Posted on May 16th, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Two years passed since we eliminated terrorism and the most ruthless terrorists group in the world led by the coward and murderer VELUPILLAI PRBAKARAN. This cold blooded murderer was created by India and he and his gang did immense damage to our beloved homeland where no one can forgive him for that. Past is past we are now started a new life in new SRI LANKA therefore we should all try to protect our land from all the enemies to our land within and outside for every citizen irresepctive of race,color or religion to live peacefully. As we celebrate  Buddha Jayanthi year we should forgive our enemies and try to live unitedly helping each other to solve our own problems without depending on outsiders. This is our land and we are the masters of this land together hand in hand we must go forward without going behind white empires who dictate others how to do and what to do. I know that we can do it if we have the will power. For our luck we got a simple man to lead our country who loves the Motherland very much and do things as per the wishes of the people. His vision to the country has been accepted by the people and their mandate was given overwhelmingly to lead the country in both elections. If he is strong then the country will be strong because he has the guts and will power to stand tall among any leader in this world. Also he has a great defence secretary and some good hard working individuals in his ruling team therefore we too should act strong to lift this country back again to stand on his feet after bloody thirty years of war.
Nowadays we hear war drums been played in many parts of the world against our tiny peaceful nation by our enemies. We cannot take it lightly because money can do wonders in this evil world. We have to be vigilant and be prepared as a united nation. When you compared to other countries which had wars and have wars currently, our country is far more better than in everything and people too living happily and peacefully. The peace we are enjoying today wont be there if our peoples dont get united and live according to our own rules and regulations. We have to be faithful to our Motherland not go behind western nations or take advise from neighbouring nations how to live and what to do etc. Tamil Nadu got a new leader who is not much friendly with us and she already started barking like a stray bitch demanding their central Government to take action against our President for war crimes. She cannot do that in her dreams even. Please try my lady? I dont think even Tamils in our own land will approve her remarks. Our President is the only leader who gave a speech in Tamil language in the UN these Tamils must appreciate what he has done to the Tamils during the war and after the war. He doesnt talk much but his actions proves that. To get votes this cheap individual in a saree will do any shameless thing. They need power by hook or crook nothing else or nothing new. Our Government has to stay vigilant with these charactors because we dont know when they will bite you.
We saw in the news few days back that unneccessary killings have started in the Tamil areas. This is not a good sign and we should catch the murderers as soon as we can and bring them to justice and secure those areas and important individuals. We cannot afford to have another killing field therefore we have to strengthen our security all around the country. Peace loving citizens doesnt like our forces leaving those areas except L.T.T.E sympathizers and TNA politicians. Our country is one and our forces can stay or have bases anywhere they like and want. We need to give around the clock security to our VIP’s specially the Tamil origin Ministers and Junior Ministers and Important public servants. We cannot lose any more politicians due to terrorism. Anyone danger to the homeland should be severly dealt with as per the country’s laws. No more white flag stories should be allowed and the traitors to the Motherland should be kept locked for ever. Jayalalitha becoming chief Minister in Tamil Nadu is not a good sign for us because she is poisonous. She can instigate innocent Tamils to violence against us and create uneasiness among our Tamil population. We have to be preapared for her if she tries any mischief. TNA L.T.T.E sympathizers already welcoming her victory and prepare themselves to go and meet her and give her their report against our Motherland. These hypocrits and snakes must be monitored as they are enemies of our homeland. When L.T.T.E was terrorizing our country these TNA was like dancing wolves in the parliament and so much shouting and demanding, now their masters in hell they are like wounded dogs. We should not forget so easily anything what happened during those dark years. Our Sinhalese nature is that we forgive and forget very fast but in this case we cannot forget and forgive so fast.
Woman and a man was caught carrying a grenade in her hand bag and another was caught with so many barrels of diesel and other oils these type of news was very familier in those days but when we hear again anyone will feel something in their hearts. So dont ever think for a moment that danger is over although we have a peaceful atmosphere around. Every individual has to do their duty to protect our land of birth. Any suspicious person or incident must be reported to the law enforcement as soon as possible to avoid death and destruction.Every village every city should have their own security plan in case of emergency. Our youths can protect our land with courage and valiantly as they have done before. How much we reconcile, forgive and take them back to the society some hardliners might not like to follow the peace path and can be dangerous to our society therefore we have to keep our security on alert all the time in Ground,Air and Sea. We all admire and have faith on our Defence secretary Gotabaya Rajapksa as he was doing a good job taking care of the security all around. Taking out drug lords,Prostitututes and places of all illegal vices from the society should be commendable. Also the Government has taken action to wipe out corruption too should be appreciated. This is what our population crying and demanding to wipe out all bad corrupt things from our society. I hope our country will be a just society very soon for all citizens to live a decent life together without fighting and killing each other.
If we secure our borders firmly and have more plain clothes security personnel on the streets we can get rid of bad elements and have a peaceful atmosphere in the country. We have to watch all the entry points for drugs,arms smuggling,human smuggling etc. We cannot have corrupt officers in entry ports to the country as we see in the news sometimes people take huge bribes and allow wanted criminals to leave the country and do businesses with bad guys. We all hope our most trusted Defenece Secretary will clean up all bad guys from our society and make our homeland a proudest and beautiful country for all our citizens to live free and peacefully. We need to take action to prevent Indian fisherman cross in to our waters and cross border smuggling of arms,human smuggling etc. Now we have a individual next door who doesnt like us much therefore we have to be vigilant and alert more than ever because she is poisonous and obstacle to our forward march for prosperity. Unity is key word for a better future.
Ranjit Wickremeratne


