Reply to M Sumanthiran
Posted on February 13th, 2012

Kanthar P. Balanathan Melbourne, Australia

Dear Mr.Sumanthiran,

Please address the issues related here in this piece.

The passage of the 1949 act made two MPs (SJV & Vanniasingham) to resign from the All Ceylon Tamil Congress(ACTC) and found the “Federal Party”. The lack of vision by the Tamil politicians can be seen here. In 1833 when the nations were merged, the Tamils made no objections to the British. It took 115 years for the Tamils to trigger that anxiety of separatism, for no other reason, but purely because of the portfolio GG Ponnambalam took charge refusing SJVC, which is the Industry & Fisheries portfolio. The Tamil’s self-centered; selfishness and internal conflict can be clearly seen here.

However, if a portfolio was allocated to SJV Chelvanayagam, then perhaps the issue of Federalism or separatism may not have emerged from the Tamil quarters. Competency and patriotism of the former Tamil politicians is questionable.

You will no doubt understand as to why the British merged to call it Ceylon, because Ceylon was always a Sinhala country, occupied by the Sinhalese people. Tamils were settlers through invasion. Could anyone challenge this reality? There are more than enough historical documents that highlight this verity. You will also agree that the North was a Buddhist region.

Ceylon was always blustered, stalked and invaded by the Cholas, Pandyans, Cheras, and Pallavas etc. The island never had peace, because the ravenousness Indians always invaded the island. I am bringing this up because you have been quoting “colonial” in your articles.

Addressing the 13th amendment and police & land powers:

If a government is quite interested in the welfare of its people, then that governance duty is to establish a sound system of education, health, and industrialization. TNA is quite keen to demand police and land powers, but not education, health and industry. Does this mean that they have a hidden agenda?

A constitutional amendment to police power is driving back the Tamils to an aggressive, terrorist environment of the pre 2009 LTTE era.

According to past and current practice, the police protect the politicians. In addition, the governing politicians can always manipulate the police to their advantage. From Tamil politicians & elite’s historical culture, Tamil’s do not respect dignity of labor, nil social interactions, and they are born with super race mentality.

Police power to PC’s will be demise to GSL.

There have been Provincial Councils functioning for the past donkeys’ years. GSL should investigate the following:

  1. 1.        What added values have the PC generated for the last 22 donkeys’ years?
  2. 2.        What volume of development have the PCs shown for the last 22 years?
  3. 3.        Have the PC’s bourgeoned any scientific advancement in their provinces?
  4. 4.        Have the people and politicians in the province enhanced their intelligence & perception?
  5. 5.        Have the PC’s publicized proliferation in their revenue collection without marring its citizens?
  6. 6.        Have the PC’s able to improve infrastructures in their provinces?
  7. 7.        Have the PC’s able to improve healthcare?
  8. 8.        Have the PC’s industrialized their provinces?
  9. 9.        Have the PC’s shown accountability & transparency in their administration?
  10. 10.     In general, have the PCs made anything to improve within their constitutional power?

What have the PCs achieved, which are the only transparent bits and pieces?

  1. 1.        PCs have been only complaining on lack of funds.
  2. 2.        Proliferation of bribery & corruption?
  3. 3.        The PCs want more political power, but does not want to improve their provinces.

 Dr. Laksiri Fernando in his article in Asian Tribune on the 15th April 2011 has highlighted the following:

Quote:  “(i) If one runs a cost benefit analysis of the provincial councils for the last 22 odd years the conclusion would be to say that the costs were high and the benefits were low, (ii) The recurrent expenditure in the provincial councils was dramatic; increasing from 28,856 million(i.e. 28.856 billion)  in 2000 to 111,336 million (111.336billion)  in 2009 (Source: Central Bank).

Well, my point is that if one could do a Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) on a 30 year horizon, with the capital (costs) expended in the year itself: ie without considering inflation, the result would be a high Negative – Net Present Value (NPV), might be in the order of Negative Trillions.

Mr. Sumanthiran, please give some due thoughts to the following:

  • Can GSL afford to generate such funds?
  • What is the end result, Mr.Sumanthiran?
  • How long could SL depend on loans and grants?
  • When do you think Tamils could add value to the economy of SL?
  • When do you think Tamils will refuse to give in to indoctrination by the Tamil Nadu/Indian players?
  • When do you think Tamils would shift from the liability section to the asset section in SriLanka?

The Tamils are driving the country to bankruptcy and starvation. Over the last 42 years, the LTTE and other terrorist groups have expended billions of dollars, and destroyed billion of dollars worth of SriLankan assets. Are we happy about this? The LTTE destroyed the railway infrastructure from Vavuniya to KKS for their own gain; to construct bunkers, boats etc. Aren’t those fanatic Tamils & Sinhalese people who support LTTE, separatism, and police power, etc even now, should bear the cost of restoring the line from Vavuniya to KKS?

