Tamil Nadu Judiciary’s Call To Cancel India Vs Sri Lanka Cricket Games Put Into Perspective
Posted on April 4th, 2012

Howzatt ! By Doosra Sammy

April 4th 2012

 The item “Cancel matches between India and Sri Lanka” by the High Court of Tamil Nadu, India sounds not only laughable but something which portrays those responsible for the call as apathetic and far removed from the concepts and principles of sports and sportsmanship which cannot be mixed with the misconceptions of deluded politicians and legislators alike!

 In response Sri Lanka and the authorities concerned should point out to these apathetic individuals who officially belong to an Indian Judiciary in Madras that theirs is a very poor interpretration of what the term sports stands for and the protocols involved in sporting events at the highest level between any country quite apart from India and Sri Lanka.

 This appears to be a vague and petty issue reflecting the mood of Tamils in Tamil Nadu with perhaps a lot of input from global Tamils also, the fishermen’s plight perspective notwithstanding albeit not a collective idealogy of India per se and needs to be put into perspective that despite its laughable nature it is also unacceptable on principle. Sports is a great ambassadorial healer of many disparities and disagreements betwen individuals, countries and all participants where rifts are patched up and camaraderie prevails overall which is a wonderful thing somewhat oblivious to the blinkered lot in the Madras High Court yelping on behalf of displaced Tamils as they interpret it, and Indian fishermen straying by far into Sri Lankan territorial waters to do their liiegal fishing and eventually being dealt with accordingly in the latter case! Something which has no corelation to cricket by any interpretation from any angle!

 They need to get their act together and in the manner suggested by the comments written at the end of thie original news item should look at themselves in the mirror and let Sri Lanka do the protestations if any on the grounds they have cited being the affronted party here although by choice and being much classier than the Indian Judiciary who attempt to ostracize them. Sri Lanka’s choice to ignore and take no notice of all the Indian huffing and puffing is a great show of decorum and tolerance for which Sri lanka has shown great maturity at international level!

 One of the finest examples of tolerance by Sri Lanka in recent times is the rapport maintained between Sri Lanka Cricket and Pakistani Cricket where had they chosen to, could easily have nudged their counterparts into a corner and severed ties with them after the horrendous incident in Lahore when a busload of the cream of Sri Lankan cricketers was nearly wiped out in an ambush attack by armed gunmen said to have been instigated by the then active Tamil Tigers but the Sri Lankans both cricketers and the authorities alike in all graciousness embraced their Pakistani counterparts with no animosities whatsoever and sense and sensibility prevailed.It showed tolerance and compassion of the highest class.

 This is an object lesson to the moronic pundits in Madras who try to drag in politics into sports and should be ashamed of themselves for lack of better things to do with their official time rather than being ‘wise’ in a Gothamic perspective and straying into deeper water than the Indian fisherman themselves in an inadvertent attempt to bring ridiculre not only to themselves but their country India a great friend and ally of Sri Lanka which despite the irresponsible actions and the misguided rhetoric of these judges in all probabilities will be unchanged or unfazed.

 Consequently the news item in the India Daily News Monday April 2nd 2012 stating that “The recent PIL in Madras HC 2012, Madurai that the Madras High Court on Monday ordered notice to the Centre and the BCCI on a PIL seeking direction to cancel all future matches between India and Sri Lanka, until disputes between Tamils and Sinhalese are settled and peace prevails in the Bay of Bengal” sounds not only high handed and far fetched but totally irrelevant towards any panacea related to the internal ethnic issues of Sri Lanka using cricket as a tool and totally unacceptable.

These issues which to a greater extent are in the process of resolution thanks to the admirable efforts of the Rajapaksa Administration have been prioritised and set in place and here we have a bunch of” trigger happy ” legislators given officialdome by the Indian Governmrnt apparently overstepping their metes and bounds and tripping over their coat tails in an attempt to discredit Sri Lanka over issues which they don’t seem to have a clue about or the realities involved and the decorums and intelligence perhaps towards restraining themselves from such outbursts totallt missing. A matter where they need to be educated towards interpretation perhaps!

