Posted on February 17th, 2012

By Stanley Perera, Melbourne

A CLASS ACTION against TNA, Pillayan and Hakeem is a major topic being discussed amongst the patriotic Sri Lankans.  Legal opinion has also been sort and it is favourable to proceed with.  Some are of the view that initially TNA to be charged and subsequently Pillayan and Rauf Hakeem’s case brought up.  However that is a subject matter at the moment and a decision has not taken yet on Pillayan and Hakeem.  The group of the patriots have reached a consencus on the action against the TNA.  The initiator feels, no matter what TNA and Pillayan’s case must be taken up first and Hakeem later.  The panel of legal experts in Sri Lanka is in the minds of the group and some of them have already contacted.  Gomin Dayasiri who successfully initiated the de-merger of the North and East with late H.L.de Silva P.C. and Senior Counsel S.L.Gunasekera’s names are in the discussions.  The group feels that the pair is the most able bodied legal eagles who are capable of handling the matter. 

The convenor is of the view that if the TERRORIST carder charged Shavendra Silva in the U.S. Court against the genocide and the killing of her husband, although the case was thrown out of courts, that ligitigation matter must be taken as a presidence in the Sri Lanka’s Court of Law.


Pillayan is personally held responsible in killing of 600 Sinhalese POLICE MEN, running a PISTOL GANG in the EAST and terrorising the entire EASTER DISTRICT, Killing of the parents of the Presidential Advisor Thambipillai and a large number of Junior Minister Muralidaran’s supporters of the election campaign.  Pillayan is also accued of EXTORTION of the liquor booths at the rate of Rs.20 per bottle of liquor. Pillayan is an ex child soldier and fully responsible in destroying the BUDDHIST HERITAGE sites in the East during the time of terror.  Pillayan is also accused of importing a large number of Tamil Nadoo resident illegally into the country conniving with Vaiko, Nedumaran and Kanimozi.


Apart from the charges against the surviving 21 members of the TNA, Sivajilingam’s case is highlighted with his derogatory and threatening maiden speech at the parliament which the Speaker W.J.M.Lokubandara ordered to prorogue in the Hanzard.  That is the first time in the parliamentary history of Sri Lanka that a speech wa derouged.  GoSL kept silent at the time due to the fear of taking disciplinary action as it was to backfire against the GoSL at a time there was an enormous pressure from the International Community.  The group feels the time is right now for them to take a class action against the TNA for all the atrocities by the Terrorists LTTE against the surviving TERRORISTS now in democratic path but have not shred their TERRORIST, SEPERATIST AND RACIST AGENDA.  The Patriotic group also of the view that the agitation by the TNA is a threat to the peace in the country and are being accused of conniving with the foreign countries to divide the country.  The patriotic group are scattered all over the world with abundance of valuable information that have been piled up including all the statistical data against the TNA.  A data bank has been established.  The recent agitation by the TNA reveals that TNA are conniving with UNO and USA officials to overthrow Rajapakse Government.  The TNA are hell bent in bringing disrepute to the Rajapakse Government in the eyes of the International Community.  The group believes the biggest hurdle in peace and reconciliation process of the GoSL is the TNA who are funded and sponsored by the anti GoSL TAMIL TIGER TERRORISTS REMNENTS.


  1. douglas Says:

    It is no doubt a sigh of relief. Now we are on the correct path and this is the way to go about the business of exposing these proxy parties of the LTTE. All countries, states and holders of the high positions of the world bodies including UNO and its limb organizations, NGOs, and those who hold positions of authority under the Sri Lanka Government who committed offences against humanity must be cited as “Respondants” in this litigation and exposed to world at large.

    This is and the only way to show our solidarity with the thousands who were killed and their innocent survivors during the last thirty years of brutal murder that the world powers conveniently, financed and forgot in return for the vote to get elected to their respective Legislatures.

    This will no doubt be costly. I suggest you establish a fund so that voluntary contributions can be made to a respective Bank Account and managed with transparency and accontability.

    Let us start the game. Stanley – please consider my proposal .

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Good work.

    This should NOT be about merely exposing TNA racists but about PUNISHING them thereby HUMILIATING their 230,000 racist voters.

    Otherwise another lot led by Ponnambalam who is currently not in TNA will come up with another “T” crap and do the same. We must send the message loud and clear Tamil racist political parties with the Tamil (Sinhala, Vedda or Muslim) nationalist agenda will NOT be tolerated.

    As it progresses other losers like Jayalath and Mano should also be framed.

    I think the government will not be against it. They can simply tell Blake, Krishna, Jayalalitha, Hilary or any other loser that PEOPLE’S POWER has liquidated the TNA and their (Blake, Krishna, Jayalalitha, Hilary) cat’s paws can no longer be negotiating partners!!!

