Open letter to Brad Adams Human Rights Watch – article ‘Hold Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka’.
Posted on February 27th, 2012

Lakshman Peiris

Can HRW deny that they have received funds for operational purpose by LTTE supporting Tamil Disapora (Asylum seekers) who has built up hundreds of mushroom organisations around the globe!   

Without just spouting false allegations can anyone from the HRW  researches accuse any individual or department of the GoSL with proof beyond doubt or on balance of probability that some returned Tamil asylum seekers from the United Kingdom have been subjected to arbitrary arrest and torture upon their return to Sri Lanka.

Sri lankans can also make convincing allegation that Brad Adams, Asia director at Human Rights Watch and the lot who write biased reports just do it to satisfy their immoral employer and stay in employment. Would Brad Adams name the Directors of HRW, their remunerations including the perks they enjoy in carrying out their so called work! Tell the world how many conflicts they have solved internationally. HRW lost a highly lucrative income they enjoyed for decades when the conflict in Sri lanka was brought to end by the GoSL three years ago.  Sri Lankans do not need INGO’s like HRW who are nothing but parasites who live on the carcasses of conflict.

It is easy for jokers like HRW  who have hijacked the Human rights agenda to make a comfortable living to request British governments not to return rejected Tamil asylum seekers to Sri Lanka until it can fairly and thoroughly assess their individual claims based on up-to-date human rights information on Sri Lanka.

The British public are undergoing some of the hardest austerity measures in their long history.  Why should the British Public be burdened with bogus Tamil asylum seekers who lie through their teeth just for their economic needs.  Will Brad Adams and his HRW or the UN pick up the colossal expenditure to the British Tax payer!

Why did the eight persons deported from the UK have to smuggle themselves back to UK? India is also a party to the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment, which states in article 3 that no state “shall expel, return (“ƒ”¹…”refouler’) or extradite a person to another State where there are substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.  Why did they not seek asylum in India!

It is common knowledge that thousands of Tamils used the conflict that spanned for 3 decades to seek asylum in western nations. They supported the murderous LTTE terrorists with funds and material using various rag tag Tamil organisations spread around these western countries. Unfortunately western countries are beginning to see the light and realising their foolish deeds.

You just have to visit the Asylum tribunals in the United Kingdom to see Tamils lying under oath.  Without having the honesty to say that they came to the UK in search of better economic welfare for themselves and their families. They  lie through their teeth or through solicitors (well versed) in using any loophole in the immigration legislation especially prone to human rights hijacked by sinister organisations like HRW.  However it is a fact that most of these Tamil asylum seekers who left Sri Lanka, a nation they claimed abused, tortured them to an extent where they had to flee for their life have gone back to Sri lanka on holiday as soon as they obtained British  and other foreign passports!

What Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister Alexander Burt said at the parliamentary debate on Sri Lanka on February 22 “We are aware of media allegations that returnees are being abused. All have been investigated by the high commission, and no evidence has been found to substantiate any of them. Are we to believe a bunch of HRW researches singing for their crust of bread or the Minister advised by his advisers in Sri lanka? 

However the UK and most western nations are inundated with these pseudo human rights activists who have organised themselves into organisations that can support local politicians in their bids to get elected.  The LTTE funds from years gone by and that still collected from the Tamil Diaspora rump through various LTTE front organisations  have not vanished into thin air. People smuggling and other nefarious activities are still been carried out by the LTTE supporters languishing in these western countries. It is alleged that these funds found their way even to politicians like Hilary Clinton!

It is up to 22 million Sri lankans of all ethnic backgrounds living peacefully in Sri lanka to sort out whatever differences they have. They do not need INGO parasites like Human Rights Watch  to teach them human rights.

2 Responses to “Open letter to Brad Adams Human Rights Watch – article ‘Hold Deportations of Tamils to Sri Lanka’.”

  1. S de Silva Says:

    I have said this before , many a time and will repeat again that the solution for this kind of false propaganda is to challenge them legally for libel and sue for compensation. S de Silva – London

  2. LankaLover Says:

    When they are hand outs from front organisations of LTTE, how one can expect impartiality from these bogus Human Right organisations?

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