Channel 4 clip and subsequent road-show
Posted on August 1st, 2011

by Dr. Chandana Jayalath

In fact a concerted military campaign was launched by the Sri Lankan Government to wipe out LTTE terrorism. Under circumstances that the civilians were being held as human shields by the LTTE and prevented from leaving those areas into government secured areas, the last lap of the struggle took a different shape that has never seen anywhere in the world. It was with numerous factors, including logistics, intelligence, and more deeply the humanitarian aspects, the Sri Lankan army did its part. The biggest message for others seeking peace and democracy the Sri Lankan security forces gave is the message that terrorism can be fought and overcome. However, the residues that operate from Europe are still seen. Channel 4 video clip broadcast since August 2009 and its subsequent road-show is a classic example.

 It’s one of diversified businesses of the Channel 4 is to make films and at no surprise, the main actor of the film (a gunman shooting at another laid down) is acting like at the end of a Jill ball game where the last in hand is thrown at the two Jill balls to finish the game off. The actor comfortably takes the target to shoot at head, which does not in any way happen with people with arms. Channel 4 claims that “the other new witness, who was also operating with Brigadier Shavendra Silva’s 58 Division on the front line during the final assault, claims the Brigadier was ordered by the defence secretary “to finish the job by whatever means necessary.” He said (so called witness) this was interpreted by the soldiers as a license to kill.

 The author wishes to add that the interpretation on how to do, what to do and when to do is a part of strategic appreciation to be undertaken by brains rather than backbones. Obviously, the military approaches and strategies are far beyond cattle handling – where cattle are freed to do anything for some time of the day. There were so many clips in many other web sites appeared, reappeared and disappeared from time to time that made sensational at glance but gorgeous when some ladies running “ƒ”¹…”laughing’ in a background of bomb blasts. Although violence against fellow humans is not uncommon in the Western world, such as My lai massacre, Abu Gharaib, Genocide of native American Indians, and so on, it can be safely said that the Sri Lankan soldiers kill only in self defence, a theme that established from its inception. Being an army that is trained hard to militarize a civil to a professional soldier including the training on humanitarian law, the Army Act and related aspects, it is highly unlikely for a Sri Lankan soldier to behave in the manner shown in the video clip. What is most likely is that this video clip is a fake LTTE propaganda and it is a shame that Channel 4 pursue the matter for cheap publicity. It is discreditable to see that Channel 4 relies on authenticated material.

 More importantly, the subsequent attempts’ targeting two personalities seems how far as a media the Channel 4 has been weakened its position. Largely credited with masterminding the success achieved by the Sri Lankan Military, Sri Lankan Defence Secretary himself is a distinguished character. Shavindra Silva on the other hand is a gallantry medalist of high dignity for the bravery in the battle. It must be noted that no soldier can go up in the ladder of a strict vertical hierarchy unless he deserves absolute dignity, discipline and momentum in all respects throughout the military career. No one needs Jill ball games, therefore. However, the Channel 4 has now come down to a tax free “ƒ”¹…”paparazzi’ role in capacity of independent contractors, becoming a nuisance. Since Channel 4 is a public service state owned broadcaster, it is significant for the British government to intervene into Channel 4 attempts to indirectly represent terrorism under the label of “ƒ”¹…”free speech’ and violate media ethics, inter-alia the way the Channel 4 hang around the Sri Lankan diplomats.

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  1. dhane Says:

    The whole words had seen enough in UK, USA media nakedness and its lowest level on Rupert Murdoch UK Parliamentary inquiry. So Channel 4 is nothing more. These media institutions will do any dirty tricks to earn money by even by selling own m—-..

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