Going by Western/Tamil Prescriptions, Sri Lanka Should Treat Tamils the Same Way the West Treats Muslims
Posted on May 11th, 2011

– Kumar Moses

The biblical story of the wise king Solomon (971 – 931 BC) is very much similar to the happenings in Sri Lanka following the release of the Advisory Panel of Experts’ report which has been fittingly referred to as the APE Report. The story goes: two mothers delivered their babies on the same day; both fell asleep huddling their babies. One careful mother made sure she kept her baby a safe distance away while the other carelessly pressed her baby in sleep killing it. Later she claimed the living baby as hers. The matter was taken to the wise king Solomon. Both women vigorously claimed to be the mother of the living baby. The wise king ordered the guards to split the baby into two equal parts and hand over each part to each mother. The real mother pleaded before it was carried out and begged the baby be spared and handed over to the other woman than kill it while the dishonest mother hailed the decision and pleaded the king’s order is carried out. The king intervened; handed over the child to the real mother and punished the dishonest woman.

It was the same thing that happened in Sri Lanka following the release of the APE Report. The dishonest Tamil political mob (the Vadukoddai mob) was jubilant and hailed the report while Sri Lanka vehemently rejected the report and was genuinely concerned about the fatal blow the APE report had on reconciliation. Going by king Solomon’s wisdom, no part of Sri Lanka in any way should go to dishonest and malicious Tamil mobs to rule.

Sadly, most Tamils in the country didn’t come forward to defend their motherland when it was threatened with discredit by the APE report. They acted much like the dishonest woman yet unashamedly expect free education, free medication, etc. from Sri Lanka. This dishonesty must be punished. Otherwise it will become the order of the day. Getting northern Tamils to sign a petition denouncing the APE Report is a very good thing. It teaches them the need to save the tree they are on and why it should not be chopped for their own existence. It also proves how dangerous it is to hand over part of the island nation’s governance to and to share power with a group of traitors with a horrible history of violence and racism. All power sharing arrangements with Tamil mobs that are waiting till something bad to happen to Sri Lanka to take political benefits must be suspended immediately.

If the Northern Provincial Council elections were held now, the Vadukoddai mob would win it and claim that it allows the extension of the APE report within its governance realm.

Tamil political elements have found a strange allegiance with a few western nations, namely the USA and UK, following their acceptance of the APE Report. This is not a mere on-the-surface allegiance but a deep rooted one aimed at destabilizing Sri Lanka. However, instead of blaming these strange bedfellows for their anti-Sri Lanka co-operation, Sri Lanka should positively address the issue. West, as champions of human rights and minority rights, has set a high standard of treating minorities which should be copied by Sri Lanka. Western world class minority treatment should be used as a benchmark by Sri Lanka. In short, Sri Lanka should treat Tamils the same way the West treats Muslims!

No Tamil can complain against it. After all what’s good in the west is what is good for Tamils. Muslims are a minority in the west and so are the Tamils in Sri Lanka. Both are dignified human groups. Western high standards of treating Muslims must be copied by Sri Lanka to treat Tamils. Obviously the west does not share power with Muslims and hence there is no earthly need to share power with Tamils.

If Tamils consider it a misdemeanour to treat them just the same way the west treats Muslims, tell that to the west!

This should not be treated as “anti-Tamil” because the west is not “anti-Muslim”! According to Tamils, the West is the champion of human/minority rights. The west cannot be wrong.

It is time Sri Lankan leaders make it clear to western interferers that Sri Lanka will henceforth treat Tamils just the same way the west treats Muslims. Mark my word, western leaders will be speechless. 

This is an effective way to separate the corroborators of separatism “”…” the west and Tamil political elements. It should remind peace loving Tamils how lucky they are in Sri Lanka as opposed to the Muslim minority in the west. It is up to them to save this or lose it by not standing up against absurd lies spread by terrorist elements within the Tamil community. If they don’t come forward to defend Sri Lanka at times of need, Sri Lanka may not come to their rescue in their times of need.

44 Responses to “Going by Western/Tamil Prescriptions, Sri Lanka Should Treat Tamils the Same Way the West Treats Muslims”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Not a single Tamil leader pointed out the absurdity of APE report. I was dismayed to find APE report was based on Tamilnet garbage from 2009. The report writers had just read the Tamilnet articles from January to December 2009 and reproduced this hogwash. Our unity is the only answer. Sri Lankans, regardless of our differences in opinion, should unify and condemn LTTE propaganda. Truth will always prevail.

