US Ambassador Butenis’ underhand means of creating Communal disharmony.
Posted on March 1st, 2012

By Charles.S.Perera

Ambassador Butenis says USA is not an enemy of Sri Lanka, but with friends like USA Sri Lanka need not have friends.

Ambassador Butenis has started something called ” effective development” which is described as “means empowering communities and countries to chart their own future”.   An embassy of a foreign country is there to develop good relations between one country and another.  Therefore an Ambassador  has to work with the Government to which he or she is accredited, but not directly with any community or other Associations.  If a country is giving aid for a specific project  such aid should be  given to the Government and discuss how that aid has to be applied with the government.

Therefore Ambassador Butenis has not right to make use of USAID  to establish Public and Private alliance forums.  Further more  Butenis promotes USAID to Communities without understanding that USAID should be  a global grant for all Communities. 

Butenis at  a roundtable  attended by a public and private sector representative  at Galle Face Hotel last week had,  according to  the Island  report , “USAID was inking agreements that provided grants to partners who could match or exceed the funding received, for investments in their own community.”

This type of USAID should be controlled by the Government, as such aid also includes employing of NGO’s.  And if with such aid to Communities are to made individually and separately to Communities , it would be  far from helping reconciliation of Communities in Sri Lanka which is trying to  change the idea that Communities are separate entities, but to accept each Community as a part of a whole thus paving the way to a National unity.

Therefore USAID if it is to empower Communities to Chart their own future, the idea had to be shunned as it is contrary to reconciliation process which the Government has begun  which is to  convince the Communities the necessity  to merge in  to a nation of one people leaving aside the concept of communal separation.

According to the  report of Zaki Jabbar  in the Island of 29 February, 2012, Ambassador Butenis has said “”¦.. Quoting President Barack Obama, “¦”¦.. US was renewing development as a key element of American foreign policy, not by lecturing and imposing its ideas, but by listening and working together, seeking more exchanges between students and experts, new collaborations among scientists to promote technological development, partnerships between businesses and entrepreneurs to advance prosperity and opportunities for people everywhere. “¦”

In reality USA has no special interest in the people of Sri Lanka whether they be  the Tamil Community or the Sinhala and Muslim Communities.  But their pretended interest in the Tamil Community is  through the attachment the US Assistant Secretary of State for Central And South Asia Robert Blake has for the terrorists of Sri Lanka .  It is that connection that is now being used  by the  USA to divide the nation thus breaking a Chinese link in the Indian ocean.

Sri Lanka’s present problem comes from the American NGO’s who were asked to leave the terrorists controlled areas as the Military operations against the terrorists had commenced and the Armed Forces cannot provide security to them.  These NGOs went back angry with the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces and began the anti Sri Lanka Government campaign, which took a greater proportion after the elimination of the terrorists, and now it has turned out to be an accusation for violation of human rights to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces for the elimination of those “friendly terrorists” with whom they had worked.

In the light of this, Sri Lanka cannot again place its trust on  any Aid workers sent by USAID.

The USA and its Western allies were determine to do a “Libya” in Syria to oust the President al-Assad’s government . This attempt was foiled by  Russia and China voting against intervention in Syria. USA and its allies the West Smarting under the wound of defeat in the intended “bombarding” Syria, seem to  be contemplating other tactics which are of doubtful honesty.

It was said in Sky news that USA and the West wants the agreement of Russia and China to send Aid Workers to Syria.  In the case of  Libya the USA and the West having  got UN Security Council sanction to control the Air Space over Libya, commenced bombardments abusing the UN Sanction and later even air dropped arms an ammunitions to the rebels and even sent Italian Military advisers to help the rebels organise themselves against the Colonel Gaddafi’s Forces.

Hence it would not be wrong to assume that if the USA and the West were to send Aid workers to Syria they may send CIA experts as aid workers and organise the rebels against the Armed Forces of Assad.   Russia and China had said that they will not allow the USA and the West to use the UN Security Council once again to attack militarily another country as they did to Libya.  Hence it is unlikely that Russia and China will be in agreement with USA and the West  to send Aid Workers to Syria.

USA and the West if they want to could change their aggressive methods of changing regimes and  become more friendly and start dialogues without assuming before hand that all Arab leaders are dictators.  The West have made them  what they are  because of their “fear” to trust the USA and the Western Governments.

