The Trojan Horse in Oil price protests.
Posted on February 17th, 2012

By Mahinda Karunaratne

 This is another conspiracy by LTTE using the Church, who is aiding and abetting the agitation against the govt. for the sole purpose of discrediting the SLG. On the face of Human Rights Meeting at UN, they have been able to get one more body on the street to say the world that there are no human rights in Sri Lanka.
The ultimate aim of these conspirators is to topple the PA Govt., take the M.R. to Guillotine and then establish Pro LTTE govt. that will give away the North & East to create Tamil Homeland. The interested parties (Church specifically) await the UN mandate is issued to send UN forces to Sri Lanka, divide it.
Shameless JVP is also taking such issues and trying to topple the govt. knowing what happens when the UNP comes to power at a time like this, yet it is funny to know whether the JVP is talking from mouth or elsewhere having been humiliated and annihilated on tire pyres in 88/89 period under the UNP regime in which the present UNP Leader was a powerful minister and who is alleged to have operated the famous Batalanda torture house in Kelaniya area.  
UNP trying to topple the govt. is understood that they were in opposition for so long, now they need to exploit and plunder the wealth of the country to fill their coffers and make their band wagons happy. As a result we will also be subjugated to the Western plot of dominating once again under the Neo-Colonialism and Sri Lanka will be divided to three countries LTTE Homeland in North and Muslim homeland in East creating new borders and UN forces entering our soil and guarding boarders.
For JVP they have been humiliated so much for so long, that they have been yearning for a occasion and even without knowing whether it is head or tail, they are bringing people on the street and inflicted second death of a poor innocent protestor, just like they did in Katunayake. In both cases it is apparent that both who died are not JVP activists and dragged in to the incident.
Any fool understands that Oil price and catastrophe of its chain effect on all other goods and services will rise, where there is no immediate remedy or a control possible to GSL. Oil is not yet been substituted by any other resource or method, and unfortunately majority of it comes from the middle-east which is now burning from several issues.
The time and history cannot be compared nor the old prices will never come back, where oil prices were lowest in early 70 ties’. The then Sirima govt. also had to face severe hardships when the Oil prices were first increased in 1972, during which time the writer was a grade 6 school boy, but remember the events which took up like a storm in the society.    
It is very clear from what is going on and from recent events that unfolded in middle-east and north- Africa, that the USA lead Western coalition will attack Iran any moment and Israel will also be part of it. This is not the stage to comment about this whole thing as our subject is not that as well.
In the event of a war breaking out in the Persian gulf, depends on the intensity of the war, how long it will take to cease etc., there could be situation of No delivery of Oil at all, and/or disrupt of all other usual day to day business, such as ships, airlines will cease to operate and international trade will be disrupted. After effects of such a war will leave many damages to entire world economy making it difficult to recover any early especially for a country like Sri Lanka that has no reserves.
USA in particular is an isolated a separate continent and somewhat self sufficient in terms of Oil, Food and other needs of the day, while there could be extensive damages to Iran inflicting thousands of deaths, destruction of property and devastating the entire gulf as well.
With all probability, in the event of war breaking out, however powerful the coalitions forces may be, Iran may also use its maximum thrust at least in the first few hours or days before they are annihilated, leaving many collateral damages to nearby countries that has US / West  interests.
The extent of damages it will cause cannot be forecast and can only be said as the most spectacular war in the recent time. Accordingly we will have more additional problems also to face prior to the war or during and after the war.
The other major issue that we will have to face is repatriating the 1.4 million big workforce in middle east if early warning is given. Then the question arises how to transport them back home?  If not they will be effected and will cause to run away for safety and could be scattered and there can be dangers to lives.
 This will be a much harder subject for the Sri Lanka to address. The families will be effected from those who will miss their families or from loosing job income from middle-east. That will be a huge blow to the Sri Lanka and will be a huge task of feeding effected people.
The writer has experienced first gulf war while in Saudi Arabia and aware the hardships that had to go through and mental agony and stress faced. Back in Sri Lanka people have been suffering thinking about their loved ones in the middle-east and when will they come back.
Our grannies told us that they had to under go many hardships due to the world war II and eat “Bajiri” (Wheat bran) and live without lamps not for any purpose of their own, but to assist the Englishman who were rulling the Sri Lanka at that time.
It is envisaged that similar episode may emerge when this War irrupts and one could not under estimate,  the damages it will leave on every one’s life that will take years to recover. In the event of that situation, when every this is disrupted, what would the JVP and UNP say, agitate on the street to topple the govt. of Sri Lanka? And what would they ( the public ) will achieve?
The wise action be of the public at this time (at least the country loving Sinhela people) to wait calm, not to be prey of JVP or UNP or any other conspiracy. In the name of protests against Fuel hike, a Trojan horse carrying many enemies is coming in to our motherland!
May wise people understand !

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  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    Any fool understands that Oil price and catastrophe of its chain effect on all other goods and services will rise, where there is no immediate remedy or a control possible to GSL. Oil is not yet been substituted by any other resource or method, and unfortunately majority of it comes from the middle-east which is now burning from several issues“.