GSL has been quite magnanimous to take this liability on to their shoulders, but we are still complaining about GSL.

SL will be nothing but another underprivileged, meager, pitiable country if this practice prolongs. The Tamils are only interested in power. Mr. Sumanthiran, Could you explain how the police power will value-add to the economy of SriLanka?

All educated and qualified Tamils will somehow creep out of the country and wherever they are domiciled, will scream and shriek for Tamil Ealam and their rights. To my knowledge, no Tamil has to-date talked about industrial development, technological advancement, economy, and political economy of SL.

Mr.Sumanthiran, police and land power will not generate income and food for the people.

The government currently has two-third majority. GSL should make use of the opportunity to revoke the 13 etc. plus amendments, and enact by act of parliament, irrevocable constitutional changes to the following:

No citizens, politicians, and Diasporas shall challenge the integrity and sovereignty of SriLanka, and shall advocate and orate for any form of separatism, whether, Provincial, Federal or Self-Determination, and those of who engages in such activities shall be stripped of civic rights, and convicted as state terrorist(s). Diasporas who engage in such activities shall be extradited to GSL for prosecution”.

May be TNA could educate the fifth standard educated or non-educated Tamils who think Tamil Ealam, or a PC with police & land power would be a solution to them. SriLanka is a small country and cannot be drawn parallel to Canada or Switzerland.


Kanthar P. Balanathan

Melbourne, Australia

15 Responses to “Reply to M Sumanthiran”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Excellent analysis by Kanthar.

    Rs 111 billion in 2009 equalled US$ 1.1 billion, close to the defence budget.

    This is insane. For 22 years we have wasted $ 24 billion in 2009 terms. It could have built schools, hospitals, roads and paid off the entire forign debt ($ 15 billion).

    Just imagine the state of the nation if we had paid off the foreign debt? Wouldn’t this be the legendary paradise?

    What a crime this 13A has done to the island. At least now we should scrap this. Every person will get Rs 5,500 a year simply by dissolving PCs. Every person can buy one additional milk poweder packet every month.

    But I’m pretty sure Hon Sumanthiran and the Indians know these facts very well.

    That is why they are demanding it so they can bleed Sri Lanka to death!

    One minor correction.

    Quote: In 1833 when the nations were merged, the Tamils made no objections to the British.

    There were no nations merged in 1833 under Coalbrook Cameron reforms. Administration of the northern part was merged with the administration of the rest. Kandyan kingdom controlled Vanni area seperating Portuguese, Dutch and British rule of the south from the north until the Kandyan Kingdom fell in 1815. It was physically impossible for Europeans to rule north from Colombo as the powerful and aggressive Kandyan kingdom seperated them until 1815. That was why the Jaffna peninsular was administered from India. Not because of any other reason.

    The island was named Ceylon and people were called Ceylonese (pronounced Silaneese) by no accident. People at that time were Sinhalese (pronounced Sinalese by Europeans even today). Silaneese and Sinalese were one and the same. Tamils and Muslims who call Sri Lanka home are very much Sinhalese as anyother.

  2. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P. Balanathan Melbourne, Australia
    Please kindly tel me are you Tamilan or Chinhalavan?

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    Cut your racist crap lingamandy. Bloody racist.

  4. Lorenzo Says:

    He has done a great job. Appreciate it without asking for his ethnicity. Stop thinking like a racist AT LEAST NOW.

    There are 89,000 Tamil war widows in north east. Do you want to create more Andy? Stop this nonsense for the sake of Tamils.

  5. lingamAndy Says:

    Lorenzo , Are You Kanthar P. Balanathan Melbourne, Australia?

  6. aravinda Says:

    I strongly disagree with contents of first para. The 1829/33 Colebrooke commission was credited with the amalgamation of the Kandyan and Maritime provinces and their administration as a central based government by the Council Governor. There is no mention of merging two nations. There were no two nations. The provinces were centrally administered since then. Well, Mr.Balanathan, we don’t want to rewrite history, do you?

    Further, Colebrook commission created 2 Councils, Royal College and abolished Rajakariya. Maybe much more, but this is what I learned in History lessons 35 years ago.

  7. aravinda Says:

    Dilrook, let me elaborate on what you wrote.

    Tambapanni ( copper beach) used by Vijaya

    Taprobane ( Latin version of Tambapanni, coined by Annius Plocamus / Roman tax collector)

    Taprobanum ( in Ptolemy’s map)

    Sinhaladvipa ( in ancient Sanskrit / 5th century BC))

    Serendib ( corruption of Sinhaladyipa, used by Greek Byzantine author C.Indicopleustes / 6th century AD)

    Si-Lan ( land of Silan people / Chinese)

    Seylan (land of seylan people / Marco Polo – 13th century AD)

    Celao ( Seelaho – land of Seelaho people – Portuguese)

    Zeilan ( Dutch )

    Ceylon ( British)

    The names given by Horace Walpole ( Siriduil ) and Edward Barbosa/1515 (Tennaserim) never caught up. Even the word Eelam is a corruption of Sinhala word “Hela”. That is why now we hear of Eezham Tamils and not Eelam Tamils. Eelam Tamil means Sinhala-Tamil. Its like the word Oxymoron. No meaning what so ever.

