US-Indian Resolution against Sri Lanka Only the First and not the Last
Posted on February 29th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

When the illegal CFA was signed, there were widespread protests organised by patriotic groups against it. Their slogan was a “ƒ”¹…”respectable peace’. Interestingly the current President participated in them. These protests were extremely popular although the then government tried hard without succuss to downplay them; so successful that the CFA UNF government was toppled prematurely just two years later.  Similar protests were launched in 1958 against the illegal Banda-Chelva and Dudley-Chelva (1965) Pacts, 1987 Indo-Lanka Peace Accord and the political package of 2000. People burnt the political package inside and outside the parliament. PTOMS (2005) is another case of public anger against anti-national moves despite the fact that collapsing PTOMS meant no tsunami aid to people under LTTE control. An excellent move that proved invaluable when war broke out a year later. However, there aren’t any such protests today. Government sponsored protests are too politicised that only UPFA activists and organisers participate in them. The problem with government sponsored patriotic agitations is their contradiction. On one hand they support unpatriotic moves of the government and on the other they want to display patriotism to the rest.

What created this pathetic situation?

All potent patriotic individuals and groups have been subjugated by the government. Wimal Weerawansa, Patali Ranawaka, Ven Ellawala Medhananda, Ven Elle Gunawansa and most other patriots and the movements they powered have been totally subjugated by the government.  As a result there are no patriotic forces that can function independently and objectively against threats facing the nation. This is a much bigger threat than the threat posed by separatists and their western warlords. To some extent they are good salespersons. They very successfully sold patriotism to voters to get elected. But once elected they have abandoned that which made them winners.

Their cheap antics are a disgrace to the nation and fail to achieve anything. People find these antics amusing. Barking, screaming, name calling, threatening and burning aimed at UN agencies and powerful UN members cannot achieve anything. Nothing was achieved this way. Only decisive action can achieve tangible outcomes.

When the government entertains TNA demands, there is no one to oppose them either in public or from within the government!

Where are the patriots within the government? Probably they have very complex excuses – which the public either cannot understand or rightfully, don’t bother to understand – for not opposing the appeasement of TNA!

Give into some demands and there will be more demands

It was silly on the part of the government to entertain TNA concerns in the first place, sometimes at the expense of national security and equality. Once these initial demands were met (some demands were more than met), TNA leaders like typical bloodhounds started making more demands. It should have been expected. Now the demands, grievances, aspirations, allegations and all other names for extortion have snowballed. It is too big for the government to handle now. TNA has not made it a secret. They openly declare their “little now, more later” strategy. Knowingly the government has fallen head first into their trap.

Stupid antics of some by the name of patriotism look even worse in this background.

When demands cannot be won through puppets, puppeteers directly get involved. Before agreeing to anything demanded by US, EU or India, the government must consult the people, China, Russia and other genuinely friendly nations. All their interests must be protected in any move. Giving into US and EU demands will not make them friends but it can turn our friends into enemies. Same goes for TNA. Giving TNA demands never make TNA any better. It only destroys the future of non-Tamils.

We are in Geneva because of incompetent reconciliation advisors

A new breed of go-betweens emerged after the war triumph in 2009. They are called reconciliation advisors who are nothing but election refuse. People repeatedly rejected them at elections defeating them. If they had done their job properly, Sri Lanka will not be in Geneva today. Thankfully at this very late hour the government has finally realized their incompetency and not appointed them to any key position to handle the impending Geneva showdown.

Reconciliation advisors argued the reason behind allegations of war crimes is the weakness in government propaganda campaign that was not consistent. Though it is true the government propaganda campaign was weak, it is only part of the problem. They naively argued that if western nations and India know the ground reality, they would not believe anything the LTTE rump is spreading. Assuming their naive argument is correct, what did they do about it? Nothing.

US, EU and India know very well the ground reality. A few dozen visitors from these places have visited Sri Lanka with annoying frequency. They know Sri Lanka is safe for Tamils; they know Tamils enjoy an unfair advantage in Sri Lanka in terms of land rights, Tamil own land laws, the right and ability to live in any part of the island nation, all fundamental rights and equal rights. There is nothing they don’t know about it. Yet they demand more. Reconciliation advisors kept advising to appease Tamils and TNA more and more until their demands snowballed to a level they cannot handle. If TNA demands were cut down at inception, they would not be making any demands today.     

