Geneva Outcome 2012: questions to the step-father of 13A+ in Sri Lanka
Posted on April 1st, 2012

C. Wijeyawickrema         

                Politicians, who did not know history or geography of Sri Lanka, did blunders in the past. For example, both SWRD and Dudley S signed agreements with Chelvanayagam who wanted a country in a Tamil homeland giving him land powers. Giving land powers in such context is like erecting ladders to jumping monkeys. These agreements were based on selfish politics and not based on what was reasonable and justifiable. Present day Marxist remnants proudly cite Colvin R. de. Silva’s 1950s formula, “one language two countries, two languages one country,” forgetting what Colvin said and did in the 1960s and 1970s. Colvin, JRJ, CBK, RPremadasa or RanilW or the LLRC did not understand that as long as there is a Tamil Nadu, there will be a separatist Tamil country movement and Sri Lanka must do everything domestically to erase language-based boundaries.

                It is in this context that I doubt Dr. Dayan Jayatileke’s (DJ) sincerity. Does he not understand history and geography of Sri Lanka or is he pretending? Why we cannot be reasonable to all ethnic groups including the majority Sinhala? If DJ read the book by DevanesanNesiah, “Discrimination with reason,” (1997), he would understand how reasonable discrimination has workedin India, USA and Malaysia.  I do not think DJ is Harold Laski reborn in Sri Lanka as his uncle Carlo Fonseka once identified him, but DJ has some talents, just like RohanGunaratne who is an expert on terrorism operating from a university in Singapore. They both were in the “this war is not winnable” boat in the past. The “solutions” they suggest now make us think twice because of this past record, more so with DJ who once fled to India with VartharajaPerumal.

                As a person who wrote enough against the 13A death trap (just like JRJ’s death trap constitution of 1978 and subsequent electoral reforms), I think I am correct in labeling Dayan J as the step-father of the 13A Plus idea, copied later by the American embassy in Colombo, Indians in Delhi, TNA, Anandasangaree and some Sinhala politicians now holding ministerial jobs. In the past, when I sought clarification from DJ about his 13A+ plan he behaved in a funny way which made me suspicious of his sincerity. Does he genuinely believe in his own step son 13A+ as a solution to keep this island in one piece?  Marxists ruined Sri Lanka and DJ as a Marxist theoretician of sort, has a heavy burden to justify his miracle solution 13A+ by educating others by answering our questions. After he was removed from his ambassador job last time, there was a lull in his carrying the 13A monkey on his back and he even talked about a Sinhala Buddhist heartland in the island (opposite of RosySenanayake’s idea of removing the Buddhist social base in the island). Therefore,I hope a reformed DJ would decide to educate others about his magic solution called the 13A Plus.

Twenty questions

1. Does he (DJ) not agree that 13A has no moral basis to be a law because it was forced by India on a frightened JRJ who forced MPs to vote for it by keeping them in a hotel-converted prison?

2. Does DJ agree with the suggestion to submit 13A to a people’s referendum to confirm or reject it by the people of Sri Lanka?

3. Does DJ accept the fact that 13A is an acceptance of the myth of traditional Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka?

4. Does DJ not accept that on the basis of 3 above Muslims also will have a “right” to ask for a homeland (Oluvil Declaration type) of their own?

5. Does he not accept the fact that 13A was nothing but the introduction to Sri Lanka of the policy of communal representation implemented in India by the Government of India Act of 1935?

6. Does he not agree that 13A has created hordes of corrupt new political families who want to use the PC set up to go to parliament?

7. Does he not think that Sri Lanka is too small to have separate provincial governments?

8. What is DJ’s definition of 13A+? Is it giving land powers or giving both land and police powers?

9. Does DJ support the re-merging of Eastern and Northern Provinces?

10. Does DJ know that Christian fanatic organizations mapped a “belt of Satan” in the world that should be saved?

11. Can DJ explain how 13A+ will prevent Tamil Nadu and world Tamil forum’s aspiration to have a Tamil country?

12. Does DJ accept that Tamils in Sri Lanka have more rights than Tamils in India?
13. Can DJ list grievances unique to Tamils in Sri Lanka?

14. Would DJ agree that in Sri Lanka the problem is “spatial inequality” not racial inequity?

15. LLRC wanted to empower people at the lowest level. What mechanism DJ can suggest to implement this?

16. R. Premadasa increased GSN units from 4,000 to 14,000 to give jobs to his UNP supporters. Does DI think we need that many gramasevaka units?

17. New Zealand and USA are examples of countries using natural boundaries as administrative unit demarcations. Does DJ agree to demarcate GSN boundaries on natural/ecological basis?

18. Units under 17 above will create seven large River basins in Sri Lanka. Does DJ think such seven river basins are better than the artificially carved nine provinces?

