Posted on September 22nd, 2011

Malin Abeyatunge

The direct answer to the subject question is HRW, AI, ICS. These so called watch dogs are pushing hard for war crimes probe in Sri Lanka whilst the LTTE rump is playing drums full of dollars from behind the back stage.

 UNSG Mr. Ban-ki-Moon has become a puppet on a string manipulated by the West and the trio NGOs namely Human Rights Watch (HRW), Amnesty International (AI) and International Crisis Group (ICS). UNSG’s so called Panel of Experts (POE) report now known as Darusman Report by three stooges is a by-product of this manipulation. There is another clown called Navi Pillai heading the UNHCR treating the Darusman Report which is a bag full of factual inaccuracies based on hearsay, fake film clip called ” Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields” manufactured by Channel 4, reports and submissions by HRW, AI and ICS group as the Gospel Truth and continue to bash Sri Lanka at every turn. Latest being a vain attempt by her to discreetly creep in the Darusman Report to the UNHCR Sessions currently held in Geneva with the connivance of UNSG despite the Darusman report was subsequently ignored by UNSG to proceed further on its recommendation. What is being said by HRW, AI and ICS against Sri Lanka is being parroted by Navi Pillai at UNHRC to demand war crimes probe in Sri Lanka.

 Since the military defeat of the most brutal terrorist group in the world -LTTE, UNSG Ban-Ki-Moon, UNHCR chief Navi Pillai have been working according to the dictates of HRW (New York based) and the AI (London based) and other so called dollar hungry groups like ICS etc. These non- governmental organizations have been based their reports/submission on LTTE websites mainly TamilNet, hearsay and pick and choose bits and pieces from various pro LTTE writings by individuals, thro articles and fictions without any substantiated facts or figures.

 At least the cricketing world has not forgotten how the Amnesty International acted at the World Cup Cricket held in West Indies in April 2007. Amnesty International exposed its nudity to the world by carrying out a “Tennis Ball Campaign” conniving with the terrorist outfit LTTE against Sri Lanka. So any utterances made by AI against Sri Lanka have to be treated as biased and to LTTE rump.

Why NGOs like HRW, AI and ICS supporting the most brutal terrorist outfit in the world in the past and continue to support the LTTE rump by attempting to bash Sri Lanka and bring her before the ICC for war crimes. Well THE MONEY TALKS. Now both UNSG and Pillai have another bible called Panel of Exports infamously called Darusman Report with full of flaws, unsubstantiated facts, mostly hearsay and pick and choose bits and pieces from pro-LTTE writings. Today, the UN and its Agencies like UNHRC appear to be dictated by HRW, AI, ICS and the LTTE rump. Do UNSG and UNHRC bound to act as puppets to these NGOs and if so why? As I mentioned in one of my previous writings that Navi Pillai appear to be suffering from some kind of lankaphobia resulting insomnia until she gets Sri Lanka to the ICC door. Her image appearing in the public domain tells thousands of words of a frustrated angry woman.

 The irony is that both Navi Pillai, and the HRW were trying to pull wool over the eyes of the countries who support Sri Lanka by Pillai blaming Australia for discriminating against the aborigines and HRW blaming Bush Administration for human Rights Violations in Iraq and Afghanistan to convince that they don’t have “Double Standards”. Any way, the comments made by them ended up with no action and no reports and Pillai and HRW never persuaded the human rights violations charges against Australia and Unirted States further. It was just a matter for record to show that they don’t have” Double Standards” But they are all out to bash Sri Lanka in every turn and for the second time at the on going sessions of the Human Rights Council despite no war crimes were committed by Sri Lanka as in Iraq, Afghanistan and now in Libya by the west. Whom are they trying to hoodwink? Certainly not the anti-Sri Lanka west including Australia but the other non aligned countries. So Let Navi Pillai barks: let HRW, AI and ICS bark. Let UNSG barks. Sri Lanka will stand firm in their commitment for peace and reconciliation and will never surrender to the actions of dollar hungry vultures.


  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Velu Pillai = Navi Pillai
    Australian Greens = SL greens
    LTTE = Lunatic Tamil Tarts Easyfux

  2. gdesilva Says:

    It is time that ordinary citizens of this world know where the funding for organisations such as the HRW, AI, ICS come from. It is time that they are held accountable and disclose all their funding sources and the percentage of funding coming from each source. Then the cat will be out of the bag! Just keep asking these questions so that enough people start thinking about these issues and one day the judgement day will come for these proxy spy agencies.

  3. M.S.MUdali Says:

    Who are the people funding HRW, AI or Red Cross and other orgs?

    Gun dealers and gun producing nations fund these orgs to spy other countries to find a suitable climate to sell guns to criminals!

    That happened in Sri Lanka.

  4. Sri Rohana Says:

    Well-said MUDAli anna! Exactly the arms dealers are behind the every terrorist gang in this world. They supplied aircrafts to us and SAM missiles to LTTE. The Armored vehicles to us RPG’s to LTTE etc
    The day tamil community give up eelam and federalism and consider Sri Lanka as their motherland arms dealers one game is over. If we united then arms dealer’s cats paw Amnesty International, HRW, and Red Cross operations are null and void in Sri Lanka.

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    As usual very factual pointed questions need to be answered by leaders of these three organizations. How many of them are there in LTTE payroll??

    We have only our Govt. representatives to support us in international arenas which are hell bent on punishing the only country in the workd which defeated terrorism.

    Some countries still symathisz with LTTE & associated forums, because those countries depend on their votes, come election time. This David Millband realised rather late, when he was defeated even with the association with the LTTE rump.

    Thanks very much for bringing this is up for all citizenery to see. Kudos to you .

    Gamunu Alahakkone. P.Eng ( Canada)., C. Eng (UK). Retired Engineer~ CANADA

  6. LankaLover Says:

    About the HRW, AI, and ICG: they themselves are Mercenaries that have been set-up to front ending to protect Western Interests around the world… Their motive is money, and serving their Masters.

    With SL, LTTE money motivates the HRW, AI, and ICG. Also, they want to please Hilary Clinton, who is motivated by her newly found LTTE friend base (money pay off her $30 M debt… and to creating a chorus of free Cheer Leaders for her).

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