India outlawing LTTE is not enough
Posted on June 1st, 2012

Asada M Erpini

A report datelined Jun 1, appearing in the Sri Lankan media, states, “India outlaws Sri Lanka’s terror group LTTE for another two years”. Does the essence of the decision make any sense in a practical sense?

 To most Sri Lankans, the announcements of India outlawing the LTTE appear as mere hogwash. India should go a great deal beyond its current stance, and take concrete measures to stop the LTTE and its supporters endeavouring to destroy the hard-earned peace in Sri Lanka.

 The Chief Minister of the State of Tamil Nadu Jayalalitha Jayaram, ably supported by the likes of Karunanidhi, Vaiko, Nedumaran etc, is towing the line of the LTTE. Additionally, never a day seems to pass without LTTE activists organising some sort of protest, obviously backed and financed by the LTTE’s international operatives, to highlight the suffering of Sri Lankan Tamils. The irony of the whole situation is that the average Tamil-speaking Sri Lankan is far better off than his counterpart in Tamil Nadu. If there is any discrimination of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, as often alleged by the Tamil Nadu LTTE supporters, the culprits are not the much-maligned Sinhalese but their own Tamil leaders who thrive on the caste-based social structure rooted in the age-old traditions.

 It is India that turned a rag tag bunch of street thugs to a formidable fighting machine that took on the armed forces of the sovereign nation of Sri Lanka. India is morally bound to compensate for the damages inflicted by the LTTE on Sri Lanka’s infrastructure and its populace. Constructing a few houses in the North with the promise of few thousand more, and that too only for the Tamils, is insufficient atonement of its sins.




4 Responses to “India outlawing LTTE is not enough”

  1. Lorenzo Says:

    TNA needs to be banned, not LTTE.

    We can handle LTTE. TNA is the problem.

  2. Ratanapala Says:

    “India outlaws Sri Lanka’s terror group LTTE for another two years”. These words portray another meaning and an unending threat! That is unless Sri Lanka tow the Indian dictates they are ever ready to unleash another wave of terrorism in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka just needs to be ready for such an event. The words say we are just postponing the event. India is only “holding wind’ at the moment; they can release the pollution at any time!

    We should initiate two years of military training/ compulsory national service for every youth in the country along with necessary education to build up a force that can face up to another Jawan episode in the future. We have to build up a truly Sri Lankan nation with all communities fully integrated (and not segregated) in all parts of the island. It is the slow build up of ethnic enclaves that give rise to future demands for exclusive so called ‘home lands’!

    India has no love for any of her neighbors. They are constantly finding ways and means to undermine her neighbors. This is their strategy to keep India together and their cure for the disintegration and balkanization of India. If they are wise they will look for the good will of their neighbors and not their ill will for their are better ways to keep the colonial construct that is India intact!

  3. nandimitra Says:

    Unfortunately Indian aims are the same which is hegemony . What India wanted was destruction of LTTE because LTTE was aware of the aims of India and was not going to allow itself to be the suckers that would enslave the Tamils. The President confirmed this when he said over NDTV that he won the war for India.

  4. thurai Says:

    LTTE in India is like a Circus Tiger in a cage. Advertisers of these Circus Tigers are Nedumanren,Seeman,
    Vaiko and many others who receive funds from Diaspora LTTE Terrorism. Jeyalaitha and Karunanithy families
    are permanet benefiters from Dravida and Tamil Drama. Delhi use all of them according to the situation
    Nationally, Regionallay and Globelly.

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