Geneva has destroyed all reconciliation efforts and as a result Tamils and non-Tamils are divided to the extent they were before the reconciliation process.

What to do now?

This is not the last resolution USA will be presenting against Sri Lanka. It is only the first in a series of resolutions aimed at creating Tamil Elam and appointing pro-US and pro-Indian TNA puppets as its supreme rulers. TNA leaders are now in India getting further instructions.

At the very least now, the government must recognize the danger of inaction. The only political solution is ethnic integration in the north where the problem is. The Indian model of ethnic segregation is not going to work in Sri Lanka. It is the Sri Lankan model based on ethnic integration that works. Reconciliation advisors must make an about turn from ethnic segregation efforts (devolution, power sharing based on ethnicity) to ethnic integration efforts (making sure the Jaffna peninsular is not Tamil only). Reconciliation must break barriers to integration by scrapping the Thesawalamei Law that very effectively prevents integration. Scrapping this has no negative impact on the outcome of any future election.

Legal action must be taken against TNA for conspiring against the Constitution and the nation. The 13th Amendment must be put before the public. War time solutions are not suitable for peacetimes. People can decide its suitability to modern ground realities. Scrapping the 13A can save billions of dollars every year that can go into development benefiting everyone.

The independent Tamil nation USA and India trying to create in the island to counter China, Pakistan, Burma, Sri Lanka, Russia and any other potential obstacle to neo-colonialism will be ruled by TNA. Eliminating TNA from the political sphere, legally, can disrupt their plans. It can make things easier for a proper political solution based on ethnic integration to be implemented. Similarly, western neo-colonial rulers have appointed their puppets in East Timor, Libya, etc. When it cannot be done peacefully, western colonials have used genocide to achieve it as exemplified in Diego Garcia. They provide useful geopolitical platforms to launch attacks on other nations. Giving into these moves to appease the puppeteer and the puppets is the worst the government can do. That will make Sri Lanka without any friends as friends of Lanka will find it a threat after puppet nations are created in its place.   

Amidst this clamour there is resentment growing in the electorate against the government that is prepared to appease TNA at the expense of UPFA voters. Any power sharing deal no matter how weak it sounds with the TNA will be punished by voters at the next election. Since TNA will never be satisfied, no TNA voter will vote for the government. Even if they do the loss will be many times more than the gain. Losing the next national election will seal the fate of the Rajapaksha family in the hands of the opposition, US-EU axis of evil and the LTTE rump gunning for its blood. The government will be saved only to the extent it saves the interests of the people and its voters in particular.

This nation cannot stand on its own. The only way it can deflect interference from powerful nations is by having a symbolic military presence of China in the island. All nations big and small avoid confronting China for obvious reasons. There is no sense in putting off Chinese military presence in the island. It is a win-win situation for both nations which will be welcomed by most South Asian, African and Latin American nations. China is the centre of the new Non Align Movement. Sri Lanka has already aligned with China in development, finance of projects and credit. It is time to reaffirm this alignment economically, politically and militarily. Australia’s economic alignment with China saved it from one financial crisis after another. Singapore too avoided financial crises thanks to its very heavy economic alignment with China. Chinese military expertise will save Lanka from Indian sponsored separatists and any military threat they may mount.

President Premadasa successfully deflected Indian and British interference through his political and military alignment with China until Indian sponsored terror groups killed him. It is on record he is the only elected national leader since 1956 who didn’t offer any political solution to South Indian separatists. He surprised many by despatching the Indian invading army without any compromise. If anything came close to it, without a doubt it must be May 2009 when the Army Commander toured China with a military delegation at a time when India was expected to interfere in the island to avoid a “human rights catastrophe”. Since China is the only substantive lender and financier of Lankan projects, pro-western political parties have no future in Sri Lanka. If ever they come to power they will have to either lose their puppeteers and face dire consequences or lose the steady development support from China. That is a huge political incentive for the government to economically align with China. Economically, India is vastly disadvantageous to Lanka even without CEPA.

Indian action before Geneva has surprised many; it’s conduct during and after Geneva will shock them.

28 Responses to “US-Indian Resolution against Sri Lanka Only the First and not the Last”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    It is ONLY US and EU resolution.

    India has not said it will support it.

