Any More Takers For Sri Lanka Bashing? Answer To This Question By Charles Perera Is: One Basher, Judge Baltasaa Garzon Will Not Be There. Why? Because he is Under investigation by the Spanish Supreme Court
Posted on February 8th, 2012

Kithsiri Athulathmudali, Florida, USA

Going through the Charles’s list, I find Navi Pallai and Louise Arbour are there, but little known to Sri Lankans and to conflict analyzers of Sri Lanka, is the Spanish Judge Baltasaa Garzon. We know everything about Navi Palai, she started a “Tamil EELAM in Ceylon” movement, in South Africa, when she was a teenager at high school.

Our Canadian friends like Ira De Silva have published many articles about Louise Aebour. This little known judge to Sri Lankan theater of operation in Hague is Judge Baltasaa Garzon.  He is on trial in Spain, for, over stepping his duties as a judge. He arrested Augusto Pinochet in London and sent him to a jail in Argentina. He is also has been charged, for talking bribes.

 As an investigating magistrate, he stopped an inquiry in to Santander Bank. The prosecutor says he took bribes from this bank. He is also charged with issuing an order to wiretap right wing parliamentarians in Spain.  Judge Baltasaa is a crook and a millionaire. As soon as he lost the job as a judge in Spain, Ben Ki Moon appointed him to the International Criminal Court in Hague and he is currently serving asa judge there.

 Why he is dangerous To Sri Lanka, is what he did in Spain. He went back to the Time of Spanish Civil War 1936 to 1939.

 General Franco was the dictator during the civil war and he was ruthless. He killed anyone who opposed him with court trials or without court trials. Victims of the civil war are buried in marked and unmarked graves all over Spain. Sometimes ruthless dictators create environments that will benefit a country decades after they were carried out.Spain is one country today, because of Franco’s action, but one must not condone his ruthless action, but again, on the other hand the situation that existed in Spain during the civil war and who created it, has to be taken into account, before a judgment can be given.

This history cannot be ported to present day environment and compared to current happenings around the world   Under Franco’s dictatorship, he did not allow Nazis, Soviets, or British America forces to enter Spain. What judge Baltasaa did in Spain when he was a magistrate, was to issue an order to the police, to dig these graves, locate, and identify the victim and how he died. Case against him is that he went against his mandate as an investigating magistrate. Spain is divided today and his followers have started street protests. He could do the same in Sri Lanka using UNP and JVP.

 What Judge Baltasaa Did In Spain Is Identical To What LLRC Did, They Went Beyond The Given Mandate

 Minister of Power and Energy Champica Ranaweke said this openly. If I am not mistaken, this LLRC committee was started by Ranil, when he was the Prime Minister and it was to help bring back Sinhala to areas that are not under control by Prabhakeran, after handing over the Northern and Eastern Provinces to him. The good question is, whether there is a written mandate to operate within clear boundaries? Probably not, therefore possibilities that INDIAN RAW paid kickbacks to the members, no one will be able to find out? LLRC brought witnesses who were openly against the Sri Lanka Constitution.

One of them was a retired judge from the British Colonial time and did not know any system other than the British Parliamentary System. He lives in Australia and came to advice late J.R. Jayawardena when the constitution was about to be implemented. He told JR the best constitution is one similar to INDIA and not have an Executive Precedency. JR told him to get lost, but LLRC flew him down from Australia to give evidence. He repeated the same story, now who invited him and who paid his air fair? No one knows, the Tax payer of course.

 The charges against Judge Baltasaa if proven will put him in jail for 10 years and will not be able to practice law in Spain for 20 years.Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have observers at the trial. I sincerely hope Sri Lanka Embassy will send an observer to this trial.


6 Responses to “Any More Takers For Sri Lanka Bashing? Answer To This Question By Charles Perera Is: One Basher, Judge Baltasaa Garzon Will Not Be There. Why? Because he is Under investigation by the Spanish Supreme Court”

  1. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Kithsiri Athulathmudali!………I always admire when Sri Lankan writers, respondents go out of their way to explain the complexties of problems in Sri Lanka.