    The NATO nations were able to attack and rob LIBYA because of disunity. The economic doldrums of USA and Europe has force them to seek minor problems in other nations and find ways to rob them. Sri Lankans have never realized the strategic and military value of Sri Lanka in a future world dominated by China, India and Russia. West knows this. If there is no strategic value they wouldn’t give a damn about Tamils. Just look at Ivory Coast. Thousands are murdered, but with Cocoa as the main industry it has no value for the West. They don’t give a fig.

  2. jayt Says:

    sri lanka govt and poeple should not go away or running away from this, and if continue to do so, it will help them
    to fake themselves as human rights workers to the world. Best thing is to arrainge Ban Koon to appear in front of lawyers in New York paid by Sri lanka communites and Sri lanka. The quetions can by arrainge by us to question Bkoon while Bkoon can forward his question for us and if this event take place in New York, this is the end of BKoon, UN and will bigging to unfold how the US and their allies have been commitng crimes against India ,Sri lanka, pakistan, arab world, Afganistan and Bosnia and many other part of the world.

  3. ranjit Says:

    Sri Lankan Government should not wait too long to take action against the Monkey Moon’s report. We have to show him our strength and unity. TNA should not be trusted at all. They were having the same evil mind towards our Motherland as L.T.T.E carders. We should not worry about 8% or 10%.We have given them more than enough to live as citizens of our country and as human beings. No other country in this world will treat their minorities like us.Tell them to visit any country and see whether they have the freedom and free education,free health and so on in other countries who they worship than their own Motherland?

    Ask USA and their western stooges about the PALASTINE issue? Have they done anything to give them their freedom or their land back for the last fifty years? How many years they were talking and what progress have done upto now? These hypocrits should not bother us or we should not bow down to them as we are a sovereign nation and a pioneer member of the UN.

  4. M.S.MUdali Says:

    West treat Muslims better than Sri Lanka treats Tamils. If an Arab wants services of a translator, an Arab translator is given at the government expense. What is happening in Sri Lanka? If a person go to the police station, he must go with a translator at his expanse. Complaints are written in Sinhala only. How is this a right administration while TAMIL is an Official Language of the country?

    Moses can ask why his POPE is pooping in Sri Lanka and supporting LTTE bastards!

    Did not you see the comments of Douglas Devananda? I think you dont like to recognise him as a TAMIL. You too recognise LTTE and their goons as TAMIL. Growup man!

  5. jimmy Says:

    I said it before many times
    I will say it again and again and again

    Government should concentrate provide councelling , psychiatric treatment for all srilankans.
    People live in abroad could send $$ for this worthy cause
    Most of the time we do not agree that . In reality we have problems. There are people wake up with hatred towards other race and sleep in night with the same hatred

    Shame,shame on any one who do not respect other humans equally

    shame on people who do not have patriotic feelings

  6. Sri Rohana Says:

    When British invaders era 1815-1947 tamils were very happy with only English language policy. Administration, Education, Judicial, Business as well as day-to-day language was English. Can’t they remember at that time they taught even tamil language in English. Native languages speaking in schools were punishable. That was a violation of basic human rights. Any tamil politician oppose it? That is how British invaders treated tamils when they were under their administration. Tamils never ever protest or took any action against British invaders or English language policy. But tamils served as obedient servants to white masters throughout. Majority of tamils migrated to Sri Lanka for various employment opportunities during British era therefore they never ever went against their masters language policy.

    Have British invaders given facilities of translators to tamil. Tamils were very happily learned, taught and conversed in English proudly. “We arrr tamils, we arrr happy with British masterrrr” That is how tamil politicians praised British invaders. Even now tamils don’t have any issues when they are in Western countries. When they are in Norway, Holland, Germany, France, Sweden and British Colonies they are ready to learn and work with Norwegian, Dutch, Deutsch, French, Swedish and English etc. In those countries they never give an official documents in tamil. I never have seen immigration forms or any other documents in tamil except in Sri Lanka. But tamils are very happily living as a third class citizen’s in western countries thanks to economic refugees scheme. They can fulfill main ambition of earn some $, Euros, U.KP, Kronas etc.
    If a tamil go to a police station in Canada, Norway, England, France, Germany, U.S.A, Australia or even in India policemen write a complain in their language never in tamil language. From 1815-1947 British era Jaffna, Killinochichi, Mulative police stations complains were wrote in English. So what is wrong of write complains in Sinhala in Sinhala country. At the time of hearing a tamil lawyer can defend the tamil citizen in courts. Today’s Raj Rajaratnam’s insider case in U.S.A all the courts proceeding were in English not in tamil. So what is wrong of it?