 Quoting further from the India Daily news “A division bench comprising justices R Banumathi and B Rajandran also asked them to file their reply to the PIL on April 16.In his PIL, advocate S Calvin Christopher also sought a direction to BCCI not to sign any contract for international matches between India and Sri Lanka which ridiculous as it seems goes further towards absurdity when he petitioner alleged that ” whenever the Lankan cricket team was defeated by India, whether it was in the World Cup in April last year or later, there was backlash from that country’s naval men on innocent fishermen from Tamil Nadu. Similarly, after India defeated Sri Lanka in the recent triangular cricket series in Australia, Indian fishing boats were destroyed and fishermen were attacked. While the state government granted Rs 3 crore to the victorious Indian Team on April 4, 2011, the families of Tamil fishermen had received Rs 3 lakh or below for each death, “The life of a Tamil fishermen seemed to be cheaper in the eyes of the Tamil Nadu government.

Taking into consideration the safety of the Indian fishermen, the court should stay future matches between India and Sri Lanka, until peace prevails in entire Bay of Bengal, the petitioner said.” end of quote

And so the bickering continues while the game goes on regardless!

12 Responses to “Tamil Nadu Judiciary’s Call To Cancel India Vs Sri Lanka Cricket Games Put Into Perspective”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Indian cricket is in a sad state. Not many teams in last 140 years have lost 8 overseas matches in a row. What is needed is a complete overhaul of Indian selection process. Indians should treat playing against an egalitarian nation like Sri Lanka as a pleasure and a privilege.

    Last December I went to a Test between India and Australia in Melbourne, and was shocked by sheer disinterest shown by Indian Superstars. MS Dhoni is the token low cast. Senior high cast Brahmans do as they please in the field. All we saw was 11 individuals with mega egos loitering in the field. Couple of years ago, Murali Vijay( I believe from Tamil Nadu) got few matches because of the caste. “Brahman” I believe. Can a normal kid from Tamil Nadu ever get in to Indian side? I don’t think so.

    Tamil Nadu must change. People should stand up for basic human rights. Don’t they want to be treated equal. Learn from Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan team is chosen on merit. Indian team batting spots are for high castes. What a shame.

    Why do people in Tamil Nadu have this inferiority complex? First, why not clean up the state. The stench is unbearable even for seasoned travelers like me.

  2. weeralanka Says:

    Tamil Diaspora and Tamil Nadians have a serious inferiority complex. They are not normal human beings. Central Govt of India and all other indians should keep this Tamil Nadians in the proper place and ignore their unsubstantiated claims.

  3. Dham Says:

    Murali Vijay is a good cricketer whether he is Tamil or Brhamin or not. He deserved the place anyway.
    Problem is whole of Suoth India ( not only tamil Nadoo) hate Buddhism.

  4. Dham Says:

    I must ask from Aravinda De Silva ” what is Malinga doing in India right now ?”

  5. nandimitra Says:

    Forget the cricket. It is time south Asia have a separate organisation instead of SAARC with out India.

  6. nandimitra Says:

    “The whole of South India hates Buddhism”. Buddha is the 9th reincarnation of Krishna. They must be hating Hindism as well. The problem of South India is then Christianisation and their new God is the White man.

  7. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    It seems that the Tamilnadu Judiciary merely gives rulings to satisfy the Tamilnadu Govt. This is a good example of separation of powers the Indian way. Also this conduct coming from Tamilnadu should not ne a surprise. The various accustations made by Tamilnadu politicians in the past years, against the elected Govt of SriLanka, would be hilarious if not for the very damaging propoganda carried out by them and just goes to show that they have no interest in investigative mechanisms as they seem to be quite happy with their wierd imaginations.
    The reason for this could be that Tamilnadu is unable to match the facilities and benefits given to all sriLankan citizens, including Tamils in SriLanka, and as such content with misleading the Tamils in Tamilnadu.

  8. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    It is time the low caste Tamil citizens in Tamilnadu, awakened and demanded equal rights from their incompetent racist Govt and opposition, with politicians trying to cover up their mega corrupt practices by creating non-existent issues relating to Tamilnadu fishermen and SriLankan Tamils. The Tamils in Tamilnadu are being taken for fools by their corrupt politicians.

  9. Fran Diaz Says:

    Cricket and Caste matters don’t mix ! It’s like trying to mix oil with water – won’t work. If Tamil Nadu wants to play Cricket or even understand Cricket, they will have to eschew Caste discrimination, and that’s ging to take a long time ! We’ll have to get real about Tamil Nadu. They don’t know Cricket and don’t want Cricket as it messes up the neat old predictable comfort of the Caste System. With Modernisation, Tamil Nadu leaders may actually get to like Cricket and even modern toilet systems.

