Is there life after US-Indian Resolution?
Posted on April 7th, 2012

H. L. D. Mahindapala

From time to time Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu (“Paki” hereinafter) and Sanjana Hattotuwa, his side-kick for 11 years, put on comic shows as good as Laurel & Hardy’s, minus, of course, the pantomime. The latest show was aired on their TV channel where both focused on the US Resolution (Surprise! Surprise!) that was passed by the UNHRC. The triumphalism of this duo was visible and audible, particularly with Hattotuwa tossing soft balls to “Paki” for him to score runs on each question with ease.

One of the main responses from “Paki” was to downgrade the others opposed to the NGO mob as those with an abysmal “lack of knowledge.” So “Paki”, in answer to his side-kick’s questions, repeatedly referred to “the lack of information” on the part of the public to grasp the intricacies and the consequences of the international issues directed at Sri Lanka. Presumably this means that “Paki” is the one who has grasped them comprehensively. But his answers revealed more his ability to twist the known facts than the depth of knowledge that he claimed to possess.

This claim to possess superior knowledge is a common trait with them because they can earn their daily whisky and soda and travel business class only by posing as intellectuals saviours with answers to problems faced by Sri Lankans. In fact, they are in the lucrative profession of propounding theories, formulas and solutions to end crises in the world they live in without ever succeeding in their mission.  

“Paki”, Jehan Perera, A. T. Ariyaratne, Kumar Rupesinghe became millionaires overnight by exploiting  the misery of the people trapped in crises caused primarily by their sponsors abroad. The NGO “kakkas” rush in to centres of human crises, wherever they may be, because they know that there is money to be raked in the blood of the victims of their bogus formulas for peace and reconciiiation. Of course, they come in the guise of being merchants of peace but they end up sucking dry the blood of the victims of their alliances with the foreign governments. 

For instance, NGO millionaires in Sri Lanka have thrived on the victims of tsunami, political violence, ethnic fascism, minority rights (mainly those of the most privileged minority community in Jaffna), etc. Also for 33 years they have been in the forefront of propounding recipes to end the Vadukoddai War declared by the Jaffna Tamil leadership in 1976. But none worked. Now they have raised their heads again “”…” in the post-Geneva phase “”…” to crow that they are willing to be consulted by the Government on how to resolve the challenges faced in peace and reconciliation. This is one of the messages that came out of the interview with “Paki” in his own TV channel.

Predictably, Hattotuwa was moaning emphatically that “human rights activists have had a raw deal” in Sri Lanka and asked “Paki”: “Why should you give a damn about human rights?” “Paki’s” answer was that the place he has chosen to live “must be a decent place”. It is a commonplace answer that is no more profound than the common belief of any person — even the indecent “”…” to live in a decent place. There is, of course, a political import to what he says. But more than the political meaning it is what he did not mention that is significant. He failed to mention that he leads a “decent life” living off the foreign funds he raises by marketing human rights — a commodity highly marketable among his sponsors in the West. He didn’t mention that he wouldn’t give a damn for human rights if there was no money in it. None of the human rights activists would be in this game if it was not profitable for them.

The plain fact is that for him to maintain his life-style he needs money “”…” oodles of it. He is not in it for the cause of human rights per se though he claims that he is driven by the values inculcated into him from his school and the milieu in which he lived. Would he have established his Centre for Policy Alternative if he knew that he was going to end up as a pauper? It was a shrewd business move that has placed him in the upper bracket of millionaires. Peddling human rights is big business these days. So to claim that it is his values that made him a human rights activist is as true as his accusation of “discrimination” against the minorities.

Let me deal with this issue first. He was challenged by me recently to prove the charge of discrimination against the Tamils, taking him as the leading example. He is a product of the post-Bandaranaike (Sinhala Only) period and he was asked to prove the discrimination he faced in the “majoritarian system”. He came up with the reply that he did not face any discrimination but it was “systemic”.  If it was systemic how did he escape it?

Systemic social disabilities cut right across all layers and victimize all those who are trapped in it. Example: the low-castes of Jaffna could never escape the rigours of the oppressive Vellahla caste system. But “Paki” says that he never felt any discrimination. Of course not. How could he feel any discrimination when he dances the merry jig with the Bandaranaikes who are supposed to have laid the foundations for discrimination against the Tamil-speaking minorities?

The main thrust of the interview, however, was on the failure to implement proposals for devolution at the time specified by his Western and Indian masters. He says that “nothing has happened on the ground” for reconciliation. To begin with he is merely echoing what the Indians and his masters in the West say. What he means by this is that the political proposals for devolution promoted by him, TNA and, India have not been implemented according to their time table.

He, of course, is not satisfied with the massive economic program which addresses the existential fundamentals of the northern and eastern people who were denied the basic essentials in the 33-year-old Vadukoddai Resolution not because the GOSL did not supply them food, medical and other essentials but because they were siphoned off to feed the Tamil Tiger terrorists. Dismissing the current economic programme he is out to get the political formula recommended by him as the way for reconciliation.