  7. jimmy Says:

    please do not say that . Tamils and sinhalese were living in Srilanka for hundres and hundreds and hundreds of years
    Srilanka is a country for all Tamils, sinhalese, muslims, bergers chetiyars and all

    It is sad silent majority love and respect each other . minortity talk BS to hurt others


  8. jimmy Says:

    It is sad to see only minority in both races talk and write BS to divide the country

  9. andylingam Says:

    Ref: what is wrong of write complains in Sinhala in Sinhala country
    Sri Rohana , this is your fandamental problm Our mother Lanka IS NOT Sinhala country , is it loudant clear Sir !!!
    If We are not agreed with this Ana ( ayanna) than not point of talking to Akkana (end).

    We both know all our histrory eg: Sir Ponramanath how to heppled Sinhalees , Who kicked out IPKF ( with President Premadasa’s arms supply etc……

    So Please do not tell us you ( Sinhalees – sorry for all modatra sinhalees ) gave fee education fee…. this our mother lanka not only North & East

  10. andylingam Says:

    Ranjit, Ranjith

    Ref :We have given them more than enough to live as citizens

    Please stop saying, you gave us, sorry to ask you who you are to give us what we want from our mother land ?

    Ranjith / Sri Rohana
    Please help us to kick out our evil Tamil politician as own brothers & sisters as one family members.
    what ever your comments are hepling their possined evil work (TNA)
    we do not want any free think

    Ref :this world will treat their minorities like us
    Presitant Mahintha Rajapapsa said , No Mojority or Minorities in Our Mother Lanka !!! Only Sri Lanka in our Mother Lanka !

  11. thurai Says:

    Majority of Tamils want to live together with Sinhalese. During the LTTE in NORTH many Tamils came to south to live in Peace. Divide the country is a suicide attempt to Tamils themself. How many Tamil eelam Organaisations
    and how many inside murders? anybody complained anywhere? The Tamils who want seperate Land
    allow tamils kill themself. During the war or accidently one mann killed by a soldier Tamils make voice around the world. Last thiry years one Group with LTTE and Pirabakaren earned enough money and settled in Sri Lanka. 2nd group started with TGTE Urithirakumar. we can wait and see.

  12. andylingam Says:

    Ref :No Tamil can complain against APE Report .
    Hi Kumar Moses please can you answer these questions…..

    1) Do you accept the report from the UN panel as being fact? If not give reasons.
    2) Do you not think that those responsible for violations against the people, be it LTTE or government of Sri Lanka, should be brought to justice?
    3) If your son was killed in the war, would you just put it aside without wanting some kind of justice?
    4) Are you willing to forget the killings by the LTTE?
    5) Those families who lost their loved ones, do not you think they deserve some kind of justice?
    6) Those families who lost their loved ones, do not you think they deserve some kind of compensation?

  13. jimmy Says:

    Folks I am not going to write any more on this

    My strong belief is Tamils sinhalese muslims bergers all should unite as Srilankans . There is no Sinhala country or Muslim country or Chetiyars country or Indian tamils country or Bergers country or Tamil Country
    The country belongs to all who love and be patriotic to the country, As a Tamil I agree we all should respect Budhism since it is practised by Majority

    For Sinhalese :
    do not ever miss this opportunity. There is no terrorism from LTTE or JVP
    Do not talk BULLSHIT like it is sinhala nation or sinhala came first before tamils and so on , It is awaste of time, energy and unnecessary . It hurts people who do not belong to your race. It is sad some people get thrill making others feel inferior . My opinion is these folks are miserable people I doubt they are happy even among their race . I took organizational behaviour as a subject in my college I know what I am talking about
    Treat other race with respect the same way you expect others to treat you . Be compassionate
    have friendship with Tamils , Be honest and open with them you will understand other story only when you have true friendship without bad intentions

    For Tamils :

    never ever betray Srilanka the motherland , Sinhalese are good decent people. Have good friends among sinhalese . Talk to them . I honestly find sinhales will never ever leave friendship once they love you . I know what I am talking about

    Treat other race with respect the same way you expect others to treat you . Be compassionate
    have friendship with sinhalese , Be honest and open with them you will understand other story only when you have true friendship without bad intentions


    Sometimes we all make mistakes when writing or speaking NO BIG Deal folks

    SO many tamils sinhalese, Muslims, Bergers died in the last 30 years of fu–ing hatred war

    No more sh-t like this no more pain no more sorrow

    I agree with Fran Diaz Government should declare one day as war memorial day for all people died in this ugly war ( soldiers, tamils sinhalese, bergers,chetiyars, Indian tamils, Muslims )

    Let us all commit us for peace peace and peace

  14. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Are you telling Sinhalese refused to work in English when British ruled?

    British provided translators in courts and other administrative units. Dont you know the COURT MUDALIYARS during the British?