Even in Sri Lanka USA has no special interest in the people other than using the people to organise  their political strategies. Immediately after the elimination of the terrorists the USA hastened to establish its influence in Jaffna. That is how USAID built the  American Corner in Jaffna for Jaffna  people to meet.  It was declared open by Ambassador  Patricia Butenis and USAID Director Jim Bednar in January, 2011. 

Strangely  the report of the Opening of the Centre  had been written by Melissa Coulter who serves as the  Public Diplomacy Desk Officer in the Bureau of South and Central Asian Affairs and Jeffrey Anderson Public Affairs Officer of the USA Embassy.

“Strangely”,  because  Bureau of the South and Central Asian Affairs is Headed by non other than Robert O Blake the friend of the Sri Lanka terrorists.  And the USA Corner may have been Robert O Blake’s idea.

USA had always helped the Tamils of the North even before the beginning of the terrorism. They were even then trying to make Jaffna a different place from the South.

Melissa Coulter  writes, ” The United States has close historical ties with Jaffna. Arriving in Jaffna in 1813, American missionaries established the first printing press in Jaffna and the first medical centers, medical schools, and the first Tamil-language newspaper in Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka). Harriet Winslow, the great grandmother of the late Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, also founded the Uduvil Girls School, the first all-girls boarding school in Asia.”

To crown that past USA connection in Jaffna, USA has now built the  American Corner in Jaffna.  Ambassador Butenis had said at the opening of the Centre, “”¦.we hope and expect that the American Corner in Jaffna will quickly become a vibrant community center, digitally connecting Jaffna with the rest of Sri Lanka and with the world and providing a space for dialogue between Sri Lankans and Americans.” 

USA needs  some “brain washing”. It is time they instead of acting  on an Assistant Secretary of State Robert O Blake’s  intense desire to take revenge from Sri Lanka over the elimination of his friends the Sri Lanka terrorists, think clearly of the necessity of their  resolution against Sri Lanka  which they propose to move at the Human Rights Council in Geneva this month.

USA was against the Government of Sri Lanka for  having failed  peace negotiations with the terrorists, resorted to a military solution to  end terrorism.  The then Ambassador  continued to speak against  the  decision of the Sri Lanka Governments military operations against the terrorists. But USA never intervened to speak to the terrorists despite Robert O Blake’s good relationship with them to demand the terrorists to end terrorism and come to a political settlement with the government. 

When the Commander of the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka and the President of Sri Lanka were wounded by the terrorists the USA did not intervene with the terrorists to stop their further criminal activities.  It was the same when the terrorists killed a Sri Lanka President and again the President of India , USA remained dumb, there was then no question of human rights or “war crimes”  mentioned relating to the terrorists.

Even when the Sri Lanka Minister of Foreign Affairs was killed by a terrorist sniper. USA and Robert Blake was not heard of.

But now the USA, EU and the different Western humanitarians are coming out in packs to condemn Sri Lanka and threatening to take her before a tribunal accused for war crimes, merely because Sri Lanka eliminated terrorism without their help.

After the elimination of the terrorists Sri Lanka developed the country  in all fields and began reconciling the Communities.   Sri Lanka without the help of the USA and the EU appointed its own Commission of Investigation and is now preparing to implement the recommendations of its own Commission LLRC.

But now USA comes to  Geneva to attend the Human Rights Comission with an anti Sri Lanka resolution demanding the implementation of the recommendation of the LLRC.

We do not now want USA or European Union to tell us that we should implement the recommendations of  our own LLRC.  Sri Lanka Government will implement those recommendations of the LLRC without any coaxing from the West  same way as  Sri Lanka eliminated the terrorists without any help of the USA and its allies.

Sri Lanka only wants it left alone without the interference of the West, as Sri Lanka knows what is best for the country and is doing what is necessary in an appropriate manner.

7 Responses to “US Ambassador Butenis’ underhand means of creating Communal disharmony.”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    No longer a secret how USA is trying to create a military platform in the island since 1813.

