Psychopaths and the moral conscience of the world
Posted on February 29th, 2012

By Mario Perera, Kadawata

There was another shooting in an American school. A school boy entered that precinct of learning with a gun and let off a barrage at his school mates. There were deaths. Photos and videos displayed it all. There was weeping and hysteria. School children were seeking consolation in one another’s arms. The parents of the suspect were asking pardon from the disconsolate parents of the deceased and injured. They were nonplussed to explain why it happened. However it did happen.

This scenario takes place all the time with a disconcerting regularity. In Norway a man, considered as being in his full senses shot dozens of his own co-citizens, seemingly as a protest against the country’s immigration policy. It was like cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face. Now the latest incident of a school shooting was in Ohio. The name Ohio became popular in the 1960’s consequent to a song of Joan Baez titled: by the banks of the Ohio. There a man took his lover out for a walk and killed her. Gay isn’t it?  All the while the lover was pleading with him: don’t murder me, for I’m not prepared for eternity. Oh yes, the killings all happen against the background of “ƒ”¹…”eternal values’ fostered by the killer nations. Everybody over there, in the USA is stricken with shock and disbelief. They are all asking questions all the time, without answers. No need for answers as religious rites takes their place as the consolation factor.

These questions without answers regard school children mowing down one another within school premises and without apparent motives. Well the answer is there, just that they do not want to face the obvious. There is a disease, with the symptoms manifesting themselves where it normally would. It is not among the aged or the middle-aged that these symptoms show up but among the young, precisely among those in the learning process. It is simply that what they learn is contradicted by what they KNOW. The land of the free and the home of the brave is what they bawl out, standing stiff as broom sticks and their hands against their hearts, no doubt expecting to crumble with heart-attacks at the falsehoods they utter with such patriotic fervour. The younger ones know that their land is a make believe land of lies, deceptions and hypocrisy. It is a land whose soldiers sodomize prisoners in other countries (remember the woman soldier named England?), and urinate on the corpses of dead foes. As its NATO allies, chief among them being England, France, and Germany, it disseminates death and destruction on a global scale. Their superlative industry is the killing industry. The whole world, that is the non white and non-Christian part (the one that is outside the vision of the British Channel 4), is their killing field. They kill and kill and kill. That is their first commandment. The one they preach to others is the commandment of the Bible, thou shallst not kill”¦especially “ƒ”¹…”us’. What they practice is the commandment: killing is our right”¦we can kill and so can you, but on our behalf.

The World Wars, One and two, and all the wars ever since, colonial and neo-colonial are of their making. Their sacred four letter word (besides the one that immediately crops up in the mind!), is KILL. What were the World Wars about? They were just about matters only relevant to them, pertaining to dynasties and territories. They implicated the whole world in their own sordid affairs. They made the whole world a killing field. The slogans were naturally human rights and freedom and similar”¦all lofty ideals enthroned, as the French say dans la merde (in shit). From then on, since the two atom bombs that annihilated millions of civilians, the sound of bombs has never ceased. Just think of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia”¦literally everywhere, the killing continues. The hand behind all that is white in colour. The hand than bombs the world rules it, beneath the banner of “ƒ”¹…”universal morality’.

Why is the reaction among school children? They are the ones facing the future, not the aged or the middle-aged, satisfied with things the way they are. The soldiers fighting and killing human beings of other colours and other faiths, have all just passed out from that very same school system  and what do they do”¦they KILL on massive scales, they piss on dead bodies, they exhibit horrendous sexual lusts on the conquered. It is the young who are curious and questioning. S for their seniors, they know that so it was, is and will be. They live with it. But not so with the youth.  The young are no more gullible. They have eyes to see and ears to hear. They see the chaos among the war ravaged minds of those of their age, returning from the KILL. They are confronted with videos, photos and accounts of how exactly it happens over there. They feel the ground under their feet shaking. The foundations of their civilization are warped and brittle not solid as their teachers narrate.  And just like the Norwegian guy, they protest consciously or subconsciously the way they can”¦by turning their guns on their own.

The NATO countries and societies are generating psychopaths, mentally deranged persons. The young are not ready to hide behind the smoke screens depicting their armies as disseminating freedom and justice throughout the world. They saw how an unarmed Head of State was treated in Lybia, and how unarmed old Bin Laden was killed before the eyes of his wives and little children. All this happened while their leaders Obama and Clinton watched gleefully glued to their television. These so called highly civilized people made a pathetic display of their much vaunted culture by taking to the streets and dancing the jig”¦or was it the hula hula?