    Mahinda Karunaratne ! You are 100% correct. Petrol price increase in the West is a daily affair. Every time I go for a refill, I notice a significant price increase day by day. However, every one here understands it. The Middle East chaos is created by the West for the West to get maximum profit for their multinational oil companies. These idiots in Sri Lanka should know that JVP and UNP can not change that trend. I am sure under any future UNP government, the petrol price will be much dearer because of the cavalier economic policy they intend to implement. Mind you, UNP top economic adviser said recently that they are willing to tolerate even the higher interest rates set by the IMF loans.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Unless Russia comes to Iran’s support it will be another one sided war. I’m not taking sides here.

    US, British, French, Saudi, Israeli and other NATO aircraft will bomb Iranian communication and military facilities within days. That will make Iran surrender. Otherwise when it is weak Israel will strike nuclear and other facilities at will. But US, etc. troops will fail if they go for a ground operation. Nowadays they don’t do it after Iraq and Afghanistan.

    e.g. Libya

  3. aloy Says:

    Is the world oil prices rising so rapidly?. I watch BBC, CNN everyday and do not hear of anything like that happening. May be a slight increase. But that should not be a reason for a massive increase in diesel. Perhaps SLG should give a cost analysis and give a true picture why they had to do it. May be devaluation of Rupee is another factor.
    As for the comment on Iran, I think we should stay neutral. They may have given concessions to SLG, but this to gain our support than to help us. Why should we take the side of a nation whose declared policy is to wipe out another nation from the face of the earth. Even the smallest animal in the world has the right to live. West did not support us either. So we should let them sort out their problems like the WW2.

  4. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    When did you have your last price increase
    Crude Oil price in the world market
    Oct-11 $78.00
    Nov-11 $88.78
    Dec-11 $90.30
    Today $104.41
    Data from
    Other option we have in Sri Lanka is to privatise oil import and distribution and Deregulate the pricing structure as in the West.
    Then at least government will not get the blame . But very bad for the consumers and the cost of living can go out of control.
    A month ago diesel at the pump in UK was £1.30 per liter and today £1.44 per liter
    See how lucky you are in Sri Lanka

  5. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    As far as Iran is concerned, this is what they say:
    UN sanctions, assassinations, terror attacks and military threats – none of these stopped Iran working on its nuclear program. What is the mood in Iran’s scientific community? Are ordinary people scared, or is the pressure bringing consolidation?
    The thing is that the Iranian nuclear program has been carried out since the 1970s, but no one seemed to be interested in it until recently. And now there is so much fuss around it. That’s strange. Young migrants are also for the Iranian nuclear program, just like us. It looks strange for the Americans that we take pride in our achievements and in our martyrs, but it’s clear for the Iranians. Our scientists trust in God. The more of them get killed, the more young people are eager to replace them.
    Assassinations, terror attacks and military threats and attacks will not change that nation.ඇමරිකාවට ගල උඩ රීපු පූසා වගේ වෙන්නෙ
    Read more -How to make Iran give up its nuclear program

  6. nandimitra Says:

    The only way you can unify the nations response to external pressure is by good governance. That is one area which the governments since 1977 have failed. A disunited nation will succumb to external pressure. This has been the bane of Sri Lanka which opened the gateway to the colonialists . Sycophancy and hiding criticism of the governments only go to do great injustice to the nation as it allows the government to continue the corrupt system. Fair criticism not sycophancy is the way forward. Unfortunately sycophancy not reality rules sri Lanka.

  7. desh Says:

    One bloody fish killer got killed, and that didn’t bring down the CoL. The prices are going sky high not wher eyou guys live, but in Lanka, and the Lankans have to bear it, while you guys can get laid-off payments from the social services.

    If you guys read G&M, you’d notice that Ahamadinijad had threatened the EU with fuel blockade. This Iran promised continuous supply and even escort the oil tankers using its navy, just to dare the US.

    There is no reason for a price hike of fuel in Lanka, but can you expect with such a guy, Nivrad Cabraal at the Central bank!

    This price hike hit us, not you. You can even change the USD at Rs. 120…

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Mahinda Karunaratne has written a warning article, for which we thank him.

    Judging by the last century in the world, we have to acknowledge the fact that at the present point in evolution, human beings seem mostly at war and at the best of times, it is only a sort of interim period (detente) till the next debacle. As such, Lankans had better get together and face up to the reality of it all. Go into Food Production and food storage in silos & other methods, and water purification & preservation.
    Be a pragmatic Nation : Make sure no ilegal migrants ever enter the country. If possible, deport all illegal migrants in the country. Take care of all the poorer citizens.

    Whenever Cold War type politics takes a surge in the world, Lanka suffers. We know that this is due to our strategic location in the Indian Ocean and our ports, mainly Trinco. Tamil separatists and disgruntled others are also used to ‘divide & rule’ Lanka by various interested parties. In spite of all this, we must strive to maintain our position of being a Non-aligned, Democratic Nation. The world may fight for resources such as petrol, rare minerals etc. & power, but small nations like Lanka must strive to remain Non-aligned. At this juncture, it is our duty to help the President & GoSL keep to Democracy & Non-alignment. GoSL & all MPs on their part must stay with Good Governance. Condemn all non-productive violence camouflaged as ‘demonstrations’. Promote loyalty to the Nation through an Oath of Allegiance.

    Keeping calm under stress will be the challenge we all have to face. Also realising that the Dharma (Laws) operates in the Universe, and that it acts on all people and all countries, also helps. In the end, the Game is heavily loaded. The Dharma operates in the universe for Truth to win.

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