Separate Nation for Tamils in Sri Lanka – April 19,2012
Posted on April 20th, 2012

 I. de Silva London, Canada

The Editor
Hindustan Times
New Delhi, India

Dear Sir:

Reference the news item regarding the statement by Karunanidhi that a “separate Tamil Eelam rings in the ears of Tamils living all over the world as a liberation song”, considering that Tamil Nadu has sixty million Tamils, is the homeland of the Tamils, and that Karunanidhi is living there, the question to him and India is why he and India do not create a separate Tamil Eelam in India .

.It is obvious that something is “ringing ” in his ears and possibly that of Manmohan Singh at the moment which creates a problem for Sri Lanka because it makes them deaf to the voices of the people of Sri Lanka who do not want Eelam. Sri Lankans want India to stop interfering in Sri Lanka to satisfy domestic Indian politics. To the people of Sri Lanka, India is not a friend. India is the interfering bully in the region and can not be trusted. Statements such as this just confirm that view. Please remind your readers that it was India that created the monster of LTTE terrorism, that it was India that forced on Sri Lanka an Accord under threat of invasion and that again it was India that betrayed Sri Lanka at the latest U.N. session in Geneva. One “attack” could be chance, twice could be coincidence but a third time indicates a definite enemy.

As for his resolution dating from 1983 demanding a separate homeland for the Tamils, why should it be in Sri Lanka and not in India? If it is not possible for the Tamils to co-exist with the other communities in Sri Lanka why does he not take them back to where they came from, Tamil Nadu, India which is their homeland so there will be peace in Sri Lanka and the Tamils who have gone all over the world will be able to stop the ringing in their ears by returning to their land of origin and homeland.

The response from the Defence Secretary of Sri Lanka to Karunanidhi is as follows: “A much bigger population of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu in India than the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. If Karunanidhi wants a Tamil Eelam he can have it in Tamil Nadu. He should not come to make Eelams in Sri Lanka. This is a sovereign country” the Defence Secretary told the Daily Mirror.

Please educate your readers that Sri Lanka is not a part of India and that Indian politicians do not make decisions for Sri Lanka and that Sri Lankans would prefer that India stops meddling and promoting Eelam in Sri Lanka when they can easily create their Eelam in India.

Yours truly,

I. de Silva London, Canada

P.S. – Full text by Sri Lankan Defense Secretary

 Karunanidhi can have Eelam in India: Gota

Friday, 20 April 2012 03:29

Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday said if DMK Leader and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi’s unfulfilled dream was a Tamil Eelam, he should work for it in India because the largest population of Tamils live in the Tamil Nadu state of India and not in Sri Lanka.

“A much bigger population of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu in India than the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. If Karunanidhi wants a Tamil Eelam he can have it in Tamil Nadu. He should not come to make Eelams in Sri Lanka. This is a sovereign country. We consider those who talk about Eelam as terrorists,” the Defence Secretary told the Daily Mirror.

The Defence Secretary expressed these views responding to a statement made by india’s DMK party President and former Tamil Nadu chief minister M. Karunanidhi to the effect that India should urge the United Nations to bring pressure on Sri Lanka to hold a referendum regarding Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi wields significant political power with the Indian Central Government as his political party is a significant constituent of the Indian Congress led ruling alliance “”…” the UPA.

“There is no war now in Sri Lanka. There exists ethnic harmony and every one lives peacefully. Karunanidhi should not attempt to arouse the Tamil people in Sri Lanka. Karunanidhi is also one among the many Indian politicians who are bent on destroying our country by making controversial statements. It is a pity that they are adopting to such low political tactics. Karunanidhi should realize that ours is an independent country and should not attempt to establish Eelam, and if he wishes he could do so in Tamil Nadu where a larger concentration of Tamil people live,” the Defense Secretary further stated. (Duminda Sanjeewa Balasuriya)



9 Responses to “Separate Nation for Tamils in Sri Lanka – April 19,2012”

  1. aravinda Says:

    Indira Gandhi created a “Frankenstein’s monster” called Prabakaran. It killed her son. Who will be Karunanidhi’s “Frankenstein’s monster”? What ever it is, have no fear, Sri Lankans will dispose it.

  2. Vijendra Says:

    Ira, thanks very much for showing the reasoning to this foolish, power-crazy and low bred Tamil politician why Tamil Nadu leadership should consider asking the central government of India to declare it as a separate nation where all Tamils in the world could freely settle down and call it their own land. In fact it is the homeland of all Tamils, as the name itself indicates.

    So why in the world are they interested in an eelam in Sri Lanka? It is all a charade to hoodwink the foolish and politically gullible Tamils so that they could rule and earn their millions for another day! They obviously have no business to speak of the future of Sri Lanka, as it is the Sri Lankans alone have that choice.

    As our Defence Secretary has said clearly, “A much bigger population of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu in India than the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. If Karunanidhi wants a Tamil Eelam he can have it in Tamil Nadu. He should not come to make Eelams in Sri Lanka. This is a sovereign country. We consider those who talk about Eelam as terrorists”. It is very encouraging to see that he has made the government policy very clear. Well done Sir, and I admire your leadership!

    Taking this policy one step further, and considering that we can only have our laws applicable within Sri Lanka, it would be really nice to see that anyone in Sri Lanka who espouses to make an Eelam there or aids and abates such thoughts or actions, should be considered a terrorist and put behind bars, irrespective of their social status, whether they are ordinary citizens or elected parliamentarians, provincial councillors or any other. In my humble opinion, this should be carried out as a deterrent to prevent these traitors from multiplying, misleading other gullible Tamils and selling our country to foreign war-mongers and country de-stabilizers.