    Are you telling here that a Sinhala guy go to a police station in Canada, his complaints are written in Sinhala?

    In Canada French and English are the OFFICIAL LANGUAGES.
    Canadians will get services in either.

    In Sri Lanka Tamil and Sinhala are Official Languages.
    But Tamils cannot get services in Tamil.

    You are a racist ass and think that Sinhalese replaced Brits. So, Tamils must bend to Sinhalese. If this is the mentality of the Sinhalese, they will suffer more in future. But I believe Rajapakse will remove people like you in pulic services in Sri Lanka!

  15. AnuD Says:

    In the west, regionally trnalaters are available. Other than that, if they want employment, the person better know the official languages.

    Immigrnats are nothing in any of these Western countries. think about that status of Natives.

    MUslims and natives have to go through theboarder crossing to notice what they get.

    M.S. Mudali talks some thing west treating muslims better. where is that ?

  16. Lorenzo Says:

    SL should copy US and EU how they treat their minorities and do the same in SL. Thereafter they can’t find fault with SL! Good idea.


    That is a good suggestion. SL should also have translators and interpreters without forcing everyone to learn Tamil. If a Tamil who cannot understand Sinhala comes to a government office (most Tamils can understand Sinhala today) let the translator help him. This was we can create a new well paid job called translators like western countries. Problem solved.

    If you want to buy beef you don’t buy a cow and kill it. You go to the meat market and buy the kilos you need from the type you need.

    Follow the west. The west will love you. Once again the losers will be the foolish separatists!

  17. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Fool Lorenzo
    Tamil is an Official Language of Sri Lanka. Dont you know it idiot?

    Government has a duty to provide service in Tamil too. You bark like an idiot without knowing the reality!

  18. Lorenzo Says:

    Yo Mudali you talk like a Scarborough kallathoniya.

    Still no harm in using translators! It is well worth the effort.

    Stateless fool!

  19. Sri Rohana Says:

    Jimmy! I am not against the peaceful tamils. But I don’t agree with tamil nadu DMK poisoned, ITAK of chelvanayakam poisoned, velupillai prabakaran poisoned eelamist tamils who were dead against Sinhala nation. They created the present racial problems in our society. They don’t allow tamils to live peacefully with Sinhala. Even eelamist in other countries still don’t allow us to live peacefully in our country. How you guys analyze or justify it. When tamils are in western countries aren’t they always against Sinhala nation and Sri Lanka. Even Cricket team tours they protest!!! President Mahinda Rajapakse the only leader in this world who addressed in tamil language at U.N.O, even he was embarrassed by tamil eelamist very badly. You have to accept that 95% tamils are against Sri Lanka. If Sri Lanka is belongs to every one how come tamils are totally against every thing of Sri Lanka.

    Andylingam! We have accepted tamils as our political party leaders long ago. Can’t you remember N.Shanmugathan was communist party leader in Sri Lanka. Bala Thampoe a powerful trade union leader. Lakshman Kadiragamar was highly respected by Sinhala. I agree with you TNA is a snake in the grass. For their political agenda they spoil every good work of ours.
    Thurai! Exactly majority of Sri Lankans either in South or North want to live peacefully. That is what we want in Sri Lanka. As we know tamils can live anywhere in Sri Lanka as they wish. No body objects it. In Colombo 40% population is tamils. But the Sinhala Buddhists are not even 10%. If Sinhala Buddhists are racist how come this happens? To make Sri Lanka peaceful country give up poisonous eelam idea and federal idea.

    MudAli! Some Sinhala leaders knew that British invaders language policy in Lanka was against the human rights of the majority. That’s why they implemented Sinhala national language in 1958. Implementing majority’s language is not racism. It is a due right of the nation. For the basic human rights of Sinhala nation, tamils have objected and started hartal in 1958.
    Even car registration plates change to “Sri” instead of “ce, cn, cy” tamils were dead against it. Wasn’t it anti Sinhala racism? But why I cannot understand is during British invaders era “only english” policy was welcomed and accepted wholehearted by tamils. The same tamils cried on human rights when Sinhala language became official.
    But don’t say that tamils cannot get any service in Government offices in Sri Lanka. It is a biggest lie spread by eelamist to claim bogus refugee statues in Western world. Please mention in which department a tamil cannot get a service in Sri Lanka?
    MudAli I am not a racist but I am a Sinhala who defend Sri Lanka from tamil terrorist’s goebbelsian propaganda machine. Tamil racists spread lie all over the world against Sri Lanka and Sinhala nation. My duty is to defend my country from liars.
    You said we “will suffer in future”. Not only in future we suffered in past 2500 years from tamil invaders. Throughout our history we suffered from tamil invasions. More we suffer Gemunu’s, Wijayabahus, Parakramabahu’s will born to save our country from elaras, chelvanayakams, Karunanidhis, Ramachandrans and prabakarans. You guys have tried more than 2500 to eliminate Sinhala race from this world but failed, anyway try another 2500 years, if you can!