    [Quote] Melissa Coulter writes, “ The United States has close historical ties with Jaffna. Arriving in Jaffna in 1813, American missionaries established the first printing press in Jaffna and the first medical centers, medical schools, and the first Tamil-language newspaper in Ceylon (present-day Sri Lanka). Harriet Winslow, the great grandmother of the late Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, also founded the Uduvil Girls School, the first all-girls boarding school in Asia.”[Unquote]

    A Tamil hardliner by the name Arumuga Navalar a national hero got rid of these missionaries complaining that they destroy Hinduism which was true at that time. He also alleged these missionaries turn Jaffna girls into objects by forcing them to wear short dresses, teaching them western singing, dancing, cooking, western views on family and sexuality, etc.

    Now the Americans are back in Jaffna.

    This is a very dangerous sign. Using war crimes charges against the government, USA is pushing its seperatism agenda.

    No wonder TNA and USA had many meetings in the island, in USA, in India and also in Tamil Nadu.

    USAID’s seoperatist moves should be kept under check. USA has not much money to give away today as the US state debt is overwhelming. They use the little they have on promoting the US military agenda.

    India (the new US agent) have its own High Commission in Jaffna.

    In short India and USA have recognized a seperate state in Jaffna.

    And now the resolution against Sri Lanka pushed by USA and India based on Jaffna centred TNA.

    Government of Sri Lanka should close down the American corner and match US-Indian interference with equal Chinese and Pakistani presence in Jaffna. For Americans Jaffna is the ideal military and seperatist platform because there are no Muslims in Jaffna, historical affiliations, closeness to India, large Jaffna Diaspora in pro US westen countries, favourable Christian influencial clergy, already existing seperatist mentality and economic power.

    No development work in Jaffna should be allowed to any entity other than government agencies.

    Seperatism, the concept of Tamil Elam and racism in political parties were born in Jaffna in the late 1800s and early 1900s. All these elements came from US brainwashed schools and societies. Was there an American input in that? This needs to be investigated.

    When IPKF was in the country at a time when US and Indian interests were divergent, IPKF was only interested in capturing and holding Jaffna. Was it to ward off US interests?

  2. jayt Says:

    You made this coment yesterday urging SL govt to bring Chinese and Pakistani present in Jaffna to counter American.
    Today, see how quick American-Israeli responce; Today American anounced American army team was deployed in India, Sri lanka and Bangladesh saying there are terrorists in the regon so called LeT. I have myself supported American and Isrealis thinking american are just trying to open businesses but latter realized that they have many more goal to the world. Now Sri lanka have to revisit 1983. American did tell same thing when there was no any terrorists. Also, take series what happened in pakistan when thousands american spies entered and settled in islamabad embassy saying they came to fight terrorists but after one week of their arrival, thousand of terrorist were borne and began to kill pakistanis but not american.

  3. LankaLover Says:

    The American State Department apparatus turned against us suddenly as soon as Hilary Clinton received LTTE bribes!

  4. jayt Says:

    a few months ago, I met a groups of interesting American friends and had dinner witth them and a long talk. They directly jumped to the subject “wars in th world”. And one said, “wars and nuclear holocast” I asked what? He said, “wars and end of Israel nears”. I asked them what is their opinion towerd Jews in genera and Israel. They told me they did not want to fight for israel because Israeli accoupying plastinian land and provoking other countries. and within a few years somebody will hit israel with deadly nuclear striake.

  5. jayt Says:

    it does not matter how much people know that there will be a nuclear revenge against Israel, US or israel mentallaty will not be changed. The same American group told me that same section of jewish group provocked German public and Hitler for years by acting if Germany is as their own country in a simlar way they do in our country and as well as provocking other countries by getting America to invade other countries.

    And they countinued saying ” we see excact picture what was then in Germany and once again this time today’s jews are turning whole world against themselves.

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  7. jayt Says:

    this is not a mystery but it is a mystery to Sinhalese. When the war finished, I told sinhalese not to celebrate because it is a mystery of the history of the covert operation. However, Sinhalese in sri lanka who have no idea about world of spy operation began to celebrate about sovereignty. And then from the end of Tigers, western spy operation began manipulating prez Rajapakese with crime charges in UN to scare him to agree to station american militarily spy operators in American embassy.
    Now Sinhalese have to watch to see what is their next operation; why they got in? is it to conspire against Pakistan, Iran, China or conspire against Sinhalese? or conspire against Sinhalese. or all of above.

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