Protest rallies – what for?
Posted on April 22nd, 2012

By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai Dehiwela.

I almost fell off the chair laughing when I saw the advertisement on the TV of mosquitoes and cockroaches protesting and- bang! Being killed with one whiff of the anti insect spray! Isn’t it a true depicting of what is happening in our country?

People keep protesting and protesting “”…” and then get  taxed, surcharged, salary cut etc.etc. has there been any protest where the crowd achieved what they really wanted? Most of  the time they were promised “talks” or “discussions” and some of them never come about and some of them ended just as they started.

This must be the only country where the people hold rally to declare that the government is doing right! Why do we need a rally if they are acting right? After all, the people are the recipients and they jolly well know what the government is doing what they are not doing. Do you need a rally to shout slogans to tell the people what the government has done for them? Comedy of comedies!

And when called to hold a rally everyone falls into the snare, without even thinking “”…”whether it is for or against the government!

We are a famous nation to do things without assessing whether the action is going to be fruitful. Same in this case too. It is time people stopped and looked at the results so far by the protests and make a conscious decision whether it is worthwhile to hold a protest rally or to  look for other avenues to achieve what they want. The politicians  pay through food and alcohol just  to show their  power but it is not they who stand in the sun and rain “”…” they just arrive in their limousines and show their face and disappear “”…” leaving the Sirisenas  and Sinnathmby’s and Abdul Majeeds who pay  through their sweat and shouts. But for what purpose?

Let us not follow the blind  and be blinded. Or be killed like the cockroaches.  Let us have rational thinking and do what is likely to yield results.

 By Dr. Mrs. Mareena Thaha Reffai

10 Responses to “Protest rallies – what for?”

  1. AnuD Says:

    Every thing that Sri Lanka has is the “Indian Model”.

    Only good thing is, in Sri Lanka, people don’t self-immolate in order to protest.

    In other words, Sri Lankan people are not that extremists. So, we should appreciate them.

  2. mjaya Says:

    Well, you should appreciate the people of all ethnicities and faiths who protested the unfair trial and death sentence of innocent Rizana Nawfeek. You should also appreciate all those brave people protesting against the barbaric regime of Saudi Arabia, especially for democracy and more freedom for women, including the right to drive alone.

  3. Dham Says:

    Comedy of a Woman, this Mareena.
    She seems to be very annoyed by people protesting in Dambulla asking the governement to do some pest control !

  4. Dham Says:

    Now few females are driving in Saudi , thanks to protests.
    In Saudi, you don’t even have the freedom to walk near a child. You may be beheaded for wichcraft !
    Protests changed governements in Egypt,Philipines etc. This woman is a big joke.

  5. Lorenzo Says:

    This RACIST woman is annoyed at people PEACEFULLY protesting in DumbMullah.

  6. Lorenzo Says:


    May be SL should ENACT (by law) that all Muslims must follow strict Islam including female circumcition!!!

    And you will see Mareera protesting or WORSE!!

    Saudi will give us $100 billion immediately.

  7. mjaya Says:

    Well said Lorenzo! But I doubt she will do anything, after all has she mentioned one word on Rizana Nawfeek?

    But we should admire her efforts to make herself and her religion the laughing stock of Lankaweb. That is one and only thing she does really well!

  8. Lorenzo Says:


    The pleasure is mine!

    She doesn’t have to do anything. A respectable elderly Muslim lady will get down to task with a blade.

    Seriously SL must introduce a strict form of Islam with feal circumcition. That will earn SL the RESPECT and FEAR of Saudi, all Muslim countries, of God Allah (PBUH), Prophert Mohommad (PBUH). All those who support that law will go to haven. That can also reduce the MASSIVE population growth of Muslims. They will change to other religions. At least the country will be a more peaceful place.

    For the information of those who don’t know, these practices are still practiced in stricter Islamic nations in North Africa. Instead of frowning upon these practices, people should respect them and adopt them as prescribed in certain well respected religions (ONLY).

  9. Dham Says:

    Is this a religion based on controlling sex and killing animals ? Why so many Muslim rituals are related to sex and violence against other beings ? Why the hell these mullahs don’t sit down and meditate ?

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    So what’s wrong with that? ALL US films follow this mix – s & k.

    That’s all they have. Isn’t it?

    It is one form of barbarity verses the other. We should pit them against each other and enjoy the show. You can compare each religious leader along these criteria.

    Siddartha…… partner, highly civilised approach……….none
    Jesus………….no “formal” partner……………..none
    Hindu………….bizzare s activity………………many wars
    Mohommad………criminal………………mass murder, etc.

    So the conduct of followers rather closely reflect the conduct of their leader.

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