Destruction through Devolution – How Foreigners and Supportive Locals conspire to make Sri Lanka a fugitive among Nations.
Posted on April 22nd, 2012

R Chandrasoma

In politics as in other fields of human thought and action the true motives are often hidden under a veil of specious reasoning that is remarkably effective in persuading bystanders that an honest case is being presented. Without more ado, let us look at the “ƒ”¹…”case’ being presented by an internationally-backed lobby – that the North-East of Sri Lanka is a region crying for justice in that the natives of the region are oppressed by majoritarian rule and denied free expression of the right to govern their homeland in ways which they deem fit. This is pompously called the’National Question “ƒ”¹…” by learned deceivers. This hoary piece of political bunkum deserves short shrift “”…” the Tamils of the North and East are part of a larger Tamil population distributed across the Island. All Tamils are full citizens of Sri Lanka and live by choice in areas other than what some of their propagandists choose to call their “ƒ”¹…”homeland’. This “ƒ”¹…”homeland’ (in Sri Lanka) is a farcical political artifact designed to advance the cause of Tamil Liberation on a global basis. Stripped of bogus pretensions it is a “ƒ”¹…”bridgehead’ for Tamil expansionism that is in a “ƒ”¹…”pressure-cooker state’ in our great neighbor “”…” India.

The puzzle is this – why do we see this pettifogging concern worldwide with a minor issue in the governance of an obscure province of Sri Lanka? Is it truly the case that the Indians, Australians, the British, the US and other international heavy-weights are troubled by issues of subsidiarity and devolution? Are they weeping about the territorial rights of comparatively well-fed and comfortably-housed Tamils in a small Indian-Ocean Island? The Indians are rightly perturbed because of their fear of “ƒ”¹…”Infective Separatism’ trmsmitted from their Southern neighbor. The others “”…” the Great White Powers “”…” perhaps see the world and its upheavals as a threat and fancy intrigue and disruption as the sure means of safeguarding their own fast-dwindling dominance in a complex and feisty world. An Independent and nationalistic Sri Lanka is bad news for them. Hence the phony alliance of powers – great and small – to make things difficult for our lonely and friendless nation.

Let us turn to domestic machinations. If our leaders are resolutely united and our armed forces ready to do battle  against aggressors of any kind, then  these threats and the cadjolery of would-be friends can dismissed without any fear. No armies will land on the shores of Sri Lanka as long as a military machine of the kind that destroyed Prabhakaran is in place. The danger is otherwise “”…” the blunting of the spirit of independance and the re-assertion of the powers of defeatism and cowardice that nearly destroyed our country in the recent past. This fatal weakness “”…” of abnegation and withdrawal in the face of perceived overwhelming threats “”…” has been a feature of our nation from ancient times. Exploiting this historic weakness, the Toadies of the West, the Indian Lobbty, the fast-dying Marxist Cabal and the mutated freaks of a Party that is neither United or National have joined hands to pressure the government to “ƒ”¹…”go beyond “ƒ”¹…”13A’ to stave off the threat of a newer and mightier Eelamist offensive led by a Mega-Prabhakaran. This ridiculous anti-national stance is partly rooted in the divisive politics of Sri Lanka that has now taken a dangerously self-destructive form “”…” getting votes and grabbing power is the “ƒ”¹…”end’ for which even the nation can be betrayed if this be the fit and necessary means. It is the clear duty of all who love their motherland to denounce the cowards and waverers among us and to strengtnen the “ƒ”¹…”backbone’ of a Government once strong and resolute but now dithering and indecisive. The valour and spirit which vanquished Prbhakaran I must re-emerge to beat off a Prbhakaran II.

A concluding note. India has nuclear weapons and has recently tested a long-range missile designed to carry a nuclear warhead. It fears for the safety of its nation-state with putative enemies all around it. It is prepared to use all means fair and foul to defend itself. On this logic Sri lanka must have missile batteries all along the Northern and Eastern coast to beat off an attack by Dravidic warriors from across Palk Strait. As a naked operational strategy, this is a far better option than “ƒ”¹…”devolving power’ to a political authority that is sure to ask for more. Indeed, it is obvious except to fools and traitors that regional autonomy in a province close to Tamil Nadu will be the first step in the disintergration of Sri Lanka. The fissiparous potential that currently grips South India will boil over in our country causing a disastrous collapse of civilized life in the region. Give the very real possibility of this fatal denouement, all patriotic sons of Lanka must oppose the move to  restructure political institutions at the behest of an international cabal hell bent on destroying our historic distinctiveness as a Nation.



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  1. Dham Says:

    Dravidic warriors normally have their tails stuck in the backside.
    They have no power to fir missiles and we need not waste money.
    But these nuke plants use dodgy Indian technology similar to the string hanging bell in Ashok LEylands. Thereofore it is a real threat to Sinhala people living nearby. North Indians used this area as they are aware that Dravidic people do not value human life too much.
    We must pursue nuke problem and ask International Atomic Agency to inspect these bombs waiting for next sunami.

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Devolution IS destruction.

    They are one and the same.