    So let us not expect fair play from Tamil Nadu, about Cricket, illegal Fishing, UNHRC, illegal migrants or anything else. It’s a great pity Delhi Centre listens so much to Tamil Nadu nonsense. We wonder why , when Caste matters are certainly less intense in the North. Can it have something to do with Hillary Clinton’s recent visit to Jayalalitha ? We haven’t seen any reports of the discussions, only that HC said of Jayalalitha that ‘she is a great lady’ (!!).

  10. thurai Says:

    Tamils are making fire around them. Tamil Terrorism is behind of these activities. They live everywhere
    in the world and learn all languges. But they cann´t learn Sinhala languge and hate Buddhism.
    LTTE and Pirabakaren Guided SL Tamils upto Mulivaikkal. Now some others Guide Tamils in Tamillnadu
    to another Mullivaikkal. The persons behind this Drama live with safty and wealthy with all communities.

  11. Fran Diaz Says:

    Dear Thurai,

    How Caste problems have affected Cricket is simply amazing !

    It sounds as though Pres.Rajapakse, GoSL, the Opposition and the rest of Sri Lankan have been asked to heal a psychological trauma of massive proportions created by the Tamil Nadu caste structures.

    How can we ever do anything to even mitigate such pain as it has gone on for some 3,000 yrs damaging the self respect of so many Tamil people, both in Tamil Nadu & Sri Lanka and other places ? We need real help from India and Tamil Nadu to even attempt such a venture if we ALL are to succeed. The present negative attitude from Tamil Nadu leaders do not help at all. Modernisation has to happen there, and here in Lanka to a lesser extent, as the situation is not that bad here. The Development & Education projects undertaken by the GoSL is working toward this end.

    Also, in Tamil Nadu especially, apart from the low caste people/Dalit origins people, Buddhists, Catholics & Christians, and I believe even Muslims are ‘looked down upon’. This is because the Hindu caste people have a notion that those of other religions ‘other than Hindu’, are equal to ‘low caste’ people. But the Buddha has stated clearly that “a person is low or high born only through their actions”. Buddhism does not recognise the caste system. That is probably why Buddhism did not remain the main religion in India. But, in the present day, even some high caste people of India are coming back to Buddhism.

    The Hindu caste system is built on Myth (see Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manu_(Hinduism)). It is time to release people from myth through education, understanding and living among other ethnic/language groups. Tamils must realise that other people also suffer the same fate, i.e. birth, life & death, with the some joy and suffering in life. ‘Fire walls’ /Separatism are a protest and a call for help, but must be gently removed. Even Chief Minister Jayalalitha is caught up in a seemingly intractable system. But, she ought not to point fingers at Lanka when the fault lines begin in Tamil Nadu.

    Changing governments in Sri Lanka, etc. is just ‘changing the pillow for the headache’ – won’t work. There is an outdated Caste System is place that has to go. Also, the tea plantation ‘line rooms’ must be removed. Tea estate workers housing must be outside the estates as in the rest of Lanka. Tea plucking machines ought to be introduced so that persons of any ethnicity can pluck tea. Illegal migration into Lanka has to stop. The 13-A has to go too, in order to reassure the vast majority of people in Lanka and it will ultimately benefit the Sri Lankan Tamils too.

    The Hindu higher teachings of the four Great Yogas (Bhaki, Kriya, Gnana, & RAJ Yogas) must be taught in Sri Lanka & India, esp in Tamil Nadu, to all Tamil people. Less rituals, the better. Rituals do not heal the psyche. We do not see any other way. As I have stated before, for more understanding, please see website http://www.wopg.org. You can view some of the free videos under Webcasts. There is also a selection of videos at site: http://prem-rawat-vcasts.tprf.org/

  12. Fran Diaz Says:

    We all know that the Manu Shasthra includes the Laws that govern the Hindu Caste System. Here is another interesting bit of information on it :

    “Generally known in English as the Laws of Manu, it was first translated into English in 1794 by Sir William Jones, an English Orientalist and judge of the British Supreme Court of Judicature in Calcutta”.

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