Sooner we patriotic Sri Lankans learn who our real enemies, the better for all.

  6. radha Says:

    Could someone advise me, Who is governing Sri Lanka? Is it President Rajapaksha or is it Butenis? It looks like Butenis, because it is she who is taking the Darusman Fabrications forward by discussing it with people whom she apparently consider as the representatives of the citizens of Sri Lanka. Is this a role for Butenis who is supposed to be an ambassador of the US to Sri Lanka. What are the terms of reference for an ambassador as they are agreed between the two countries, when these ambassadors submit their papers of appointment to the President of Sri Lanka when they arrive? Is Butenis doing things outside that agreed protocol? Why is it that President of Sri Lanka telling these ambassadors to work only within their agreed protocol? From what is going on, I am forming the opinion that Butenis is the one who is governing Sri Lanka? Am I right?

  7. radha Says:

    Correction to my previous submission, should read: “…Why is it that President of Sri Lanka NOT telling these ambassadors to work only within their agreed protocol?”

    Sorry folks.

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