  20. jimmy Says:

    I honestly do not know the answer .
    I believe things will change and Tamils will be more patriotic

    More needs to be done by the majority in the Country . I am sure many good things are already happening in Tamil areas.
    Keep up the good work

  21. jimmy Says:

    Budhisim should be respected all over the Country since majority people have Faith in Budhisim
    Tamil kids and sinhala kids could learn both languages ( spoken language only)
    People should be patriotic to Lanka
    There should be a Zero tolerance againt racisim

    I agree with Mudali Tamil is an official language and Government has a duty to provide service in Tamil too
    I visited Qubec city and Montral Canada even in Toronto Both French and Tamil languages are used

    Be nice and kind to each other .
    When we talk about unity be honest and do the right thing please

  22. andylingam Says:

    Ref: don’t say that tamils cannot get any service in Government offices in Sri Lanka

    I have to agreed with Sri Rohana , Last year I’ve been to my mother land (lived in london since 1983 as Stateless fool), with my dikka , dikka Sinhala & English I got every think ( eg: birth certificate etc.. ) what I want from all govt dept ( with out paying any money – they refused to take any so at last I posted a gift vouchers)

    All rasict Tamils please stop belaming others for our fault !!!

    We ideads can not speak & write Sinhala is not sinhalese fault ,I am not carry any one trail! also I am not Sihalavan pridant to be Tamilan .

    Ofcause people are greete so do We , We thought We can have a separate land in Srilanka , We tried last 33 years , but Sihalavan at last show us a stra at mulivakkal ( kaddinam velli in mulivakkal) .

    So We learn the leason Now !!!

    For us Three month enough to learn sinhalam ( even Sinhalavn will teach us free )

  23. jimmy Says:

    typo sorry

    I visited Qubec city and Montral Canada even in Toronto Both French and English languages are used

  24. andylingam Says:

    Implementing majority’s language is not racism. It is a due right of the nation. For the basic human rights of Sinhala nation

    Sri Rohana , Please tell me if Sinhala nation in Srilanka than Tamil Nation also in Mother Lanka , is not it? or you are going to say not Tamil nation all Tamils are kalla thonis / invaders ?

    Please do not divide us there is no Sinhala or Tamil nation in mother lanka only Sri Lankan nation in our mother land !

    Ref: change to “Sri” instead of “ce, cn, cy” tamils were dead against it
    If Our Great Sinhala leaders were clever enough they should have put Sinhala sri & tamil sri together ( they are not looks different – that would have made both community more happier)

    See today Vasudeva Nanayakara taking about !
    Every Bhikku ( Satthus ) have duty to teach every corner in our mother lanka Sinhala to every one free of charge, our problme will disepire with in a month !

  25. jimmy Says:

    We all in the same page, We all are for United Lanka

    I agree Mudalis point not the way he said it

    Mudalis point is correct

    Inorder to have everlasting peace in Lanka , it is a great idea provide services in Tamil also
    Ordinary tamil farmer or a villager who can not understand Sinhala will benefit from this
    It is common sense I think

  26. jimmy Says:

    my last point is Spanish is available for all Government offices as well as big crporations in USA so people who speak spanish can get help

    It is common sense

    not sure why this is n/a in Lanka

  27. Chintha Says:

    To Andy,

    Ref :No Tamil can complain against APE Report .
    Hi Kumar Moses please can you answer these questions…..

    1) Do you accept the report from the UN panel as being fact? If not give reasons.
    I can’t believe you are even asking this question? Do you believe in the LTTE network Tamilnet? Does any of thier reports ever were truthful? The answer to these questions are a BIG NO. The UN report is based on TAMILNET and it has NO credibiliy. You a good fan of Tamilnet should know better than me. This report is a big FRAUD and FALSEHOOD to the core. Every Sri Lankan should reject it.
    2) Do you not think that those responsible for violations against the people, be it LTTE or government of Sri Lanka, should be brought to justice?
    From start to finish the SL forces were NOT targetting civilians. If any civiliand died the 100% blame should go to LTTE and people like you who gave hope to LTTE that they will be saved. The LTTE held them and never let them go even during ceasefire. The days of seasefire were the days least civilians escaped from LTTE. The evidents are clear as crystal. The evidents are the 300000 people who were saved and the 10,000 LTTE carder rehabilitated. What more proof anybody need?
    3) If your son was killed in the war, would you just put it aside without wanting some kind of justice?
    Who took my son into the war? will be my 1st question. If my son is terrorist if he get killed ,who is to blame? The Tamil youth in LTTE carder have been poisoned with falsehood. They have been brainwashed with lies. Who is to blame?

