Posted on August 16th, 2011


Re. news story about the Tamil Credit Card fraud in Australia amounting to approximately $200 million – it is widely believed that the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers (LTTE) and/or their affiliated organistions  are behind the scam.

Sri Lanka Support Group has vehemently lobbied the Australian Governments to ban  the Tamil Tigers as a Terrorist Group in Australia. Liberal’s Phillip Ruddock was adamant that he would not ban the Tigers. The same approach is now being followed by Labor’s Kevin Rudd.

Australians are paying a high price for the lapses of our politicians.

Tamil Tigers keep coming to Australia in large numbers. Former Tamil Tigers have been positively identified in some of the asylum seeker vessels that have reached Australia, (ASIO identified 4 Tamils as being of bad character on the Oceanic Viking). Of the 260 Tamils who are on a boat currently berthed in Merak, Indonesia, who are eagerly waiting to come to Australia (some have already been given visas to come to Australia), several Tamil Tigers and Tamil thugs (both male and female) have been positively identified.

We must not forget that Tamil Tigers were the most brutal terrorists that could ever be imagined. They  massacred thousands of innocent Sri Lankans (numbering about 80,000).  They killed and maimed rural Sinhalese infants after grabbing them from feeding mothers and killed Buddhist and Muslim priests cold bloodedly.  They committed various other brutal and heinous crimes against the Sinhalese (and some Muslims) such as suicide bombings, rape, bus bombings, and the killing of thousands Sinhalese , Muslim and innocent Tamils by numerous other brutal ways.

Australia and New Zealand are the only western countries that did not ban the Tamil Tigers and we say that Australia is still a strong fundraising country for the Tamil Tigers. It is alleged that Tamil Tigers and their affiliated organisations are  engaged in money laundering.  They have collected money from Tamil people in Australia using undue force. They have been involved in many other violent/illegal activities in Australia.  It is alleged that they have  used a Hindu temple in Perth as a  fundraising centre. The monies collected, (we believe including the credit card scam money) have been used for their work in creating a separate state in Sri Lanka.

 Tamil Tigers are very much alive in Australia. Many Tamil Diaspora organisations support them. Unfortunately, the Australian Governments have given the Tigers somewhat a free hand to operate in Australia.

Innocent Australians are paying a high price for the lapses by our politicians.

By encouraging  Tamil Tigers to operate  in Australia,  the lives of the Sinhalese in Australia have been kept in danger. Those who talk against the Tamil Tigers in Australia are taking a great risk in their own lives by coming out in the open to criticise them. There are Tamil thugs in this country who have harmed innocent Sinhalese who live here. When the Tamil Tigers were defeated, some angry Tamils went on a rampage attacking innocent Sinhalese living in Australia. Acid was thrown at two innocent Sinhalese students in Sydney. Those two students had nothing to do with Tamils. They had only come back after a hard day’s work in the middle of night and went to sleep. They were attacked while they were in deep sleep. They had not even known these Tamil thugs before. This incident happened immediately after, the Tamil Tigers were militarily defeated in Sri Lanka in May 2009. Within a few days of the Tiger defeat, about five Sinhalese shops in Melbourne were attacked by Tamils. There is no special protection afforded by the Australian Security to those who criticise the Tamil Tigers and Tamil Diaspora.

It is unfortunate that the media and the politicians in Australia are mum about the Tamil violence and Tamil frauds in Australia. Therefore, these activities are like to continue in the future.

Australia is a friend of Sri Lanka.  There are close to 150,000 Sri Lankans living in Australia, mostly from the majority Sinhalese race.  These are good law abiding citizens of Australia.  They love Australia and have made this country their home. 

 The majority of the Sri Lankans be they Sinhalese, Tamil or Muslim want the Tamil Tigers to be banned in Australia. They want Australia to  proscribe this most gruesome, barbaric terrorist organisation. 

 Ms Gillard, we hope you will listen to our message clearly and loudly “”…” please ban the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) at  least now (quite belatedly), under the Australian Criminal Code.

 Sri Lanka Support Group, Canberra, [email protected],


  1. Sarath W Says:

    Why is Sri Lankan government try to stop these ungrateful Tamil tiger terrorist leaving Sri Lanka in boats to Australia,Canada and other western countries who support them? The government should encourage these scum to leave Sri Lanka and seek asyum in those countries. England and Norway paid a heavy price recently for their own sins and other countries who hurt Sri Lanka will pay sooner or later.

  2. Lorenzo Says:


    Whatever we do whitemasters and these criminals join together and blame us.

    There is no need to stop them. Let them sleep with their whitemasters. Everyone is happy. They are happy. We are happy. The whitemasters will also be happy in their company. If the boats leave SL and fail to reach the destination safely, it is even better!

  3. gamunu6 Says:

    Sri Lanka Support Group~ Canberra-Australia

    Thanks so much for your detailed article about Tamil tigers & their actions. I fully endorse that Australia should ban LTTE, as most European nations did some time ago. In addition USA & Canada too have banned this & other front organizations / forums which practice under different names.

    This orgainization has done so much damage to innocent people, including their own tamil brothers & sisters, in the name collecting funds to prepare for a war, which is never going to happen. People of all ethinicities are tired of 4 fours conducted by EVIL DOERS. Most of them live in luxury in various countries & never even visited Sri Lanka.

    Please continue to write to authorities & also to our new Ambassodor Admiral to mount a concerted effort to ban LTTE organization.

    I am somewhat surprised as to why Australia, out of all countries turn a blind eye, when these people associated with LTTE
    conduct drug running, human smuggling, and many other undesirable acts, yet continue to evade prosecution.

    Please continue to be vigilant & mobilize peace loving Sri lankans in Australia, be they Sinhalese, Tamils , Muslims or burghurs and request Australian leaders to take necessary action to keep Australia free from these undesirables.

    Thanks again for the excellent work your organization does for peace & goodwill of your country.

    Gamunu Alahakkone. P. Eng ( Canada), C.Eng(UK).

  4. love_lanka Says:

    Good work Sri Lanka Support Group Canberra-Australia!

    Looks like you are doing a better PR job than the new High Commissioner in Canberra. After all he is new to Australian media and not a career diplomat either. His military skill needs to be transformation to media skills and that will take time.

    Since he was now admitted that there were in fact “collateral” civilians damage and blown our “zero civilian” causalities claim, we need to do the damage control and you are well placed to do this, given your Canberra contacts.

    Why are we keep sending these conflicting messages to the rest of the world ? We should strictly stick to the official “zero civilian” causality claim – no matter what US, UK, UN, Channel4, Indian Headlines TV or ABC TV says!

  5. aravinda Says:

    LTTE was expected to create Tamil Eelam, which in turn will lead to instability in India. The next war was expected in Tamil Nadu, leading to destruction of that country. The reason some nations failed to ban LTTE was, that they were dreaming of fragmenting India. They are still dreaming of a day when whole of the Sub-continent will be engulfed in flames. Keep on dreaming… it will never happen.

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