19. Does DJ think western white imperial politicians want one Sri Lanka or two countries in the island?

20. Would DJ read the book, Breaking India: Western interventions in Dravidian and Dalit faultlines?


14 Responses to “Geneva Outcome 2012: questions to the step-father of 13A+ in Sri Lanka”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    Dayan J is a separatist. He ALWAYS supported seperatism.

    No need for 20 questions. Just ask him ONE question.

    Dayan, do you support SCRAPPING OFF the Indian imposed 13 amendment?

    Yes or No.

    That is enough for all SLs to make up their mind on him. Be very careful Dayan has a loyal set of people who are also separatists.

    His ideal nations are Cuba, Soviet Union, India, Yugoslavia and other bankrupt dirt.

  2. Vijendra Says:

    13A was a ploy by India to satisfy its own political ends and to ensure that it could continue to harass SL. Besides, SL is such a tiny country, we do not need a provincial council system supporting another bunch of corrupt, greedy, power-hungry and vision-less politicians who are all out to throw their weight and fatten their own bank reserves. It should have been removed immediately after the victory over the LTTE terrorists as it is rooted in separatism.

    Sri Lankans gave a 2/3 majority to the government and it should use it wisely and strategically. India has shown its true colours again at the Geneva UNHCR table. It’s time for SL to wake up, face the reality and get rid of the Indian imposed 13A immediately.

    SL also must have its representatives chosen carefully, coached well to speak with one voice and act patriotically.

  3. Ratanapala Says:

    Let us abolish the Provincial System of Administration in the seven provinces outside North and East and then make the rest matter of fact – a fait accompli – when it happens.

  4. Geeth Says:

    I avoided answering this question for many occasions. Why does Dayan conflicting himself? On the one hand he goes against western hegemony. He even revealed his contempt toward western politics in the UNHCR last time when he was heading the embassy in Geneva. On the other hand he is fighting for an artificial ‘solution’ 13th + forced upon the nation by India. He knows that this was forced upon the nation against the will of the people of Sri Lanka. Therefor he also knows that this will never bring lasting peace either.

    Now even his alleged rivals in the west recommend his beloved solution 13+ together with LLRC recommendations for the people of Sri Lanka. Isn’t this the mechanical Night-in-gale singing the song of peace that Prem Rawat was referring? (Thanks to Andare)
    Link to the video again

    Who is trying to fool the nation here, Dayan or the west? I think west is straight. Because they know where this 13th + will take us. They know it is another road map for separation. But slowly. Why Dayan doesn’t want to acknowledge it?

  5. gamunu6 Says:

    Thank you C. Wijewikrama!..Very happy to see a real lover of United Sri lanka, taking pains to educate us about India & 13th ammendment.

    This has been debated, upteen times, people DO NOT want it. Its a disguise to entrap Sti lanka & Indians to come streaming to our Paradise. Influence us on what india wants, there is no reciprocal attitude or concern about her neighbours. It s India all the way.

    13th, 13A + and many other forms with minuses.. would NOT help Sri lanka at all. What India introduced as Provincial Govts. Chief Ministers & their staff togther constitute a drain on Treasury. All these ministers & their perks alone is a disgrace to a small nation like Sri Lanka, which compared to size of West Virginia in the USA & New Brunswick Province in Canada.

    Why do we need all this, just to satisfy the ego of India. Indiia should NOT build houses in Srilanka for Indian tamils, they should encouraged to leave Sri lanka for good. This is the way India interferes with governance of a Soverign nation. They converted Maratius to an Indian Colony & a country called British Guyana ( Guyana) adjoining Venezuela, to an Indian protectorate as Indian have become the majority race in that country.

    Do we want that type inflow of foreign nationals from India? NO Never we should allow this to continue. This Geneva debacle is a valuable point to awake our leaders NOT to suck up to India out of fear. If India couldn’t defeat terrorist like LTTE, how can she manage Kashmere or other trouble spots from other terrorists, maoists in other states of India. It is time we support Kahmeris in their quest for Independence, to align themselves with Pakistan or as seperate entity.

    I thank you Sir for your 20 point plan & our readers should take upon themselves to be PRO ACTIVE and influence our leaders.

    Sri lanka will remain United,, ONE Nation, One leader, indivisible under, ONE flag.~..Just expressing my views as an expat..~ Gamunu, retd engineer-Canada

  6. Christie Says:

    Direct Indian involvement in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) started with financing SWRD by Indians and Indian colonial parasites. SWRD and Maithripala and othe Socialists like NM, Colvin, Phillip, and CP etc stopped settling landless in the north, East and the Central. They were the real suckers that brought us to the current situation.