    I’m sure India will support us, otherwise…. You know what we can do to Indian interests in the country legally and otherwise.

  2. LankaLover Says:

    India has never been our friend. They are there to subdue us and rob us. We should not forget it. We forgave them for what they did to us by creating, arming and training the LTTE. However, they have no gratefulness whatsoever for our tolerance. Otherwise, they should not be pressuring us to implement 13A etc.

  3. nandimitra Says:

    Indians are our enemies. They must not be allowed to buy land especialy in the moneragala district and introduce indian labour. The corridor to connect the east and the central provinces.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Dilrook,

    Excellent article that gets directly to the heart of the problem and to the only permanent enduring solution: Ethnic Integration that demolishes the very notion of “Tamil Majority” areas of Sri Lanka. I have posted this as a lead article at the SriLankaDefenceFourum as well.

    Sri Lanka MUST REMAIN ONE Nation, of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny without segregation into racially separate patchwork of communally disparate Bantustans that would set the stage for continued conflict. Community diversity should be preserved in the PRIVATE sphere of individual’s lives and their private community institutions such as temples and churches, and not in the PUBLIC sphere of public activities and governance.

    The Government should recognize no attribute other than citizenship as the fount of all rights and benefits due a citizen. One vote for each citizen, irrespective of community, is all the political franchise that any law-abiding citizen wedded to the notion of equal citizenship with equal rights and equal responsibilities needs. Any and all demands for special rights on the basis of communal attributes, would deny those same rights to other citizens and create a basis for future conflict.

    Therefore, Ethnic Integration to eliminate communal concentrations and wipe out the very basis of separatist demands is not only the prudent course for the government to pursue, but it also the only permanent and enduring solution that would promote empathy between the different communities of Sri Lanka essential to welding us into ONE Sri Lankan people.

    Pandering to divisive demands for racially distinct Bantustans in Sri Lanka to placate incurably Racist Eelamists in Sri Lanka and abroad, or the Western Neo-Colonialists pursuing their global hegemony under various “democracy” and “human rights” pretexts is NOT the way forward to a safer and brighter future for our Motherland.

  5. Ben_silva Says:

    Sinhalese need to get organised at grass root level and have strategies to defend the country

  6. Dham Says:

    Hopefully India is being handleled tactically by the government. It is a cat-mouse game.
    The word reconciliation is not applicable to Lanka as we did not kill the aborigines of Lanka mercilessly like Australia.
    Using this word to LLRC commision is a mistake.
    Rajapakse has not yet cleaned up the political mess but creating more. Paga is rampant. Police force is full of PAga Mustangs. Why should any foreigner respect Lankan Gov when its police take bribes openly and shamelessly ?
    When will Raja going to wake up ?

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Dilrook, among other points, that : “At the very least now, the government must recognize the danger of inaction. The only political solution is ethnic integration in the north where the problem is”.

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Dilrook, among other points, that : “At the very least now, the government must recognize the danger of inaction. The only political solution is ethnic integration in the north where the problem is”.

  9. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    When will Raja going to wake up ? Well said !

    unity in diversity is workable & practical solution !
    commmoon wake up ! We are not first world country , no regilien, no language, no family no …………. only wersten world have money !

    To unite our diversity ! We have best solution 13A +LLRC (if GOSL had handed over this to UN We would not have this problm now ) !

  10. Fran Diaz Says:


    I am talking about ‘ethnic integration’ which means North must be multi-ethnic. Also, I have not referred to the President at all in what I briefly said above. Dilrook has mentioned the word ‘government’ and not the President. I agree with Dilrook.
    It is the collective responsibility of the government to act, not just the President.

    * I do not agree with you that 13-A is a solution to the problem. In fact, it is part of the problem.

    * LLRC has its part to play, without the 13-A.

    * Yes, Unity in Diversity is possible for the North, as it is for the rest of the country.


    Bringing China further into the equation is not a good idea. Other countries are stomping on Lanka overmuch as it is. It will be worse if China is brought in further. Best that we set our country right within by ourselves. An Oath of Allegiance to Lanka will go a long way to this end.

  11. Marco Says:

    You make some valid points.
    However, 13A is in the Constitution. You either implement it or you get rid of it. We can arguing the pro and cons till the cows come home, its part of our Constitution. If MR willing used his 2/3 majority to pass a highly “dubious” 18th without public debate why is he dithering in using the same powers to get rid of the 13A?