    De merging the north and east was fully supported by government. Only thing they didn’t want to be seen as initiating it.

  3. desh Says:

    “A CLASS ACTION against TNA, Pillayan and Hakeem is a major topic being discussed amongst the patriotic Sri Lankans. ”

    Where Stanley? In Australia?

    Very patriotic indeed!

  4. Charles Says:

    No in Sri Lanka Mr.Desh

    Great Stanley, looking forward to further developments. It should be TNA First, that is more important for the time being than Pillayan and Mano which can come later

  5. stanley perera Says:

    Lorenzo, Point taken. Shall do my best. Charles what about the justice for the 600 police men? However I will listen to your opinion. TNA first and Pillayan and Hakeem can come later. I respect the majority dicision. Lorenzo also said the same as you are.

  6. Charles Says:

    Our primary problem is with the TNA, who are acting just like the terrorist Parabhakaran did with the government on peace negotiations. Continuing to allow the TNA to do what it pleases, will affect negatively the momentum the Government gained after the defeat of the terrorists to continue with development project with a view to reconcile the Communities.

    In a legal action it is better to get a judicial decision on one issue which if it is positive, would carry weight on later legal actions on the same issue against defendants accused for other crimes.

    The lawyers should be clear on the points of accusation, and it should be properly worded

    International Community will have no say on it as it is a Case of the People against the TNA.

    The people are asking for legal redress to stop a group of persons –the TNA, who are trying to complete what terrorists began, but failed on their defeat in Nandikadal, which is to divide the country to set up a separate Tamil Homeland and thus hamper the reconciliation to unite the Communities commenced by the government.

    The TNA is not directly claiming a separate homeland but wants all powers of a Government handed over to the Provincial Councils in the North and East , which amounts to demanding a Separate Province with all political and legal powers for the TAMILS.

    The NATO cannot bomb Sri Lanka on that issue !!!

  7. desh Says:

    Come to Sri Lanka, Stanley, and then start your work. I am tired of our “patriotic” foreigners, who only give advice, but won’t come to Lanka.

    As you guys live Oz, you might feel the pinch, when the LTTE rump parade and demonstrate, or even look daggers at you, but in Lanka TNA is just bullshit. Few fat buggers talk sometimes, but never demonstrate or parade their bullshit. TNA is NOTHING in Lanka, nothing at all.

    You see too many LTTErs over there, so the worry.
    Here in Lanka, Sampanthan and the crowd in nobodies. How many had jumped ship already, do you know?

  8. desh Says:

    Here in Lanka, Sampanthan and the crowd are nobodies. How many had jumped ship already, do you know?

  9. desh Says:

    “Apart from the charges against the surviving 21 members of the TNA, Sivajilingam’s case is highlighted with his derogatory and threatening maiden speech at the parliament which the Speaker W.J.M.Lokubandara ordered to prorogue in the Hanzard. That is the first time in the parliamentary history of Sri Lanka that a speech wa derouged. GoSL kept silent at the time due to the fear of taking disciplinary action as it was to backfire against the GoSL at a time there was an enormous pressure from the International Community.”

    Fear? What fear?

    GOSL didn’t give damn about the so-called Inter community, to which Oz is connected, or the UK, USA, or the weak Canada, and even the EU.

    GOSL won a war, while the West, UK, USA, EU put their tails between the legs and trying hard to move out of Afghanistan and Iraq.

    So, Stanley, if you want and can, do what you can, but stop writing about who was wrong, etc, and fear, BS!

  10. douglas Says:

    Once the case against TNA is filed, I suggest the lawyers to seek an Interim Injunction be sought from the courts prohibiting the Government of Sri Lanka engage in any type of political discussions or negotiations with this proxy party of LTTE.

  11. Charles Says:


    I informed some members of a e-mail forum. Igive below a reply I received from one of them:

    “It is a very good move . Let’s hope it will have some impact. Perhaps Wimal Ediriweera too should join since he is familiar with taking legal action on similar matters. However the Presidential Adviser’s name is not Thambipillai but Thambimuttu (Arun Thambimuttu). In fact Arun gave a recent interview to the Divaina where he effectively argued why the TNA should be dealt with. “

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    A suggestion : Our patriotic Lawyers from every part of Lanka should form the core group to act on the suggestion by Stanley Perera and they should be ably supported by every Lanka organisation abroad and within the country. Lankaweb could organise support for the project with collections of money from abroad ?