    4) Are you willing to forget the killings by the LTTE?
    No. But the youth who were brainwashed and decieved should be pardoned.

    5) Those families who lost their loved ones, do not you think they deserve some kind of justice?
    It is time the people who funded LTTE do some thing for the people who suffered from it.
    6) Those families who lost their loved ones, do not you think they deserve some kind of compensation?
    The money cllected for LTTE should go to them.

  28. aravinda Says:

    To M.S.Mudali and whom it may concern, at the time I wrote my comment, I was not aware of Mr.Douglas Devananda’s comments. I have a great respect for Mr.Devananda for his service for communal harmony, middle path and risking his life for other humans. I sincerely apologise.

  29. M.S.MUdali Says:

    The 1956 Official Language legislation was named as SINHALA ONLY legislation. When I read in 70s I found it is not SINHALA only. Governemnet correspondencs must be in Sinhala and Tamil. That is why Bandaranayake’s government imported 1000s of Tamil type writers to every government department.

    When S.J.V Chelvanayakam cried and foolishly barked to make Tamil for North and East (he forgot the Tamils who lived outside of North and East) Banda agreed to it too. Before the implementation of the Official language Act, Tamil idiots made big noise to make political capital. The real reason was 90% of the Schools were at the hands of 5% Christian/Catholics and they were nationalised. So, the Christian/Catholics lost a big chunk of Tax dollars and control over the school system. That was the real real reason for the barking against Banda’s government.

    How many Tamils in 1956 served in public service to be effected by the Official language Act? Less than 2000!

    Affecting 2000 Tamils cannot be TAMIL problem but affecting and losing millions by Catholic/Christians by the nationalization of Schools was a big problem. Further Banda’s anti British policies hurt UNP and other pro-western slaves went against Banda. He was gunned down by a criminal womanising monk Buddha Rakkita who was the Chief incumbant of Kelaniya RajaMaha Viharaya.

    Ranil Wickramasinghe’s aunt Wimala Wijewardene was the health minister in the Banda’ cabinet but she was sleeping with Buddha Rakkita while he husband at home.

    1965 -70 honeymoon of Tamil parties and UNP paid compensation to the nationalised FOREIGN companies. The UNP which is a slave of WHITE assholes and Catholic Church never appreciated the patriotic deeds of Banda instead it took the SINHALA ONLY as a tool to make riots.

    For the same reason LTTE and UNP too had a honeymoon against the 1987 Indo-Lanka pact which was the best agreement to solve this Tamil-Sinhala issue for ever.

    Sinhalese and Tamils must realise why UNP (Colombo based) and the Tamil (Jaffna Based) always having honeymoons. Both parties (+some SLFP Sinhalese too) do not want to solve this problem in order to get political profits.

    I still hope President Mahinda and his SLFP at least implement the visions of Banadaranayake for the safety and pride of Sri Lanka. The continuation of the same problem backed by the same pro-western slaves in Sri Lanka has come now at the UN reports and so on.

    Pro-west UNP, Catholic Church and other parties still want Sri Lanka to be ruled by the WEST.

    After the Indian intervention Tamil and Sinhala are Official Languages. What are the problems of implementing of the clauses of the constitution? Who are blocking it and still want to have the TAMIL PROBLEM? Only American slaves in Sri lanka who are the same people behind the all communal problems as well!

    I am always a proud Sri lankan and salute my hero Bandaranayke!

  30. ranjit Says:

    Jimmy what you are sayiing is very true.Let’s cut this bullshit talks and arguments and start building our new lives together helping each other and our beloved nation called SRI LANKA. WE ARE ALL SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF THIS BEAUTIFUL LAND WHERE every individual has the freedom to live as free human beings. Freedom of worship,freedom of speech and freedom to live anywhere you like. Be faithful to your Motherland.Help to protect it from our enemies.Unitedly we can beat the hell out of the evil which conspire to bring disunity, sorrow and bloodshed to our peoples. LONG LIVE SRI LANKA AND IT’S CITIZENS OF ALL RACES.

  31. cassandra Says:

    You need to get your facts right.
    The Christians may well have had a significant hold over the schooling system but their schools were not taken over during Mr Bandaranaike’s time. The schools takeover occurred under his widow Sirimao, years after his death.
    Secondly, it was not the Rev Buddharakkitha who was found guilty of shooting Mr B; it was the the Rev Somarama. The former though was found to have been complicit in the conspiracy to kill the PM.