    You keep harping on about “Oath of Allegiance”. If indeed that is what you wished the likes of Mahinda Samarasinghe, Palitha Kohona, Gotabhaya & Basil Rajapakse (to name a few) should not be serving in the Govt of Sri Lanka. (as foreigners)
    When did they renounce Allegiance to US or Aus?

  12. gamunu6 Says:

    DILROOK!,,,,Very interesting & to the point.. As other responses indicate at least there is concensus re: what we should do as Sri Lankans, not only Sinhalese, Moors / Malays, Burghurs & Tamils (ofcourse who will support NOT) the ones who are dusguised Sri Lankans.

    I would suggest as I have written to HE President of GIVING OIL contracts to INDIA & Indian based company Cairn Energy. The day we produce OIL or GAS, India will come & say that money belongs to them. Because Indian brnach of Carin Enrgy is a wholy owned company of India.

    Some say Sinhalayas are MODAYAS…judging by this important resource (yet to be determined , if economically viable), given to India or making India part of any venture associated with INDIA is a mistake. Now they are building houses to HOUSE Tamil Indians. How can a country allow such ballant disregard to OUR SOVEREIGNITY. Soon Indians are NOT going back to India,but live here permamanently.

    Now to Dilrooks & others comments……..My advice to ALL who contribute articles to LankaWeb.. are as follows:

    …….(1)…………..ABOLISH 13, 13A, 13 minus or any form. We have given enough concessions. Complete STOP.

    ….. .(2)…………..CALL OFF CEPA- Comprehensive Free trade agreemnt NOW.. The present agreement FAVOURS India.

    ……(3)……………Anything given by INDIA, should be declined, get other countries EXCEPT India, period.

    …..( 4)…………..Visitors, Business people coming on short term MUST be sent back after Visa expires. NO EXTENTIONS.

    …..( 5)…………..Prine land & seaside fronts Including Wellawatte, Colpetty, Bambalkapitya areas are & should be settled by
    Sinhalese, and law abiding other citizens who does not congregate & make GHETTOS in our City.

    ….(6)……………Do away with, running to INDIA for the slightest problem, GOVT or any other political leader/s..Solve probems talking to our elected reps, NOT hanumans who distroy countries & try to take over like in Africa & in the Carribean.

    ….(7)…………..Special scrunity of ALL Indians coming to Sri lanka, anyone without proper papers SHOULD be sent back.

    ….(8)…………..Even ministers of Indian Govt., or disguised as FRIENDS of Lanka coming & spent time as its a Paradise, should be scrutinized. NO MORE Indian pressure, big wigs talking to our big wigs,are allowed to carry favours.

    …(9).. If our FISHERMEN have to linger TWO years in Andaman Islands, their counterparts here WILL BE given same treatment, no more INFLUENCING our leaders or having double standards.

    These are my own observations & feel ALL EXPATS who love our Motherland MUST UNITE & demand our political leaders ACT accordingly.

    I am sure your respondents are much familiar with the ins- outs of Sri lankan ground situation & you all are the best authorities to INITIATE ACTION with the help of our elected leaders.

    Thank you all & thank you Dilrook for a valuable write-up on this & other important issues facing Sri lanka. ONE NATION, ONE COUNTRY UNDER one leader, UNITED & INDIVISIBLE. .just expressing my concerns…~Gamunu……..Retd Engr~ CANADA

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Now they are building houses to HOUSE Tamil Indians ??? you mean Tamil Sri Lanka !!!

    Fran Diaz
    I am talking about ‘ethnic integration’ which means North must be multi-ethnic- I am fully support but not Govt sponcer integration !
    Integration should be happed itseld !
    eg: Perriya Thambi should open his thosa kaddai at Hampaanthoddai & Lokku Panda should open Sinhala bakery at Japanaya themself !

    Unity in Diversity is possible ! Two languages One country is possible ! No one want one language Two country !

  14. Ananda-USA Says:

    Agree with Dham on “RECONCILIATION” being the wrong word to use to apply to the post war rehabilitation and reconstruction phase in Sri Lanka. That word implies equal culpability on both sides. However, defeating a murderous terrorist movement is never viewed as a illegitimate action for which an elected government supported by the vast majority of its people, can be held “culpable”. Sri Lanka must NEVER apologize for defeating terrorists and rescuing its people from three decades of horror.

