PSC ,greater scope is welcome
Posted on August 30th, 2011

Ranjith Soysa Colombo.

The Government and the concerned Parliamentarians should be commended for widening the scope of the PSC giving priority to the enhancing the unity of the Nation rather than restricting to discuss group interests in these post-LTTE days. All Sri Lankans should endeavor to think about a Sri Lanka  as their country and not of regional autonomy.

In the Western Province and in  Colombo city  all ethnic and religious groups live as neighbors sharing common dreams and enjoying a healthy cultural mix. The days when a given groups were insisting on exclusive rights in given regions are over with the end of the LTTE regime. The sacrifices made by all groups during the last

35 years to strengthen the Nation should lead the policy makers to carve out a new way so that Sri Lankan people living in any part will identify themselves as a members of one Nation.

The PSC must consider ways to protect human rights and strengthen democracy, rule of law and of course the good governance. Another vital area is to scrutinize the electoral system  to do away with the preferential voting system breeding corrupt politicians at all levels and keeping away the honest away from  the political arena.

The good governance is the key to bolster the Nation and the PSC should not waste any more time on age old remedies which have lead only to more disunity and dissension.

Let the PSC send a strong message to the jingoistic , troublemaking politicians. Let us begin our quest with a clean slate.

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