  32. Sri Rohana Says:

    Jimmy thanks for your sincere comments on 13th May. Yes brother we all want to live peacefully in our country. If majority of tamils think the way you looking, then our major problem is over long ago.

    Andylingam! The biggest mistake done by northern Sri Lankans (tamils) in 1956 was instead of demand for the rights of tamil language they fought against Sinhala language policy. When they went against Sinhala language policy then started misunderstand between two races and were the cause of racial problems then terrorism and ultimately many thousands lost their lives.
    Even in 1955 Sinhala leadership of LSSP and Communist Party supported for Sinhala and Tamil national language policy. Not to forget that in 1956 LSSP was the main opposition party in the parliament and they objected the Sinhala only act and all most all the LSSP members were took out from the parliament. This was a typical example of Sinhala were fought for tamil language rights. At last without much trouble now Sinhala, Tamil and English are national languages.

    What I want to tell tamils that we respect them and their rights but to get your rights don’t kill us and make false allegations or slang mud on our country unnecessarily. More they try to revenge from us more they divide us. If they want to migrate to western countries it is nothing wrong. Every body knows that to get permanent residence statues easiest way is claim refugee statues. It is up to them to live as refugees in western countries, but they should not make fabricated allegation against our country, or tarnish Sri Lanka’s image in front of the western media to cover up their hidden agendas.

    Andy! Vasu is an honest politician who always fought for rights of masses. It is true what he is saying but eelamist extremist will go against his idea. Later they will interpret this as “forced conversion of Hindus to Buddhism”. It will be another topic to Navinathan Pillai, Human Rights Commission, NGO’s, Eric Solheim, Robert O’Blake, Jehan Perera etc.

    Mudali Anna! Your 13th comment is great. “I am always a proud Sri Lankan…”. Well-said brother.
    (But you have to go for an anger management course also)

  33. jimmy Says:

    I agree everything you said including Mudali annas temper
    I do not know about Vasu

    When ever I get opportunity to talk to tamil friends I tell them the importance of unity with sinhalese, muslims, and every race in the Country
    Most of them agree The tamils in lanka are in the mercy of the Government
    can say or talk anything. Nothing can happen unless the Government is willing to help and resolve
    Outsiders have their own political agenda.

    All srilankans should and must help the innocent victims of War in wanni. all srilankans should and must help
    wounded Srilankan soldiers who went to an unknown land and died or wounded
    All srilankans should and must help the folks who are homeless, live in poverty where ever they live in Lanka

    I belive there will be a day People could live without fear of each other or fear of intimidation

    We do not have great men like Alfred Duraiyappa or Neelan Thiruselvam among tamils who are highly educated people who can think smart
    Douglas Devananda may not be as educated as Kadhirgamar or Neelan or Alfred but the only hope for Tamils now. I hope and pray he will guide the tamils in this difficult time
    I am disappointed when I hear kidnappings taken place in North I hear his supporters do that
    I will be happy if such things do not happen

  34. jimmy Says:

    The tamils in lanka are in the mercy of the Government. People can say or talk anything they like
    Nothing can happen unless the Government is willing to help and resolve the issues
    Outsiders whether individuals or other Countries have their own agenda

    I am going to read or write lanka web next week . want to take a week rest

  35. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Check the political manifesto of Bandaranayake of 1956 election. Schools were part of the nationalaization.

    Further the main conspirator of Banda’s murder was Buddha Rakkita and not Somarama. Buddha Rakkita and Soma Rama became Christians in the jail.

    Sri Lanka still a target of west, mainly British/American.

  36. andylingam Says:

    1)The UN report is based on TAMILNET and it has NO credibiliy
    Not asking what report based or where their got these info ,if any ture both paries killed civilians in Vanni ( eg: fired into no fire zone (YES, we all know LTTE fired from in side no fire zone)
    2) people like you who gave hope to LTTE that they will be saved, Agreed Yes We Day & nights (in front of UK Westminister parliment) tried to stop the war ( Yes save first LTTE) but your are saying If any civiliand died
    that mean you are not sure any civilian dead ? , of caures hard evidence their LTTE terrarist open fired to civilian (of caurse they have let us down )
    3)Who is to blame? You are saying all blame goes to LTTE & Tamil politician, this is nothing to do with our head state who indirectly ( sinha only , not puting curfe to stopped so many rasist killing etc… where their responsblity gone , shound they prodected – I am not demanding but i am asking as a family members ) back these tamil politions possined ideas.
    4) should be pardoned.- Forget & forgive geat !
    5) who funded LTTE do some thing for the people who suffered from it. I Agreed but justice SL Govt also have some responsiblty – but SL Govt is doing it should be is doing to those people ( only11,000 people in IDP camp & half of rehapitaed released LTTE already released ) Thanks to Hon Rajapacsa & his Govt .
    6) The money cllected for LTTE should go to them.- I agreed but these theives are runaway with balance ( in london those collected money have shops & morgetge free house is saying if only LTTE come ( from grave yat) they will money back )