    THIS NEVER ending Tamil problem is imaginary, 4.2% ppoulation at the presnt TAMILS in Sri lanka is lower thatn the strenth of MUSLIM popukation. Muslims from the very beginning absorbed Sinhelese majority & have worked well for betterment of their coommunity & also upholding the views of succesive Sri Lankan Govts. of all stripes.

    As one of your brothers & some sisters pointed out, this is a question ONLY relevant to FEW families of Upper CASTE, Upper Class minority who DISCRIMINATES other poor, low caste tamils & never allow them to get ahead. Thats why the present Sri lankan govt. has started helping the disadvantaged Tamils who are ingnored by HIGH CASTE, eduacted Tamils.

    I agree with the suggestion as a STARTING POINT to annex EASTERN province to Souhern province beacuse of the geography & how it extends to Southern Coastal belt.

    NEXT encourage SINHALESE to be the dominant force in NORTH in general & in particular JAFFNA. NO COUNTRY in the world will give a minority EVEN less than the MUSLIM community, EQUAL status with majority, in language & every other aspect of LIFE.

    These should be carried out EVEN against protests by those FEW who at present hold the reigns of power of TAMILS. Once that is completed, GOVT. should ask them to assimilate or leave the country. Citizenships of Sri lanka should be withdrawn. If they want to go back to INDIA, who armed & supported the LTTE, should be encouraged. I make NO difference between Tamils from India or Tamils from North of Sri lanka or Indians in all forms.

    Our poltical leaders should be very careful before FURTHERING CEPA with India & many other JOINT activities which affects our SOVEREIGNITY.

    Hope these comments would inspire our leaders to concentrate ABOUT the present situation & CURTAIL even the generous grants we have givem to Tamils.

    Thanks very much for the opportunity to express my views…….~ Gamunu Alahakkone. P.Eng. Retd Engr~ Canada

  2. Kamal Says:

    “Judge Baltasaa Garzon Will Not Be There. Why? Because he is Under investigation by the Spanish Supreme Court”
    He was onvicted on the 9th February,

  3. Vis8 Says:

    Too bad that the terror-supporters Navi Pillay and R. Coomaraswamy got into the ranks of the so-called “Human Rights” group in the UN. Don’t they check the backgrounds of people before giving them these titles??????

  4. Kit Athul Says:

    Kamal, Thank you for the update. and Vis8, thank you for the comments. Kithsiri

  5. Charles Says:

    NormallyI think the background of Candidates to high posts in UN is checked. But as UN of Ban Ki Moon is what it is, his team may probably had a “golden handshake” from the pro terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora to have Navi Pillai appointed on the face value of her application.

    I had not heard of Balthazaar( by the way, I think that it is also the name by which the Demon is known in witchcraft). However thank you Kithsir for writing about him.

    As for LLRC I have much confidence in, and respect to the members of the LLRCommission. If they had gone beyod the mandate, they may have had a reason. However, if the President does not want to accept the recommendations beyond the mandate given to the Commission, he can ignore them. That should not be made the reason to cast doubt on the excellence of the LLRC report.

  6. Kit Athul Says:

    Thank you Gamunu Alahakkone, I sorry for the delay, I had to attend to my family emergency. I am addressing external threats to Sri Lanka only. Another entity might try a similar action that happend in Egypt. Go to NPR.ORG then Click on Freshair. Then on Wael Ghonmi. You will find somthing that you will not belive. Did you know how many people got together to start the Egyptian revalution? JUST ONE. Wael Ghobiim. He used the face book to send messages to 4 million Egyptians to meet at one place and attack a target. Also he used the Tweet. A similar person can create mayhem in Sri Lanka. Write some comments, that will be great.

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