    The UPFA Govt of Sri Lanka did not wipe out Tamils as a people, but rather protected Tamils in the South, and defended itself against a Racist, Murderous, Terrorist movement that killed, enslaved and ethnically cleansed all of its citizens without pity, rescuing 300,000 Tamils held captive in a human shield at the war front in the final phase. As a Government, democratically elected by the people on the promise to DEFEND and PROTECT the lives of ALL Sri Lankans without discrimination, the UPFA Govt discharged its duty to the citizens of Sri Lanka in bringing the plague of LTTE terrorism to final closure along the banks of the Nanthikandal.

    On the contrary, it is the FAILURE of successive previous Sri Lankan Governments to attain that goal for three long and excruciating decades, heeding the self-serving homilies of foreign powers and NGOs while Sri Lanka burned, that is the REAL CRIME here. It is that dilly-dallying which condemned over 100,000 of our people to death.

    With regard to the finality and completeness of the military defeat of the LTTE, we recall that the UPFA Government repeatedly called on the LTTE leaders to surrender to save the lives of their cadre and face the legal consequences of their actions. The LTTE leaders were NEVER promised freedom from JUSTICE for their crimes. One year before the end, every month thereafter, and even three weeks before the finale, the GOSL repeated that call. Having escaped complete defeat many times before due to Foreign Interventions (e.g., when the Sri Lanka Army had the LTTE corralled in Jaffna and the Indian Government forced Sri Lanka to end the offensive), the LTTE leaders thought they could escape again … and counted upon doing just that. Their mistake, for which they paid the ultimate price, was in misjudging the determination of a people who finally had enough of death and destruction the the LTTE had wrought. At least by dying in battle, the LTTE leaders spared themselves the humiliation of the gallows they richly deserved, like Saddam Hussein, Chemical Ali and others of Iraq, and the Nazis and Japanese leaders executed for war crimes after WW-II.

    They were encouraged to fight to the last by the activities of the Eelamist Diaspora in the West and in Tamil Nadu, permitted and often aided and abetted by host governments, misrepresenting the impending demise of terrorist criminals as a “genocide” of “innocents”. to the world at large. Britain and France sent their representatives spouting pontifical homilies to the GOSL, happily ignoring the fact that they were totally unsuccessful convincing the LTTE to surrender, and release their “human shield” hostages.

    The Eelamists finally elicited a response from the United States. But it was not fully satisfactory to the LTTE because it did not stop the GOSL offensive; it only offered extraction of 50 of the top LTTE leaders from the Mullaitivu pocket. We can easily guess the motivation of the US in making that offer: to seize the opportunity to create a captive political constitutency that can be manipulated to divide and rule Sri Lanka tby re-inserting the LTTE leaders as “political leaders” into Sri Lanka at a later time. The UPFA Government, mindful of the lessons of our own national history of falling from the Portuguese frying pan into the Dutch fire, were not willing to let the LTTE leadership escape justice and having to deal with them again under the protection of an even greater foreign power than India. The UPFA politely thanked the US and declined the poison pill, albeit incurring the wrath of Caesar-like Hilary Clinton of “I came, I spoke, He (Gaddafi) died” fame. She was miffed by the rejection of her imperial offer by this poverty stricken “banana republic” that, as Bill Clinton derisively described Sri Lanka a decade previously, has a strange way of fighting a war by providing food to the enemy. Denial of food to civilians is clearly the preferred Western way of winning wars.

    Indeed, the word “Reconciliation” is inappropriate for use by the GOSL, because one does not apologize to murderous criminals as if they were not guilty of horrendous crimes and are due a legitimate apology. It is not the GOSL that is at fault here, but the murderous killers who were vanquished. Policemen who shoot killers bearing arms in the US are NEVER compelled by the law, the judge or the rescued population, to apologize to the killers. There was no call for “Reconciliation” with the nations of Germany and Japan who initiated aggressive war without provocation in World War II, and committed horrendous murders of innocents by the millions in Europe, China and elsewhere. The Victors of WW-II NEVER dreamed of apologizing for defending themselves, and prosecuted and hanged all those who were responsible for those crimes. During the US Civil War, even the compassionate President Abraham Lincoln approved Gen. Sherman’s march from Atlanta to the Sea through Georgia laying waste all that the people needed to live and survive … in the interest of saving lives by shortening the war. At the end of World War II, President Harry S. Truman authorized the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to compel Japan to surrender without the sacrifice of 500,000 tropps and untold millions of Japanese lives in invading the home islands of Japan. In holier-than-thou NORWAY, “Quislings” who collaborated with the Nazis were tarred, feathered and ostracized, hundreds were summarily executed, and hundreds were prosecuted, convicted and hanged for their misdeeds. That is how the Norwegian Peaceniks of today protected their country against future treachery. Today, the US acts with even greater determination … killing arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden in front of his wife, declaring Gaddafi should be killed to be US Policy thus blessing his execution after capture.

