TNA Getting Carried Away Over Their Residual Local Polls Win And Losing Rationality!
Posted on August 4th, 2011

Insight By Sunil Kumar

4th August 2011

Give them an inch and suddenly they demand a mile! Typical of the former LTTE proxy the TNA which seems to be getting carried away with their residual local council polls win in the North of Sri Lanka.and whats more! they are trying to alter the definitive meaning of the term Minority to suit their requirements which is not only laughable but portrays them for who they really are, a conniving bunch of pro Eelam supportives who still have sympathisers who vote for them and need to be educated about the difference between a Minority and Majority and shown the book if they further continue to make the Sinhala Tamil disparity an issue in a country which is predominantly Sinhalese who are conciliatory to the needs of all minorities where the TNA should be aware of the statutes of their limitations in a country which has a Constitution which protects all minorities as part of a whole comprising the Majority Sinhalese and desist from their present rhetoric which is not only inflammatory but high handed!

When The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) demands equal rights for Tamils and slams comments by a Government Minister who was merely projecting the realities of who was in power and why, they seem to jump to conclusions that the comments were derogatory against the Tamil population which seems the furthest from the truth. That the TNA have always been a bunch of trouble makers aligned to terrorist idealogy goes without saying and to take the liberty to say that “We will not allow the Government or anyone else to treat the Tamils as a minority anymore. If the Sri Lankan Government thinks the Sinhalese are the majority and the Tamils are the minority, then they are mistaken,” as TNA MP Suresh Premachandran has somewhat obnoxiously told the local media and needs to be politely informed that the Sinhalese are indeed the majority in Sri Lanka and as in most parts of the world it is Majority Rule whether they like it or not.

It further needs to be endorsed that when Government Minister Champika Ranawaka has on Tuesday July 26, said, “Just because they won a few councils they must not demand police and land powers. They need to take note of the fact that 56 per cent of the voters had voted to retain the unitary character of the country,” he was pointing to the salent reality that the TNA have absolutely no right to their demands which have significant similarities to the idealogies and demands of another group of Tamils ~ not politicians but terrorists led by the now defunct LTTE and their deposed leader Velupillai Prabhakaran which gives rise to the notion that the TNA needs to be carefully scrutinised for all their activities and outlawed if they bear any semblance towards objectives and idealogies leaning towards recussitating the LTTE which could become not only a major issue but a foremost priority for the Government of Sri Lanka to deal with!

 The Government Minister when accusing the TNA of trying to use the USA to try and intervene in order to win Tamil demands also seemed to be assertive about an issue which in recent times has surfaced to chagrin baselessly the progress of the Government of Sri Lanka in the aftermath of the terrorist defeat and probably needs to be confronted in an international court of law to lay to rest once and for all the impediments of ludicrous, baseless albeit carefully orchestrated with deliberate intent to discredit, all the accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka.

In endorsement of Minister Ranawake it needs to be reiterated that we the Sinhalese will not kneel down before the US or any other power if the objective becomes transparent that it is motivated by disgruntled Tamil Diaspora some of them in positions of authority in foreign Governments as well as the United Nations as all their efforts could only come up against the legal right of a democrativc nation to defend itself from the attrocities and dangers of terrorism and will eventually turn out to be a wasted effort on their part .

 It needs also to be pointed out that TNA MP Premachandran’s comments ” that by making controversial remarks against the Tamil population in Sri Lanka, the Government was only creating another rift between the two communities in the country. Government ministers should be mindful of the remarks they make against the Tamil community. The Tamils will not allow or accept any foolish remarks made by certain Sinhalese government ministers,” have a hollow and somewhat ignorant ring to them as all the accusations made by Premachandra seem to be roles in reverse where they more appropriately point to the Tamil community and their global diaspora ( not necessarily all of them) often blatantly broadcast for all the world to see in various formats and Premachandra should put his money where his mouth is and widen his horizons relative to who is saying what in derogatory fashion and he will surely be disillussioned about the jargon he is spewing as they more than visibly fit his own community!!

 Footnote : Sri Lanka is not only just recovering from a brutal war which lasted nearly three decades in which the LTTE was demanding a separate state for the minority Tamil community, a logical, rational as well as numerical impossibility where after the defeat of the LTTE in 2009 the Tamil National Alliance, which had once accepted the policies of the rebels,( probably still nurture the same sentiments) began talks with the Sri Lankan Government to find a solution to Tamil concerns, which talks in all probabilities should never have taken place given the known LTTE proxy status of the TNA. And based purely upon the results of recent local council elections where the Tamil National Alliance won majority support in the Tamil dominated north of the country which sounds impressive on paper but in the real picture simply tantamounts to a residual tally relative to the overall voting population of the country where the Government’s victory was not restricted to the Sinhalese dominated South alone and made an issue of by the TNA hopefully to a residual and circumspectly gullible audience.

3 Responses to “TNA Getting Carried Away Over Their Residual Local Polls Win And Losing Rationality!”

  1. Samson Says:

    Although TNA won on paper, it is EPDP rule anyway because they are more practical and co-operate with the army. I’m no supporter of EPDP goons but they are still better than TNA goons and worthless pieces of racist excreta.

  2. AnuD Says:

    Give them an inch and suddenly they demand a mile!

    This is very true. Give them the opposition, they will ask peelam again and begin another war.

    Just don’t give them attention.

    Allow them to jump up and down. When we give them attention they scream more.

  3. dhane Says:

    Mother Lanka will be thankful to all those good sons & daughters who are supportive and work hard when the money oriented Media & Politicians are trying to their best to bring war crimes. Their agenda will never achieved.

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