Eating or heating?
Posted on February 16th, 2012

Dr Hector Perera    London

Some poor families who earn low income are left with a dilemma of eating or heating. They cannot afford to have hot food and have a warm house as well. “It’s hard, the more we want to use it, the more it’s costing us. We can’t afford it.”

“We feed the kids before us, some days we won’t have hot dinners. At the end of the day their health is more important than ours.” They need money for electricity, even to run the washing machine and the dryer cost some money but they cannot afford once they spend so much on heating. Only a matter of few days ago the temperature dropped to sub zero conditions, in some places am much a -18C0. The government gives some help but its not quite sufficient. This difficulty is due to cost of rising energy prices along with other household bills.  When we say eating and drinking it didn’t mean, eating smoked salmon and drinking champagne, just basic food. Some people disagree and accused them of spending too much money on mobile phones, cigarettes and lottery tickets, gambling and effectively choosing to put food near the bottom of their list. The thing is, there are for and against arguments for any problem but the truth is, energy prices have gone up since recently and the public find it difficult to pay the bills.This is a problem for some families living inEngland andEurope.

Need to increase my challenge?

My findings are theoretical and practical, the accurate actual numerical dimensions are not determined. When I mentioned this to another web site owner, he asked me jokingly, “Doctor, are you adding any chemicals to cook”, but he happily published the work. As a matter of fact all foods are chemicals and all ingredients are chemicals as well. First I challenged with Rs 100,000 then increased to Rs 250,000 then again increased to Rs 500,000, what do you expect me to go higher? In my challenge I requested any scientist to come forward and prove my findings are rubbish and fake. If they proved it then the money is given away to the authority that proved my theory was a fake one but just one question, if I prove my theory then what would be my reward or the recognition? According to British law, any person is innocent, until proven guilty so why not put me on trial to testify my claim? I am trying to help the people save gas and electricity, reduce the energy bills, also cut down the waiting time in the kitchen along with other advantages.

Energy saving authorities

As I mentioned before, I am so sorry to see how the general public virtually burn money on gas, waste it for no reason. The energy saving authorities or someone in similar category, must take action to testify my findings to verify my claims of energy saving, until such time these so called authorities would be allowing the general public to waste this valuable fossil fuel. I look forward for an opportunity to demonstrate how to use gas efficiently and cook scientifically. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the gas suppliers, they just supply, they are doing a valuable service, it’s up to the public how to use it. 

 This is practical, anybody can save energy

How many hotels, takeaways, restaurants and other food preparing places are using gas? Sometimes they burn gas nearly 18 hours a day, then imagine how much of it are wasting? The normal houses might not use gas for no more than 2 to 3 hours per day or use gas only to boil some water for tea and coffee because, it cannot be used for cooking as it is expensive.

 InSri Lanka, some households use gas and firewood for cooking. I know there are so many fake claims on the internet but this one is not anything like that. If I said, 60% of wasting gas can be saved, I am prepared to demonstrate to show how it is achieved.

TV cooks

I have a feeling that, some so called famous cooks have no idea about science and the application of them to cooking.  They might ask, “What science”! They just quickly add this and that, put gas on full blast, sometimes purposely set fire to the cooking pan, may be for entertainment, it may be good enough excitement to the camera. Why do they burn the volatile ingredients? Who would think that this is real cooking?

When the time comes, I will prove my theories applicable to scientific cooking. I am waiting for a cooking demonstration opportunity so that the public can again be my witness.

Scientists found very hard to get approval, why?

Let me remind again, when Mandaleef said the periodic function and the musical notes relation, the scientist at that time ridiculed him, said he was mad but much later some other scientists proved it was correct then he was honoured by naming the periodic table in his name. When the law of floatation was discovered, what Archimedes did, did he knock on the next door neighbor to reveal his discovery? Then he would have run naked to the palace to say he got it first. When Haber found how to make ammonia, did he tell the neighbor or to a friend then he would have attempted first to get it copy right in his name. He sold his secret to a chemical industry for £100,000 [sterling pounds] in 1938 then he was awarded the Nobel Prize as well. What happened to an eminent Italian scientist Galileo? For just one simple statement, he was imprisoned for life but much later, everybody accepted that he was perfectly correct. That time religion, politics, economic and science got mixed up by the authorities. Now to honour him even the long distant flying voyager satellites are named after him. I am not surprised why my findings are not taken serious enough, is it politics, economics or something else?

Did they give out the secrets of success?

 I wonder whether these so called celebrity footballers, golfers; snooker players, tennis players, cricketers, magicians or formula one drivers come on to the TV to reveal their secret methods on the game? They do their business for what they are paid for but I cannot remember anyone talking about their technique of success.  Here I am ready to reveal my energy saving scientific method of cooking but only when the opportunity arises.

ITN and TNL Young Asia Channel in Sri Lanka

One thing, I am not going to lose anything if my scientific ideas are not accepted but the truth remains the same. If my work was good enough for the ITN and TNL Young Asia Channels in Sri Lankato give me several interviews, to be witnessed by millions of people, I am sure it must be good enough for TV channels in Englandas well. One thing, my method is not yet approved by the authorities although they have witnessed my work. [email protected]

2 Responses to “Eating or heating?”

  1. Wickrama Says:

    So Dr., what actually is your theory/method?

  2. desh Says:

    “Some poor families who earn low income are left with a dilemma of eating or heating. They cannot afford to have hot food and have a warm house as well.”

    Hector, what “heating” are you talking about?

    In sri Lanka there are only hot houses, there is no need to heat them, as they are built that way. If you can find a naturally well conditioned house in Lanka, let me know, I’d like to see it. The only naturally well conditioned houses are three in Lanka, and naturally semi conditioned houses are two in Lanka, altogether five. And, all are made by one person.

    In the colder climate of Badulla, Nuwaraeliya, etc, there are house warmer in the night, but quite hot in the day.

    “This is a problem for some families living in England and Europe.” you say.

    Then, you go on to talk about some challenge in Lankan money. Actually what are you talking about?
    If you are talking about heating the houses, the Lankans don’t need that, and if you are talking about conditioning the air in the homes, I can show you how to build them adapted to the Lankan environment.

    If you are talking about cookers, then I can show you how to save fuel, especially firewood by building a stove. If you want the stove to heat the premises too, for example in areas like Badulla, Nuwaraeliya, etc, I can show that too. I can take you on your challenge, of course, if I know “what is” your challenge.

    I don’t know how much % you are trying to save, but I’d show you how to save 30-40% electricty in a home, by building in a “certain way”, also if you want, how to save the cooking fuel by a certain % by building the stove. You have to put the money to either build the house or the stove, and I take the 500,000 anyway from you, so what say you?

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