Posted on May 31st, 2011

Ranjit Wickremeratne

Who can say that we will live tomorrow or day after tomorrow. No one can say that therefore let’s thank the almighty for giving us this opportunity to live as humans and serve the nation we were born in good faith. Sri Lanka is my homeland I never knew whether I will be a muslim or a Tamil or a Sinhalese or my religion will be Buddhist,Christian or Muslim until I  came to this world as a human being. Let’s forget the race,religion party and colour and try to live as human beings serving and helping each other to get on our feet after thirty years of bloodshed and worst cold blooded massacres in our time.

We somehow by using all kinds of methods erradicated terrorism from our soil for good. Every citizen of our country should be happy and appreciate those who brought this curse to an end. No one should say “I DID,I DID” it’s the effort and sacrifice of all peace loving people of my Motherland. Some laughed some cried,some lost their loved ones,some without their limbs and some benefitted because of terrorism and war. I hate wars and I hate people who starts wars because of the suffering of human race. Violence destroys the happiness and the future of mankind. Peace brings happiness, harmony and development to a country and to it’s peoples. If we have to survive we have to take the road to peace without any argument,to do that we need to be united without killing each other. In this 2600 Buddha Jayanthi year we must forget all the differences and dark days and years in the past and try to move on to take our blessed land to the 21st century. Many foreign armies invaded our beloved country in different years of our history but somehow we survived for 2600 years as a nation. Our homeland is a special place which people live side by side in harmony for centuries. We saw how all the communities Sinhalese,Tamil and Muslims together and unitedly celebrated Buddha Jayanthi festival. It was very nice to see how the people of all communities helps each other and enjoy each other’s company as one nation. This is what we need to happen in our Motherland at this hour. Unity is the key word for a prosperous country. So let’s work to achieve that goal and bring happiness to our citizens.

We have some mischief makers,saboteurs,traitors and gossip mongers in our midst we have to take care of them very fast if not this curse will spread and destroy our peace and happiness. Every single citizen should know how much sacrifice we made to come to this stage. We should not take this victory of ours in a small way. It was a huge victory for all mankind if you think as human beings and we should salute and keep our heros who did it in our hearts for ever in my view. Why we fight for petty things. Do you think we will live for ever. No!, we will die  anytime decided by him above. So in this limited time lets serve the world and our beloved homeland with respect and be worthy to the human race. Our shit garbage collectors in the JVP and divided UNP was trying to stop the forward march of this Government by unneccessary protests and lies to the masses. After getting rid of the worst curse in our land this new curse have started to raise their ugly head to start another bloodshed witout giving a breathing time even after so many years of suffering. We should all get together and destroy this snake who harms the progress of a better future for our peoples. Discussions is the best solution for any issue concerns our land and it should be the way every decent human being wish to have to settle things not by violent means of any sorts like those rowdies in the JVP preech to lure innocent people. What do they want? Do they have any new ideas and any plan for our beloved Motherland except violence? Can we trust them after starting two rebeliions in the past? Do they have a leader to take us to the 21st century? Why our citizens cannot understand what they did to our country and how poor citizens were killed during their insurrections. We have to get rid of these criminals for good to start our new life. We should not allow them to disturb the peace we got from with so much difficulty. The Government should be tough on them to hell with human rights if anyone disturb the peace should be severly dealt with iron fist. Any issue before passing in to the law should be discussed and obtain the opinion of the public.If the majority doesnt agree then it should not be done for the sake of the peace. How much you try to please everybody
and do the correct thing some are there who always criticize and against it. Those pathetic individuals should be rejected by the public for good to save our Motherland. This is the time for cooperation not for rejection.

We have a leader who listen to the citizens.We have a Government who works for the people. The President and his team always on the move going around the country visiting various projects and talking to the people. So I dont think we have a problem to meet them and discuss our problems in a friendly atmosphere not like those days which we cannot even think of going closer to these VIP’s. You have to admit the truth not listen to gossips and lies of the opposition kangaroos. Just imagine our weak Opposition leader goes to India to talk about their disgraced General and other important issues of our beloved homeland. Who is India to us?. He is only a neighbour who always waiting to swallow the small brother. Why cant he discuss important issues with our own President? Why these pigs running to India,Europe,US,British and other western nations?  Arent they not our citizens? They do dirty politics to get power and money to their evil hands but they cannot sell our country to the outside world by telling lies about the Government and the country. We are all one as President says. We dont have Sinhalese,Muslims and Tamils but SRI LANKANS. We have to stand unitedly as Sri Lankans to counter these false allegations against our country by these Foreign funded traitors to the Motherland. We have to monitor the activities of the JVP ( JANATHA VIRODHI PAKSAYA) as they were poisoning the rural and poor masses by spreading lies and lies to take revenge from our President for not taking them to his side. If we allow them to continue in their bad behaviour we might face more ugly scenes around the country and it will be a bad impression on the eyes of the foreign tourists who comes in thousands to see the beauty of our land. From the grass root level we should educate the public of the good things this Government intend to do to the citizens of  our country. Through electronic media we can counter those false allegations which they create to give a wrong picture to the outside world.