  37. Lorenzo Says:


    I lost my respect for you when you over reacted the the allegation that 40,000 died in the last stages of the war. Even if it is true, there totally nothing wrong with that. They provided a human shield to protect the LTTE and DESERVEDLY died. Thanks to their death we have peace today.

    1. Yes.

    2. LTTE is to blame for human shields.

    3. MOST blame goes to Tamil racist political parties. There was no Sinhala Only Act. Don’t be a racist. The act is called Official Language Act under which reasonable use of Tamil was recognized.

    4. Tamils should be thankful for sparing this 10,000 LTTE cadres. They could have been easily eliminated but we spared them rather foolishly.

  38. Sri Rohana Says:

    Lorenzo! There is a nice reply for the U.N APE report and tamil nazi propaganda machine given by a British Gentlemen.
    “How any one could accuse the Sri Lanka Army for genocide or crimes against humanity when the same Army rescued more than 200,000 Tamil civilians from the LTTE and have now helped re-settle most of them”. UK MEP Dr. Charles Tannock at EU Parliament

  39. OaO Asithri Says:

    M.S.MUdali Says: “Sri Lanka still a target of west, mainly British/American.” Aha, I have been following your “contributions” herein LB and it appears to me you are hell-bent on goading the patriotic Sinhelas to go on the attack of UK/US – which is exactly what the racist-separatist Tamils want to see happen as that is one way they can see their “equity” improving with the UK/US authorities. Yes, them racist-separatist Tamils in the UK/US have since lately built up quite a bit of “equity” with the west and now it is imperative that they increase it by getting Sri Lankans to go on an anti-UK/US frenzy uh? Nice try Parasite, but hey I am THE OAOA…the one who is credited with “smoking out” hidden LTTE agents – just ask around and anyone will tell you that! :)) :)) :))

  40. OaO Asithri Says:

    Well said Kumar! As for ‘M.S.MUdali’ statement: “West treat Muslims better than Sri Lanka treats Tamils. If an Arab wants services of a translator, an Arab translator is given at the government expense. What is happening in Sri Lanka? ” this shows the utter hypocritical attitude of the racist-separatists, in this case an undercover element at that, that tries to denigrate Sri Lanka at every turn! Message to ‘M.S.MUdali’ : Tell me one instance where a Tamil in Sri Lanka was tried, defended, and convicted of a crime – without his/her access to the Tamil language!!! Ada undercover LTTE stooge, I think you game is up…we saw your kind in frenzy in the www in May, yeah, that was 2 years ago when you tried you best to do for your best! As the Police said: “I’ll be waaatching you” !!! :))

  41. Lorenzo Says:

    Asithri the scorpion is well known to smoke out hidden terror agents. Some of his victims (all of them are LTTE agents hiding in ass clothes) ended up at mental institutions, some suffered impotency while others simply vanished from blogging/commeting.

    But with all due respect, he is not the only one capable of such victories! :)

  42. OaO Asithri Says:

    Lorenzo, I am only thy humble server! Yes, I am the Scorpion, I am the PrettyKfir, and indeed I do take unmitigated glee in smoking out undercover LTTE agents who try to sway public opinion with total pretense, vile-shrewd, and outright dishonesty! This is no different to the quality of the whole Eeelam Inc. project that was fraudulent from the very get go. As for any competitors to this humble OaOA, alas, even for a moment I never think so but only consider them as MY COMPATRIOTS fighting towards a common goal – to keep OUR MotherLanka a Unitary, Prosperous and Dignified nation!

  43. Lorenzo Says:


    “to keep OUR MotherLanka a Unitary, Prosperous and Dignified nation.”

    That is only half the task.

    The other task is

    to keep Tamil Elamists Divided, Poor, Slaves and Indignified. :)

    SL and TE are like 2 kids on a see-saw. One must go down for the other to go up. And we are not going down without a fight (which may wipe out the TE camp).

  44. M.S.MUdali Says:

    You dont know what is happening in Jaffna police station. Better try to know it! Then bark. Even the DIG agrees with my fact and he has planned to hire more Tamils to the police!

    You prove that you are a real Sinhala Modaya! Go and watch my ass!

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