“Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width”
Posted on February 26th, 2012

Prof. Hudson McLean

 This ongoing episode in the LankaWeb reminds me of a 1967 British TV comedy “Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width”, based on two tailors, Manny Cohen, a Jew, and Patrick Kelly, an Irish Catholic . 
I am flattered that so many persons have searched me on Google and may have noticed over 500,000 entries related to Prof. Hudson McLean. And all the entries lead to LankaWeb.
Allow me to explain why I took a position in LankaWeb for over 12+ years.
Firstly, LankaWeb is a Open Forum, independent, impartial, with a dedicated Gaggle of Press volunteers defending Democracy.
Secondly, I felt that, it was my duty as a human being, to support the Cause of Sinhala who were being betrayed by dishonest politicians, mudalalis, by selling the Soul of the Nation to the Tamil Terrorist LTTE Tigers. However, I never misused or abused the priviledge granted by LankaWeb.
Sri Lanka being a predominant Buddhist country, with a natural born sense of non-violence, were being dragged into the torture chamber by several nations such as Norway, India, Scandinavia, and to some extent by USA, UK, France etc, and many members of the leading politicians from the major political parties made a meal out of it.
Investment into property in the UK by some Sri Lankan politicians and their mudalali friends, as well as sending peons to UK and Sweden to collect “fees & commissions” each month, was as rife as the bad weather in England. And disgustingly stayed at the Kensington Hilton, dropped in at Lords to watch cricket. Changing from the National Dress into an ill-fitting pair of trousers before the plane landed at Heathrow, was common practice.
May I repeat, as a Member of the British NUJ, I have followed the Ethics of Journalism, never entered into any dialogue against any religion or belief, as a matter of principle. Neither have I participated in any harmful language against Race, Colour, Caste, Ethnicity and in many instances have stood-up for the under-dog.
Likewise, I should like to be judged by the readers, not by the colour of my skin, race, religion, or wealth, but by the content of my presentations, its stand and value to society.
As LankaWeb has kindly pointed out, Whats printed, Stays printed, no matter how loud one screams hysterically or threatens to call the Secretary of Defence! How childish!
Without any gift, grace or favour, I am not ashamed to admit that, I have & will, for the rest of my life, Defend the Rights of the Citizens of Sri Lanka, especially the Aryan Sinhala.
I take this opportunity to applaud LankaWeb for the valuable service rendered to the Citizens of Sri Lanka.
The Quality Matters Despite the Width!
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2 Responses to ““Never Mind the Quality, Feel the Width””

  1. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    We are not interested in your name Sir, but the content. It is acceptable in Journalism to use Pen Name (noms de plume) or pseudonym. As early as in 1876, when Bernard Shaw left Dublin with his father and moved to London, Shaw was writing under the pseudonym “Corno di Bassetto” and Shaw became music critic of The Star in 1888-9 as ‘Corno di Bassetto’;Then, T.E. Lawrence Lawrence used the pseudonym “Shaw” to avoid publicity after his return from North Africa, where he was better known as ‘Lawrence of Arabia’.
    19th century British novelist Charles Dickens used the pen name BOZ
    First Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru used the pen name Chanakya
    Benjamin Franklin – Silence Dogood
    Agatha Christie – Mary Westmacott
    So, What is the problem you guys in Sri Lanka?.
    You should be fighting UNHRC in Geneva by now instead of attacking a Journalist like this for no reason.

  2. Ben_silva Says:

    Prof. McLean your contributions are much appreciaterd.

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