    This is how the West defends itself when their own survival is at stake. Yet, Sri Lanka is pilloried for defending itself against terrorists within its own territory, not in far-off foreign lands. Double Standards me thinks, applied by Global Hypocrites.

    The hypocrisy does not end there. Australia which wiped out most aborigines and abducted children from their parents for conversion to Chistianity, and the United States which killed off most native Americans offering rewards for their scalps (Tecumseh Sherman of “Only good Indian is a dead Indian” fame orchestrated the culling of the Indians culminating in the “Wounded Knee” massacre; Indian genocide was the worst in the West Coast against non-violent native populations of California), evicting entire populations from the East Coast (Andrew Jackson … the “Trail of Tears”) to deserts in the West, wiping out the food source of plains Indians, the Buffalo herds, placing the Indians in “reservations” under Indian agents to languish in hopeless idleness, and repeatedly dispossessing them of even those reservation lands in broken treaties with the “Great White Father” in Washington who, to the Indians who did not understand the successive election of “Presidents”, lived forever in Washington.

    These are the true “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity”. The eradication of murderous terrorists who invented human suicide bombers and “human shields” in war zones, ethnic cleansing of entire populations, human smuggling of economic refugees as fake refugees on a vast scale to create a foreign tax base to support terrorism, abduction, brain washing and training of child soldiers into automantons who unthinkingly do their bidding, as deliberate war stategies to achieve their gastly racist goals, iis not a war crime … it is the deliverance of innocents from evil incarnate … as much as the Allies did in World War II in liberating Europe from the Nazis.

    EXPUNGE the word RECONCILIATION with Eelamists from the GOSL Lexicon; REPLACE it with REHABILITATION of the innocent victims of war and RECONSTRUCTION of their societies of their societies and essential. INFRASTRUCTURE!

    LAUNCH a campaign to convince the International Community why RECONCILIATION with Murderous Terrorists is NOT The WAY FORWARD. Instead, REHABILITATION, RECONSTRUCTION and REINTEGRATION of all peoples of Sri Lanka AGAIN into ONE Nation, of ONE People sharing ONE Destiny, free of communal divisions, SHOULD be, MUST be, and WILL BE our National Goal.

  15. Lorenzo Says:

    The bottomline is the LLRC report has become a Frankenstien monster!

    We created it and now we are running away from it.

    Replace reconciliation with integration. For Tamilnet it is structural genocide.

  16. Lorenzo Says:


    NO unity in diversity! UNITY IN UNIFORMITY.

    That is the SL model. Unity in diversity is the Indian model.

    “you mean Tamil Sri Lanka”

    No I think he meant people who speak an INDIAN LANGUAGE. They MUST be Indian. Do you think India will build houses for non-Indians? NO! That is why they are not building houses for Sinhalese.

    Indian build houses ONLY for Indians.

  17. lingamAndy Says:

    he meant -How do you know what he means…. ???

    Do you think India will build houses for non-Indians? -Agreed


  18. Fran Diaz Says:


    You say : ” am talking about ‘ethnic integration’ which means North must be multi-ethnic- I am fully support but not Govt sponcer integration !
    Integration should be happed itseld !”

    Integration will happen if other ethnic groups are allowed to live in the North. TNA is not allowing it to happen. TNA is the main Tamil political party. How can integration happen in the North ‘naturally’ ?
    Ethnic integration is happening naturally in other areas of Sri Lanka where TNA has no real hold. Integration is natural human behavior, if left alone by politicos who ‘divide & rule’.


    13-A has to be removed. Petitioning the Parliament through the Speaker is a Democratic way to compel government to remove it.