And just to think that such people in the USA, England, France and Germany show off as the moral conscience of humanity”¦.just disgusting to the point of wanting to vomit. The Ohio killing spree is just one of a series in a continuing saga. Children imitate what they parents and elders glorify, which is KILLING. So they come armed and they kill. It is only when that happens to them in their own homes, with their own hands, and on their own, that the elders wake up to the grim reality. Then only does the nation display shock and perplexity. All they say however is that they do not know”¦that is because they do not want to see. Even if they see they do not want to accept. They play the Ostrich’s game. But the children want to see what they know is taking place. And when they do see the abysmal difference between what they are taught, in schools, in pulpits of churches and what they come to know, it makes them mentally deranged, and so they too”¦KILL.

Now the killing spree is over for the moment. Now the world will be subjected to the church ceremonies, the candle-lit vigils, and the prayers and the ferreting out of heroes and villains, of the cowboys and crooks. No one will address the cause which is the desecrating of the human person far beyond their shores, of his body, of his mind, in short of his entire personality by these marauding white nations equipped with instruments of death, with naked displays of arrogance and insolence, and all clothed in immunity and impunity.


9 Responses to “Psychopaths and the moral conscience of the world”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Human rights CHAMPIONS practice it at home!

  2. Hitback Says:

    Look over your fence in Kadawata!…. Moderator’s comment -After observing HITBACK’s postings for sometime, his postings were considered to be unrelated to the article published and out of context, But repeating the same dogmatic political Propaganda again and again as if Lankaweb is being used in a subtle way to achieve party political objectives , therefore the moderator decided to delete his access. HITBACK was posting from Thousand Oaks California United States.

  3. mario_perera Says:


    I presume your first name is HIT and your surname is BACK. You forgot your middle name which no doubt is MY-FILTHY.

    I have stated who I am and from where I come. You are showing me your filthy BACK.

    Come out into the open you cowardly HIT(MY-FILTHY)BACK(SIDE). Should you reply, do so with your real identity. Otherwise keep on barking at the moon, as lunatics, deranged individuals and psychopaths do.

    You know in war times, real uniformed soldiers are treated with respect. People hiding in camouflage and shooting are despised and treated with the scorn they deserve. They are not deemed worthy of a bullet…just taken and dumped into the nearest lavatory pit for drowning with the ritual words: shit thou art and to shit you do return.

    My hunch is that you are either a white man or eking your pay from one. I am not white, but I can reply to you in no less than six western European modern languages (add Latin and Greek if you have heard of them). So chose your language, but also reveal your identity the next time you write. Otherwise you will continue living up to your name and whipping your own filthy backside.

    Mario Perera, Kadawata

  4. Rohan8 Says:

    Mario Kadawata, yes America is a violent society nothing new there. We all know that, has been since 1776 however Sri Lanka can be a violent society too like America. At least the LTTE gangsters are no more, however more should be done in Sri Lanka to make it a less violent society as hitback says. Especially post 2009. When I was in Sri Lanka last time I saw on the news many instances of people being killed as regular news items. Like you said Mario, improvement starts at home. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country which means it has a long culture of 2500 years it does not have to be another version of America. Sri Lanka should be a passive society in line with its Buddhist culture. Especially post 2009 since the violent LTTE gangsters have been vanguished.

  5. aravinda Says:

    Mr.Hitback, Mario Perera writes under his name. He is a straight shooter. Do you have name Hitback? You sound like an ex-refugee-boat person, now living in Toronto.

  6. Marco Says:

    I’m not sure which part of Hitback comment was offensive or abusive compared to Mario Perera comment to warrant Hitback’s comment to be deleted.
    Ah well!

  7. Lorenzo Says:

    Shitback is a Nanthikadal LOSER LTTE cadre hiding somewhere.

    As with all tigers he came hiding in Fonseka’s booty (true to his name) hoping that would attract sympathy and then showed his tiger stripes.

    Now he whitewashes America’s PATHETIC human rights record !

    Fonseka is now an AMERICAN! Not just Gotabaya, Fonseka too is AN AMERICAN.

  8. Lorenzo Says:

    Mario’s article caused a heart attack in the LTTE camp.

    Well done. Mission accomplished.

  9. Vis8 Says:

    Those who take the sword, risk of dying by the sword. Not only the US, but the ltte learnt it the hard way. Sri Lanka is a Buddhist country, and hopefully, this ‘gun business’ (that keeps quite a section of the US afloat), will not be seen in Sri Lanka, forever.

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