NDP seeks justice for Tamils
Posted on August 4th, 2011

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . Canada

4 August 2011

 The Editor (Letters) 


“NDP seeks “ƒ”¹…”justice for Tamils “”…” UN probe sought into war crimes”, you said (August 4).  This is embarrassing coming out of  a Canadian political party, that obviously do not realize, that they are talking of the minority Tamil community (3.9% now)  in Sri Lanka which has more millionaires than the majority Sinhalese (74%)  in Colombo’s capital region,  a minority Tamil group which has overrun the Sinhalese population in the capital of Colombo as the Tamils represent 41% of its population with no harassment by the majority Sinhalese, and owning 75% of  the real estate  in Wellawatte a rich suburb of Colombo, their Rothwell Heights, I cannot comprehend why NDP is still seeking justice for the Tamils!

NDP’s Wayne Marston says his party was spurred on by a 2010 UN report on the war and the recent BBC documentary, Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields. While I would like to point out that this report was not approved to be conducted by the UN and it is now recognized as the Darusman Report by the name of the three panelist leader who was hired by the Secretary General Ban ki-Moon to advice him on Sri Lanka.

As for the Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, the NDPiers should watch the brilliant and clinical rebuttal documentary Lies Agreed Upon  by the Government of Sri Lanka which throws up many , many scores of doubts about this heinous vindictive  propaganda campaign orchestrated by London’s Channel 4 TV to discredit Sri Lanka, as their News crew was evicted from Sri Lanka on 10 May 2009 for alleged false reporting on the war. 

 What Lies Agreed Upon show is the questionable nature of the Channel 4 footage revealing clearly enacted scenes filmed for propaganda purposes by the Tamil Tigers, a terrorist group which was banned in Canada in April 2006,  like images of crowds at the gate of the UN office in Killinochchi, described with gut wrenching words by Jon Snow which appeared to be from two different films; the blade used in the alleged killing of a Tamil combatant did not have any blood on it;  the scenes of terrified civilians fleeing an aerial bombardment, in the original Tamil Tiger footage contains the camera persons and on-lookers; the shells that landed among the IDP tents somehow left the flimsy tents unscathed; the original of the execution video had the killers speaking in perfect  Tamil which was later dubbed in badly Tamil accented Sinhalese; and one of the woman witnesses they produced wearing a blouse was proved to be a military trained Tamil Tigress who had taken part in active combat and had a cyanide capsule around her neck.

I expect the NDP parliamentarians  to be more responsible and diligent and not embarrass Canada by asking the government to take a lead role of persecuting Sri Lanka without solid facts to go by.

It is about time that Canada be supportive of Sri Lanka’s reconciliatory healing process between the aggrieved communities and let’s give that island a much deserved Peace a Chance after having been haemorrhaged for 27 years by this debilitating Tamil separatist war.

Asoka Weerasinghe

5 Responses to “NDP seeks justice for Tamils”

  1. AnuD Says:

    It looks like that NDP is catering to extremist politics – Quibequeois party and LTTEat present – to get power.

  2. thurai Says:

    Diapora Tamils and Tamil Politicians are playing with fire. They donn´t understand even after the deaths
    and loses of Tamils for the last 30 years. It is clear the suffered are poor Tamil. The millonaires of Tamils in South of Sri Lanka can escape immediately after starting violence aginst Tamil by flight to Tamilnadu. The poor daily workers suffer a lot. Activities of Diaspora Tamils are well connected with Network of Terrorism.
    The world will understand oneday after realising the danger of Tamils who hate their motherland and cheat
    the world

  3. Leela Says:

    If we extract essence of comments that are posted in varous blogs, one would note that insight of average Tamil is not that of thurais. For one thing there will never be 83 types of riots ever again because Sinhalese want to believe that riots against Tamils had never taken place. They regret it and are ashamed of such duing by a few UNP thugs. Neither do they want to reminiscence the atrocities on the part of Tamils. They mention it only when provoked as a tit for tat. But they know very well that there is no point harping on about the wretched acts of the past.

    From what I could see, enemies of Tamils are not Sinhalese but themselves, their leaders and their pre Waddukkodai mentality.

    If only they differentiate the difference between pre Waddukkodai mentality and genuine Tamil grievances and demand the government put those grievances right, no Sinhalese would object it. And thereafter, if they integrate with Sinhalese like the Muslims, once again sky will be the limit for them.

  4. thurai Says:

    //From what I could see, enemies of Tamils are not Sinhalese but themselves//Leela


    You are exactly right, If we love our neighbours we love our family also. The Tamils who
    want seperation , say the world they want to safegurd their Tamil community from Sinhalese
    killers. Noone opened their mouth when LTTE was killing Tamils. Some Tamils never love themself
    and other comunities. I ask the diaspora Tamils who show the world the killings durig the war,
    where are the pictures of killing and burnnigs of Tamils by your Liberators.

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Asoka Weerasinghe,
    Thanks very much for regular contributions to Lanka Web. Very impressed & delighted of your analysis of various issues concerning our Motherland.

    I am surprised to hear tamil community in Sri lanka is ONLY 3.9% now. Most have left & some are still suffering from the defeat. IS IT UNUSUAL & preposterous for them to ASK equal status, language, jobs & in other matters when they are a FRINGE MINORITY.

    Although I do not agree with Gen: FONSEKA, he said it best after winning the war.. “TAMILS u r a MINORITY, we r the MAJORITY.. Learn to live with us. DO NOT ASK or UNDUE Demands, claims or rights, where EVEN their own SUPPORTER called the largest democracy ( according to others) do not HAVE or given minimal rights to her minorities.

    Sri Labkan Govt. should IMMEDIATELY TAKE back ALL the equlaity given to them. Ask them to learn SINHALESE. We in Canada STILL complain about UNJUST demands of Quebec, even though they are ONE founding communities of Canada.

    Thats why we should INSIST on Lankan Govt. reduce the parlimentary seats in North & East, as population has dwindled. NEVER MIND about their protests & going to INTERNATIONAL WAR MONGERS, who listen to these PATHETIC complainers for ever.

    Very happy to read your articles & please continue to inform us. THE TRUTH, not Tamil propaganda, Human Smuggling, DRUGS & prostitution to name a few how these EVIL DOERS survive. They threaten their own people for money & while they travel in BENZ cars, while their poor cousins in the North & East suffer.

    Hope to hear more in your next contribution to lanka eb.. May the triple Gems GUIDE U & Protect u ! “Budhu Saranayi”

    Another concerned Sinhalese Canadian…. Gamunu Alahakkone. P. Eng Canada, C.Eng UK.

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