    Our many thanks to Mr Perera. Also, our heartfelt good wishes for this project. Please act NOW, without further delay – Lankans have suffered enough humiliation through lies, cheat & deceit of TNA/ltte rump/Tamil Diaspora !
    Go Lanka ! we will support.

  13. Kit Athul Says:

    Why not Jayalath Jayawadena? He is now trying to start an ARAB SPRING in SL. This traitor was taken to the hospital with head injuries, but the photograph he looks OK. If he starts an uprising INDIAN RAW has promised TEN MILLION US dollars with additional funds from Hilary Clinton.

  14. Charles Says:


    I sent the URL for your above article to Wimal Ediriweera who is also a said to be a lawyer intetrested in these matters.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:


    The video expresses nice sentiments of Unity. Can you convince the TNA/Tamil Diaspora/ltte rump/Ch.4 people to act on this message ? The reality has to come from those quarters. So far, we have not seen any such developments, only lies, cheat & deceit leading to Separatism. It is just a pipe dream to believe that such Unity can happen in the near future with the TNA/Tamil Diaspora/ltte rump/Ch.4. The Ch.4 is putting out yet another false info video, aren’t they ? (see Sunday Island, 19th Feb, headlines).
    It takes both parties concerned for ‘nice’ to be successful.

  16. S de Silva Says:

    Well done Stanley for your work. I could not believe what I was reading for a moment, that someone has actually at last suggested for the first time the very strategy sadly missing so far..! Primarily this is a matter for lawyers and I hope Sri Lankan lawyers with the right skill-set will come forward to jointly deliver the final blow to the LTTE sympathisers. Thanks to all others for the supportive comments – S de Silva – London

  17. Lorenzo Says:


    First you have to get your own Tamil people to stop racist nonsense against non-Tamils.

    This include stop to Channel 4 BS, TNA’s racist demands, TAG, BTF and other racist nonsense.

    Without getting these under control no point talking about peace with others. First have the house in order.

    If you on one hand support peace and on the other TOLERATE Channel 4 BS, TNA’s racist demands, TAG, BTF and other racist nonsense then it is not taking us anywhere.

  18. Ratanapala Says:

    We also should file charges against Adele Balasingham and work out proceedings for her extradition to Sri Lanka to face a trial for crimes against children and other war crimes she was involved while in Sri Lanka. Britain also must be made to bite the dust for hiding a war criminal.

  19. gamunu6 Says:

    Mr Stanley Perera~ Melbourne

    VERY HAPPY to see at last somebody has guts to tell the truth & take these so called elitist Tamils who are convinced to keep the Tamil question /problem alive. There is no tamil problem Govt. should annex Eastern Province with Southern Province & everything will be just fine.

    Its is time law abiding Sri lankans in Sri lanka & abroad get unified action against these unlawful “so called elected individuals” who are there to line their pockets, while tamil poor & uneducated suffer just getting by with one meal a day. All these so called TNA has lushes funds to travel abroad , meet some influential people, & talk, thats all they do.

    TNA wants to keep this issue alive to show their prominence, they should NOT be given any hearing by the Govt. as already TNA has become a nuisance NOT a willing partner to solve any issue in Sri Lanka. All these bunch of have beens, run to India or USA & hope someday they will achieve their goals.

    TIME is now not to give an inch, clawback any concessions already granted, by previous coverments & ask ONLY remaining 4.2% Tamils to assimilate with Sri Lankans and learn Sinhalese, the majority language.

    Now they are a minority less than Muslims, on last count were around 7%. So why give any concessions, or rights to a bunch of hooligans who diisrespect their Motherland here & abroad.

    Thanks Mr. Stanly Perera for taking the initiative & good luck in getting all Sri lankans in Australia to take the first initiative. These can be followed by other countries in West & even in India.

    Very impressed and wish you every luck in the world..expressing my views from Canada~ Gamunu

  20. Charles Says:


    You say: TNA wants to keep this issue alive to show their prominence, they should NOT be given any hearing by the Govt. as already TNA has become a nuisance NOT a willing partner to solve any issue in Sri Lanka. All these bunch of have beens, run to India or USA & hope someday they will achieve their goals.

    You are so correct , TNA is the biggest nuisance whish has not thus far been a willing partner to solve any important issues in Sri Lanka, concerning the Welfare of the people and comunal integration.
    They are outsiders and will remain outsiders disrupting development and progress as their “Masters” the terrorists did for thirty long years.

  21. desh Says:

    Tell us, Stanley, why are you living in Melbourne and not in Sri Lanka? When you applied for the PR and later for the Oz citizenship, did you feel VERY patriotic? Did you take the Oath of Allegience to the British queen, who is YOUR head of state? How patriotic did you feel, when bowing down to the queen of Britian and her kins?