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    “A much bigger population of Tamils live in Tamil Nadu in India than the Tamil population in Sri Lanka. If Karunanidhi wants a Tamil Eelam he can have it in Tamil Nadu. He should not come to make Eelams in Sri Lanka. This is a sovereign country. We consider those who talk about Tamil Eelam as terrorists.”

    A great saying IN A LONG TIME.

    Gota made my day!

  4. gdesilva Says:

    I guess Mr. K-nidi forgot to mention about his Eelam dreams in Toronto, London and Sydney. They did try hard to have their Eelam in Fiji, Malaysia, SA but looks like that dream has ended up being a wet one. Go Karunanidhi, we will all support you with your dream Eelam in Tamil Nadu – that’s what Uncle Sam wants to happen anyway and there is a good chance that you will get it.

  5. S de Silva Says:

    Well Said Ira, and the Defence secretary. – I am pleased that at last someone in power said this! I wish he also clarified that the NATURAL homeland for ANY race basing it on ethnicity should be in the first instance their place of ‘Racial Origin’ if they so wish and not in the backyard of someone else! And for Tamils that place of racial origin of the Dravidian Race is indeed in Tamil Nadu and no other! They are also implying a referendum confined to the N & E of Sri Lanka to decide this. The unshakable publicly stated position of the GoSL should be that IF ANY referendum is held on this topic, it has to be Nationwide and NOT confined to the N&E. The SL Constitution should be amended and 13A discarded to close any constitutional loopholes, if need be. With the majority currently with the GoSL it should use that majority to absolutely eliminate this possibility. Not wait a moment more. It is ‘Now or Never’! – S de Silva – London

  6. S de Silva Says:

    Well, I should have also said that The Defence secretary did not discover that Elam should be in Tamil Nadu just ‘yesterday afternoon’ -he just avoided saying it publicly till now for the sake of diplomatic niceties for fear of offending India. But not anymore after being stabbed in the back by India at the UNHRC – Well there is always a price for backstabbing! – S de Silva – London

  7. gamunu6 Says:

    Dear Ira De Silva, London, Canada.

    Very happy for your response, its is always concise & thought provoking. I also agree with the responses, which are all positive.
    We in Sri Lanka, made a big mistake, then assuming that India would invade or blacklist Sri lanka for not solving the Tamil problem. As the present President HE Rajapaksa said there are NO minorities all are Sri lankans as long as they take OATH of allegence. and nnot create communal disharmony.

    If in the 50s or 60s, we the majority should have never given EQUAL status to Tamil population which was 12% at that time. Now they have dwindled as LTTE killed, maimed & continued terror for over 30 years. Now it is done BUT accomodating Tamils is not in the cards. Why not Muslims, who have contributed immensely to betterment of Sri lanka, still able to withstand undue inflences by their states.

    They are more committed than ever to build Sri lanka as unitary state. The present Tamil population is around 4% according to some reports. Where in the world such a small population demanding MORE concessions even after LTTE terror. If we give anymore other minorities such as Muslims, Burghers will also expect some form of independence to act alone.

    This precedence is very distructive, never allow a small group of people to who faught & distroyed every possible living person irrespective of their ethinicity including some tamils.

    Now to seperate state of tamils in sri Lanka, it is in India the 70% Tamils live ( tamil nadu).. and it is time Tamil Nadu leaders should have asked ALL tamils who wants emigrate to India being treated equals & provide health jobs, and other facilities as they are their own flesh & blood.

    We had Sirima & Shastri pact for India to take back large portion of tamils. It is a good idea to revive that pact and ANY person who denounces, our way of life, should leave and be classified as anti-Sri lankan & deported to where else Tamil Nadu. If TN is genuine, they should accomodate Tamils into that disgusting place.

    It is time to clawback any concessions given already. India negotiated the peace keeping operation under THREAT of invading, by having a armed vessel in Sri lankan waters. This is not negotiating, it is black mail. That is why a lone soldier in guard of honour to Rajiv, attacked him with soldier’s rifle. India should have realized then, Sri lanka is not a country which will toe the line like ourother South Asian neighbours.

    I thank you Ira de Silva for the valuable contribution. We can live without Indian assistance, as we did in 50s when we nationalised the oil companies of UK & USA. Foreign aid was stopped, BUT we survived. Stand together what we beleive in.. NEVER give in to unjust interference the way many countries do to de-stablize dependent countries.

    Just expressing my views as an expat from Canada………~ Gamunu ( retd engineer)

  8. parvesh Says:

    He just wants to divert the attention from corruption charges against his party. He is a big fraud..Don’t listen to him..We are fed up with him in India..He is going to die like a dog sooner or later.

  9. jay-ran Says:

    This ILLETERSATE TAMIL NADU POLITICIAN must first learn to to walk straight without going in a wheal chair(this is not an insult to a sick man abut and advice).Hi degree of corruption is inevitable by learning that his daughter is in jail for forgery.
    This fool has said that there are many millions of Tamils living all over the world,AREW THEY ALL SRI LANKAN TAMIL CITIZENS??? NO, NO, NO,most are Indian Tamils.So hjow can this man ask for a seperate Tamil Ealam in Sri Lanka where the Tamil population in Sri lanka is about 10-15%? He is INSANE.Gota has given him a good doze of advice to this fool but he would not understand as he is Deaf.

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