Where ever we go we see development in all fields whether in Education,Transport,Tourism,Housing,Aviation,Public services etc. We never saw so much development in the North and Eastern areas before like this NEVER. TNA traitors dont have anything to complain but still they complain to hoodwink the masses and the outside world. I cannot understand why these Tamils in these areas still believe in them after all the suffering they had in the past. This Government did so much during the war and after the war and still if these people cannot understand the Government of Sri Lanka and go behind those TNA traitors then there is something wrong with the system. Our Tamil leaders in the Government should go to their people and explained to them to make them to understand the truth and how to live as Sri Lankans in a united country living side by side harmonously. We dont need to be two peoples but one. We dont need seperation but to live as one nation. This Government is showing the way forward with a clean heart and we should follow them to reach our goal for the 21 st century and to be the light of Asia. People do mistakes but they cannot do all the time to mislead the people. Those opposition goons should be rejected as traitors for putting our Motherland in a bad situation by siding with our enemies abroad. How many of our citizens betrayed to the homeland by giving false information to various Governments and world forums after the war ends? Those dirty traitors should be barred from entering the country,from politics and from public service for good. They should not be pardoned or given any position in public or in private sector.If we allow this Government to run peacefully then we can expect a miracle to happen to our Motherland in no time. People are getting more religious and disciplined and the future generation is catching up with the best of best in education and other important values to be a better person for tomorrow. I hope evil minded liers in our society will go to hell soon to dance with the wolves and leave the decent to bring fame and a better tomorrow to the country we love so much and to it’s peoples from one corner to another happily and peacefully.


  1. Rohan8 Says:

    You are right, after eradicating the evil menace of terrorism. Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to live again on so many levels. In fact even during the era of terrorism Sri Lanka was a great to be. I lived in Sri Lanka for a couple of years in the 1980s. I have many happy memories of Sri Lanka from that time. Sri Lankans are indeed blessed, thats why all Sri lankans should safeguard and build upon what they achieved since 2009. Indeed that seems to be happening under the current govt. Infrastructure that was neglected for a long time is being built and Sri Lanka can look forward to a bright and prosperous future, without the menace of the LTTE ever to threaten the peace of Sri lanka again.
    If I had enough money I would move to Sri Lanka to live permanently tomorrow. The best place to live in in my opinion. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond my control I am stuck in a western country. I can not do that which I would wish. So in the forseeable near future I am stuck in the miserable west. (The country I am in is the UK). A miserable place at the best of times now with economic downturn here it is even worse. On top of that this country goes around the world committing warcrimes, which documents very well.

  2. jimmy Says:

    good article Ranjit

  3. ranjit Says:

    Dear Rohana I wish you win a lottery in UK and then you will have lots of money where you can buy a good house and live a decent life in our blessed land called SRI LANKA. You can give some money to the poor or help others if you have any extra cash or you can share what you have with others and live a happy life without troubling any human being. We need be perfect to teach others. Bad things are bad for anyone.Good things are good for all. When ever we see corruption,waste and hear lies and untruth we should stand unitedly as a person not as a party or colour.We are free citizens and we have the freedom to speak our views openly and fearlessly. All the politicians are our servants.We are the people who bring them to the parliament and we are the people who will reject them.So lets do the right thing for the sake of our next generation and let us live peacefully and happily ever after.

    We must believe in our President only him and I think he will overcome all the evils gradually and lead us to a better world with a disciplined society.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Mocking bird is best known for it’s ability to imitate or mock others and they are loud mouthed and entertaining.Yes we are living in a dream world and our dream world will come true sooner than later if we have a leader like the present President of Sri Lanka for another atleast 10-15 years maximum or his party without going to a party with Tie Coat western backed power hungry traitors.

  5. ranjit Says:

    Mockingbird maybe you havent been to your Motherland for a while.No books,No medicine,Lawlwss were those days not now You pray for a better tomorrow than say NO NO. and “WRONG,WRONG, It’s sound like mockingbird singing isnt it? When I wake up from my dream I dont want to see you Mocking bird. Good luck. All for fun.Take it easy and enjoy traveling around our Motherland then you might chage your thinking.

  6. AnuD Says:


    Ranil Says that We havn’t signed to the international protocl for war crimes, so there is no relevance about this war crime allegations except for good melo drama for political purposes.

    Then the second thing is if you are to be enlighted in this very life it is good to see beyond race, religious and every kind of boundaries.

    If not, as Muslims are silently converting, as christians are openly converting, as tamils are fighting 1/3rd of the island, it is better to talk and act against that.

    We have handed over the leadership to people, 225 of them, but they all exploit us and cheat us.

    That need to be addressed.

  7. ranjit Says:

    Mockingbird,Anud,Jimmy and Rohana I agree with all of you. I am fed up of seeing people sling mud at each other,fighting each other people does things in hatered,people indulge in violence and so on. I am not a party man.Dont misunderstand me.I need everyone of our citizens irrespective of color,party,religion,race to forget all and think as Sri Lankans and contribute something valuable to our beloved homeland. We will die tomorrow but we need to prepare the foundation for our future generation. No politician is good to tell you the truth. Only Guy whom I like genuenly was Dudley Senanayake but now after the war I include the present President to my whom I like list. So dont be upset. By arguing,discussing and writing the kind of articles our distinguished writers write in this respected forum we all can learn something valuable and at the same time can have some fun and know each other.

    Do you think instead of Mahinda if Ranil is in this position as President of Sri Lanka our country will be different than what it is now? or Fonseka or Somawansa? This guy is genuine but you cannot blame him for every mistake others do. Let’s reject them in the next general election if they dont perform well. It’s in our hands and we can do it if we think independently without going behind any party or any politician. Many have written about corruption,waste and bribery in this forum. Government has taken some action so let’s wait and see what happens next and I hope gradually they will erradicate all evils from our society but they need our help. In my days too they took money for admission to good schools so this was going on for sometimes in our society. Not only in our land but all over the world corruption is there and everybody is trying their best to erradicate this menace same like terrorism.Let’s hope we will have a better world tomorrow and keep up your hopes.Good bye Mockingbird.

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