Accept LLRC Report in Full or Dump It Completely, No Selective Acceptance
Posted on March 13th, 2012

Dilrook Kannangara

If the UNHRC doesn’t accept the LLRC Report completely, it should be dumped and a fresh process should initiate. The LLRC report has its own balance and wholeness which can be retained only if it is accepted fully. Accepting what USA agrees to and rejecting what USA disagrees will render the entire report useless. This is the stand Sri Lanka should take up in Geneva.

If the UNHRC doesn’t accept the report in its entirety, Sri Lanka should declare that it will initiate a fresh process to come up with a new report instead. Otherwise it ends up like the folk story of two farmers sharing a cow. One gets the front part and the other the rear of a living cow. The one who gets the front part pays for its food while the one owning the rear gets all the economic benefits. Such an absurd selective approach to the LLRC report should not be allowed to proceed.

If a new process is to be initiated, it should not focus on reconciliation. There is no need for reconciliation. What is needed is integration. No reconciliation is possible between the winning ideology (unitary Sri Lanka) and the losing ideology (self governing authorities or internal self determination) clearly decided at war. Peace comes only upon the unconditional acceptance of the winning ideology. The military victory shouldn’t be reversed or compromised by the reconciliation process. By bringing the word reconciliation, the Lankan conflict is equated to the South African Apartheid situation. These two are completely different. Instead integration is what should happen.

7 Responses to “Accept LLRC Report in Full or Dump It Completely, No Selective Acceptance”

  1. Kit Athul Says:

    Dilrook, who gave the mandate to LLRC to amend the SL costitution? Think for a minute. What the given mandate was to produce a report, not even a suggestion how to reconcile the defeated and the winners.

  2. Dham Says:

    LLRC is a stupid idea by stupid peole.
    Reconciliation, if any shall be initiated by Tamils and can only be achieved by inviting Sinhal people openly to be their neighbours. Will that ever happen ?
    Sinhala people have always been symathetic towards Tamils and are going to their shops to buy day to day needs in Wellawatte, even now. Are Tamils doing the same ? Yes, they too are going to Wellawatte shops to shop even though they reside in Dehiwala and avoid Sinhala shops.

  3. Sirih Says:

    Its only a report with recommendations …No more and as such it is the Parliment that decide re. Sri lanka and its people.

  4. LankaLover Says:

    LLRC was a mistake – should not have gone through that route. Like the Indo-Lanka pact, LLRC was something that was pushed down our throats by the US and the West.

    Sri Lanka never went to war with Tamils, and therefore no ‘reconciliation’ necessary with the Tamils.

    Sri Lanka went to war with LTTE, and you can never expect any reconciliation with the LTTE. LTTE thrive on lies, deception, bribes, exploitation, loopholes, and given a chance – violence. We should continue that war in full force with LTTE for our survival. Otherwise, they would have massacred the whole Sinhalese population if given a chance.

    LLRC also had gone beyond its mandate and should be discarded.

    Ethnic integration in Sri Lanka should be expedited to avoid ethnic enclaves (same for Muslims too).

    Sri Lanka Parliament should decide what is good for the country, and not the US or UN.

  5. AnuD Says:

    Any forced reconciliation is not reconciliation. That should be a natural process.

    The reconciliation what Tamils are asking is – they say they lost the war and they could not get peelam. So, give us the precursors leading to the Peelam. So, they will not give up. It is our politicians had to think in advance, had to be proactive and act etc., etc., Instead they became short sighted as usual and they thought about their LEGACY.

    LLRC is a mistake. Whether India or US forced it on us, we should have been careful. I think out leaders tried to establish their legacies in a stupid way. Remember, we heard that CBK wanted to win the Nobel prize. So, our politicians may have accepted to appoint the LLRC because of the greed for their legacy. Now, we are screwed up. Otherwise, who appoints Pro-LTTEers too to the LLRC. Actually, If IC forced LLRC on us, that would be better. WE could have used it for our advantage. In appointing members to chir the LLRC we screwed it up.

    See, Sri Lanka is our only country. We are proud to say that we have more than 2500 year old civilization. Yet, see the power of the migrant from Tamilnadu Joseph Rayappu. That is just the tip of the iceburg.

  6. AnuD Says:

    See how very powerful UN, how they appointed people into “DARUSMAN – commission” to investigate sri Lanka.

    Did they appoint any one from Sri Lanka ?

    Did they appoint any one from any other group that would be acceptable to Sri Lanka.

    Generally,, they prefer to appoint our own people but who are against us. That happens every where. Take examples from any westerncommitte or any western organization that carry out politically sensitive affairs (e.g. BBC foreign service).

    But, only Stupid…… appointed some pro-LTTEers to the LLRC too. So, even if the chairman is reliable, he can do only so much.

  7. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Mr. Dilrook Kannangara!………..Always enjoy your artcles in Lankaweb. I feel now it has happened & we have to live with LLRC. Objections if there were any should have been settled before GOVT & some citizens reluctantly agreed to some form of way out, to dilute the Western countries insistence.

    It is very unfortunate that none of the countries have voiced any opinions about US & NATO atrocities carried out in Mid East, Africa & Latin America.

    When this is done they (US & UN) will ask us produce some more details, commissions, etc till cows come home. All the time Sri lanka has to suffer because of this interference of outside powers in domestic affairs of a Soveriegn state.

    I feel we all should start a protest, write letters & demand our country to be left alone. With the help of other counties pass a resolution to investigate crimes committed by the so called Int. community. Till then they will have an easy target to attack, namely Sri lanka.(the only country who defeated terrorists).

    I sympathise with our Sinhalese & other citizens of malay & mulims ethnicity as they have to suffer and their main objective is to have at least 2 meals a day, without having to suffer like this.

    Thanks so much for your contribution & hope some good will come out of this so that Western Powers will never interfere with governance of an Independent, Sovereign country……Just expressing my views…….~ Gamunu, Retd Engr-Canada

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