  8. Dilrook Says:


    Very interesting.

    Didn’t know some of them until now.

    Add to that Sihala Dweepa as mentioned in the last Purana story. Needs to do some researching. It is about God Vishnu’s last avatar finding a partner in Sihala Dweepa with the help of his pet parrot. Turned into a Hindi movie by the name Sihala Dwipa Ke Sundari based on the 15th century book. This even negates the view that there was a Tamil kingdom in the north of the island after the 13th century. If there was anything like that, Indians would certainly have known and wouldn’t call the island Sihala Dweepa in the 15th century.

    Paliputra (spelt differently in Greek) was another name given by Greeks. Needs to do some researching. The only Pali language in the island is Sinhala.

    Chinese monk Fa Hein called the island Sinhela in the 1 century AD.

    Maldivian language (Divehi) is another Indo Aryan language just like Sinhala and very similar. If there was any Tamil homeland or even a sizable Tamil population in the island, the Maldivian language would be Dravidian.

    History and historical evidence are against Tamil homeland claims.

    I think the above confusion about 2 nations is an innocent mistake that doesn’t make the content any less relevent.

  9. aravinda Says:

    Dilrook, Someone told me 42 letters in Sinhala alphabet comes from Pali. That may explain the word Paliputra.

  10. lingamAndy Says:

    aravinda / Dilrook
    Ref:Even the word Eelam is a corruption of Sinhala word “Hela- agreed Word ‘Eelam’ is not exit in South india ( Sera chola , Pandiar) at all ! We Lanka Tamils are Eelavar not Thamilar !
    Thank you both of you very helthy comments !

  11. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:

    Dilrook, I agree with your comments and thank you for highlighting this. This was a genuine oversight in the word, “nations”.

    First paragraph should read as follows:

    “The lack of vision by the Tamil politicians can be seen here. In 1833 when the administration in the island was merged, the Tamils made no objections to the British”.

    Historically the North was administered by the South even before the Portuguese invaded. East was under Kandy. History states.

    Thank you Aravinda. Your analysis is correct. You know words get mingled as time goes by.

    Whatever it is, GSL should act wisely to stop interference by the Indians, for their (Indians) own benefits.
    Tamil Nadu is waiting like Hyenas.

    I read Dilrook’s article on Indian’s interference and the analysis thereafter, which is quite excellent.
    The main point is revoking the 13+…. amendments. Could GSL go for a referendum on this?

    Now coming to linghamAndy.

    Are you a Greek? If you are a Greek, then you better study Si-Lan history before blabbering please. Si-Lan was a Sinhalese country and Tamils settled through invasions. Even those Tamils who claim Tamils are not Tamils, but a mixture of Keralites, Andras, and Karnataka etc.

    Thank you.

  12. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P Balanathan
    Ref:Are you a Greek? No, I am Tamil Specking (I)Lanka(i)n .
    Ref:Even those Tamils who claim Tamils are not Tamils,- Agreed, Yes We Tamil Specking (I)Lanka(i)n are not Tamils at all. We Hela Nation Eelam Tamil (Eelam Tamil means Sinhala-Tamil).

    We both community lived in our mother lanka last 2,500 years & will live another 3,000 years ( until Bhusshit in world) together !

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P Balanathan
    one more thing…….
    This Mother lanka is not belongs to us (both community) , this Holy land is belong to Lord Bhuddha!!!!

  14. Kanthar P Balanathan Says:


    Yes now you are coming closer. Yes Lanka belongs to Budhdha. Not Murugan, or Sivan.

    Just read history and then you will know that Lanka belongs to Sinhala.

    Most Sinhala people became Tamils because of the Chola occupation.

    Thats how:

    Gunaratna became Gunaratnam
    Rajaratna became Rajaratnam
    Kulasingha became Kulasigham

    and so on……………………

    My ancestry is Sinhala although you think my name is Tamil.

    Anyway, if you agree to the truth thats okay.

  15. lingamAndy Says:

    Kanthar P Balanathan
    I Fully agreed
    reason I have asked you , are you Tamil or not , not because I am Tamil rasist ( like Lorenzo said) I realy want to find out what is our lankan histroy ! with Tamil name Balanathan how you can be Chihalan .now as you explained it is possible ! excelant !

    Lanka belongs to Sinhala- not agreed
    Mother Lanka belong to Hela Nation ! This hela nation over thousand of thosand years have diversity – We have divition !

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