For instance, his idea of reconciliation is handing over police powers to Pillaiyan and other Tamil thugs and even paramilitaries. How can the Tamils who want to live in “the decent place” envisaged by “Paki” find peace and reconciliation among themselves (let alone the other communities) with the likes of Pillayan and his ilk waiting in the wings to take command of the north and the east? Which decent Tamil would want this to happen? Not surprisingly, the Indians too believe that “dignity, equality and liberty” can be attained by the Tamils if the likes of Pillayan and his ilk are empowered with police powers.  

Furthermore, if police powers are going to restore dignity to the Tamil in the north and east what will be the plight of the majority of the Tamils who live outside these two regions? Isn’t the  establishment of a human rights regime at the centre the answer rather than reinforcing ethnic enclaves in the periphery?

Besides, the Tamil leadership of the north has had a pathological inability to reconcile with its own people. From casteism to fascism of Prabhakaran the Tamil leadership had shown systemic tendencies of ruthless violence embedded in its political culture to persecute and suppress their own people.  From Sankilli to Prabhakran northern history is stained by the systemic fascist cruelty of their ruthless leadership. Despite the inter-ethnic clashes, the Jaffna Tamils had better protection in the south than in the heartland of the north. If history is a guide then it is not exclusive ethnic enclaves that can save the Tamils. It is co-existence under a democratic centre that will guarantee their growth, security and future.

Of course, to guarantee this the centre must change. But in what direction? That is the question. In changing Sri Lanka should never surrender to the dictates of India or the West. The US-India Resolution is not the final answer. Nor is it the end of the world for Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has faced bigger threats in its history, including the Indian invasion spearheaded by the IPKF. Foreign powers have come. But they also went away with their tails between their legs.

The pseudo intellectuals in NGOs crowed when the Indians imposed the Indo-Sri Lanka Agreement “”…” the mother of all evils in Sri Lanka. The NGOs hailed the CFA as the best solution. Now they are crowing about the US-Indian Resolution. But they also know that hundreds of UN, and UNHRC resolutions are lying buried without any chance of rising from their archival graves.  

Power is not in the US-Indian Resolution. Power is in the hands of the people. It is they who will determine the future. What they need is leadership. That is the task of the Mahinda Rajapakse regime right now.   

11 Responses to “Is there life after US-Indian Resolution?”

  1. Ratanapala Says:

    It is clear from the way the UNHCR fiasco ended up, that the Sri Lankan government has been caught napping. It is quite evident that our diplomatic services including those at the top and those who man these offices are vastly inadequate, incompetent and sometimes traitorous in handling Sri Lanka’s foreign affaires. The Eelam war was won by the Buddhist nation with the leadership given by President Mahinda Rajapakse and ably assisted by this brother Gotabhaya. Presently the President is surrounded by the Colombians who are determined to put every obstacle in front of him from doing the right thing by the motherland. It is better if he can retire to Hambantota or some such place away from the Colombian scum so that he can think straight and act accordingly.

    The President has achieved an unenviable and unassailable position in the history of Sri Lanka by doing away with the LTTE terrorist scum. All this will soon be forgotten if he is not able to consolidate the peace and victory over terrorism so painstakingly achieved by our Ranaviruwos. The task of eliminating the chance of the specter of terrorism ever raising its ugly head over Sri Lanka is in his hands. May he have the strength and moral rectitude to do so. The is much he can do now he is in possession of the 2/3 majority in the parliament.

  2. A. Sooriarachi Says:

    I am aware taht the Majority of the Tamils want to continue to enjoy SriLankan lifestyle and facilities and live as one with the other communities, just like any other normal minority in other countries.
    A small group of greedy, corrupt individuals (includes sinhalese, europeans etc) want to live in luxury and have joined the band wagon of peddlers of guns, humans and the latest industry of bogus human rights campaigns, to earn mega bucks. This minority along with corrupt politicians in India are demanding justice, dignity etc as if they already do not enjoy such rights in SriLanka. If they think Indians, especially the Tamilnadians are better off, then let the Tamils in SriLanka introduce what their kith and kin are enjoying in India. That means, Tamil can be used for official purposes only in Jaffna (like Tamilnadu in India), no free education for Tamils, no free health care or food subsidies for Tamils and a caste based employment, business and life style for Tamils, where the upper class rules. Do they want this Mr Saravanamuttu and side-kick Mr Hattotuwa? No! no! no!!
    More over, these Tamils will also lose the right to prevent other communities from purchasing land from Tamils in their majority areas, under the existing discriminatory laws like the Thesavalam law, gifted to them by the colonial powers.

    The fact of the matter is Tamils in SriLanka are living as equals (except for extra benefits under the Thesavalam law) with the rest of the people in SriLanka and the Tamilnadu politicians are trying to cover up their deficiencies by misleading the Tamilnadians. Wake up Tamilnadians and tell Mr Saravanmuttu to campaign for their rights in Tamilnadu itsel.