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    A timely article. TN jokers are whipping up racism to hold on to power. We should protect our borders.

  2. radha Says:

    “Protect our borders ……..”, this is what the imprisoned General said publicly soon after the elimination of the king-terrorist. What did he get for saying this? Indians and local enemies stitched him up and thrown him in the dungeons. Now we see his prediction coming true. Give the job of protecting our borders to someone who has the vision and capability. Donekeys cannot do a dogs work when it comes to duties of national interest.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Agree with Radha. Gonzeka had his problems and deservedly went to jail. But he had a vision. The current idiot has no vision. We need a visionary military leadership not political henchmen. If we rely on bloody Indian parasites we go nowhere. We will be the jokers in the region full of anti-Indian sentiment. India has UNSOLVABLE problems with ALL its neighbours. India is the problem.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Dear RADHA your General is a donkey himself although he said that, otherwise he wouldnt be in jail today. Power hungry,money hungry donkey who ruined his reputation by uttering donkey stories about white flag and so on. We have great heros who has the capability and vision to protect our borders than your donkey General. Traitors to the Motherland and it’s leaders deserves what he got so dont cry for him. Because his donkey stories our nation is suffering today and all our enemies were trying to break our land in to pieces like they did to Russia. It will never happen and it’s a day dream of our enemies.

    If he retired like a gentleman true hero cum soldier he would have been a hero for ever in our hearts but unfortunately he chose the wrong path because of greediness for power and money. He is not satisfied with a FOUR STARS.

  5. radha Says:

    Oh dear, it seems that I have touched a raw nerve of a general warrior of the pen. What the General said and if another opportunist pen-pusher fabricated it as a muck spreader to denounce him and make a fast buck has yet to be determined by the Court. So we might as well wait for the judgment and no need to pre-empt the unknown here.

    None of that negates the fact that the issue raised by the article writer was succinctly stated in a short sentence by the General. Unfortunately, the initiative was lost by political in-fighting for which all at the top should take responsibility. No need to deny it, because we the citizens saw the public drama.

  6. cassandra Says:

    You are right. The General did say at the conclusion of the war that SL needed to protect its borders.

    Despite all the country’s protests about the lack of legitimacy and authority of the report of the UNSG’s Panel, the fact is that it has got SL into something of a corner. And my fear is that India, among others, will take advantage of that and try to get the government to make various concessions to the TNA. Already the Indians have been reported as asking for Police powers and Land administration to be handed to the Provincial councils. So, we really need to watch out.

  7. Chintha Says:

    Why is LTTE rump inthe West cry for $F? Where did he got untouched $$$$$$$$$ ??? What is the intension of the funders?? Why is $F is saying the Tamilnet(UN) report is acurate?
    Why TNA support $F after meeting with US embassider?(Read Prof Rajiwa) Why did $F repeating white flag story? Who wants to charge SL army for war crimes?