  3. Nalliah Thayabharan Says:

    The English language didn’t even have the word ‘race’ until it turns up in 1508 in a poem by William Dunbar referring to a line of kings. Unlike many animals, modern humans simply haven’t been around long enough or isolated enough to evolve into separate subspecies or races. Despite surface appearances, we are one of the most similar of all species. Race like all identities is a cultural and political construct and not a biological given. Race theory was a European colonial project which is SCIENTIFICALLY FALSE. In South Asia race theory was a British colonial invention. As the race idea evolved, white superiority became “common sense” in America. It justified not only slavery but also the extermination of Native Indians, exclusion of Asian immigrants, and the taking of Mexican lands by a nation that professed a belief in democracy. Racial practices were institutionalized within US government, laws, and society.
    Colonial Racial “science” was a social construct to legitimize and justify colonialism and the rule by the white races over “other” or colonized people in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
    The Human Genome project which maps the human gene pool has scientifically established the fact that racial classification has no scientific i.e. genetic basis. Race difference is nowhere coded in human DNA.
    In the south Asian population, there are four basic racial sub-difference. These are Negrito, Astro Australians, Kakeshisi and Mongoloids.
    THE ONLY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SINHALESE AND TAMILS is the LANGUAGE that they speak and other cultural markers such as dress, food habits etc.
    The commonalities between the Sinhalese and Tamils are greater than differences. The notion of separate races in South Asia which is civilizationally one – Aryan and Dravidian is also a European colonial construct or myth based on LINGUISTIC differences between groups a la Max Muller’s work on language, and has NO BIOLOGICAL or genetic basis. All the Sinhalese and Tamil racists who hate the west are actually believers in a spurious western colonial theory of human difference! Race is more than stereotypes and individual prejudice. Race is a powerful social idea that gives people different access to opportunities and resources.

  4. Dham Says:

    Dear Nalliah,

    I agree with you. People like you should initialise the reconcilliation among Tamil speaking peopople.
    Tamil speaking people always vote for Tamil parties only.
    Tamil speaking people started giving high marks to Tamil medium students ( who wrote Omm) to cheat Uni entry.
    Tamil speaking lecturers leaked the test papers to Tamil speaking students.
    Tamil speaking terrorist started killing all humans.
    Tamil speaking people pioneered the suicide jacket.

    Is this westerner’s fault ?

  5. Ratanapala Says:

    Chandrasoma is spot on – on the issue of bogus Eelam project. It is Tamil expansionism from across the Palk Straits and Western Colonialist interest to dismember Sri Lanka as a stepping stone to balkanize India. Only answer is our military suitable deployed to meet the initial threat from India. All of India’s nuclear capability and missiles are useless in dealing with Sri Lanka for they will never be able to use them will nilly. We cannot match their missile capability but we can certainly match with our ground forces. India’s military a’ la’ IPKF are a joke and the Sri Lankan military given proper leadership can certainly match them on the ground. What we have to be careful is from the enemies within. The Christian Colombians and their lap dogs the Buddhist Colombians.

    The other important thing is to front up and say that there cannot be a separate devolution for one ethnic group in this small island when more than 50% of them live in the south. Only possible devolution where the ordinary man can exercise his or her power is at village level. Sri Lanka must do what is right for our country and not what fancies western colonial interests nor false Indian Imperial ambitions. Tamil expansionist dream must be contained in India if at all.

    There are no Tamil homelands or whatever they fancy to call right now – Eelam or Ezham in Sri Lanka.

    It is high time that the majority Sinhalese took up the issue of North and East rather than leaving it to the politicians alone. This issue is too big to be left for politicians. Otherwise we will loose the North and East by default. Because of our lethargy and silence, the Eelam cry is being taking for granted and as the truth by outside forces. The truth about the North and East must be told without delay. The Sinhalese must assert their ownership to the North and East by moving on to their historical lands. It is time the politicians face the truth and do what is right by the nation to stop it from being dismembered and entering into a permanent state of war across a non existing and most likely every moving south border.

    What is happening right now in Sudan and so called South Sudan must be an eye-opener for our politicians.

  6. AnuD Says:

    Sri Lanka Is Buddhist.

    Unlike Kerala or some other Indian States, Tamilnadu is hostile to Christians and Muslims.

    If most of the Tamils in Yapapatuna are converted to the only true faith that will give access to Tamilnadu too. In Sri Lanka, Tamils enjoy better conditions than Tamilnadu. What a way to create turmoil in South India.

    Why we want to say that is not a reality and the Church does not have any goals for Expansion ?

  7. Fran Diaz Says:

    A lot of truth in the various responses to this timely article. Nalliah says “Race is a powerful social idea that gives people different access to opportunities and resources”. This is the crux of the situation. It is not only Race, but religion, caste & class also may be used by various wily leaders to take over power in undemocratic ways to do the same. Facing the facts, we must realise that though we may never have an ideal situation, we can at best balance the various forces to keep a sense of peace & growth, and stave off want in Sri Lanka for all the people.

    To this end, we ought to concentrate on managing the wants of true born Lankans and never allow illegal migrants into Lanka. No one yet knows how many illegal migrants came into Lanka with the ltte rule in the North, hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands ? I bet they still keep coming via tourism, religious bodies, NGOs, fishermen, etc. Earlier, one person defended the rights of fishermen to and anywhere in the world and take roots wherever they please ! With this kind of mentality, we ought to defend our coastline with doubled awareness. It is a task for the Navy, the coast guard as well as all the armed forces, police, and the ordinary citizens of Lanka. All illegal migrants must be deported. Less dependency on Tamil labor the better. For this we have to Modernise & Mechanise the estate sector.

    Tamil Nadu is stuck in an evolutionary (Caste bound) and overpopulated cul de sac. That is mostly the place to watch with care as they are physically close. The fact that TN is overpopulated with dispensable human life is dangerous & sad indeed. They need to first grow out of Caste bound structures to bring solace to society there. We hope it is done gently. We hope Sri Lanka is not made to pay the price for their Caste bound mistakes. Stay away from TN till they grow sufficiently and Tamil people of Lanka actually opt to go back there. In the meantime, secure the country from within through structures of governance and the Law.

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