  3. AnuD Says:

    Why these NGOs are immune to scrutiny. Is there anybody who scrutinize these NGOs ?

    Think even about people like Sunanda Deshapriya. Apparently, while he was preaching he has stolen money and his colleagues such as Paki and Sunila abesekare ? have defended him and that mean they all are in the same boat.

  4. Leela Says:

    Not just this Pakia – Sanjana interview, if only one reads past writings by the writer clique that associate with CPA like Jehan, Thisaranee and et al, and runaway cynics like Joseph, Deshapriya and co, not just Rajapakses but all those that have contributed to wipe out Pirapakaran and his goons would have been doomed by now.

    Remember, many a NGO joker gave similar interviews and wrote article after article to tell us that when Drusman report to Moon was taken up at the Security Council for debate, China and Russia would abstain as they did in the case of Libya. They said; Moon would get Drusman report passed by three – nil and get Rajapakses to line up in the docks of Hague. Don’t take my word, just read their apathetic past writings to find out the things that they have prophesied not so distant past.

    According to prophetic predictions of NGO cabal, the US drones would have bombed Temple Trees and affected a regime change by now. Not just that, they would have installed RanilW at the helm and bestowed Con-Federal to TNA. And everything would have been hunky dory thereafter, they wrote.

    Lie as much as you like, impress your pay masters by writing as much rubbish as you like, give them as many phony hopes as much as you can, genuflect and prostrate as much as you can stretch to worship them, but at least have some shame for the sake of your God.

  5. Marco Says:

    It was a good interview. Highlighting the dangers to come
    Lets wait to pass judgment in 6,12,18 months time. The tune would have not changed but got worse.
    Not sure if HLDM has heard pronouncement of the likes of Meryn Silva and Wimal Weerawansa in Australia.Best tele-drama we have seen in Sri Lanka.

    The past few days have seen another abduction of a political “activist”. This one is going to hurt badly.

    We then see the likes of Dr DJ & Prof RW and even MS making startling revelations/statements of the Geneva drama.

    How long can you bury your head in the sand?

  6. Dilrook Says:

    Thank you Mr Mahindapala for calling it a US-Indian resolution.

    The problem with Jaffna Tamil leadership is the strong culture of inbreeding that is prevalent in the peninsular even today. They marry only people from that narrow peninsular which gives rise to a medical condition associated with inbreeding. That too within a very hard coded caste system which makes it worse. Integration has become essentially impossible across ethnicities and within other moderate sections of the Tamil community.

  7. Leela Says:

    I am not condoning any disappearance in Sri Lanka in anyway let alone backing it. But what I cannot understand is the extraordinary interest by the US lapdogs like the Australian ambassador and stooges like Pakiya seem to have on people going missing in Sri Lanka but ignore what is happening in theirs and their master’s backyard. Do you want me to show its all done legally in the US.

    Tell us Marco, should not the US withdraw its draconian ‘Patriot Act’ first, set an example to others and then demand little Sri Lanka and other ‘less democratic’ countries follow suit. Alas! The US wants us not to do as they do, but do as they say. Hypocrites!

  8. Fran Diaz Says:

    The idea by those who do not love Sri Lanka is to keep Sri Lanka leaders & general population DESTABILISED with lies, cheat & deceit, so that REAL Reform cannot take place, and progress & development for the masses (whichever ethnicity) takes a back seat. Those who are guided by easy $$s only and are disloyal to the sense of integrity of the Nation, will forever earn the scorn of the People of Lanka.

    Whatever negativities others introduce, GoSL & the rest of the vast majority of People in Lanka should take prompt action to :

    * Make the N&E truly multi-ethnic.
    * Remove the 13-A and make the District the unit of governance.
    * Deport all Illegal Migrants.
    * Introduce tea plucking machines to the tea industry so that people of any ethnicity can operate these. Less dependency on Tamil labor, the better.
    * Have an Oath of Allegiance to Lanka, particularly by MPs, armed forces, students, etc.
    * Distribute free Birth Control material.
    * Death penalty for murder and drug smuggling,

    and a host of other positive actions can be taken on even simultaneously.

    Go GoSL ! the People are with you !

  9. Marco Says:

    “The past few days have seen another abduction of a political “activist”. This one is going to hurt badly.”

    Oh look! Its a Miracle lo and behold

    Gunarathnam Alive – Gota Admitted Short While Ago.

    Wait for the trumped up charges!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    Fully agree.

  11. Lorenzo Says:


    So you want criminals to get away?

    YOU are setting a bad example.

    Gunarathnam is an useful idiot alive than dead isn’t it? If he is not there who will “betray” the network?

    Will he not become the next KP which the TNA NOW hates? JVP leaders are in for some fun unless of course they cooperate.

    My be Gunarathnam can join his fellow COMMRADE in Welikade!! Too bad they are not friends! :(

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