    To serve GoSL, Sri Lanka, there is no problem where dual citizenship is allowed. USA allows dual citizenship with Lanka, Canada, etc.

  19. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Ananda-USA, Fran Diaz and others.

    You have a nice website there Ananda with current news with a Lankan flavour. Keep going.

  20. lingamAndy Says:

    Fran Diaz
    TNA is not allowing it to happen- Not agreed !
    100% security ( all forces- law & order ) & 100% admin in Kachchery ( rtd genaral is caverner in north) -are in SL Govt hand in north now !
    If a Sinhala person want to buy a land in North please mail me I will sell it for you, not expenses only 100 slr per acre ( formaer our family paddy field ) !

    What TNA can do talk & writ thats all !!!!

  21. Fran Diaz Says:


    Permit me to speak (write) frankly.

    TNA is in charge of the thinking/feeling of the Tamil people of the North. Even though the expenditure of developing and sustaining the North is basically borne by the GoSL & Lankans of the other provinces, the people of the North are not allowed to feel a natural human warmth toward the rest of Lanka. The North is kept separate for TNA to play with. TNA is tied to Tamil Nadu politics too, as well as to various western politicos, for separatist purposes.

    For real Reconciliation to happen, acceptance of each other and forgiveness of the past must felt first, in our Hearts. Written words may not touch the people who have actually suffered in the North and all over Lanka over the 30 yrs via ltte and now via TNA. No TNA politico has ever apologized to the people of Lanka for 30 yrs of ltte carnage (Note: is this a requirement in the LLRC ? I think not, though it is a requirement for GoSL. Earlier Pres. CBK apologized twice to the Tamil people, to what avail, I might ask, as nothing changed. Apologies must be felt, and come from both parties concerned. One party apologising for the suffering of all the people concerned is like one hand clapping – doesn’t work. P.S.: Correct me if I am wrong about the LLRC part).

    The image of TNA leaders in the eyes of the ordinary folk of Lanka is that of a leadership lacking in loyalty to the country that nurtures them, and is for separatism. There is lack of Trust in the TNA leaders. Andy, how can you say that the TNA has no major part in the isolation of the North ?

    GoSL may be laying the infrastructure and maintained some law & order in the North. But, the TNA are the Tamil leaders especially in the North, is it not ?

    If TNA changes and works sincerely with the rest of Lanka, then the people of other ethnicities will feel wanted and move with the North. It is the TNA leaders who need to change, not the rest of Lanka. TNA leaders appear to belong somewhere in the middle of the Palk Straights, and I don’t mean India, I mean Tamil Nadu on one side and the North of Lanka on the other side, not the rest of Lanka. It is isolationist politics that the TNA is deliberately practicing, dragging the people of the North to isolation along with them.

    Where Separatism end, Trust begins.

  22. Fran Diaz Says:

    A question I like to pose to the reading public is :

    Do Lankans (both North & South) tend to hold the government of Lanka, any government, responsible for Personal Happiness too, in addition to providing access to basic needs, (food, clothing, shelter), free education & health care, job creation, building of urban, sub-urban & village infrastructure, foreign relations, etc. etc. ?
    If so, isn’t this being in ‘dreamland’ and something that can never be achieved ?
    Personal Happiness is an individual quest. It’s built into our genes that way, and no government on earth or any political system can ‘give’ it.

  23. Ananda-USA Says:

    Fran Diaz is EXACTLY correct,

    “Apologies must be felt, and come from both parties concerned. One party apologising for the suffering of all the people concerned is like one hand clapping – doesn’t work.”

    Also treating separatist supporters of the LTTE as “The Sole Representatives of the Tamil people” and legitimate political leaders in a democracy, is just PLAIN WRONG.

    Like the Baath Party of post-war Iraq, the Nazi Party of post-war Germany, and the Ku Klux Klan of post-Civil War United States, they should be banned and excluded from politics and power. Then their enslaved Tamil victims will summon the courage to reintegrate into Sri Lankan society and assume their rightful role as Sri Lankan citizens, free of fear.

    As long as their former tormentors move unfettered among them , and give every indication of resuming the control over Tamils that the LTTE “Sole Representatives of the Tamil People” enjoyed under the late unlamented SunGod, they will stay dumb, voiceless, fearful of being targeted by the resurgent LTTE in the guise of the TNA.