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Chintha and Ranjith,

    That is true. SF is a criminal and is serving a prison term. Many other cases are pending against him and he always gets diarrhoea when the white flag case comes up!

    However, lets not allow these INTERNAL political matters (the other part is handled by the law so there is no need to bother) affect SL’s security. Government is hell bent on pleasing India at all cost.

    e.g. The fishermen’s case. The bottom line of this is, Tamil Nadu illegal fishermen continue to fish in SL waters, SLN does nothing to stop them (as before) because it kills or hurt the TN criminals (and the Indians), local fishermen are denied what is rightfully theirs, Indian navy once again ran away from the responsibility of stopping their criminals venturing into the neighbourhood.

    Blaming Gonzeka cannot push these under the carpet. In fact Gonzeka with his VERY LIMITED formal knowledge identified the Indian threat. We laughed at him! He was not proposing to go to war with India. He merely pointed out the need to have a strong army and a navy to deter Indian trouble makers.

    e.g. Indian racist housing project

    India has agreed to build 50,000 houses only for Tamils in the north. Government agreed!

    e.g. Now more and more illegals come to SL from Tamil Nadu since the end of the war. Nothing happens. They only need a GS letter (anyone can get this) to get citizenship!

    Even Wimal Weerawansa pointed this out but nothing happens. The curse continues.

    e.g. China agreed to build 150,000 houses to house service personnel in the north. Government suspended this project.

    e.g. There was this stupidest thing to please India called IIFA last year. Indians beggars haven’t STILL paid for it! That allowed the government to take Indian actors to Vanni and participate in marriage ceremonies of suicide bombers at government expense.

  9. AnuD Says:

    wow, donkeys have given their view.

  10. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, Sri Lankans will have to guard our Coastline forever. This is very important. The West Coast & the North are particularly vulnerable. We should have first class Coast Guard services as well as have Neighborhood Watches to keep our eyes open for illegal migrants, smuggling operations bringing in arms & narcotics, warning & helping citizens during bad weather periods, etc. These organisations could work in tandem with the Police & the armed services.

    All this activity will raise our awareness, provide training & jobs, as well as safeguard Lanka from intruders.

  11. cassandra Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    Yes, absolutely. After all, when we have friends like India why do we need enemies?

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    India can be our good friend if not for Tamil Nadu intransigencies ! Now that India is acting with the west and the Cold War is no more, the Indian govt. is bent on uplifting the quality of life in India, which is quite in keeping with GoSL thinking. It is Tamil Nadu problems that impinge on Sri Lanka, past and present.

  13. cassandra Says:

    Fran Diaz,

    I wish I could share your optimism. There are other issues besdies Tamil Nadu that influence India’s relations with Sri Lanka (although I grant that TN is an important part of the equation). Training and equipping the LTTE, invading SL’s airspace and dropping supplies to the LTTE, and getting control over Trincomalee harbour and the Palaly Airport were surely not dictated by TN considerations. Having said that, realistically, we need India on side and even if India is never going to be a true friend we need to maintian the best possible relations with out giant neighbour.

  14. Fran Diaz Says:

    Cassandra: Agree with your points raised.

    However, to go a tad further on Indo/Lanka relations, our ties with India were relatively good till the Cold War started and the ltte was ‘grown’ in Jaffna. I think the past disharmony with India started mostly with the Cold War, with India toeing lines with Russia whilst especially the JRJ govt. went with the west. Since the Cold War ended, the situation now has changed considerably with India being more friendly with the west.

    However, Lanka will have to keep a sharp eye on Tamil Nadu. Some TN politicians have no one else to bang against other than Lanka for distracting their folks, and their problems there are many. At present, it is some Tamil Nadu politicians who drag in the Indian govt. to say/do things inimical to Lanka’s sense of Security. India is caught between a rock and a hard place, trying to please some Tamil Nadu politicians and appearing fair by Lanka.

    India shares cultural ties with Sri Lanka that are immovable. It would be good to be friends with India, as far it is possible and according to new situations that may arise.

    The more Aware we are of the Games that go on, the better prepared we will be to meet future difficulties.

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