    The leftist (socialist) movements in the island were and are off shoots of Indian polity. It was (Mohandas Karamchand) Mahatma Gandhi, most celebrated Indian colonial parasite who established the Jaffna Youth Congress the seed of Socialism in Sri Lanka.

    We are a small, poor group of people in the world compared to Indian colonial parasites, India and Indians. But we have stood up to people from Indian subcontinent from the time Rawana.

    I say we will stand up to Indian hegemony. (Indiyanu Jadawadaya)

  7. lingamAndy Says:

    C. Wijeyawickrema
    Ref: Present day Marxist remnants proudly cite Colvin R. de. Silva’s 1950s formula, “one language two countries, two languages one country
    Why this policy did not implement in SL yet ?

  8. Dham Says:

    More importantly LLRC did not understand …very true.
    But may be they did understand the instructions.
    This seem to me a ploy to impose 13A by Maharaja betraying our heroes. This is why he sent SAM-MARA_SING to sabotage.

  9. Dham Says:

    Which policy ?
    This the only country displaying boards in so many languages. No where in the world you see this.
    This is the core issue here. You Tamils are like this.

    The best policy is two languages , Sinhala and English. Both Sinhala and Tamils MUST learn English or go to respective Nadoo and learn Hindi.

  10. lingamAndy Says:

    only country displaying boards No where in the world – I fully aggred , not even in Tamil Nadhu but We can see displaying boards all three language ( sponsered by celon bibe company? – who ever implement this policy We have to hut off to him )

    The best policy is two languages , Sinhala and English- Fully aggred, but implementing English is very cost (not enough theachers ) than Tamil or sinhala !

    Colvin R. de. Silva’s means Sinhala & Tamil – I am sure you will aggre with me !

    My idea is not Sinhalee ( 80% ) to learn Tamil (20%) but All Tamils should have been give opportunity to learn Sinhala !
    eg: ever schools in North & East should have teacher to teach Bhuddisum & Sinhala ( Hon Monks (Biggus) are right choice) .
    If we had implement this policy with in three moth all Tamils should have speack Sinhala!

    & Both Sinhala and Tamils MUST learn English- aggreed !

  11. Lorenzo Says:

    In summary what the writer says is, SL Tamils are better off than Tamil Nadu Tamils.


    That IS the problem!

    IF Tamil Nadu Tamils were better off than SL Tamils, they will demand aspirations from TN not from SL.

    e.g. A stray dog is kicked and abused by Mr A.

    The same stray dog is loved by Mr B.

    Where will the stray dog go begging or demanding grievances and aspirations? To Mr A or Mr B?

    Mr B of course. That is what is happening in SL.

    The MORE we give, the MORE they beg and demand.

    When Tamils demand from India, Malaysia or Maldives, they get abused, assaulted, sent to prison and killed.

    Ever heard the saying, “DON’T feed the pigeons”? Because if you do, they become aggressive!!

    When will we learn? Or will we EVER learn?

  12. Lorenzo Says:

    Mr C Wijewickrama,

    Looks like the government has taken note of our concerns.

    Dayan J (the step father of 13 amendment) is the mole within the establishment creeping separatism and discord.

    Not only he failed in Geneva 2012 he has once again started to talk BS.

  13. lingamAndy Says:

    Hello My sinhala brother ( sorry you would not like call you but I can not change mayself as
    I broght in a very civilsed society call Bhuddist Sinhaless in my child hold )
    first of all I did not ask questions to you & We are not talking about dogs or pigeons here !
    Yes fully aggred We Sri lankan Tamils are much much better off than other Tamil specking people in over the world ! but We do not have which they have is in their own country they do not get boomed by own three forces & look after by in IDP camp by same forces !

    begging or demanding grievances and aspirations?- these are basic human born rights in a any civilesd society do not need begg for them !

  14. . Says:

    FYI Says
    Let me repeat: separatism for Tamils was first preached by Dayan Jayatilaka
    and Uyangoda repeatedly in his father’s Lanka Guardian. He, was indicted for
    organising an armed Tamil separatist group Vikalpa and pardoned under the
    Indian so-called peace accord, and became the puppet Minister of the North
    and East flown down by Indian plane after being freed from Vikalpa charges
    under Indian pressure . Dayan Jayatilaka did huge damage in his column
    Anuruddha Tilakasiri carried in both the Sunday Observer and Silumina and
    which column’ s main target were Singalese and Buddhists. He was stripped
    naked by angry persons because of this at General Denzil Kobbekaduwa’s
    funeral at the Borella General Cemetery in 1992.. Read his pretentious stuff
    distorting srilankan history at a lecture he had given two weeks ago in
    Paris. Ambassadors should not be allowed to voice their own half-baked
    opinions but carry the government (whatever the government) line.

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