    When the killers of the past are walking among you, unfettered, unpunished, and reaching in “peace” through subterfuge for the dictatorial power they lost in abject defeat in agressive “war” … who wants to speak out?

    Unitil the LTTE proxy, the TNA, is BANNED, UPROOTED & ERADICATED the Tamil people will not feel safe.

  24. gamunu6 Says:

    Thank you so much for the valuable article DILROOK. I am glad that there are still few sri lankans who take an interest to what is happening to our beloved Motherland.

    We have to join forces with like minded writers, intelectuals and demand our HE President implement some laws & enahnce them to keep undesirable elements even visting our country. It is true India is our closest neighbour BUT treating our country as ploitical football & emerging here in Jaffna & Colombo as if they are visiting a part of India, is not at all healthy for good relations.

    We must insist any foreign national including Indians must leave the country, when their Visas expire. Remaining here & asking for extensions or other devious methods to stay is not good for anybody’s business.

    We should 1st abolish 13th ammendment in any form, + , – or any other. Then never Enhance CEPA to be accepted, as all our leading busnessmen have demanded. It is already favours India in the present free trade agreemnt. Who wants to go to Enhanced- compehensive free trade with inferior quality products & personnel coming from that country.

    No more going to India by all politicians, Govt & oppostion for a slightest disagreement wth the ruling Govt. Solve our problems here NOT in India or in the West.

    Request an amalgamation of Eastern province with Southern province & gradually settle Sinhalese, Moors & Burghers in North as Sri Lanka is a multi-racial country.

    No one can exclude our citizens in living along sea front from Kolpetty to Dehiwala & beyond. No individual or orgaization can refuse another to purchase land in this areas of Colombo NOW dominated by tamil people.

    I feel these measures taken immediatley will solve the recurring problems Sri lanka face now & in the future. I thank Dilrook & other respondents for expressing their views on this matter.

    Thanks again Sir, for your valuable contribution.. ….Just expressing my concerns of our Motherland…~Gamunu – Canada

  25. Christie Says:

    “US-Indian Resolution against Sri Lanka Only the First and not the Last”

    Should it be “Indian- US Resolution against Sri Lanka Only the First and not the Last”

    It is an Indian Resolution brought by the US and some of its allies.

    Thanks for the great article.

    The only solution to problems of te island nation is to give equal rights to all by removing the priviledges enjoyed by Indian colonial parasites since their arrival in 1792 to take over the Dutch possessions of the island.

  26. Ananda-USA Says:

    Is INDIA going to stab Sri Lanka in the back …. AGAIN?

    India initiated, trained, funded, delivered, and defended Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka, before it ran afoul of its surrogates in protecting the integrity of India itself.

    Every assistance India gave Sri Lanka to defeat the LTTE … after India advanced to the rear after incurring massive losses … should be viewed as “War Reparations” due Sri Lanka to compensate Sri Lanka for the grievous hard India inflicted upon us.

    Now, is India REVERTING to its former role to placate the Racists of Tamil Nadu?

    WE HOPE NOT, but will watch VERY CAREFULLY what India does!

    PM’s assurance to DMK on Sri Lanka issue

    By J. Balaji
    March 03, 2012

  27. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m no fan of India but I think India will NOT support the resolution.

    It has said it will not support any COUNTRY SPECIFIC resolutions.

    But you never know with DMK racist crap crying out loud begging at the feet of Manmohan Singha. Whatever it is INDIA IS PLAYING A DOUBLE GAME.

    India helped us militarily AFTER we THREATENED to buy weapons from China and actually did so.

    1. USELESS Indra radars from India came AFTER we threatened to buy MORE ADVANCED Chinese 3D radars. These USELESS Indian radar FAILED to detect LTTE takarang planes. They protected air tigers’ assets.

    2. We bought MORE weapons from Pakistan, China and Israel than India.

    3. India armed and trained LTTE.

    4. India came to save LTTE in 1987. If India didn’t save LTTE in 1987 it would have been May 2009 more than 22 years before. 22 years of peace!

    5. We know what that dirt JN DIXSHIT did. A Tiger himself.

  28. Christie Says:

    Branding Tamil terrorist “Tamil Tigers” is a job well done by the Third Eye of India; the Indian intelligence service.
    Please if you are a Non -Indian refer to them as Indian Tamil terrorist outfit.

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