    Don’t you have to bow down to the greatgrandson of the queen too?

    Come out with solutions, if you want to help your FORMER motherland, otherwise stop accusing anyone, who stayed back.

    Fear? Did we sinhalese in Lanka felt fear, when we went to eliminate the LTTE, Stanley? Did we bow down to your queen’s Jewish foreign minister?

    If you can do it, but as a Sinhalese, not as a bloody foreigner!

  22. douglas Says:

    desh- My friend hold on. Anyone has the right to carve out his or her future, wheather based in Sri Lanka or anywhere in the world. What we need and expect from all those who have opted to live abroad is not to forget their mother country. A patriot need not be based in his or her mother country. So long as he or she does not forget the fact that the country of birth is Sri Lanka and continue to show solidarity and help in whatever way they could and we need, that is what is expected from them and it remains to be their duty too. From the presentations, we in Sri Lanka feel the pulse of these Sri Lankans living abroad and doing a grat service to this country at a time of urgent need. We must be ever thankful for them and wish them to continue to help us to retain our hard won freedom. I know of some such people who came at their own expnse and time to present matters of great value to the LLRC and we are ever gretful for their efforts in helping us to expose the terrorist activities of those respective countries where they live. We also know how hard they fight the LTTE operatives in those countries and that is the next biggest war we have to win. So please don’t ever,ever, forget the services rendered voluntarily by these expatriate Sri Lankans.

    So Stanley – Don’t be disturbed or feel frustrated. Please go ahead with what you have planned. Please feel our bortherhood and gratitude and be assured of our continued support in the company of our SL and Gomin.

  23. Charles Says:

    I have nothing but sympathy for persons like desh. They think that every thing concerning Sri Lanka happens in the Streets of Colombo. They know little that it is the Tamil diaspora living in countries abroad (oz as desh calls it) that is unfortunately deciding the future of Sri Lanka at international level.

    So when one is unable to understand what is happening beyond one’s nose, it is better be silent and let others deal with matters that one is ignorant about.

  24. stanley perera Says:

    Desh is an envious individual refusing to compliment others. Seems to have missed the boat and trapped in the well. If he can do it why is he waiting? Could be an NGO.

  25. desh Says:

    Stanley, I know who you are, so don’t try your tricks.
    I say, come back home and do the work. I’d help you too.

    Remember, when you left Lanka to your new country, and remember how you did that?
    How patriotic you felt, when you took the “Oath of Allegience” to the British queen and her grandchildren and those to be born?

    In my world, that queen is always written in small letters.

  26. Voice123 Says:

    Desh, I know you mean well but your attitude is purely emotional and counterproductive. Without international assistance and the international arena, the LTTE and their separatist backers would not have been able to exist, let alone hinder Sri Lanka for so long. Sri Lanka is still a relatively poor and weak country country on the world stage. Sorry to break it to you but the war is not yet over, it has shifted to a new battlefront, that is the world stage. I have done my entire schooling from primary school upwards outside of Sri Lanka and I have battled Tamil separatist bullies and their western and Indian friends from day one – sometimes all by myself. Its something that people like you can never understand as you stand in a huge pack in Sri Lanka and pat each other on the back! Oh and by the way, just because some of us are foreign citizens, doesnt mean we turn a blind eye to these dirty terrorists and liars. Sri Lanka has a labour surplus and we should learn a lesson from the so-called Tamil diaspora and encourage non-separatist Sri Lankan communities to emigrate en masse to rich countries and multiply their earnings potential, financial power, educational and networking skills amongst foreigners and take the battle to a whole new level, burying these bastards in their own stomping grounds, wherever they infiltratre to weave their insidious damage – from Strathfield to Wembley to Oslo to Chennai to Durban to Penang to Mississauga and so on. Oh and stop the emotional slogans about the Queen. The figurehead is not really relevant to most of us. By the way, being a genuinely loyal and good citizen of a foreign country like Australia is not in conflict in fighting dishonest politics and terrorism in Sri Lanka! Sri Lanka is not a big power with international designs.

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    What Stanley AND US are doing is NOBLE.

    If ANYONE tries to disrupt that, curse be upon his clan.

    Stanley, there are enemies of the nation EVERYWHERE – cricket, politics, villages, churches, temples, parliament, even within the army.

    But we are undeterred.

    Remember the GREATEST HUMAN VICTORY EVER at Nanthikadal? That is what should guide us. No LOSER can take it away from us.

    They cry because they know we are going to hammer them HARD. Otherwise why should they cry?

  28. Marco Says:

    Think of the bigger picture!
    Lets make sure the “Brew” does not stink

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    No the brew should stink. It should stink like NANTHIKADAL.

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